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  • Universal Astrology Introduction Video (1 hour)
  • Personal Natal Chart Audio Interpretation (45-60 mins) – $40 Value!
  • Astrology Report of your Tropical, Sidereal, and Fixed Stars as well as Chinese Elemental Balances and links for learning about each – $20 Value!
  • 9 Day Email Course to Open Your Awareness to the Universe and How Connected You Are To All – $10 Value!

Benefits of Understanding Your Natal Astrology

Being aware of your cosmic blueprint and knowing what kinds of natural skills and abilities you designed within your own being. Is powerful! Because it reflects back to you what you already know, deep within yourself. To understand your own makeup is to understand the makeup of all things, beautifully crafted and created in this world we all share together. It is my goal to help you become aware of your own potential and design by your own hand in this cosmic universe.

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu

“What do I do with the knowledge of my own astrology?”

You are more aware of your strengths and weakness that your soul wants to experience and is part of your purpose in understanding and contribution to your life and service to the universe. Not in a save fashion, but a “I came here to do this”. Why did you have to go through the struggles and events that you have? Only you know, because your reactions to the events and cosmic influences are put in place, in rotation, in motion. It is how you are designed and crafted to react to the cosmic cycles, that dictates the kind of life you live by the thoughts you produce in response to the cosmos.

So if you know your elemental balances are naturally this way, then you can capitalize on your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. You can also learn a lot about your own natural health, allowing you to navigate towards a healthier lifestyle that is organic to your cosmic design. Which is, how you crafted your personality, body, abilities, and events before you came into life.

It is a piece in understanding the whole self.