Understand What Mystery You Aim To Solve In Life

Dear Hugin & Munin

Today I realized a very important lesson about my love for mystery. Additionally, I think each of us has our own passionate mystery to solve. After all in business, we are told to, “Become the expert in your field”. Yet, this expertise will take time and experience. You will not wake up and one day be the expert. You must study, invest, learn and devote yourself to becoming the expert. You must start now, and immerse yourself in your passion and practice it.

It is okay to say, “I’m new at it”, or “I’m still learning,” or even, “I am a student of” – while you do and act out your apprenticeship openly, with others. Preferably, your Teacher.

As a passionate blogger and lead of the Blog Buddy Program, we can understand my passion for blogging comes from an appreciation for personal expression, creativity, and self-devotion. And as we talked about in a recent podcast, “It’s important that you push publish so that the world can see it”. Need not it be perfect. It is more important to share the information with the world than it is for you to worry and fret about its importance.

You will never know if you do not try, and if you do not try, you surely will never know.

Each of us has a particular something they want to solve. Trouble, trauma, or terror that they must overcome at some point. Wait not for you to overcome it. Start today, and delve into finding those answers within and without. What I mean is to go study and become the student of this topic with an open mind. Understanding your trauma logically will help you to equip yourself with the right knowledge. So that you will overcome this and defeat it!

So much so that you can teach what you learned from your study, your experience, and your understanding of it in its entirety! This is your life’s purpose!

Maybe for some, this analogy would be well suited:

Would you rather be taught by the substitute teacher or the actual Teacher?

Sure, those days were the teach was absent, you got some extra free time. But is this substitute even capable of teaching this topic? Although they may try, they are not experienced in this topic. Even if this substitute did know this topic, surely the Students would not respect him even so. Not as they would the Rightful Teacher.

I urge you to seek out the truth and to solve your mystery. For if you succeed, others will study your outcome and be able to confront their own.

Today I am grateful to have so many topics to study, and so many resources to study from. As a true student of life and all it offers, I am happy to live in a world of mysteries to solve. I love My Mystery…

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With the inspiration of the birds by day, and their messages during nigh’. I have a strong desire to connect with both thought and memory, with the help of Odin’s Ravens. These posts are letters, turned into everyday lessons and messages of gratitude. This is just one of the many posts I write to enlighten those who seek to love life and it’s many, memories, and lessons.