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12 Steps I Took to Self Diagnosis for Improved Personal Health & Well Being

12 Steps I Took to Self Diagnosis for Improved Personal Health & Well Being

I am here to share with you the 12 steps I took to self diagnose my overall personal health. I have deeply reflected on my past, present, and future to enhance my health and wellness. It has been so difficult to face my physical pain, emotional and mental chaos, and relationship faults and failures. I know within that I can heal myself, that I have the power to let go and forgive myself for things that I have done (in the past). So that I can learn from it, and MOVE ON to my true purpose in a life of love and happiness and well, prosperity! Loving life with integrity and purpose, choosing a path of unconditional love and respect for myself and every fellow human out there. And it starts with me. It starts with you, first, my dear reader. I hope you find these 12 steps helpful if you are truly looking to change your life and help heal yourself!

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My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

It’s ironic really that I have a blog called “loving life” and even though I tell myself I love my life, that is not enough! Experiencing joy entails that you do things in your everyday life that bring you to that warm, happy feeling of excitement, that is true joy every day! What to join me on my quest to find joy in everyday life?


For the last several months, my husband has been telling me that he “wants me to be happy”! After a while, it was so frustrating to argue with him that I was okay! I was happy! I couldn’t reassure him enough how much I truly loved him, our daughter, and the work I do as a creative blogger. It kept coming up though, over and over. Finally, things started to change as my personal mind began to clear up from my foggy mindset.

He was right.

I wasn’t happy!


What a question…

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Let Go of What You Think You Know

Let Go of What You Think You Know

What do you think you know but don’t actually know from your own experience?  What I’m going to discuss with you today is a bit of the battle between our human existence in a physical place that has laws, rules, systems, and policies. It’s truly up to your mind to decide what is real to you, and what is lost to subconscious interactions that are forgotten over time.

Time Is Not A Universal Law – Or is it?

An unknown truth is that the universe, god, the world, whatever you call the higher power, it does not lead a purely physical existence. Which means that it is not bound by our physical rules, laws, and emotional reactions. If you indeed had consciousness, will, and empathy as a nonphysical entity such as a god, that means that: they don’t experience time as “we do” now.

Time, a  “mad made” idea is a measurable reaction to the Cycles of Life.

Time is word we came up with to measure these Cycles of Life so that we can track our own events to relate to our memories, improving our cognition and intelligence significantly.

But this still is not a law of the universe. Whether we “experience” time slowly or quickly, depends upon what movements we are experiencing in a moment. It is only a conscious tool that we use to navigate our Own Cycles and that which is happening to us, around us, and ahead of us. Haven’t you noticed that ‘time’ gets ‘lost’ in the past? Or pondered why you can’t ‘see’ the future of time before you arrive?

It’s important for us to understand that time is not a law because the universe does not care, read, or respect our idea of time. To think of life linear does not make sense to me anymore.

Let’s move on to what else does not alter the universe in the ways we “think” it does. What else is not a law?

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Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

By thinking about what you want, it enters our subconscious, which may or may not surface into conscious thought. If you allow your thoughts to remain conscious and think about that intensely. Then you will attract those things to which you are thinking.

If you are to change your life you must attract what you want. The secret to your own success lies within understanding your strengths first as a human, then as a unique human.

To think about your thoughts is to be conscious. 

To make decisions for your life is to have a will.

To influence your life, you must use empathy.

And to practice empathy, you must love yourself. 

Do you see how you must always work from within?

Everything else about your own human experience is because you brought it into your life.

That’s the action part… Don’t get mad at me yet, just keep reading. 

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The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

I have come to a point in my life where I need to start revealing more on the topic of Loving Life With Purpose. This is for you as much as it is for me, so let’s get started. Because uncovering a topic such as this does not come lightly. It hits deep, deep within and I want to make sure we start off these posts in the right way.

I mentioned in my first Dear Blog Buddy letter to Vicky (of CLAS, a mindful lifestyle blogger) earlier this week that I believe in terms such as Intention, Law of Attraction, the Power of Belief.

If you were to look closer at my social media and especially my personal Pinterest Profile, than maybe you’ve noticed my interests are much more than being a parent, to being a wife, or even a blogger.

I first realized the importance of these terms because of their potential to give my life purpose. When I realized what they mean to me when I started living as a traveling nomad or “street kid” rather, on the roads of the USA West Coast for a few years. I ripped myself away from my homes, family, friends, and comforts. In these years I stripped myself of everything that I “thought that I knew”, in an attempt to find myself.

The “good” news is, I truly did find myself.

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The Motto That Changed My Ways

The Motto That Changed My Ways

I have this motto that brought me through this entire year. I’ve really struggled with being a clean and tidy person. This year I’m going to open up a bit about my past, my travels on the street. And in an effort to challenge myself, I’m going to admit some faults.

  • I suck at putting things away because I don’t make homes for things
  • I suck at replying to emails and notifications, and I never ever check my voice mail
  • I don’t much care for cleanliness, I’m the opposite of a perfectionist

These are just a few, as you can imagine the kind of person I am (the kind that drives you crazy I’m sure haha!)

And let’s be honest, as I entered pregnancy in 2017 I knew that I had to change before I asked my husband to make a baby with me. I knew that life wasn’t going to get any easier and that my life would be forever changed.

When he looked at me in that moment when I said, “Baby can we make a baby?” on one that late night, with baby fever running through me like wildfire. And he said, “Yes Baby, let’s make a baby.”

That was the moment my life changed.

About a month later and I could feel this amazing little nugget of life, of joy, blossoming inside me. And I knew that it wasn’t going to be hard. Not now, when I had so much of a reason to change my ways.


To get me through this crazy year, flowing into 2018 with her birth in February of 2018, I made a motto. A mantra. A personal saying to keep me on top of things without the overwhelm.

“A little bit every day, is MORE in every way.” – Lee Bowden


What this means to me is this:

All the little things I do in a day, add up to a final product of success. That even if I just do the laundry, or just the dishes, or clean up for just 10 minutes. That these small steps progressed, it didn’t matter how much progress. It just meant moving forward a little every day.

I don’t challenge myself to be super mom or super blogger or super housewife. I just want to be a mom blogger and housewife. And so, that’s what I am. And that’s what I have dedicated to!

I don’t have to do it all at once, I’d tell myself. With just a little bit at a time, I can get a lot more done.


Here’s what I was able to accomplish this year, little bits at a time:

  • I moved out of the gross house and into a clean and safe place to begin to raise our baby CJ (my mom’s house, but it’s a step, and eventually we’ll progress into our own place together)
  • Rekindling relationships with my mother and sisters who moved back around the time CJ was born (something I never thought would happen) ‘
  • I launched my own blog, here. Finally, after too many years away from web design and writing.
  • I launched the Blog Buddy Program with my new Creative Team of fellow bloggers
  • I’m used to and actually rather enjoy (shocking) my daily house/wife chores – although we’re still working on it – the kid’s space is safe and that’s the priority
  • We’ve gotten rid of several truckloads of stuff. Like, massively downsized our belongings. And on our way to a more green lifestyle
  • I’ve stuck to cloth diapering the baby and breastfed for ten months!
  • I got through natural child labor with an extremely healthy baby girl

I’ll look back on these years with a warm heart. As we’re near the first year of my baby’s life (next month). And as I rekindle my passions, and put a fire to my new projects and relationships.

I must say, I’m extremely proud of myself and excited to take myself and my businesses, and bloggers to the next level.

I also know. That I can do even better this year!

Wishing you little bits of love at a time!

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The motto that changed my ways



Do you have a motto that changed your day to day life? Please share it with us in the comments! 

A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

This is an account of my positive and healthy birthing story of my daughter, CJ. This was a planned pregnancy, where her birth was at the hospital. Although my original (and adored) OBGYN Doctor was unavailable at the time of my birth, the hospital staff luckily took my Birthing Plan very seriously.

Perspective || This was originally written just a couple of days after her birth. I have since updated it to post here. Please note that her real name is hidden online for her own personal security, CJ is just a nickname. 

I was diagnosed with a short cervix, which means I was at risk of preterm labor. Other than that I had a pretty good pregnancy. I didn’t always think I’d be a mother, but when I met the love of my life. I knew I wanted a family with him. After 9 years together, and 3 years of marriage we got a serious case of baby fever and decided to make a baby.

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