How to Unblock Your Creativity Through Authentic Self Expression

Today I want to share with you some healing guidance for loosening your creative blocks and why they are there. Each of us has unique talents and gifts including artistic, musical, written, and many other amazingly creative self-expression. The suppression of these gifts manifests as blocks in our reality. Finding the way to navigate life and express it creativity is part of the joy of the human experience!

Unfortunately, when life gets chaotic and messy, we don’t have time to stop and do some art. Or do we?

Stress Is Bound Up Negative Energy Within

Stress is the cause of most diseases and illnesses. The ultimate answer to every heal concern is: How can I assist my body in healing? The answer is almost always related to addressing the stressors of your life that cause you to feel low, bad, or disabled. This can be manifested as a physical wound, as well as emotional, mental or spiritual wounds. These wounds vibrate in specific areas of the body and that location holds all that gross.

This leads us to the question. How can I release that negative energy from stress in my body? What can I do to express my mental and emotional struggles in a constructive way?

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I can say with full confidence that your gifts are the answers to your stress. Using your creative gifts as a way to express your life experiences (both good and bad) will definitely help UNBLOCK your true creative powers and influences!

“I Don’t Want the World To See Me…”

“because I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.”

This quote is from the song “” and I speak to the point that the world is both black and white. I do and I don’t want to share my creations… The key is that as a public artist, speaker, writer, or creator of any kind.. From one to the other….

It’s okay to create emotional pieces that no one sees but you. In fact, it’s very important that you don’t share every little bit of yourself constantly. This simply becomes overwhelming and stressful. Serving the world means taking care of you first so that you can help the world by being fully alive and creatively empowered to serve for the greater good of all.

Creating is what you are meant to do to express yourself.

So do that artsy thing you like to do! Especially if it helps you resolve your inner emotions, thoughts, and confusion in the process! For example, I personally, re-read and re-listen to so much of my material because I continue to learn the most from myself! And I continue to see symbols, messages, and patterns in my life that ‘match up’ to other bits later on. If only your creations were always just for you… do what you can to keep up your efforts expressed into your creations. And that sometimes the most traumatic lessons can’t be explained in words or stories, but music and art. Using these mediums can greatly help in relieving inner pain and troubles you might have. Getting this out may help you to detach from old patterns and become more aware of the lessons that remain. Making you realize your true inner strength and talent within the creative process and the feeling of completion.

An Emotional Realization | Go From Feelings of Failure to Feelings of Completion

If in any way your creative block is stemming from a feeling of failure than you must know that there is no such thing. Every failure is a lesson in disguise. Every time you attach to the outcome of perfection you will struggle to fail. But as soon as you begin to practice the skill of perfection (instead of focusing on the outcome of the practice). You unlock your belief in yourself to be perfect in every moment. From this perspective, we know how and what we are doing wrong and instead can choose to correct them gracefully and continuously. In this way, each new effort becomes a closer outcome to that which is just right for you. You have always been doing this from within, the trouble is doing it in action on the outside as well. The entirety of the outer world can never be perfect, but we can choose to strive towards greatness from within. We are always completing a new moment, a new breathe, a project, turn of events, art. I hope you can understand that this realization is how you enter a world perception of creating your world effortlessly by feeling complete in every moment.

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How Opal Can Help You Heal Creative Blocks

$39 Fertility Bracelet from Energy Muse
Blessings • Miracles • Hope | Made with Moonstone, Pink Opal, and Morganite, the Fertility Bracelet was created to help you on your journey to start a family. The crystals within this Fertility bracelet are believed to enhance fertility and support you in getting pregnant by connecting you with your natural rhythm. This bracelet gives you a visual reminder of your intention, empowers you with love and support and prepares you for a smooth pregnancy. When you are ready to consciously conceive and bring a child into the world, wear your Fertility Bracelet.

From emotional troubles to spiritual connection, this stone has it’s benefits to helping you create a calm mind to care for yourself. Assisting in finding your inner truth and a higher sense of self. While balancing your chakras and energy meridians throughout. This is a feminine energy stone that will resonate well with mothers and intuitive inner feelings from the masculine holding energies that we all have within. Opal is a well-rounded stone in it’s healing properties at every level.

Creative blocks are usually manifested when masculine energies are overriding the more subtle feminine feelings and energies from within. This binds that negative energy within together, localizing it to an extent that it MUST grow and escape. Your own inner feelings do this, so to say it does you no good to ‘hold in your feelings’. They will transform and grow to find an escape whether it’s ‘healthy’ or not. So my advice remains, to take care of your inner self expressive feelings in the form of art, music, dance, writing, or singing. Allowing this creative release will allow that energy to flow through you and out into the world. Giving the universe energy is necessary! It’s all finding a balance of giving and receiving.

Opal is highly related to Archangel Raphael. His archetype is familiar to many myths and lore in modern spiritual encouragement for the ‘healing of Earth’s creatures’. In this way the energy of the Opal and Raphael is closely harmonizing in it’s affects to connect the Earth and Heavens. If taken energetically speaking, this angel is mostly related to the second and third heavens and the second and third chakras of your inner vessel.

The Second Heaven is where the fallen angels are held, and there is mentioned symbols to “pearls”. As the Third Heaven is most likely the home of the Tree of Life (the contradiction of texts is that it’s the place of hell or the place of heaven within). The duality of energy is combined in the Solar Plexus within our physical bodies, which makes sense to 3rd dimensions and the harmony of geometry using 3s such as Triangles and harmonious angles in math. In Astrology, a Trine is seen as harmonious, helpful energies. Where a “square” is considered a challenging aspect or time between energy systems.

I hope that the energy of the Divine Feminine, Lyra, Rachael, and your own Jing creative energies help you to heal your own creative blocks and allow you to open your self to your highest creative potentials. Read more about your Jing in the Sacred Sacral Chakra post here.

Other Opal Options

These are Purple Opal Healing Pyramids and  Purple Opal Healing Points available for $18 each. Amazing healing properties come from these and are definitely worth keeping in any creative or spiritual space! These are both found at the Energy Muse Shop. Click on the images to be taken to a new window.

If you are into the RAW power of minerals and crystals and stones, then I highly recommend checking out the Raw forms of Opal here on Throwin Stones! I was amazed at the raw Opal structures found here.

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How to Unblock Your Creativity Through Self Expression

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