Why to Blog Like It’s A Business

We need to talk about blogging as a business because that is truly not the mindset that many new bloggers have. And this, my new friends, is what is going to bring you out on top. Plan your blog like you’d plan a business and you will go somewhere on the internet, and you will achieve an income doing so. A profit, steady growth, and hard earned cash can be accomplished in your blogging efforts. If you are going to create the content anyways, why not branch out and grow? Into a business.

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What people think Blog Life looks like…

1. Make a website/blog

2. Write posts to the blog

3. Put the link on social media accounts

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 indefinitely.


why to blog like a business


That list is a joke.


There’s a LOT MORE to blogging than that folks!


It’s time to get serious and get organized about with your blog, your business. If you don’t take it seriously, then no one else will either.


Let’s take my husband for example…

PERSPECTIVE || Bowden and I have great communication and he’s a very supportive, caring man. He takes the time to treat me well and with respect. He values my opinions and we always plan things together. So when I say at first he was unsupportive what I mean is, he was really just misinformed as to what blogging was, and how much time and dedication it takes. Mind you he’s always worked a 9-5 job and has never ran a business for himself. So he doesn’t quite understand the full picture of running a business or a blog, BY YOURSELF.



For the most part, blogs are created by a single person. Sure we might collaborate occasionally, or guest post, or promote for a sponsor. I know of a couple “sister blogs” in which there are two or more creative authors who work on a single blog project together. But they are simply not as common.

I’m a huge fan of small business and have a passion for helping others spark their business idea into a flame! If you look at the numbers of small businesses that open drop significantly this decade. It’s an extremely sad picture. There are too many large companies who take over and own so much of our country. Taking so, much money out of our hands. Simply because there are not nearly as many new, small businesses to support and give our money to as consumers.

There’s a missing link here though because these small businesses numbers don’t include the entrepreneurs out there! They don’t include the side hustle bloggers! Or the ease of collecting passive income on the side, while you work online.



Are You A Small Business Owner?

So I must ask you. Are you a blogger or a business owner? This question is extensively complex to answer for some of us.


What a small business looks like at a glance:

An idea of a brand to sell a product or service to the public consumer or private investor

A storefront (website or office location)

Distribution of product or service

Marketing and sales of (digital?) product or service

Promotion and networking via social media networks, building a reputation and audience

Management of employees, service, inventory, accounts, income/expenses, progress, and clients.


Read that same list again but with the perspective of “what blogging looks like”…


I’ll just give you a minute to think about that, go ahead and read the list again… Ready?


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REALITY CHECK || Your blog is a business if you are creating ANY KIND of income from it. Granted, you don’t HAVE to open a business legally unless you make over $2000 a year in the US. But if your anything like me, you hope to build your blog up to a full-time income. A minimum of $2,000 a month! (That’s my goal right now.)  So you need to start operating like you have cashflow within a business, starting now.



MINDSET || Shifting Your Blog Into A a Business

If you’re new to blogging, your heart might be beating a little fast right now. But let me just put you at ease and tell you that this doesn’t change your blog one little bit. It doesn’t mean you do anything different than what you’re already doing. But there’s just more to it!

What it means is that you need to treat your blog, like it’s a business.

How do I do that? It starts with the mindset. After all, this is WHY blog like a business, not HOW.

Although, I did write the answers to that in a post I wrote for The Blog Buddy Program that was released earlier this week. So if your itching to know how recreate your blog like it’s a business, here is the post. And while your there, you should consider joining the Blog Buddy Program. Get yourself a blog buddy, a teammate, a supportive fellow blogger. Each Monday we send out our newsletter and helpful prompt to discuss with your assigned buddy and work on your blogs together in a 12 Week Series.

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