What Do I Do With Emotions?

I myself have asked this question about emotions since I was a really young kid. It’s what I kept asking, and trying to figure out in my life by observation. I have this huge, big picture perspective about life and always have. Yet, I couldn’t understand why we struggled and abused ourselves, and each other, to no end.

The truth is, I slowly adapted to the world in which I lived, and understood how comically similar we are at the core of being human. So I was able to understand that, we all have emotions, and that they were linked to both the mind and the body. And that our thoughts created our reality.

I learend the later first, that thoughts create reality. At a young age I was introduced to the Secret and What the Bleep Down the Rabbit hole, both extremely intense concepts. A few years later, I started to get to know the authors, books, and science for myself. I started with the authors found in that film mostly. The Secret is based off of the (new at the time) Law of Attraction books. The emotion scene from What the Bleep is narated by one of my now favorite authors and leading scientist Dr. Candace Pert!

This short 5 minute makes an extremely clear 3D vision of what our emotions are like within. And I don’t know about you, but I totally see this in people, and in myself.

Emotions are essentially peptides, strings of amino acids. That cause chemical reactions in the body by bonding to corresponding receptors. These receptors are found in the limbic system, as well as all over the body. The link to our emotions is through our senses and logical thinking in the central systems.

We are based off of a pleasure/pain system that is meant for life (even in single celled living organisms) to seek out pleasure, and avoid pain.

Our brain and it’s life-pattern programs that run in our mind and electrical systems, trigger emotional responses of previous emotional memories. This is done, every time we rest. Whatever we experienced that day, is organized into usable patterns and programs based upon what is most desired and thought about. Over time, when we experience nothing but negative environmental symptoms, we get accustomed to those frequencies of fear and trauma.

Further, our body works to prepare the body/mind for the day ahead. If you use more of this, than it produces more of it for next time. So we have these huge surplus of emotional hormones and chemicals, available for whatever state we need to sustain the desired action.

The trouble is, if those emotions are ruling our lives in the negative, then we are severely misaligned what what we really want. Or we would be provided pleasure signals instead!

Who Decides What Feels Good and What Feels Bad?

This is a really complex question because of course, you decide. However, you are influenced by the environment in which you love. This is basic nature versus nurture when it is truly both. So the duality itself is presented here in a positive/negative polarization. Which is the basis of emotional reasoning as well by pleasure/pain from a mental perspective of matter materialized. This is the only way that our emotions would be triggered, that is through the senses.

Why do you feel bad when you think you’re doing something that should feel good to you?

This is where you realize and become aware of the misalignment within yourself. Using the Law of Attraction we talk about using the Emotional Guidance System.

When you think of something, and it brings you joy it elevates your thoughts and you are more likely to attract more of those joyful thoughts.

However when you think of something negative, and you feel bad, this is also what you are attracting. The Law of Attraction does not understand yes/no, good/bad. It is a direct reflection of what you create in every moment.

It doesn’t matter that your thinking, “I don’t want more of this something negative I am thinking”. Because you are thinking about it, more of it is being attracted to you.

So instead we must realize that when you think about anything, and you have an emotional response. That is the immediate chemical response of how you actually feel about this in life, or at least this is what you have trained your body to respond to how you are thinking.

Did I train my emotions or am I a victim to the environment?

By environment, we can mean other people, social systems, events, location, titles, anything “outside” of the individual soul/body/self. The truth is, is that you always have a choice of how you react to the envionrment. What emotions you have are always from the self, to the self, about what is best/worst for the self.

If you have experienced a traumatic event in your environment, and you have attached to that emotion then it will become attracted to you and your body and localize in the body as a memory, with an extremely negative charge. That emotion becomes a chemical that your body says “it needs more of”. This replays through out the life, as if in storage.

It doesn’t look like this though, because what happens here strong feelings like judgement, shame, guilt, and revenge are driving forces that are fixed with strong mental opinions. We are so stuck to these false virtues, that they litterally stay in our field, our body.

When you choose to stop replaying that story. It means that you are ready to transmute the emotions, release them, and start thinking differently than you have been. To feel differently then you might feel right now about yourself, your family, friends, and authority.

Does the media and my relationships have an effect on my emotional intelligence?


However, you have a choice about who you look to for advice, comfort, and education. You have always had a choice. And you always will have a choice. How conscious of a choice you make, is up to you. Oh, and we have a voting system. So lets to do that nationally and regionally.

Expressing Emotions, is Releasing Emotions

The questions I hear a lot from others include:

  • How do I release these built up emotions?
  • Why am I so overcome with these emotions?
  • Why can’t I cry when I feel so bad?
  • How do I express what I’m feeling without judgement from them?
  • I’m not good at emotions, so I try not to feel them at all – I have a shut off switch
  • I feel really differently than others around me, how do I express my truth?

I understand that identifying emotional patterns and trapped feelings in the body that are creating disease can be difficult. This is why I offer Energy Healing Sessions, to use energy testing to trace those signals, reasons, patterns, beliefs and emotions.

The truth is, expressing your emotions is releasing them. It’s the emotions that you suppress, refuse to accept, and hold onto for dear life that are the ones that need to be expressed. Because every time you think and feel so terrible, it attracts more of it. And by holding on to your anger, and resentment, frustration. You are saying to the world, “This is what I need to survive. I need to feel anger, I need to feel frustrated.” Simply because, that is the dominant belief and state of being that you hold in your physical body, which is a reflection of what you are on the inside, to the outside world.

My best advice to us all, is to feel what you really feel, and express that in the moments that you feel it.

Can I just express my emotions to myself instead of others?! YES, and this is how they are meant to be! If you take a moment to listen to your emotions and ask your heart, “Why am I really feeling this way?” Simply touching your heart/thymus area will reveal simple, sweet, direct responses. The heart center has a thinker just as much as your head. You can express your emotions within, and this is the most profound way to understand who you are, where you are, and what you are really meant to do (or not do).

Emotional Addictions & Life Patterns

The clip at the beginning of this post mentioned that emotions are addictive. That your body becomes addicted to chemical compounds and cocktails that provide you more emotions for behavior based on beliefs. – Over eating becomes a pleasure to one system, and a killer to the others. Being powerful leads you to be bossy, controlling, and expectant. – So on and on, we all have our ‘bad ‘habits and we wonder why others don’t get it. Because those who are born to be Bosses, are probably a bit bossy. What makes it ‘bad’ or ‘good’ behavior?

Belief that in one or the other. A choice is made.

So when does it become something so emotionally charged, that we loose control over our emotions?

When we lose that control, and the choice is no longer being made consciously.

There are several books that explain how emotions get trapped in the body. That these emotional memories, can get lodged into an organ, chakra, or energy meridian and effectively block and create disease in that area. Creating a lot of physical pain or illness until the emotional acceptance is met, and the lesson absolved from the memory.

In other words, your emotional addiction is riding on subatomic nervous signals, subconscious patterns of the past being recycled into the conscious behavior. Because the blief in this emotion is something that you need to survive. When it comes to survival, we are dealing with the oldest systems we have as living organisms. We’re talking about the need to sleep, eat, and breathe air.

There are three books that explain this really well, (links to amazon open in a new window, or you can find them in Recommended Books later), and they are:

Identify the Emotions and the Healing Begins

Identifying which emotions are trapped, and how to release them is something we can do in Energy Healing Sessions. It is quiet easy to navigate these trapped emotions with a defined protocol. Which I offer to guide you through, or read about yourself in the Emotion Code!

In an Energy Healing session, we use biofeedback to identify the emotions, patterns, and beliefs around an issue or pain or block you have. We then use biofeedback to test for which healing protocol to use to heal this issue and continue through the healing together.

The Truth About Emotional Healing

The Secret behind Emotions is that there is always an opposite expression of an emotion. If you can idenitfy a nagive emotion, than you know that neutralizing it requires the expression of it’s opposite emotion.

You can usually immediately tell if you have a trapped emotion if you feel that you are more ‘attracted’ to the negative than the positive side of an emotion. As if, somehow you ‘wanted to feel’ this way, more then you think you want to feel the positive emotion. Or if you feel you are “stuck” or “trapped” in emotion on a daily or weekly frequency.

I will list a few examples:

Anger | Laughter
Boredom | Direction
Co-Dependance |Independance
Embarrassed | Embrace
Frustrated | Accomplishment
Hate | Forgive
Limited | Liberated
Regret | Fulfilled

For those that are interested, there are over 300 listed emotions in the Self Healing Database here, get access immediately.

There are several ways to reprogram your emotional system to bring about the understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance that is required by choosing the positive. By acting in ways that attract the positive, so that you think more positively. This is the key.

Some self healing methods that anyone can use:

  • Meditation by Feeling elivated Emotions
  • Visualization of the Happy Place, and being present there until you Feel better
  • EFT/TFT Tapping to reprogram emotions by using mantras and tapping points on the meridian
  • Emotion Code, identify the emotion and release it
  • Use the right essential oil with mantras to release trapped emotions and behavior patterns

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