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Universal Astrology concepts stem from a strong background interest in Astrology, Archaeology, Theosophy, and Esoteric Science. Taking everything the ancients, sacred texts, and philosophy has to say. While also including modern quantum sciences. 

Space Weather affects our lives every day and until recently we never even knew it. Advances in Solar Observation, Astronomy, and Cosmology has paved a new way for us to understand the effects of the sun and space – and guys! It’s SO intense!

Energy & You 
Visible Light part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Which is, Light is Energy that travels in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

The Sun, the Earth, Humans and, in fact, every Living Thing! Has an Energy Field of electric and magnetic forces.

Sidereal Astrology is what I use primarily because it is true to the actual position of the spheres to the stars. When you want to look at where we actually are in the stars of space, I use Sidereal or Galactic astrology charts. 

About Universal Astrology

Astrology is extremely popular because of it’s constant present and influence in our lives, and our very being. 

By interpreting the charts every day, we get to know the universe as well as ourselves.

As above, so below.

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I started learning about Astrology 15 years ago. In 2018 I started this blog and by 2019 I was certified in Reiki Therapy. I have continued my education with college courses. 

My Goal is to attend Kepler College in 2021. (Resume)

On this page you will find the basics of everything Universal Astrology is. In the form of introductions, resources, and images. 

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I started learning basic astrology more than 15 years ago and have always wanted to know more about how the forces and the stars of the cosmos affected us. As time and science has grown Astronomy, Cosmology and Quantum Physics have stretched into territory I could have never imagined would begin answering my questions about Astrology.

I started this channel because I searched and searched for anyone doing Live Astrology of the Present Moment and couldn’t find it. I have spend the last several years diving into learning Astrophysics and Solar Dynamics, space Weather and modern Astronomy to link it with the universal concepts of unity and compassion for a better world that I believe, is guided very much by planetary and stars by forces we are only beginning to fully understand.

What's On the Screen of UA Live?

I am so tired of trying to look at all these images in real time, always having to screen capture moments for later just to see one passing moment that aligned. I craved a way to sit back and watch, in real time, Astrology and the Forces of the Cosmos do their thing! 

Below is a breif introduction and links to learn more about each chart and graph that you may see on the Universal Astrology Live Stream screen.

1. The Astrology Chart

Geocentric Sidereal Astrology Chart (or Heliocentric Sidereal Astrology Charts) – Geo is Earth and Helio is Sun. By default, the chart will show the most recent Geocentric chart in 2D. Usually found in the top left of the UA screen.

2. Astrocartograph

An AstroCartograph is a Locational Astrology Map that shows the transit of each planet and the path it takes across the globe. It can be extremely interesting if you are alerted of events such as Earthquakes or Solar Flares in real time, as their effects are typically linked with the position of a planetary power. The planets that seem to be the most triggering recently have been Jupiter/Saturn. and the inner planets closest to us Venus and Mars. Both the Moon and Mercury positions seem to trigger events in certain ways that can be identified with astrology charts.



3. Global Disaster Alerts

Disaster Alerts Map – previews present or ongoing disasters by PDC Global here. You are seeing hazard icons for Volcanos, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Medical, Fires, Floods, and other natural disasters.

4. Earhquakes Last 0-24 Hours

Earthquake 3D Feed – USGS feeds this software with updates, typically I show Earthquakes above Magnitude 4 in the last 24 hours. And set it to show the link to the core of Earth. The depth of the quake is shown by the height of the line from the Earthquake center point. So those close to the crust are not that deep, where other quakes have a line that is far away and sticks out, this shows how deep within the earth that quake was. Earthquake3D is free software to download here,  pro version is popularly used by @Dutchsinse

5. Current Moon Phase

Moon Phase – When there is a New Moon, the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. It then goes through it’s waxing phase, often felt as the increase in energy and enthusiasm. Many take to new projects and endeavors at this time with great success at the Full Moon. During a Full Moon, the Earth is between the Moon and Sun. It then begins to wane, as there is a loss of energy and a good time to finish projects, close deals, and release negative energy. 

6. Schumann Resonance Graph

Schumann Resonance – “Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.” The ionosphere is area of earth’s atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons. 

Made Popular as Earth’s Heartbeat Frequency of 7.83 Hertz. As well as the studies by the Heart Math Institute which has their own data for SR and Solar Wind here.

7-8. Solar Observation

Solar Observation via SDO and LASCO by NASA – We have learned a lot about the sun in the last few decades and it’s amazing how much the sun affects us and provides for us. But also, as many ancient texts states: Has the power to take us out, and reset the Earth. It’s extremely important we become more aware of Space. The more we depend on technology the more susceptible we are to the effects of the sun and space but is also the key in observing space so that we understand it’s impacts before they arrive here. 
I attempt here to spread more awareness to Space Weather in the hopes that more people understand it’s effects in their lives, to their health, and to the world in which we live. Because there is absolutely no denying now that not only does the sun influence our earths field but also is the trigger to earthquakes, climate and the weather to name a few.
Where I have learned the most about the Sun is the Space Weather Woman, NASA’s Tamitha Skov. 

9. KP Index

KP Index – “Kp-index describes the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the solar wind. The faster the solar wind blows, the greater the turbulence. The index ranges from 0, for low activity, to 9, which means that an intense geomagnetic storm is under way.” 

It is one of the simplest ways to view the Solar Wind, usually driven by large Coronal Holes on the Suns. Which are not really holes at all, but areas of the sun that are loose and are allowing fast streams of energy particles escaping from it before the sun rectangles the magnetic lines and they get trapped, and pulled back tightly together again. These areas don’t show up on some angstroms as bright or hot, and show up as blacks spots we can identify as ‘black holes’. 

10. Solar System Observation

Solar System Scope – Shows the 3D view of the entire Solar System of the present moment. Matching the Astrology Charts and other panels to view what is happening presently in space. Solar System Scope’s Free software here.

11. Space Weather Prediction Model

Terrestrial Atmospheric ITM Processes

ENLIL Prediction Model – There is also the ENUL model. “WSA-Enlil is a large-scale, physics-based prediction model of the heliosphere, used by the Space Weather Forecast Office to provide 1-4 day advance warning of solar wind structures and Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that cause geomagnetic storms. Solar disturbances have long been known to disrupt communications, wreak havoc with geomagnetic systems, and to pose dangers for satellite operations.”

The Basics of Astrology

There are a great many associations and mathematical precision that goes into Astrology. We have been recording and tracking the movement of the stars for as long as we could see them. Astrology can be found in every culture in some way shape or form. 

Therefor, there are a great many interpretations that one can take on when being introduced to Astrology that can be complex. The basic idea is that each of the planets are associated with different energy’s, powers, and areas of rulership. Each planet has shown over and over again, it’s powers and weaknesses in many ways through out time. So much so that it can be recognized and relied upon by Astrologers. 


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