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Solar Cycle & Space News Watch for 2020

Nearly every day I cover Daily Astrology for Personal Alchemy. In those posts, I also include some Space and Science News such as KP-Index, Solar Flares, and Schumman Resonance updates. Along with the Moon Phases and other Galactic Calendars.

However these are the small bits of information that come out about the current day.

It is much more interesting to follow along and note the effects in your own life if you know what is happening in this line of News and Science.

Recommended Introduction Video Playlist:

I will update this page with news from 2020, with the most recent at the top so for those returning or visiting this page will see the most recent/relevant information first. There may be videos, posts, or articles listed in order by reference date. For example, if a video is posted by a channel on Saturday about something that happened on Wednesday, the source will be placed with the Wednesday videos on this page.

Big Flares & A Solar Storm Hits During SpaceX Astronaut Launch | Space Weather News 05.29.2020 by Tamitha Skov (YT)

April 2020 Schumman Resonance Strip

Cosmic Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

Cosmic Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

On 4/15/2020 there was a subtle CME as seen here. This wasn’t expected to hit us as it wasn’t directed at Earth from the Sun. However, on 4/20/2020 it sure did! This was enough for me to start a post about understanding why I care to share this scientific data so openly on the website, astrology posts, and my social media.

Coronal Mass Ejection, seen on left of the sun

First, we will get some sources and terms out of the way and then we’ll explore what and how we are effected by our Sun.

Wiki Definition of a CME:

coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption. The plasma is released into the solar wind and can be observed in coronagraph imagery.

Wiki Definition of a Solar Flare:

solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group. Powerful flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection

This is what the CME seen above looked like once it got to Earth’s resonance core. So what does that mean for you?

Wiki Definition of the Schumann Resonance:

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Mother Earth doesn’t stand a chance against this ancient Fire Elemental!
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Galaxies and Stars aligned to the Inner Influences of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mercury

Galaxies and Stars aligned to the Inner Influences of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mercury

Earth, Sun, Mercury Conjunction Today in Aries

We have a PERFECT Mercury, Sun, Earth in Aries, with conjunct alignment in sidereal astrology to Almach, of the constellation Andromeda. This is a double star, that is one of Andromeda’s feet, in some myths this foot is in a pool of water, connecting her in two worlds, fixed here in the sky by this foot.

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HEART ACTIVATION | Venus is in the Vicinity of Aldebaran

HEART ACTIVATION | Venus is in the Vicinity of Aldebaran

There are so many amazing alignments happening in sidereal as of late and one of them is this beautiful alignment of Venus to Aldebaran, follower of the Pleiades today. Which is also the star that is most closely associated with the Guardian or Watcher of the South, Archangel Michael.

Venus rules the heart in classic Astrology and Hermetic associations. “Aldebaran star rules three inches above the breast in the human body.” Which is, the Thymus organ which is the thinking/feeling organ associated with the heart.

The Heart Activations are ongoing, opening our Heart Center to it’s full capacity. However, clearing our Heart trama of lost, relationships, guilt, or shame is not easy. With this pandemic so prevelant to the world, we are wise to be considerate of others while caring for our own health and safety. Not just because we don’t want to be sick ourselves, but because we wish not to spread this to others unknowingly.

Truly, tests of heart are underway in all of our lives to bring about the qualities of the Pink and Blue Rays. Brining out love, grace, beauty, creativity, and co-creation with unconditional love and compassion for others.

While our mature feminine of Juno, opposes the Mercury/Chiron/Lilith to bring up the negative charges in our lives to be healed. Venus is trining Juno giving power to this magnetism within and enlarged fields and aura to be able to bring the lower to the higher, and higher to the lower to have a greater potential of finding the Center. Your heart and thymus!.

What’s interesting is the heart can feel pain, where the brain does not feel pain.

However, your brain can know fear, and your heart cannot know fear.

Find Aldebaran, Venus, and the Plaedies in the sky at night! Screenshot of SkySafari app on Google Play

One of the primary reasons it is so central to tune your heart-brain as one within your being, is so that the heart can ease the fear, and the brain can ease the pain. However, the signals that each send out to each other in this regard, governs your entire way of life, habits, and reactions to your reality.

By allowing yourself to calm your signals of fear/pain that are unrealistic in your life. You can expect better ability to function in your life.

How in the world do I do that? It’s quite simple, yet we like to overcomplicate it. Simply, begin to meditate, relax and think and feel. Make sense of your world and allow yourself, to help ease your feelings and thoughts together so that they are understood. From this place, you can make well informed decisions and reactions.

Venus is also conjunct with Vesta in the energy of Taurus and the Pleadies. So take the heart, and bring about unconditional (neutral) love for all life (positive and negative charges, both light and dark energies) and understand that that are enacting upon the same mission and purpose within your life. This is better understood when Vesta of Devotion is in the right place, at the right time, in the right energy. This is that time. This is that day.

Holding us together in this trine by the way is Saturn of Responsibility and Authority. So that’s Venus/Vesta, to Saturn, to Juno. We better start understanding better exactly what it is we want to create, manifest, and remake in our lives and get “tapped in, tuned in, turned on” as Hicks would say of the Law of Attraction. Because the light is Green, and it’s flooding our Heart Center for transformation.

This could potentially be more powerful than many of the Moon cycles and magic if we allow it to occur within this heart space.

Energy Updates & Galactic Time

Solar Sunday Energy Forcast for first week of January 2020!

Solar Sunday Energy Forcast for first week of January 2020!

In Sidereal astrology, the Galactic center is in the first 0-7 degrees of Sagittarius, while in Tropical it is charted between 26-28 degrees. Nearly anything and everything is heightened when attuned to this energy.

Right now, there’s a lot going on in Sagittarius:

  • Ixion – 3 degrees (TNO)
  • Pholus – 7 (Centaur)
  • Jupiter – 12
  • Mercury – 17
  • Sun – 19
  • Ceres 24
  • Saturn – 26
  • Pluto – 27

We can clearly see in the image that there is a strong, physical alignment of this!

Planetary Chain this Week

Each circle represents the chakra color. The color of the sign each planet is in currently indicates the element of that sign.

All leading to Jupiter at the center of the chain. Both the Sun and Mercury give into Jupiter. Another string from Venus, to Saturn, to Jupiter.

A long chain from Neptune to Uranus leads to Mars, as well as the Moon to Mars. From Mars, feeds Pluto and into Jupiter.

The flow of energy is feeding into our own potential for the growth and development of our own creations! Even the Heart of Venus leads the Roots of survival meets in the middle for the Sacred Sacral Chakra to churn and move and make space for this creative growth and manifestation.

The long chin from the subconscious veil of Neptune and Uranus filters into our conscious will to create our reality. We find the power from Pluto, deep within, to bring the form to your life.

A powerful realization of how this energy is playing out in your life right now can greatly benefit your overall health if we can listen deeply, stay calm, and follow the gentle intuition as you are guided into the path that is meant for you.

01/05/2020 Solar Scope
01/05/2020 | Solar Scope App Screenshot

Seasonal Tropical Astrology Tips

As the Tropical zodiac gives us a better view of the seasonal implications we can view the chart in the sidebar. Right now the Sun is in tropical Capricorn season of the Earth element. So is the Moon, as it enters Taurus, indicating that we might feel more emotional about our belongings and materials, what we consume, use, and want in our reality. Since Mercury is also in Capricorn, we can assume a tendency to think about all Earthly things more often than normal.

In this more material season in the tropical, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Pallas are all in Capricorn energy as well. Bringing about the Seasonal feeling of Darkness that Winter Brings. Get ready to bundle up and expect some rain or snow. Getting out those winter clothes and preparing the cars and stuff might feel extra good to cross off the list this week.

HelioCentric Galactic Center Chart-Check

If we use a Helio/Sun Centered chart with a Galactic Center zodiac, Earth is found in Gemini at 17 degrees.

What’s important to note about looking at this is understanding the Geometry with the Sun in the Center. In the sky looking down on our solar system, Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Uranus trines over to Jupiter/Mercury in Sagittarius at the galactic center! To instigate this complete triangle is a sextile from Jupiter/Mercury to Mars in Libra.

We have an interesting integration happening between our ability to Create and Express, our Will to take Action, and the Transformation and Change in Habits it would take to accomplish our tasks, projects, work.

Balancing our life means knowing what it takes to do what you need to do. From the sidereal astrology last week, Juno in Virgo is willing to dig out those details but none of the other planets were willing to agree with what was being discovered. Did you figure it out? If not, hopefully, you take the incentive to get things done for the sake of the ultimate plan.

From deep within, Neptune is making a sextile to Moon, as well as Pluto, Saturn, and Ceres. Opportunities to clear any past records, memories, and ideas that no longer suit you.