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Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

I am writing this page for two reasons. The first reason is because I know several Spiritual Groups on Facebook that are concerned about being deleted. Mostly because of members posting flagged content or content that has been removed by “fact checkers”. And secondly, because many users of social media are being targeted, shadow banned, or removed from Facebook all together. This is mostly due to the Disinformation Campaigns that have dramatically affected us all, whether we realize it or not.

I do not intend fo this to be a triggering post, but an educational and thoughtful one. For both users, moderators, and members of Facebook.

In this post, I will defend the Spiritual Groups from such targeted removal by giving you ideas and tools to use to protect your group. I am encouraging moderators and group creators to update their page and description with accurate and relevant information. Finally, by making sure that you know exactly what the policy of the platform you are using is. So that you – as a creator and moderator or user – can actually moderate correctly for your members, and continue to add value to their lives for years to come.

I hope to give further understanding of censorship. Why it happens, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from disinformation. But above all, to further the understanding of Technology, Political Science, your rights of Free Speech, and Spiritual Freedoms.

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How to Use the Self Healing Database

I would like to present a few ways to use the Self Healing Database. These tips are applicable to you if you already know some of the associations already, or have the books and aources for yourself.

Check out the Recommended Reading here.


Why I Made the Database

I needed a place to list all of the known associations for the links between chakras, energy systems, emotions, acupressure points, and mystic science such as alchemy and the angels.

I am so very interested to better link together these topics to Astrology in a Universal way for healing and understanding.

With a little encouragement from my own mom, who looked over in admiration on a late night. She exclaimed, “Caylene, I want that! Ill pay for it!”

I hadn’t thought to share it until then. Soon I was building this and other databases that were too large, I had to upgrade my account! So I decided there was now more than enough of a reason to share it with others.

Dear Blog Buddy, Mindful Update from the Woods


I can’t even begin to thank you for how much you have inspired me as a human, blogger, and friend. I have been going through so much emotionally, and it really started with this mindfulness talk on your blog:

See, I do this thing with topics that I find interesting.

I will read a history book and a book of lore and read them as equals. I will read science journals and spiritual texts as equals. Not deciding what I believe or is true to me, if I do not experience something myself that proves itself in life. And thus, I really take in a lot of information, much of which is inconsistent and are simply theories, thoughts, ideas. it’s so rare that I come across enough compounding evidence and facts that align just so that I can believe it! When this happens, it’s magic.

When I stumbled upon you so many things happened in the Blog Buddy Program. But behind all this, your blog niche in itself has changed my life.

Reading your posts and learning about mindfulness, practicing this and meditation regularly has… Wow. I expect my own blog can speak for itself right now on how deep I’ve been getting.

That said, I’ve dug hard into mindfulness and I think one of the best books so far has been Living In Balance. Which the title in itself, pretty much explains my current life goal in its entirety. Sums it all up in 3 words.

Anyways, definitely a worthwhile book read.

I am sitting here in Beverly Beach, Oregon on a camping trip with my family. A bit of a “family reunion” actually. What’s really kind of funny is that in one of my previous letters, the Fabulous App told me to take a day or a week off of data and mobile and was like NOPE. But this week, I’ve barely had to use a phone (music for the kid) and I loaded up the laptop with only the Buddy Program Email Course to finish and nothing else (it’s new to me). At camp, we’ve had no service or wifi so it’s been extremely peaceful. Super thankful for this week without all the jazz of the internet and the overwhelm that blogging can be. A near total unplugs, but wait. I’m writing a Dear Blog Buddy Post and finishing the Buddy Program, but hey. It’s only keys and a screen, no more no less. And it feels good, to be able to have someone like you to write to at this moment and be able to share with you my work. And that my work will be seen by the same people that might take an interest in the Blogging Buddies or the Program. How cool is that?

In short, I know I’ve been kind of off in the distance, or the stars more like. But, it’s all for mindful progress in self-healing, and it’s been successful. My mind and heart and soul is making a turning point for the better.

My intuition for this blog and BBP is on track for success and I’m SO stoked for what comes next with this launch!

And within my own life and relationships, taking the most mindful and heartfelt approach. It blows my mind how much unconditional love I have for blogging, you, bloggers, and me, and everything and everyone that has something to say. Anything at all to say that is positive, uplifting, inspiring, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, intuitive, etc.

3 Steps to More Productive Screen Time In Your Life

Recently I have realized my lack of self care and am trying to change my habits. I spent the last few weeks reflecting on my life (in this recent Jupiter Retrograde the last few days especially), I feel I made huge progress within my self already!

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I Cracked Open & Poured It Out

I Cracked Open & Poured It Out

Dear Blog Buddy,

I’m so happy to have you to write to right now because it’s been a wild week and I really do need to get it out here on the blog too. I had a really emotional end of my week last week. I’ll be honest, as usual because in my last letter, I admitted my struggle to find balance. And as the week progressed, all the worry and fear came to life. As I wrote on my blog about thinking positively my body came barreling through my conscious mind and things crumbled beneath me as I barely stood. Weak from all that I was attempting to carry with me.

I think back to days of travel and look around, overwhelmed by all my things. To think I used to live out of a backpack, and now we have so much stuff! So much has been lost because of it too…

All my lost time with my husband, due to our new amazing child. Lost in the blogging community and all the many hours I have put into it so far. It’s all just been too much, and my body was weak. As I dove back into my spiritual side, I quickly began to break my emotional barriers. On thursday I had gone to the Chiropractor, and it felt great! But it must have shook me up because I was extremely emotional on Friday and by Saturday (Bowden worked all day and I didn’t hear from him until 6pm!) I was a mess. Sunday, we spent all day trying to put me back together again, emotionally drained and broken to the core.

I know that all this has happened for a really strong reason. As my week began I knew I had to take better care of myself and truly, find the balance in my life. It starts with my happiness, and Bowden is right. I need to find the roots to my happiness, my home is with him. And our daughter, my beautiful, brilliant girl needs him just as much as she needs me. And I am not whole without him, and him without me. We must come together again and thank god he is who he is and wants all this to change as well!

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10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Blog Mom

10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Blog Mom

Here’s a top ten list of reasons why I love being a blog mom. A short list, but a meaningful one! As both being a mother and a blogger, are a dream come for me.  I’m REALLY excited about my blogging and recent experiences online lately. SO much going on for me being a blog mom!


Why I Love being a blog mom || Here's a top ten list of reasons why I love being a blog mom. A short list, but a meaningful one! As both being a mother and a blogger, are a dream come for me. #blogging #motherhood

1 || The most obvious reason I love being a blogging mom is that I get to stay home with my daughter every day!

2 || I am my own boss!

3 || I choose when I work and when I don’t [when motherhood allows] !

4 || I get to be my baby’s role model, instead of hiring childcare!

5 || I get to share my thoughts, best advice, and helpful knowledge to those who can relate!

6 || I write about loving life, so it constantly reminds me how much I really do love my life!

7 || I get to do all the things I love to do like work on websites, help other bloggers, and write/type!

8 || I’m busy, but the blogging community is awesome to interact with and provides this busy mama some kind of social life!

9 || I get to take pictures and work on graphics and stuff, I dig it!

10 || I’m constantly learning more about blogging and marketing and I love that I can learn so much without having to go to college and spend thousands!!!


It’s a short list, I know.



But this is a really meaningful list!

I have a lot of freedom as a blogger. It’s not a career I need to be ashamed of, in fact, I can actively share my creations with great pride. And I don’t have to feel bad about pushing sales and gaining clients. All I do to gain income is super passive. And the service bloggers like me provide is simply resources to help others. I don’t feel bad about recommending services and products that I love. It feels great!

So this is where I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and follow the blog. Why?

I want to help you get started in blogging. And to learn how much you can LOVE your LIFE, one day at a time, by blogging about your passion.


I want to quickly jump back to that last reason I love blogging,  number 10…

Everything I’ve learned about blogging has been “self-taught”. I’ve spent countless hours, and days of my life, learning about blogging, marketing, social media, management, editorial calendars, SEO, writing skills. And I’ve invested very little money into an education. And there is still SO MUCH to learn. This is an ever-changing world of technology and it all moves SO FAST. Just about the time that I think I get ahead in knowledge and proficiency. A new version of Google, or social media changes, or SEO happen overnight it seems, and there’s a whole new set of rules and guides to follow and learn about.

But I will never have any large college debt. I will never have that level of stress by needing to constantly continue my education by paying a LOT of money for it.

Blogging is something I can do, I can learn. And there’s always going to be something new to get educated about, which is exciting!

And let me just say that the price tag on getting educated about Blogging is REALLY affordable. Sometimes it’s REALLY worthwhile to get that education while you can, at the best price possible.

Guys, I’m so excited to be hitting publish on this post right now. It feels so good! It’s not what I had planned for today. But I can’t help it, I’m really excited about being a blogger. And I feel so responsible to you, in telling you why I love being a blog mom!


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Why to Blog Like It’s A Business

We need to talk about blogging as a business because that is truly not the mindset that many new bloggers have. And this, my new friends, is what is going to bring you out on top. Plan your blog like you’d plan a business and you will go somewhere on the internet, and you will achieve an income doing so. A profit, steady growth, and hard earned cash can be accomplished in your blogging efforts. If you are going to create the content anyways, why not branch out and grow? Into a business.

After reading this post, be sure to check out the Blog Buddy Program website, the first post there has a Free Download, Blog Business Plan! 

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Breastfeeding Journey 3-6 Months [Update]

In this breastfeeding update, I’m writing about the breastfeeding experience during the age of three to six months old. I want to go into the bad parts, and then celebrate the good parts in regards to breastfeeding a baby. How has the adjustment been to a child in our lives for over six months now? And how I feel about continue breastfeeding until my baby is two years old.

I’ll start by summarizing what I have learned so far.

Breastfeeding is hard.
&& I love breastfeeding.

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