Your Opinion of Yourself Is the Only One That Matters

One hard part about finding out the truth within, is coming to realize that no one has the answers for you. You are the only one that can really discern what is right and true to your experience, and your lessons. You’re opinion of yourself is the only one that actually matters. Sure, we have friends that can really help remind us, or show us, what is so special about us. Revealing truthfully, what you are yet to know or understand about yourself. But those opions and perceptions are only true when you believe them. As you discover yourself as true, or as false. Your ego will do the rest in representing yourself in which ever ways you deem as belief.

We may be more in tune with our emotions right now, to the point of feelings being overwhelming! […] The interesting thing about Mercury today is that it’s in good harmony and communicating with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. So we’re in a good place to dig deep within ourselves to Find the Truth.

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Tips for Analyzing Your Own Opinion About Yourself

Pray, meditate, take time to think calmly and reationally. Allow time to free your mind and allow new ideas, visions, and dreams to take place. Sitting and stewing does no one any good unless it is honest self reflection in a relaxed and loving state of mind.

I can say from my own experience that it is a life long effort to understand the healing process, and can’t be written in a single post. So I offer you today some general pointers of what I do to start really learning from what I already know within. What have you experienced so far? Why?

I encourage you to really remember the moments that changed your life and understand what about you changed. To discover why you are the way you are. Analyze whether those decisions would be made in the same way now, or if they “happened again” what you would do differently.

Recognize the patterns as they arise with awareness. You can choose to NOT go on autopilot. Always challenge yourself to rethink every new situation, the people involved, and the environment thoroughly. Dare to do something different, something new when given the opportunity to learn and grow.

Take up your friends, family, teachers, and peers that are useful in honest conversation that relate to you in specific ways, topics, or interests. If find that you really appreciate your teachers perspective about one matter, but your mom for another. It’s okay to continue to develop those relationships in that way. People like to be recognized for what they are good at. Coming to someone for something specific because they are ‘good at it’ or, the ‘best that I know to discuss this’, is never a slap in the face. It’s always a welcomed and appreciated feeling and will only help to encourage them to help you discover yourself further.

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Why I think this is so related is that it is actually a step by step process for emotional release. ? You don’t always need to look up and know the exact emotion and phrase (although you can get them all here on Patreon). You can choose to do this in your own way, in a meditative or relaxed state simply sit with your eyes closed and use your active imagination.


The power is truly behind your own belief, conviction, and will to change, heal, and forgive.


Written with the Expansive Love in Jupiter


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