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Disclaimer of Tolerance, Implying Acceptance

Disclaimer of Tolerance, Implying Acceptance

Nondiscriminatory Acceptance of Beliefs

I have studied many, many paths, religions, dogmas, and teachings of all kinds. I have no fear of discovering new routes to navigate through life’s amazing experiences. With this universal care for all paths, I have a wide variety of knowledge, techniques, teachings, and guidance for many interests of faith. I believe in the end that our understanding of both science and spirituality has come to a universal awareness of our present clarity of purpose.

I promise not to impose, change, or disregard your past or present ideas, beliefs, philosophy, or faith.

I do wish to explore further the growth upon that path of faith, devotion, love and light.

Be that for regaining your power, intelligence, wisdom, or sovereignty. By further exploring the truth within the teachings, to fully embrace your own experience in this life.

Simply stated, I am tolerant of (nearly) any belief, philosophy, or tradition.

I reserve the right to spiritually protect myself before, during, or after sessions and always.

If our beliefs or vision is not compatible (and you have paid for a service by making an order already) I will offer a full refund within 1 week.

However, I do not expect this whatsoever, as the goal and vision is that of love and peace for all.

I will not tolerate: Cult type disinformation, dark force or satanic ritual or behavior, harmful or disrespectful occurrences of any kind, attacks of psychic or verbal or physical nature, the use of spells magic or the accessing of records or materials from sessions for your own business or personal needs, the requirement of an action contract or vow to do something in trade for karmic resolutions

Clients are held responsible for their actions before, during, and after sessions. I aim to help build a more loving, caring, and joyous existence which may require forgiveness, acceptance and release of old, harmful, or repetitive negative influences, habits, objects, vows/contracts, decisions, relationships, or spiritual practices. If they are causing harm to yourself or others around you.

Familiar To Me Religions or Beliefs

  • Theosophy
  • Egyptology
  • Christianity
  • Gnostic
  • Hermetic
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Daoism
  • And others.. lol

What I’m – NOT actually, about.

  • I am not a “Psychic”. I prefer Diviner as this is still an accepted name for astrologers and palm readers that use scientific reason, study, and spiritual wisdom-knowledge over ‘tuning into intuition’ alone which is often wrong when it comes to other people and facts. I feel that psychic, medium or even empath, are not exactly clear about the terms and definition. However some of the tools I use are essentially the same thing. It is with a more clear intention and understanding of quantum energy and source that leads me to attune to this divine channel of my higher self which understand I am a facet of source itself living an individual experience.
  • Nor am a witch or wiccan. Rather a Alchemical Mage may be more appropriate if any such title and do not practice magic spells or rituals. I do work with some of the accessories such as the pendulum, cards, and crystals/crystal ball. – One aids to extravagate my own subtle body cues, another to expand my awareness, and the other to calm the mind as a meditation aid.
  • I am not a medium. I also do not channel entities. In fact I am more interested in helping any spirits or entities to return to the light. If there are spirits hanging about, I’m here to help get them back to the light and/or return from where they came.

If you are looking for any of the following, please ask me for a referral and I can assist you in finding someone that can assist: ritual casting of spells, herbology, light codes, DNA activations, natural soaps, custom made crystal bracelets – I know of a few sister businesses that do offer things such as: mediumship – talking to spirits or loved ones, or even other tarot/card readers with different natural abilities.
To name one:!

Path of Love and Light

I may converse and act through my higher self for my practice as I connect with source, the creator, what I relate to as God.

I speak or pray directly with God the Father, Mother or Holy Spirit. I also accept that I have spirit guides and soul connections that may offer guidance through clairaudience or Claircognizance. This is not something that I tune into but allow within myself to occur through the higher chakras and heart-brain coherence. It’s a bit different than general intuition when it occurs. I may make an intentional request of information through the Akashic Records or my own attunements such as Reiki to follow up on these occurances.

I take an effort to practice forensic healing, reiki, and energy medicine in my life regularly for my own benefit in my every day life. I do so after having a existential crisis, a healing crisis, Dark Night of the Soul, or Spiritual Awakening. Whatever you want to call it. Many things occurred but mainly, I realized what it was that I wanted to do and I started studying and dedicating to the changes I needed to make in my inner and outer lives. I’m still doing that, and I always will be.

I’m simply here to heal, for the benefit of myself and all others for the benefit of the higher good of the all in accordance with the divine plan, for us all. I don’t think I am the only one, and I aim to help guide others to a more direct route to their own: purpose, healing, path, wellness, compassion, divine law and virtue, etc.

Protections & Right to Refuse Service

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that may cause harm to the client or myself in some way, be that physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. I will disclose the truthful reason for such refusal.

I require spiritual permission for the divine to provide services to clients. If I fail to acquire these permission before or after our initial consultation, I may indicate this as the primary reason. For whatever reason, I may not be the right option for you at this time.

If anything you have read on this page does not feel right, then I am not the right practioner for you right now.

There is still a lot you can learn from the Topics on the Blog about Astrology, Space Weather, and Energy Wellness. Otherwise, I appreciate your honest consideration and I pray for many blessings upon you the moment you read these words.

Welcome to Universal Astrology

Welcome to Universal Astrology

Spirituality Meets Science

Universal Astrology concepts stem from a strong background interest in Astrology, Archaeology, Theosophy, and Esoteric Science. Taking everything the ancients, sacred texts, and philosophy has to say. While also including modern quantum sciences. 

Space Weather affects our lives every day and until recently we never even knew it. Advances in Solar Observation, Astronomy, and Cosmology has paved a new way for us to understand the effects of the sun and space – and guys! It’s SO intense!

Energy & You 
Visible Light part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Which is, Light is Energy that travels in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

The Sun, the Earth, Humans and, in fact, every Living Thing! Has an Energy Field of electric and magnetic forces.

Sidereal Astrology is what I use primarily because it is true to the actual position of the spheres to the stars. When you want to look at where we actually are in the stars of space, I use Sidereal or Galactic astrology charts. 

About Universal Astrology

Astrology is extremely popular because of it’s constant present and influence in our lives, and our very being. 

By interpreting the charts every day, we get to know the universe as well as ourselves.

As above, so below.

Daily Astrology posts on the blog, which I share to my Facebook Page. 

Or follow me on Twitter for daily updates, links, and alerts for Space Weather, Astrology Charts, and more!

Universal Astrology Live Stream !

10 AM – 7 PM PST

View astrology charts and space weather in real time!

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I started learning about Astrology 15 years ago. In 2018 I started this blog and by 2019 I was certified in Reiki Therapy. I have continued my education with college courses. 

My Goal is to attend Kepler College in 2021. (Resume)

On this page you will find the basics of everything Universal Astrology is. In the form of introductions, resources, and images. 

If there is no live stream, check out the channel here!

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Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

I am writing this page for two reasons. The first reason is because I know several Spiritual Groups on Facebook that are concerned about being deleted. Mostly because of members posting flagged content or content that has been removed by “fact checkers”. And secondly, because many users of social media are being targeted, shadow banned, or removed from Facebook all together. This is mostly due to the Disinformation Campaigns that have dramatically affected us all, whether we realize it or not.

I do not intend fo this to be a triggering post, but an educational and thoughtful one. For both users, moderators, and members of Facebook.

In this post, I will defend the Spiritual Groups from such targeted removal by giving you ideas and tools to use to protect your group. I am encouraging moderators and group creators to update their page and description with accurate and relevant information. Finally, by making sure that you know exactly what the policy of the platform you are using is. So that you – as a creator and moderator or user – can actually moderate correctly for your members, and continue to add value to their lives for years to come.

I hope to give further understanding of censorship. Why it happens, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from disinformation. But above all, to further the understanding of Technology, Political Science, your rights of Free Speech, and Spiritual Freedoms.

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Planetary Introductions for Universal Astrology Today

Today I am introducing some of the Universal Astrology basics such as where to find information, get updates, find programs and apps I use. As well as an introduction to the Planets before spending time with today’s charts and interpretation.

During the recording, there was new quakes and solar news streams. I will be gathering the timing of these events and presenting them in a new video so that we can see clearly what the storms, planets, and the collective is going through right now.


There has been a number of other important videos that cover more of the science and weather of this solar storm. I would highly suggest becoming more informed and aware of such information as we enter the new Solar Cycle.

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Related Information & Credits


  • Solar System Scope
  • Stellarium
  • EarthQuake 3D
  • Google Earth 
  • Astrolog
  • PlanetDance

Full list here!


  • NASA
  • NOAA 
  • SODO 
  • DisasterAlerts

What Do I Have to Offer You?

3D Astrology Interpretations  
(with video and voice explanations) 

2D Natal Astrology Report
(chart images and written data reports)

My Universal Astrology Life Kit! 


Forensic Energy Healing Sessions

Using biofeedback and quantum techniques to speak to the subconscious to learn lessons, heal the body, mind or soul, and change negative life habits.

Reiki Therapy & Other Energy Assistance


Client Therapy Intake Forms & Agreements

Client Therapy Intake Forms & Agreements

This page contains the information that clients .

Client Care Progression

  1. Free Entry Consultation – We get to know each other and identify the issue that I could potentially assist with and we discuss ways in which your health and life may benefit from the services I offer. This also allows me to qualify you as a suitable client for the services that I offer, which may change depending on your Medical History.
  2. Client Orders Service Online and Schedules A Preferred Appointment Time
  3. Client Intake Forms (requested, then submitted before the session), resulting in:
  4. Confirmation of Client Therapy – After thorough review of our entry consultation, intake forms, history, gained appropriate verbal permissions to progress, safety, and service order request
  5. Client Therapy, Open Session – We progress through the desired services with clearly defined goals, expectations and therapy guidelines to achieve healing and spiritual growth
  6. Follow Up Contact – After the therapy ends, 1-3 days later, I will contact you to make sure you are not having any side effects or symptoms that are unfinished and to make sure you don’t have any remaining questions or needs that I can help attend to (this is included in the completion of every service that involves personal/ongoing contact/therapy). In other words, I won’t leave you hangin’ or blowin’ in the wind!

Client Intake Forms

Pages Required to Read and Acknowledge to Become A Client of Loving Life With Light:

The following intake forms (in italics open in new windows for you) are REQUIRED FOR SERVICES, which may include the use of Energy Methods or Divine Intervention as described on those pages and in the Practice Policy.

  • Client Agreement & Permission to Contact – This is the agreement that you have read the pages listed above including all terms, conditions, and policies provided at pages. As required to be considered a Client.

Notice: If a live session is being recorded you may be asked to verbally state your agreements to these terms and the action of submitting the forms required as stated on the website here at the time of service provided to you. Sessions are only recorded for your benefit, by providing you a copy to review and for your own records. Or for the purpose of client acknowledgement of the following in the case of spiritual or energetic therapies, methods or sessions. You may be asked if it is okay for me to use this as a required documentation for application of achieving my diploma. In which case I would submit a case study and the recorded session to prove the accuracy of the practice for academic achievement. In this case, obviously further consent would be provided in written and verbal details.

  • Client Medical History Form – Required for the following Shop Categories of service: Energy Services, Spiritual Services, Reiki Therapy

Reiki Clients: If you are receiving the service, please fill out the form before each session as things may have changed or developed between sessions such as Reiki and Forensic Healing. You do not have to re-submit a medical history form if you feel there have been no medical changes to note.

Reiki Therapy Session, Intake Form – Required before any Reiki Therapy session

Rewards for Clients!

Energy Practice Policy

Energy Practice Policy

When you see [ ✔️ ] it means by checking the agreement boxes within the required Intake Forms & Agreements here ) which you are required to submit in accordance with my terms of service and policies – you understand and agree to the contents of this Policy Page and all other policies and terms linked throughout it.

By reading this page you should be completely knowledgeable about the process, terms, conditions, and practice of general services by Loving Life With Light.

Reiki Therapy Practice Policy

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) means “universal life energy” in Japanese. The art of Reiki is a system of gentle vibrational healing that was established by Dr. Usui from Japan in the late 19th century and is becoming increasingly popular in the western world. Reiki can greatly improve health and well-being by working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level at the same time.

This healing modality treats the whole person, revitalizing the body’s own healing potential by restoring greater balance and allowing the natural life force to flow more freely. Reiki is practiced with gentle hands-on, or by simply working the energy above the body, while lying on the massage table wearing loose, comfortable clothing. As the energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client, the client may perceive a pulsing or tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth and comfort, or a sense of releasing previously-blocked emotions.

Reiki can be used to reduce physical and emotional pain, to calm the mind and experience deep relaxation on all levels as well as improve immune and nervous system functioning.

[ ✔️ ] I (the client) understand that REIKI is NOT a substitute for medical and other health care treatments. I also understand that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions or claim to cure specific illnesses. They neither prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that I see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I have. I will not hold the above Reiki practitioner liable for any pain or distress, physical or emotional, which may arise in the course of my Reiki treatments with her.

Limitations: Reiki does not diagnose in any way. Reiki does not require direct “contact” with the or the presence of physical contact. In personal contact therapy the practitioner may provide Reiki by gently “laying hands” on the body from head to toe; or hold the hands above the body of the client is equally effective. In the case of distance sessions the client should follow all instructions provided to get the full benefit of the session. Follow up contact 1-3 days after the session is required to ensure the proper care and follow up of the client as permitted in the required agreement.

Required Forms, titled: Client Agreement & Permission to Contact, Medical History, Reiki Therapy Form

Energy Methods & Practice Policy

The “Energy Methods” are designed to assess where the body’s energies are blocked or not in harmony and then correct and balance the flow of these energies thereby aligning the body’s energies to boost health, vitality, and restore the body’s natural energies.  Let’s name a few of these Energy methods:

  • Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “tapping” a set of points on the body with a affirmation to improve a variety of emotional, behavioral, and thought patterns to effectively reprogram them into positive habits of thought and energy flow
  • Kinesiology / Energy Testing / or Muscle Testing – are all effective ways of asking the body direct questions and assessing the immediate reactive intelligence of the automatic-systems in the body. Therapy such as the Forensic Energy Sessions are completely reliant on these applications in alignment with the Universal Spiritual Laws. Anyone can learn how to energy test, for nearly any reason, it just takes instruction and consistent practice.
  • Acupressure & Energy Medicine – I am not a message therapist, so I cannot apply this to clients myself. But! I have certifications and courses that allow me to coach you the self care methods, and provide resources, that pertain directly to the results that you are desiring in your health – be that energetic, emotion, or spiritual.

With Energy Methods, I also assess the energetic impact of how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can influence the health and well-being of the client.  The prevailing premise of the Energy is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies (including the meridians, chakras and aura) are important for physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and for whole well-being.

Although the Energy Methods appear to have promising emotional, spiritual and physical health benefits, they have yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities.

Therefore, the Energy Methods should be considered experimental and the extent of their effectiveness, as well as their risks and benefits, are not fully known or understood.

Biofeedback is used in this practice, otherwise known as Energy Testing, or Muscle Testing can be performed harmlessly and easily in a number of ways without the use of a machine, device, or trance. With practice, anyone can learn and use these techniques themselves.

The Energy Practitioner may experience more noticeable Energy Shifts, signals, or intuitive guidance during the session as described in the Spiritual Practice Policy.

[ ✔️ ] When using Energy Methods you understand I’m not “diagnosing” or “treating” the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field and other allied health care professionals.  You understand there is a distinction between “healing” using the Energy Methods and the practice of medicine or any other licensed health care practice. 
Further, you understand the services I offer and the use of the Energy Methods are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and they do not replace the services of health care professionals.  You agree and understand it is your responsibility to consult with your health care provider for any specific health care problems. 
Further, you understand I may suggest you contact your professional health care provider if I believe it’s advisable in any way.  In addition, you understand that any information shared during our sessions is not to be considered a recommendation that you stop seeing any of your health care professionals in any way. This is not a replacement therapy.

Spiritual Practice Policy

The spiritual healing methods are provided in more detail here.

You are not subject to agree or participate in any service, healing, or product that you do not wish to receive. You can purchase Spiritual Healing services from the shop individually. However, there are many more spiritual healing protocols that may arise in an Energy Healing session as described here. You are always able to decline a protocol. If we do not get an Energy Shift confirming each step of the protocol, we will not go forward through the session. In other words, if your body, mind, or soul does not wish to proceed, we will abide by that.

Free will is always respected. As is all races, genders, beliefs, and cultures.

I am not required to be so, however, I am ordained with the Universal Life Church, and devote myself to the betterment of all living beings and their right to free will, expression, experience, and education of that will.

I consider myself to be employed by Source of the Divine Love and Light of all Life as One. Considering this is a belief, it is a spiritual one in nature. Thus, I felt this a more appropriate contract, one which the Creator and I will abide by to provide service to humanity for the betterment and upliftment of all who live. Centered in compassion, unconditional love, and light of all that is.

[ ✔️ ] When receiving Spiritual Related Services (including divination, astrology, life coaching, or divine/angelic/celestial/reiki/energy healings): I understand that I am in control of my actions, decisions, healing, and beliefs. I have read and agree with the “Disclaimer of Tolerance” implying that of Acceptance, Compassion, and Forgiveness of others and myself. I understand that I have the right to choose my own treatment, dharma/karma, soul/personality/identity, thoughts/emotions/creations, as well as my perspective/reality/experiences. I understand that the goal of this practitioner (Caylene) is to here help/assist/guide me to align to my higher self, my understanding of god/source/creator/divine, and my higher purpose. That the Universal Life Church and the Universal Laws require that I do what is best for the benefit of all, including myself and others.

The only reason I am truly able to provide this service is because of my faith and devotion to the Divine: Laws, Truth, Plan. And that without this held in focus through out what I do, whether I know you personally or I know you very little. It is the work with the divine, akasha, and beings of love and light that surround our very existence through the forces, planets, stars, and light. Through vibration, frequency, thought, and spiritual intuition and senses. And it is in this Universal understanding that we can use Astrology and Synchronicity to prompt ourselves with the right questions, motivations, intentions and changes in our lives towards love, and light within and around us to effect positive changes for all.

Term of Agreement

When you order a service from Loving Life With Light, you are entering a Term of Service Agreement until the end of the service is completed, or the order is canceled as detailed here. This is not a binding contract or agreement, but a Promise to Service by a Promise to Pay initiated by the client upon order completion.


All orders for service are processed in the Online Shop at Loving Life With Light. There are currently no other places to order these services.

Payments are processed by PayPal through our WordPress/WooCommerce Secure Integrations. View Website Security & Updates here for more information about this site’s security.


You may cancel your service at least 24 hours before the appointment time and receive a refund for your order. If you cancel the same day or after your appointment time, you are subject to full payment of the order made for the service.

Because of the nature of Distance/Remote services, missed appointments are not subject to reschedule until a new order is made. Even if you are not ‘present’ for the session, does not mean that you didn’t receive the energetic healing. Because I (Caylene) am a practitioner, I will be there performing the session in real time.

Although, if an in-person session needs to be rescheduled simply email me at least 24 hours before the session. If you would like to reschedule for a missed appointment, we can discuss this via personal contact.

Delivery of Service or Virtual Product

Personal and Virtual products and services are purchased from the store by completing an order.

Virtual products may contain downloadable content upon purchase to deliver the product, service, or necessary processes for us to complete your service and prepare you to receive the service.

Your order confirmation email from will also deliver these instructions to ensure you complete the following:

  • Schedule Your Appointment Time
  • Fill & Return your Client Intake Forms
  • Agreement of Services & Policies

Please refer to each service’s description thoroughly before ordering. Then, add and confirm your appointment.


As a reward for subscribing to my newsletter, you gain access to locked or exclusive content otherwise hidden from the public. You must agree and confirm the use of your own valid email address to unlock these rewards.

Not all content is available for free to download as a subscriber

Content or material that is available for free download for subscribers will be listed on the Subscriber Library page with the appropriate instructions for each that are available currently. Content is subject to change or removed at any time.

You can opt-out of your subscription at any time.


As a practitioner, I have a table that I am able to rent for use. Clients may choose to use their own therapy table, bed, couch, or suitable chair. In accordance to the policies and terms described on this site.

This applies to oil, candles, and crystals also. All materials of natural use will be cleaned and activated energetically by the practitioner before use as needed.

You will be provided with personal recommendations and preparation advice before each session upon your order. Check for downloadable content included in your order, and your email for automated client intake.


Further details for individual services are sent from or, and should be considered a part of our Terms of Service.

If you do not agree with these modifications, or any of the contents of this Practice Policy then:

  1. You should amend them in writing in the Client Intake forms and processes.
  2. Upon written confirmation, any requests for modifications of service provided upon that request will be abided by with written consent by the practitioner for record purposes.

Client Intake & Records of Sessions


  • Placing an Order
  • Pay the Order
  • Fill out all Required Client Intake forms and agree to all terms found on this site
  • Schedule your appointment/session


All services are listed in the Shop . Their descriptions, prices, offers, and downloadable content may be subject to change with updates to this Practice Policy and other Terms.

The website shop is made possible by WordPress, WooCommerce, and PayPal integrations for your security and ours.


You will be contacted when you complete an order for services by automated email. I may respond to any personal contact or requests from the client.

For in-person sessions, I will require written content to ensure that you are a real person, email order confirmation, and that the location is accurate, true, and that you are within my service area (Snohomish and King County Washington).

I may contact you personally via email for other needs of providing services to you in your location.

Outdoor locations are OK upon approval and communication. Provided that the weather and location are suitable for us and our equipment.

  • You can always choose to respond to emails you receive and I will get them and respond to them! I am SO EXCITED to get to know my clients, readers, and followers!
  • You can send me an email directly at any time at
  • Clients are welcome to send me private messages on Facebook Messenger, however, conversations held here are not acceptable means to modify these agreements.


For integration reasons, you must schedule your appointment time with me here. Or, you can contact me at after completing your order.

If you schedule an appointment without making an order for the service, you will be contacted with a link to the service order you have scheduled. If you do not make the order purchase, then your appointment will not be approved for service.

If the local weather is the reason for the cancellation of in-personal sessions, you will be able to reschedule instead at no additional charge.