Using Cloth Diapers: The Experience, The Savings & The Recommended Supplies

There are three things that can kill your everyday pocket when you have a child: clothing, formula (& then food) , diapers, and wipes. What we’re going to find out today is just how much money I’m saving by using cloth diapers. Along with all the perks of being green friendly, easy, clean and more.
At the bottom of this post, I have a set of items that I suggest you start with that I’m going to call, The Diaper Bundle! Here’s everything I know and love about using cloth diapers!


Misconceptions of Cloth Diapers: “What It Isn’t”


I bet we’ve all heard the stories, back in the day when we didn’t have the grocery store and disposable diapers. The horror and mess of being hand washed and scrubbed daily, smelling for days of soaking goo. 🤢 Woe to the trouble it used to be (my poor grandma…).


Good thing we live in this century where we have laundry machines and detergents! Because let’s just get one thing straight, right now: I never touch baby poop. 🤣 (Except by accident when you discover the silent poo your baby had when you didn’t notice, that happens.) How can I possibly never touch poo? I use a  diaper sprayer on the toilet to clean off the poo. Then all soiled diapers go straight to the washing machine.


You do not need to pay a fortune to get the right cloth diaper set up. If you live in a place that has a washing machine, a dryer, and toilet? Your all set, those are the requirements you need to have before deciding to invest in your Diaper Bundle (see details below). I don’t want to spoil the math I discuss quite yet but I can say, you are investing one month’s worth of cost in disposable diapers to pay for a lifetime of your child’s cloth diapers. 


So now that we know what they are not, let’s discuss what the cloth diaper experience and expenses are.


The Experience of Cloth Diapering: “What it feels like!”


Okay, so one more big they-are-not is: Cloth diapers aren’t uncomfortable for the child. 😇 In fact, they are less likely to get “diaper rashes” since the pad is absorbent, yet you do notice when your child has wet immediately. There is also more air flow allowed when babies wear cloth diapers. No harsh chemicals are found within the cloth, like disposable diapers. Ever seen a waterlogged disposable diaper left out in the rain? Its like plastic gel or glue, clear mush. And whatever THAT is, well, it’s not in cloth diapers. 😳 Cloth diapers are cloth.
I feel seriously, so so good, about what I’m (not) putting on my child’s butt. No chemicals, no butt creams, no plastic. Just, Cloth.
If there’s one real reason to do cloth diapers over disposables, there it is.
Read it, know it. Believe it.

The 101 Basics of Using Cloth Diapers


The only special instructions to follow about cleaning cloth diapers is to rinse off the poop before putting them in the wash and to be choice about your laundry detergents and amounts. That’s it.


Spray off the Poo Dude


I use a sprayer that attaches to the toilet to spray off the diapers. ~ Before you imagining placing the cloth in the toilet and making a shower of a mess around your toilet water… ~ There’s also a cool bucket that sits on the rim of the toilet. It has a slit in the bottom that drains everything you rinse off with the sprayer, into the toilet. You simply clip the diaper to the bucket and spray off. It’s great! (See below)

Load Em Up, Throw Em In


The reality is, I do a load every day or every other day, as needed. I have 18 total diapers, 2 are white and I have them only as backups and so the other 16 I rotate. Which if you change 13 diapers in 24 hours, that’s to be expected. I only clean one poopy diaper a day as I’m breastfeeding and she only has movements every 1-3 days right now. When she begins eating solids, my job only get easier because it’ll be more solid poo. Not this liquid goo I’m dealing with right now.

No soak, No joke


You can use homemade detergents if you want to be really green about it. You could use organic (and expensive) nonscented soaps. Or, if your lucky and your child has no adverse effects from your normally washed clothing, then you can use almost any unscented laundry detergent.
I do not spend my time trying to keep the stains off the pads, there’s just no use. I take a little extra care on the actual divers than the inserts. Plus, you get twice as many pad inserts and diapers and I really do go through a lot more pads than diapers.


Calling All Ages!


Not just for newborns! I chose to invest one time in my cloth diapers as they are designed for all ages. The button adjustments are super easy to change when your child grows (oh so quickly). Much of the time I only have to change the pad too, and I can leave the diaper for another use like I explained above. So that’s cool! Not like clothes that don’t fit one morning when they did just yesterday… You don’t have to go running to buy another 18 piece diaper set every few months.


The Recommended Brands & the Budget


I’m a pretty big fan of Pinterest, so I got some numbers from a few infographics there to find out about how many disposable diapers you would have to buy or go through within the first few years. For those of you who have been waiting for the numbers, here they are guys.
How Much Money I'm Saving
After searching many articles I feel that these numbers are pretty accurate to me. Granted each baby is different and may or may not be potty trained soon or later than others.


If there are about 8000 disposable diapers used per child at  0.15-.0.25 cents each that’s somewhere between $1200-$2000…


🛒  In comparison, the bundle bellow is under $300.00 for diapers, sprayer, and supplies. If you spend $10 on detergent every 3 months for diapers exclusively like I do (organic and unscented) then I also spend $40.00 a year on diaper cleaning detergents. 


[wp-svg-icons icon=”coin” wrap=”i”] Using cloth diapers isn’t the only way I save money on my child’s needs. I also throw Baby Stuff Swaps for other nearby mama’s, and I breastfeed to minimize expenses of formula and baby clothes. I’m a stay at home mom with a lot of family members nearby, so I never have to pay for childcare.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Read more about how I can afford to be a stay at home mom! Coming soon


As far as cloth diaper brands go, I own two kinds AlvaBaby and My Love. There are some serious perks to using cloth diapers with adjustable snap buttons. These brands are great quality and meant for all stages of your child’s growth, AND affordable. From the moment CJ was born, we began using the same diapers that will fit her at two years old!


The only difference I’ve noticed between the AlvaBaby diapers and the My Love diapers is the width of space between the legs. The My Love diapers are wider and more easily fit any cloth pad easily  Although they do look slightly bigger  Especially on a newborn baby, their ass looks huge! 😜


The Diaper Bundle!

  1. Choose and purchase your cloth diapers
  2. Purchase your sprayer and splash guard set with all the tools
  3. Get a diaper bin and some washable liners to store dirty diapers away from other clothing items until washing.
  4. Prewash all new diapers x2 to ensure cleanliness (from factory) and softness for your newborn. 
 I recommend having at least 16-20 cloth diapers to avoid having to do more than one load of laundry a day. These packs usually come in packs of 6, so plan to purchase 3-4 packs.


And no, I do not notice a smell because I always wash them once a day so I have enough for the following day. So even if I had like 40 of them. I still wouldn’t let them stack up and continue to soak in set pee and poo. Not only would it smell but they wouldn’t last nearly as long, urine as acidic so it would slowly eat away at the fabric if left for any extended amount of time.

Affiliate links may be found on this site. Click on the image for more information.

Recommended Diaper Packs under $30 each

ALVABABY Diaper PackMY LOVE Diaper Pack
$30 for 6$30 for 6
I recommend 3-4 packs of 6Spend a total of $90-$120 to complete your diaper bundle!

Diaper Cleaning Supplies You Will Need:

To clean your cloth diapers easily invest in a diaper sprayer and toilet splash bucket set, and some good clips to hold the diapers in place. A claw tool should come with the bucket or sprayer so that you can easily move the wet diapers about to spray easily and quickly. To ensure they dry some before I throw them in with the other wet pee pads, I squee them with a rubber glove over the toilet.

  • Toilet Sprayer
  • Splash Guard Bucket
  • Claw Tool (to manipulate the diaper during spray cleaning)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dedicated trash bit
  • Washable liners to keep dirtied diapers between washes

Conveniently I just purchased all of these in this awesome little bundle for about $100! It took my husband 10 minutes to set up. Couldn’t be easier. (Not to mention it can be used as a bidet…)

I recommend the bundle because the sprayer that comes with this package is $60-70 by itself, and so is the bucket and tools sold separately. So for $100 you can get everything or buy separately, you’ll spend more like $150. I really do like the Aquas sprayer because of its nozzle for water adjustment on and off, is a thumb slider. I can gently wet the diaper or I can use the water at its full power, full force! Other attachable sprayers require you to hold down a lever with only one setting. Plus, with the number of diapers I clean, I really don’t want to have to hold down a lever to control the water. I’d much rather slide my thumb and go about my cleaning. It makes using cloth diapers make sense right from the beginning. The easier the better when your putting in the extra effort to save yourself hundreds of dollars a month.

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