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10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Blog Mom

10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Blog Mom

Here’s a top ten list of reasons why I love being a blog mom. A short list, but a meaningful one! As both being a mother and a blogger, are a dream come for me.  I’m REALLY excited about my blogging and recent experiences online lately. SO much going on for me being a blog mom!


Why I Love being a blog mom || Here's a top ten list of reasons why I love being a blog mom. A short list, but a meaningful one! As both being a mother and a blogger, are a dream come for me. #blogging #motherhood

1 || The most obvious reason I love being a blogging mom is that I get to stay home with my daughter every day!

2 || I am my own boss!

3 || I choose when I work and when I don’t [when motherhood allows] !

4 || I get to be my baby’s role model, instead of hiring childcare!

5 || I get to share my thoughts, best advice, and helpful knowledge to those who can relate!

6 || I write about loving life, so it constantly reminds me how much I really do love my life!

7 || I get to do all the things I love to do like work on websites, help other bloggers, and write/type!

8 || I’m busy, but the blogging community is awesome to interact with and provides this busy mama some kind of social life!

9 || I get to take pictures and work on graphics and stuff, I dig it!

10 || I’m constantly learning more about blogging and marketing and I love that I can learn so much without having to go to college and spend thousands!!!


It’s a short list, I know.



But this is a really meaningful list!

I have a lot of freedom as a blogger. It’s not a career I need to be ashamed of, in fact, I can actively share my creations with great pride. And I don’t have to feel bad about pushing sales and gaining clients. All I do to gain income is super passive. And the service bloggers like me provide is simply resources to help others. I don’t feel bad about recommending services and products that I love. It feels great!

So this is where I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and follow the blog. Why?

I want to help you get started in blogging. And to learn how much you can LOVE your LIFE, one day at a time, by blogging about your passion.


I want to quickly jump back to that last reason I love blogging,  number 10…

Everything I’ve learned about blogging has been “self-taught”. I’ve spent countless hours, and days of my life, learning about blogging, marketing, social media, management, editorial calendars, SEO, writing skills. And I’ve invested very little money into an education. And there is still SO MUCH to learn. This is an ever-changing world of technology and it all moves SO FAST. Just about the time that I think I get ahead in knowledge and proficiency. A new version of Google, or social media changes, or SEO happen overnight it seems, and there’s a whole new set of rules and guides to follow and learn about.

But I will never have any large college debt. I will never have that level of stress by needing to constantly continue my education by paying a LOT of money for it.

Blogging is something I can do, I can learn. And there’s always going to be something new to get educated about, which is exciting!

And let me just say that the price tag on getting educated about Blogging is REALLY affordable. Sometimes it’s REALLY worthwhile to get that education while you can, at the best price possible.

Guys, I’m so excited to be hitting publish on this post right now. It feels so good! It’s not what I had planned for today. But I can’t help it, I’m really excited about being a blogger. And I feel so responsible to you, in telling you why I love being a blog mom!


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Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever (To Me)

Put simply, I am a stay at home mom blogger and work from home wife. The thing is though, it’s really not so simple at all. That still doesn’t mean it’s not the best job to me though.

There are two important roles I play in my everyday life that I consider my highest responsibilities right now. And that’s being the best stay at home mom, and the bestwork from home wife I can be. For myself, for my daughter and for my husband.

PERSPECTIVE || Like I wrote about in My Business & Blogging Background Story, I have ALWAYS have worked from home. I spent only a few years working for a local cable company at their call center. But even that was in front of a PC, talking to people all day (and at home part-time). So I really was MEANT to be the work-from-home, be-my-own-boss type. It makes sense that I would be the “stay at home” mom, too. Especially since she is a newborn, our first and probably the only child I will have. And trust me, I DO understand that it is not for everybody.



JOB #1 || BEING A Stay At Home Mom


For the first time, I’m going to write about how I feel about being a stay at home mom. I’ll start by saying that it is indeed a job. There is a lot of change and adjustment that happens when you have a newborn enter your life. And they constantly change, especially this first year of life. Every day they learn how to something new and it shifts your whole world out of place again.

What takes the most effort is keeping the routine, some kind of schedule for the kid so she can function well throughout the day and maintain a level of comfort and happiness. It was REALLY hard to create the right routine because I had to find what my most natural routine was for myself and then add a baby to the mix with her leading the way. I knew I’d feed her about every two hours, but as a stay at home mom, guess what? You get to feed on demand, and that’s what’s best for baby. So there many times throughout the day where I stop what I’m doing and to feed her. I also thought I’d have time to get a break from mom duties when she’s down for a nap. But nap times can be a total chore of its own for being the easiest and most “relaxing” part of the day. Sure. I never know how SHE will react every day, but I do know how I will react. And that’s to try stick to the routine, but be flexible and patience!

The biggest emotional toll that being a stay at home mom takes from me, is the constant mental engagement that children take. You can’t just leave children (especially babies) to fend for themselves. They have to be fed, put to sleep, played with, loved on, cuddled, taught, on and on. That is if you want to have a happy find who finds joy in routine and thus, will learn to respect my role not just as her mother, but her father’s wife and a work from home business owner. It’s a constant give and takes though. She’s a baby so me setting the tone now, I believe will help her develop good time management skills also.

For example, mornings before her first nap, are for quiet time. We get up together and I go outside to let dogs out, pour myself a coffee, and make her a bottle. I lay her down to feed herself and then get to work nearby on the PC. I keep on eye on her of course, but she sits and plays where her toys quietly. I try to keep the noisy ones up and away, and just leave out different toys she can interact with quietly. Most days, I can get a good amount done in the mornings so at least, if the rest of the day I get nothing else done but love the kid, I got some work done.

There are days that nothing goes as planned, I might have to spend an entire week only working at night when the baby is (finally) asleep because of growth spurts, teething, feeling grumpy and out of sorts, sick, whatever the reason is that baby needs my attention ALL DAY. Those are the days that I’m thankful I’m not alone in my life, and that I have a loving husband and family nearby to help give me and baby some extra help.


JOB #2 || Being A Work From Home Wife


We aren’t lucky enough to live in a world where the money comes easily, and my husband works really hard to keep us floating along financially. As much as I love being a stay at home mom, the baby doesn’t pay well. In fact, she’s quite the expense monthly. So I could work to make barely enough to cover childcare. Or I work really hard for myself, at home.

Being my own boss is no joke.

There isn’t a single part of blogging that isn’t managed by me. I act as the content creator, website designer, sales manager, marketing strategist, you name it I do it. It’s all me.

Although my blog doesn’t bring in much in the way of money, it will eventually as I build this business. Enough so that by the time she should be going to school, my husband can take part in his dream of homeschooling. Something he has always wanted for his children.

This is my end goal honest: For my photography and blog businesses bring in enough of an income that I work full time from home, while my husband is home during the week to homes school. Of course, he could take up side jobs during the weekend too, sure. But in the end, we have about four years of dedication to the businesses growth. The sacrifice of this goal together though, is that it will take time to build the businesses. While he brings in the solid paychecks, for now, our financial life is still in need of a lot of growth and that takes a lot of time.

Apart from being a mom and my own blog boss, I have to also take care of the homestead. Making sure the house is kept, the chores are done, and the bills paid. To say the least, it really is a job all in itself. Especially since our move while is honestly only temporary until we can find a place of our very own. Thankfully I’m not on a serious time crunch living with my mom.


Blogging Is The Best Job Ever


To say the least I have a complicated job. These roles of being a mother, wife, and housekeeper are hard to balance.

But I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. I’m ultimately living my dream here, right now!


I have the man of my dreams.
The most amazing daughter.
Great loving and protective dogs.
A wonderful and supportive family.
Silly but fabulously loyal friends.
The Blogging Community is fantastic.
I live in this beautiful Evergreen State.


Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever



I really do have every reason in the world to be living a loving life. And to have made my job to share it with the world and help others like me, parents and bloggers. It’s my passion and my purpose. To share love, connect others, and be of help to the human race.

So yes, although it is difficult to balance and especially to manage. And at times I miss my own deadlines or have to skip an entire week of blogging or go months without a photo shoot. But I’m just doing better and better at it all because I’m doing it. Practice. I’m no noob or amateur here. Although I’m not a pro at anything (yet) either. I’ll get there though.

I’m going to live this out like I’m already there.

Because I am. This is why I have the best job in the world. A mother, wife, and blogger.

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Why I Think Blogging Is The Best Job Ever

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How To Talk To People Who Are Unsupportive of Breastfeeding

How To Talk To People Who Are Unsupportive of Breastfeeding

How do you deal with family members who are unsupportive of breastfeeding? What kinds of things can you do to educate them about breastfeeding? Should you make a baby sitting plan or child care guide?

I want to share some thoughts and ideas with you about breastfeeding in general, as a human. My goal today is to give you the inspiration to believe in your ability and your right to breastfeed. Give you some good resources to show those who may need to be educated on the importance of breast milk. And finally, we’ll talk about a possible Parenting Plan that you can use for yourself, your partner, family members, and any other baby care persons or babysitters in your life.


PERSPECTIVE || I have had very few people make comments and accusations to my face about breastfeeding. But I’ve seen a fair amount of other women complain about their lack of support! I’m only six months in though, and now I’m starting to feel the pressure. People are beginning to be a bit more uncomfortable about the idea of me doing this for 2 YEARS. I’m a confident person who is unafraid of confrontation and prefer it all to be laid out on the table for all to see. But I know that it’s not that easy for most people. So here’s some tips from someone who will, and does, stand up for breastfeeding.


Let’s start by talking about what we are… Fellow humans.. .


We Are Human Beings!


Us humans have accomplished creating a great many things. Medicine, science, inventions, transportation, recipes, drugs, etc. What we didn’t make, is other creatures, plants, or the earth herself.

It’s easy for anyone to understand that we didn’t make cows. Nearly all formula is made with the help of cows milk. Do you know how much dairy is actually healthy to consume? Unfortunately, it’s not very much. Dairy is actually quite unhealthy for humans to consume, especially in large quantities.

So when someone says, “You should feed your baby formula instead!” What their saying is, “Cows milk is better than human milk, for your human baby.” Which put simply, is not the case.


Formula was invented in 1867. And although I myself reap the benefits from this recipe of Infant Formula Food for my own child’s nutrition. I can’t deny my passion for humans breastfeeding their own human babies (if they can). And that’s the thing, fellow humans…

When you think about other countries that do nothing but EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEED their babies, many mothers use wet nurses (since 2000 BC!). Let’s remember please that IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. This phrase is coined by the remembrance that living in the days of villages and small towns, mothers had help 24/7. There were no separate houses, rooms, and enclosures to keep everyone so sperate like we live today. With our closed mansions and apartment buildings and spacious homes. When you think about this, realize that when a mother had to attend to something, she would leave her child with her living companions such as other family members or friends. Everyone helped each other constantly. Nowadays we stress about when it’s appropriate to leave our child with a sitter for the first time. Some mothers don’t get away for six months! This is simply crazy to me, and to any of our ancient ancestors who had constant help from fellow humans!

They also didn’t have a need for child care “centers” because everyone helped take care of the children! Mothers, fathers, family members, older kids, and other tribe members. There weren’t necessarily specific members of the village who were caretakers. I’m sure the children had their favorite babysitters and had preferences for family members. But you know they weren’t paid for watching the children right? Everyone helped watch the children, no questions asked.

And finally let us admit that the sad reality when living outside of our modern medicine, is that most mothers and babies were in serious danger during pregnancy and labor. Many women died during or after childbirth. And any and all babies that were born with complications or undeveloped bodies perished. Having both mother and child survive was celebrated because it was so much more difficult than we like to remember it today. We think it’s hard now (!) with the help of labor coaches, hospitals with doctors, and the comforts of our own home with a doula. Not to mention transportation. Your still (most likely) only a phone call away from emergency interception services!


It takes a village to raise a child. Your village now includes doctors, nurses, coaches, trained and medically efficient with tools and modern technology and medicines. Don’t forget how blessed we really are, to have THIS kind of tribe on our side!


To wrap this up, full circle, this is probably the most impacting point for breastfeeding today…


Mothers were designed to breastfeed their babies, just like every other mammal on the planet Earth.


Baby goats drink goats milk. Calfs drink cows milk. Humans should feed their babies human milk. It's just that simple. Click To Tweet


There are some seriously good reasons that infant formula is helpful to have. I myself use infant formula supplements for my baby due to a low supply (I could use a wet nurse right about now)! Other reasons could include (but are not limited to) babies that are unable to (premature or lip or mouth unable to latch, breathing or lung development, etc), or the mother is unable to breastfeed due to infections, disease or being at risk (of infection, sickness, or other illness anticipated).

But let’s just get one thing straight. You need to find your confidence right now, in this very moment.


If you are ABLE TO breastfeed your baby then YOU SHOULD BREASTFEED THAT BABY.


Any person, family member or not, that tells a perfectly healthy mother and child that they should “stop and switch to formula” is unfortunately uneducated about breastfeeding and has lost their way.

Copy and past the SOURCES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST and let them find out for themselves, how VERY CORRECT AND CONFIDENT you are in your ABILITY/BLESSING to breastfeed your child.

It’s not only the right thing to do, it is YOUR RIGHT to do so. Anywhere, at any time, and in the presence of anyone.


Have you found your confidence yet fellow human?


SIDENOTE || In my opinion, breasts were not meant to be sexual. There is absolutely no sexual value to breasts other than attraction. They provide little stimulation or assistance to males. The fact that many men (and women) are attracted to breasts is simply conditions of personal attraction of our modern age.

Consider this, a woman in a village is sitting there breastfeeding her baby openly when the men come home from hunting. They all go about putting their animals to butcher and stretch and cook. Do you think that woman stopped feeding her child in the open wilderness? Do you think each man was walking around with a bone because her breast is out? … No. We in this modern age, have devalued breastfeeding for our own sexual greed and selfish desires. *cough* (Sorry not sorry)… Moving on!


Tips for Having the Conversation About Breastfeeding With Unsupportive Family & Friends


Remember your Birthing Plan? Where you decide ahead of time what the BEST labor scenario looks like. What you do and don’t want to happen to you, and your baby. Well, it’s time to make a Child Care Plan for yourselves and your family.

(I’m currently working on a downloadable option for you, but I’m not done yet. Follow me on Twitter for release updates @luvlifewlee )


#momtip When writing your Child Care Plan: Get creative and actually WRITE it down, PRINT it out, do what you have to, but get these things discussed with your partner and reveal it to your family as soon as possible! Click To Tweet


This Child Care Plan should lead the discussion! This plan is not subject to change by forceful, uneducated, or unsupportive persons. This is a guide that THEY CAN USE TO SUPPORT your breastfeeding journey.

Include WHAT TO DO if there is no breast milk available, or the baby refuses to eat what he is offered. In the plan, detail what they should try first.

Is it the right temperature? Is the milk sour? Is the bottle clogged? Is it the right bottle? Is he teething?

If all of this is attempted, what is your sitter to do?

Call you or use formula? Who is the emergency contact that has access to your milk stash?

Outline it ALL, so that they have no questions about how they are “supposed to” care for your child, while you are not there to do so yourselves.

With the number of parenting styles out there, find a few that you seem to be close to and use what you want from them to create your very own plan of action for your baby. In a way that anyone can read and follow. This level of consistency for your baby will be so impacting for their future as it provides stability throughout the entire village. (Including doctors and the like!)


Understanding Their Perspective: They are unsupportive of breastfeeding because they believe there’s something better for baby.


Remember to be patient and have some understanding. This world is a crazy place. Science and news have a dramatic impact on us and misinformation is always common. It’s not their fault that they are misinformed because many doctors all over the country are. This isn’t a blame game, by them or by you.

It’s an issue with the FACT, that breastmilk is the best food source for infants and children (for as long as you choose to, but the recommended age for all infants it at least 12-24 months).

The RIGHT that you have to breastfeed your baby anywhere at any time (it’s the LAW) on the planet. (And no other countries have ever even thought about the idea of banning breastfeeding so WTF.)

The BLESSING that your child has to be alive and healthy because of their mother’s milk.


Build your breastfeeding support team! 


If you need to, bring along a support person that’s pro-breastfeeding to give you some confidence behind your voice. Find someone who is polite, educated, and patient with people. Don’t bring your girlfriend who is not a mom who will do whatever you say, “Ya what she said” isn’t the kind of support you need. You need that friend or coworker or great aunt Betty to stand up for you and be on your team. (Hopefully, your partner is that person!)

Have you read How to Win Friends & Influence People? The part that we’re going to need to know is the art of influencing others by inspiring them. Let’s consider who it is that is “unsupporting” you.


LESSON IN PERSPECTIVE || These people currently think that there is a more beneficial, healthier, and scientific recipe that has been crafted to perfection for infants. This misinformation was mass marketed to every doctor, hospital, news station and scientific communities! Everywhere people were on board with formula. And for so many for the first time, there was a life saving miracle for newborn babies. It went “viral” and formula has helped many infants survive! To a certain extent, they are right to think that there are benefits to formula for many thousands of families.


IMPORTANT NOTE || If you are unable to breastfeed, then formula is the answer to your babies survival needs! DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS MAMAS! If you are having trouble breastfeeding and are at risk yourself, or your baby is unable to breastfeed. Then it’s time you look towards formula is the answer. Because it is. It’s amazing really, that we’ve created this for our newborns so that they have SOME OTHER OPTION.


Having the conversation about breastfeeding?


Informing your unsupporting family needs to come from a place of respect for their love for your child. They love your baby too. And they currently think this is honestly a healthy option to consider. Or they would not be hasseling you, period.


Using an explanation such as,
“IF I was unable to breastfeed then I would use formula to sustain my baby. But I can breastfeed her naturally, and that will be a more substantial meal for her. Filling her with the correct balance of proteins, important live enzymes, and everything they may need. Did you know their saliva signals to my breasts of she is ill? Breast milk can provide natural antibodies for her immediately. Isn’t that cool? Sorry, but formula can’t do that kind of magic like I can!”


Make sure they KNOW (that you know) they have the best intentions for the baby too.

THANK THEM for caring so much as to have this conversation about breastfeeding, and reading the articles that you send them (using the sources below)

EXPLAIN how and why you breastfeed the baby

Let them in on your GOALS for how long your going to breastfeed and why

INFORM them of how they can help you and baby (via your Child Care Plan)


Post Summary


I’m so good at these long posts right? Thanks for reading about how you can refer to all of our ancestors for breastfeeding support. It’s our amazing human design that allows us to feed our babies. That we should be allowed to do this anywhere without oppression or disrespect. Formula has some amazing benefits to many thousands of families, but if you are able to breastfeed then you should breastfeed. It is simply the best and most healthy substance designed for babies.

And remember that your family is only hassling you because they honestly care about you and the baby. They are sorely misinformed of the uses of formula and it’s purpose. Confirm with confidence that you have a plan, goals and are happy to guide your child’s journey of health, with their help. There are these resources I have mentioned, so please feel free to get educated and pass them along!

And remember, it takes a village to raise a child.


Final Thought 

Building your team of breastfeeding support is extremely important and that you NEED to find your confidence and talk to them about your breastfeeding journey. Start with discussing everything with your partner. Create that Child Care Plan together. And present it to lead the discussion with every single family member and friend who is in your child’s life as a fellow caretakers! You’re going to need the help of your village.



“Infant Formula” – Wiki, by Wikipedia last updated 2018.

A History of Infant Formula, (Articles from The Journal of Perinatal Education are provided here courtesy of Lamaze International) || Website: National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine.


Copy and past these sources to show your family and include in your plan! If you have a great article to share, please leave me a comment so that we can build this list together! 


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What to do about people who are unspportive of breastfeeding

Share your story with me about your discussion with your family! Have a question about your situation and want to know what I’d say (I always respond to my comments)? Or do you have a URL link you’d like to add as a source for others to use and share with their family to support breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding Journey 3-6 Months [Update]

In this breastfeeding update, I’m writing about the breastfeeding experience during the age of three to six months old. I want to go into the bad parts, and then celebrate the good parts in regards to breastfeeding a baby. How has the adjustment been to a child in our lives for over six months now? And how I feel about continue breastfeeding until my baby is two years old.

I’ll start by summarizing what I have learned so far.

Breastfeeding is hard.
&& I love breastfeeding.


That about sums it up. No joke. There’s way TOO MUCH to learn about. Here are some topics you should really get familiar with in regards to breastfeeding.

  • Good latch
  • How and when to express milk (too much and you deal with engorged breasts, too little and you may not see results) by pumping or hand expression
  • What let down is and how to improve it
  • How to hand express
  • Engorgement
  • Mastis
  • Average, over and underproduction of milk supply

In the last Breastfeeding Journey Post [0-3 months] I gave a lot of advice on EVERYTHING BREASTFEEDING that, I had learned in my first three months. And I talked about how I have a low milk supply, what seems to help. You can read about breastfeeding for six months like I have done now. And still not have it all figured out. I may not be perfect, but I want to share with you my own breastfeeding journey. I expect it has some unique twists… Here we go. Bad news, then the good news. Don’t skip ahead now! I go full circle on this one.


This is the bad news about breastfeeding, Mama Bears…

Breastfeeding is painful at times, for a number of reasons. I personally don’t have much pain anymore, except she gets heavier by the day. It’s always a struggle to find the right position. We primarily side lay, which can be difficult if your out and about without a comfy place to lay.

By the time they are 3 months old, they wiggle and move like crazy. At least mine does. She never sits still unless she’s drowsy, and on her way to dreamland. Which is when we do the most successful nursing.

Your probably the only one that can fulfill this need Mamas. If your partner hasn’t made comments like, “I’d do it if I had the boobs”, then maybe you’re dealing with some unsupporting family issues. (I have some tips for you though, keep reading.) When your the only one that can provide this, it gets really overwhelming at times. Right about now I have had 6 months with the baby and we’ve adjusted to being a parent. Finally. (I started to be comfortable around 4 months, where I feel like it’s taken him until this month to be fully adjusted to her.) IBut that doesn’t mean you aren’t craving a break, and need some freedom. Breastfeeding makes that really difficult for us Mamas.

As our baby’s development increases, their curiosity also skyrockets. It can be difficult to keep the little one focused on the tasks at hand. They also tend to get bored easily. It’s this weird balance of timing and charm to have a successful and fulfilling meal, it’s a chore. Most of our long, full nursing sessions are accomplished before falling asleep. We currently bed share with our baby, so she remains latched on when we sleep together. (Here’s the “need to know” down low on bed sharing safely.)

And finally, since we bed share she does latch on and off in the night at will. This is beneficial to me because most of the time I don’t wake up all the way anymore. But some nights I don’t get as much restful sleep. I usually have to sleep on my side to accommodate her, so that can be stressful on my body if I don’t find adequate time to nap. Stretching is a necessity as I get extremely tense from stiff sleep, especially after carrying a baby all day!


Here’s the Good News Mama’s

  • You get used to a schedule of feeding times and are able to realize a routine that works with nursing.
  • You can enjoy the bond with your child when you breastfeed.
  • It isn’t always painful, in fact, there are times when it’s downright enjoyable.
  • It is extremely empowering to provide the food for your child, from your own body.
  • Your baby’s health is optimal when fed mothers milk (Recommended by doctors and scientists all over the world!)


I’ll be posting about my daily routines and schedule in detail soon, but basically, we stick with a general flow of each day, as follows:

We wake up and have a quiet time until her first nap, if hungry she has a bottle (3 Oz formula) as much of my milk supply has been drained throughout the night. When she wakes up from her nap, we begin playing and spend time in the open living room. We chat with the dogs and interact with the environment. Much of this time is spent listening to music and getting exercise. (You can read about CJs amazingly advanced 6-month-old Iles tones here!) When she’s hungry she nurses until she asks for a bottle, another 3 Oz. Most of the time she then continues with nursing. We switch gears to a more simple and focused task. Such as playing with blocks, reading books, or doing something all new such as musical instruments or playing baby games on the tablet. She goes down for a long 1.5-2 hour nap from 12-2pm. (The 4 month sleep regression lasted from about 14-22 weeks (2 months long). And it’s a total pain, more about that coming up soon). Once she’s up, we kind of has open time to do what we feel like whether that is going outside, hanging out and socializing with others, or having some silly one on one time. Maybe we try some solid single foods while I eat lunch. Up until dad gets home or she takes her last nap. She’s hungry almost as soon as she wakes up so I’ve been nursing her to sleep, and then we also have a good nursing session when she wakes up. Especially after the long nap midday, we have a cute little nursed meal. We still finish with 2 oz of formula usually. She’s good, until that last nap of the day, we nurse to sleep and then she has time with Daddy. She eats at 5 pm, 3 oz on the dot, every day. Then when she’s getting dozy we start the night time routine that starts with a bottle of 3oz (sometimes this is milk instead of formula, that I’ve got expressed throughout the day). We then nurse to sleep, and usually, it’s harder than nap times to get her into a deep sleep. But once she’s down, she sleeps from 7:30 pm until about 10:30-11 in which time we go to bed.


So she has 3-4 bottles of formula a day still. Which hasn’t really increased from the 0-3 month post! Which is good because it means I’ve maintained my production! Although still lower than the average. I’m a proud breastfeeding mama!

[Proud breastfeeding photo]

Anyone who tries to give me any crap for formula supplementing or tries to say I don’t breastfeed is bent. I spend hours of my day attending to my baby with my breasts. And that’s primarily TO FEED HER. This thing that I do, it’s called breastfeeding.


The really cool part though is that I get to spend hours a day feeding my favorite little cute thing ever. My beautiful daughter and I really do have a special connection. As we proceed with our parenting, my husband and I probably are closest to the Attachment Parenting style. Breastfeeding, babywearing, and cosleeping are all very important to us. I’m really enjoying being her everything, to be honest. Now that she can reach for me, and call me “Mumummmm”, I’m lovestruck. And in absolute awe at how happy I have become within myself. There’s nothing that brings me more pleasure than being whom my daughter needs, and wants.

Not only do I enjoy the breastfeeding experience, and don’t find it painful any longer (except for the occasional crack from a bad latch or her occasional bite). I feel really good about being the one to provide substantial health benefits to my little girl. I’m so thankful for formula too, as it really does do an amazing job of mimicking breast milk. I just think it’s so amazing that us mothers are literally designed to do this!

Breastfeeding is the healthiest and most natural thing a mother can do for her child.


How am I feeling about my decision to breastfeed for two years?

If your a new first time Mama like me, then I’m stoked your here reading this post and other posts like it. Being well educated on breastfeeding is the key to success. Be ready to manage your time and create a routine. Don’t underestimate the amount of time that nursing takes. Not to mention patience, a fair dose of pain, and enviable frustration. There’s no such thing as a perfect breastfeeding journey, there will be ups and downs. Prepare yourself with resources to deal with unsupportive people in your life that may try to deter you away from breastfeeding. And most importantly, make sure your partner is on board and also well educated on the benefits. Having them there to help support your breastfeeding journey will help tremendously, especially on the hard nights. There really is several things he can do to help support you and the baby.

Find me on Pinterest for a good place to further your education. I pin only articles that I’ve read thoroughly and thought was educational and informative for any mom, partner or person.

I’m feeling good about breastfeeding so far. It’s been a stressful, painful experience at some points. It’s still a let down (haha) that I can’t exclusively breastfeed my baby. I’m feeling good about what I can provide though! And I’m working hard every day to keep up my milk supply for her. Primarily that means expressing every time she has a bottle, using my hand. I still avoid the pump and found it painful, uncomfortable and nearly impossible to do as a stay at home mom who prefers attachment methods of parenting (I like to be hands-on and available for my baby, not strapped and immobile on a machine for an hour or more a day).

Am I looking forward to continuing this journey for another year and a half? Yes, I am. I’m game, I’m a proud breastfeeding mama (if you can’t tell).


Hand Expressing Vs Pumping 

Hand expressing milk has been the answer to almost all of my troubles with breastfeeding!

A few notes for you to consider

  • Hand expressing is easy and can be done anywhere
  • You can use bottles or skinny cups catch milk (bowls don’t work, you spray everywhere) easily
  • With a little practice, it’s quite easy to master the hand expressing technique
  • You get to know your own breasts better when you hand express!

Hand expressing has helped with my low milk supply in many ways.

The most important key to maintain milk supply is keeping breasts drained. By pumping or hand expressing, emptying your milk ducts is the main trigger that signals your body to make more milk!
In my first three months of breastfeeding, I neglected to express every time my baby was fed formula. I thought it was about timing when to pump and for “how long to pump”. But it’s a lot simpler than that. I need to express whenever my baby should be nursing and isn’t. (For working moms, that’s expressing at work on a schedule that closely matches your baby’s feeding schedule. For stay at home moms that substitute with formula like me, that means every time you give them formula instead of being able to nurse for a full feeding.) My trouble is whether I pump or hand express, while she drinks her 3 Oz, I express 0.5-1 ounce from both breasts. And that isn’t enough to satisfy her. Granted she nurses before and after the formula fed bottle usually. In other words, I’m nowhere near being able to exclusively feed her my milk. I’ve accepted this, and am happy about it because of how healthy my child is being fed both breast milk and formula. We’ve now introduced CJ to single solid foods (video) as well now, and she’s enjoying that a lot!

Another thing that I think I was lacking is consistent let down(s) and milk flow. Most women complain of having an overactive milk flow, in which their let down comes down fast and hard. Sometimes too fast for the baby, overwhelming them with milk and creating a mess of the mama! I didn’t realize my slow milk flow and lack of letdowns until I started hand expressing.

I’ve been doing this for about a month now, and have noticed a massive improvement in my milk flow. Having an easier time getting multiple let downs (I was only getting one, sometimes another short burst). This in time ends up shortening the amount of time it takes me to completely drain each breast. Which ultimately makes it even easier for me to stay on top of everything that has to do with living with a baby. I hate having to hook up to a pump, clean parts, process milk stashes. When I can easily just grab a clean bottle, hand express (until I’m empty) and provide that milk warmed to my baby, sometime later that same day. (Honestly, I’m six months in and am not at all concerned with building any kind of milk stash. Dun dun dun.)

I still drink lots of water, stick to one cup of coffee (okay fine, no more than two on a crazy day), and eat a crap ton of oatmeal. I think bed sharing and letting her nurse at night and before naps still has a lot to do with my nipples getting that stimulation they need. Having her saliva on my nipples will allow my body to make special mixtures of nutrients and antibodies to help her survive when she turns ill (it’s inevitable, she’ll get sick someday).

And then… there’s the cuddles…


The Breastfeeding Bond Between Mother and Child

Honestly, the good, healthy reasons to breastfeed is awesome and all. Being empowered that I provide her nutrition feels great and all… But the bond that is formed between mother and child while breastfeeding is like no other pleasure in this realm.

As I try to explain to you the bond, the power, the energy, the connection that forms between me and my child. I sit back in my chair right now and all I can do is think about holding her closely for another embrace. There is no explaining it. Breastfeeding is one of my very favorite pleasures in life that only I can enjoy as a woman. I’m a proud breastfeeding mom. I’m a happy mother of a breastfed baby girl. Life with a baby is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Thanks for reading, fellow humans.

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I'm writing about the breastfeeding experience during the age of three to six months old. I want to go into the bad parts, and then celebrate the good parts in regards to breastfeeding a baby. How has the adjustment been to a child in our lives for over six months now? And how I feel about continue breastfeeding until my baby is two years old. #breastfeeding

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What Next?


CJ Is 6 Months Old! [Milestones Series]

I’ll be honest in saying I’m emotional Mama this morning as I wake up and realize that my baby is now 6 months old! I feel like this is may be the most important birthday. Let me tell you why…

I didn’t rock pregnancy. There’s a reason why it’s been 13 months of her existence, and I don’t have a single “pregnancy” post. I carried great, and although I was diagnosed with a short cervix at 24 weeks (and was at risk of preterm labor), there were no complications with my pregnancy or labor. (You can read our Positive Birthing Story here.) I just didn’t much like being pregnant.

GETTING TO KNOW ME || As a toddler myself, I loved playing with dolls and then bossing around my sisters when they came along. But as a teen, I had decided that getting married and having babies wasn’t for me. I didn’t grow up obsessed with “cute babies”, in fact, my sisters were much more interested than I, in small babies and kids. It wasn’t until I met my husband that we would even consider getting married. He too didn’t think there was much reason for it. Until 2015, after six years, we kind of just started planning the wedding and before we knew it we were calling in the troops and making reservations for our 3 day wedding in the woods! When a roommate had a baby, I began babysitting while she worked and I fell in love. I got baby fever so, so bad. Or so, so good. Because I remember rolling over in bed one night, and looked into my loving husband’s eyes when I said with a cute grin, “I want to have a baby, Baby.”

His reaction was unforgettable. He smiled at me, that huge, loving smile with his eyes lit up, “Okay Baby, we’ll make a baby then.” And it was that simple! We had decided in that moment, that we were going to try for a baby.

It wasn’t hard. We had lots of “practice” so far (if you know what I mean). And I think spiritually, physically, mentally, I was ready. In that moment of validation and decision, I became a mother.

I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t have any complications with pregnancy, labor or her first six months. I didn’t know then what she (or he) would look like, be like, sound like! I didn’t know if she’d be disabled or healthy. Part of being a mother is worrying about the little things that COULD happen. This “preventative” parenting started right away. My whole life changed.

Here are a few posts that describe the kind of dramatic changes I myself have made, in just 14 months:

How To Have A Routine (Even if you’ve never had one before!)


So as I sit here thinking about what my 6 month old daughter has taught me, and what she has learned to do. I think about who she is and whom she’s going to be. I still worry and will make efforts to keep my baby safe and protected in every way I can.

I sit her in gratitude and peace because I have been blessed thus far with a loving, smart, healthy child. I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful and perfect she is, even if I had tried. I’m an optimistic person, but this child blows me away every day. What amazes me more is the perfect blend of HIM & I, that she is. I see so much of her Daddy in her, and these days I’m seeing so much of myself in her stubborn, independent ways. Yet, there’s something still so new, so fresh about her spirit that I’ll spend the rest of my life getting to know!

Well, enough sappy love stuff. Let’s get down to her developmental update for my six month old baby girl, #CJBowden! (Please note that CJ is a nickname to protect her security. If you know us personally please call her CJ on the blog or any pics/vids you may choose to share on social media. Use the tag #cjbowden when posting on any social media accounts. Thanks!)




She recognizes people she knows versus strangers. Although we don’t spend a lot of time with people whom she doesn’t see often, we are extremely social people. There’s always someone else around to interact with.

CJ definitely prefers Mama to almost anyone, unless I’m absent. She does better for other people when I’m not in the same room with her. If I’m in sight, it won’t be long before she wants back into my embrace.

She smiles and flirts with other people a lot, she doesn’t shy away or attempt to hide.

She physically leans towards her desired person. And if sitting alone, she raises her hands to indicate she wants to be picked up or moved.




I’ll admit, she’s definitely got some emotions following now and she’s ready and willing to make them clear. It’s easy to see when she’s happy, sad, frustrated or hurt.

CJ can he sensitive to other people’s moods and energy level. I actively try to remove her from high energy conversations or environments. Not that she becomes angry or cries, but she becomes hyper-focused (like I do). And since I’m also affected by this energy, I can feel it too. When we remove ourselves, even if just to another room temporarily, she quickly bounces back into optimism.

Which, she has retained. Even in her frustration with trying to be more mobile and working on her body control and balance. CJ tries hard to focus and try again, without getting angry. Finally, she’ll give in and protest, swinging her arms and hitting it. I then assist with whatever has her bothered and distract her. Sometimes she chooses to continue her attempts, but most of the time she chooses some other activity instead. Smart girl, read more on this in Decision-Making section below.




My 6-month-old baby girl has hit every single expected milestone so far, ahead of time. But I think communicating is more average at this age that other areas such as Physical and Social Developments (where I know she is way above average).

With that being said she’s repeating sounds such as mama, baba, dada, and papa. Although not always on purpose, there at times where I’m questioning if she actually is saying Baba because she wants a bottle. Or me, if she tries for Mama.

This morning though, she was squealing at the dogs to get their attention, I said, “Dog-Dog.” And oh my goodness did she almost say it back, after a short pause! She looked at me for approval and I was stoked, “Yes! Dog DoGGG”.

If I was to guess what her first words would be they are:

  1. Mama
  2. Baba
  3. Dog dog / doh doh
  4. Daddy / Da-dee
  5. Pop Pop (For the recovering live-in grandpa, as we nicknamed him Pop Pop when she was born, he’s obsessed with his granddaughter!)

If I was to guess when it would be soon. Any day I’m expecting her to repeat calling me Mama enough times in a day that I’m convinced she knows. Any day. And I’m so excited for this, much more excited than this next section…



Such as standing, hands, and body control

From the time she was born, she had excellent head control. It was tiresome to try to keep her from wobbling to and fro all the time. She’s always excelled a good month or more ahead of schedule. I fully expect that she will be crawling within a month and walking within three (or sooner).

She already has the strength for both, yet she lacks the balance and body control so far. I’m having to watch her very closely now, as she is constantly trying to interact with anything that is nearby. She thinks she can get there already. And has taken to “lunging” forward for things. Ugh. She’s been a lot more of a handful now that she realizes she is an independent human.

I’m thankful for this though as I want to bond closely to my child, without her being clingy. It’s okay to rely on us for food, security and her daily needs. But, I want her to know that she can do things (or try and fail at things), with and without help. I’d love her to ask for help, before offering it. I’d like to be able to warn her of danger and have her trust me. I’m not going to be that parent that says “because I said so”. If I don’t have a valid reason, then she shouldn’t be punished for asking. If she asks a question that she knows is against the rules, then I’ll explain the rule and why it exists. I’ll never make it a habit of letting her take the easy route if she doesn’t ask if there is one!

That being said, I let her “fall” when she’s practicing walking. (By “fall” I mean, gently but quickly put her on the floor, even if it’s face down because she lunged. If she had really fallen, that’s where I try to place her). I kind of want to slow her development in this area down because I’m selfish and she’s only 6 months old. But I do t think it’s working. I thi k what I’ve been doing is just helping her learn quicker.

Either way, I’m in so much trouble soon guys. This active girl is going to keep us all busy, and trying to keep with HER is going to be a serious challenge…




There are some serious benefits to being a stay at home mom, let’s just admit that it’s the greatest thing ever to be able to see every minute of your child’s abilities and traits develope, every day. At least, I think so. There’s nothing else I’d rather do now. And honestly, there’s hardly room to do anything else anyways!

That being said, knowing also that we plan to provide Homeschooling for her ourselves, I kind of role play not being a mom sometimes.

Why? Because the mom in me wants to do it for her. The human in me, says to sit and watch her try. So I do a fair bit of both Moming and Teaching.

Here’s what I know about my 6 months old decision-making ability:

  • She does have a preference for certain toys
  • She has a preference on which toys she likes at which time of day (quiet morning, quiet toys) and place (when outsides, she doesn’t want toys, just something to gnaw on absent-mindedly).
  • She may choose to *go* to another person my leaning towards them.
  • She can choose to be upset, for very little reason behind it at times. Usually changing the environment or room we are in, helps. (Boredom, which in itself a choice, right?)

Once a decision is made, she is capable of trying to get it (even if she physically can’t). I’m always trying to read her body language and sounds to figure out what in the environment she wants. If she can explore it safely, I let her. Today we spent 40 minutes crimping a large piece of paper into a small ball and then unwrapping it. By the end, she was attempting to squish it together, and pull it back apart.




If I had to choose just three words to describe Baby CJ’s personality they would be:

Optimistic – she’s happy 90% of the time more than any other baby I know.
Silly – The sillier the play, the better. No surprise here, Daddy & I are pretty goofy characters ourselves. Honestly, this kid is a hoot and I expect her to be extremely playfully, silly and spontaneously hilarious.
Sweet – My social butterfly is a fan of close interactions, touching faces, sloppy kisses, and oh the cuddles! She’s also very kind to the dogs and has a lot of fun giving and receiving their attention.

Bonus Round words would be: Independent, rhythmic, and hard working.






As you’ve probably read these posts on cosleeping, you know now that I have been bedsharing since the 4 Month Old Sleep Regression. This has finally ended and she’s going to sleep easier. We’ve really had to hone in on the routine. But sometimes, you just gotta let the kid hang out until their tired and good and ready for bed. Some nights it was 9:30 pm, that’s 2.5 hours longer than the bedtime yo!

Thankfully though, the hubby has stepped up is baby-game and we stayed fairly unstressed throughout this phase.

Although bed-sharing has limited our adult cuddle time, we’ve still managed to keep the love alive! (If you know what I mean.)



We have begun to try single solid foods, and she loves it. We’ve had no bad reactions or allergies to speak of. CJ’s favorite is Avocados! She also enjoys Sweet Potatoes and Mixed Veggies. The only fruits she’s REALLY enjoyed are apricots, plum, and purple seedless grapes (mashed or purree of course). So far she’ll pretty much eat (or try) anything and has yet to refuse anything. Even if she didn’t make a pleasant face, if offered she’ll try multiple times before closing her mouth in a quiet decline for more. And I don’t force it. She gives it a lot of attempt before finally deciding she doesn’t like it. When offered the same thing a few days later (like the mixed veggies), she then LOVES it! So we’ll just keep experimenting with foods and offer lots of variety. Never to completely remove a food option completely, unless she is alergic.



This is probably my biggest struggle: breastfeeding. I’ll do a new post soon but in short, my supply is pretty weak. I’m able to nurse her before and during naps and at night (bedsharing helps a ton). But I still am nowhere near discontinuing formula. Unfortunately.

Since I hate pumping, although I do have 3-4 sessions of power pumping a week. I have been hand expressing milk every time I give her a bottle. The progress is slow, but I do feel like it’s what makes the difference in my production. I feed her what I have expressed before her last night time bottle (in a bottle). And I have noticed (and so has she) a better, faster let down lately! So I may still have a hope of removing the bottle completely when she begins to eat solid foods for meals (that’s a whole out yet though).





Baby Carrier vs KTan Infant Sling || I now use a more ergonomic baby carrier instead of the K’tan Sling. It’s easy to put on, and the weight of her is better suited on my hips and shoulders, versus my neck and shoulders only. (And I’ve managed to lose my K’tan, and I honestly got the other backup carrier out of desperation only to find that it was better suited for me now that she’s older.) She’s still up against me.

Babywearing is how I survived much of her sleep regression at 4-6 months old, honestly. Especially to get in naps throughout the day when she fights them so hard. One minute she’s wide away okay with my dreadlocks or a carrier strap. The next she’s passed out, unable to resist the rocking or walking around. When they are THAT tired, they’re pretty out. I could just sit down, and enjoy the cuddles of her on my chest as she slept for as long as she could. Sometimes it was 10 minutes, sometimes it was an hour. But at least, she slept!

Rock N Play Baby Bed || I’m so sad that we are saying goodbye to the Rock N Play already! When she learned to sit up on her own, we could keep an eye on her in it. Now though, she can pull and lean over the sides. Mostly trying to reach the dogs as they pass. The rock n play wouldn’t tip over, but she could lunge her way out now. I’ve decided to pass along this amazing baby bed to CJs cousin, who is due next month!

Amber teething necklace! || Not just for teething but any growing pains or physical discomfort. These necklaces release a natural oil through their skin enough to ease their anxiety. Increasing their ability to calm down. Which leads to cuddles, appetite, and eventually sleep. (Just make sure to take the necklace off when they sleep, ride in the car, or are not being watched closely in general.) We only had to give her baby Tylenol once, in this whole six months.

Teething Toys || A good variety of toys to chew on for teething included things that are hard, soft, squishy, rubbery, cold, etc. Anything really, but lots of textures and options have helped. She would bite pretty violently when teething, helping her by holding toys and offering a variety was key to allowing her a comfortable way to deal with her teething. Her bottom two teeth came in at 4 months old (a bit early if you ask some people, but some babys are born with teeth so, no I’m not shocked by this being “too early”).  I thought for sure her top two would come in at 5.5 months but her teething has subsided temporarily and did not come through. I imagine the next hard teething cycle she has, she’ll be cutting through pretty quickly.



  • How to handle the 4 month sleep regression as an attachment parent
  • What it means to be a positive parent and why I associate with attachment parenting styles the most.
  • It takes a village to raise a child!


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A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

This is an account of my positive and healthy birthing story of my daughter, CJ. This was a planned pregnancy, where her birth was at the hospital. Although my original (and adored) OBGYN Doctor was unavailable at the time of my birth, the hospital staff luckily took my Birthing Plan very seriously.


Perspective || This was originally written just a couple of days after her birth. I have since updated it to post here. Please note that her real name is hidden online for her own personal security, CJ is just a nickname. 

I was diagnosed with a short cervix, which means I was at risk of preterm labor. Other than that I had a pretty good pregnancy. I didn’t always think I’d be a mother, but when I met the love of my life. I knew I wanted a family with him. After 9 years together, and 3 years of marriage we got a serious case of baby fever and decided to make a baby.


Two Days of Early Labor 

On Thursday I had my doctor’s appointment, my best friend took me. I was dilated to 3, with 80% cervical thinning. Mind you, via hospital records I was considered overdue by now. My induction date would have been Monday, today (planned for exactly 7 days OD). But after the appointment, I started feeling my first ever contractions and went into hyper nesting mode. The following day, I went in because they were every hour since 2 pm after that appointment and had escalated to every ten minutes. I was being an anxious prego ginger. So we went in. I told them she wasn’t moving as much, but monitoring said I was fine. And that, she was great.

By Friday, early morning, (5 days OD) we were on the road back to beat traffic to arrive at the hospital around 5:30 am (is about 20 minutes drive no traffic, and over an hour in traffic). My contractions mild-medium at 5-6 mins apart.

I was checked right away and my cervix still at 3 cm, and CJ, a happy little bump was monitored and doing great so: They sent me on an hour walk.

Contractions increased to moderate for sure, 4 mins apart but I was released with no dilation changes after an hour.

I was frustrated for sure, not knowing what to expect next. My body not having any previous experiences to go off of. But we were released from the hospital to go home.


My poor mommy (flew in to be with me only 24 hours ago), Bowden and I decided to stay in the area and not risk driving home and getting stuck in the traffic (to or from). I napped for only the 4th hour of sleep in 2 nights now in the back of the van… Until I felt a little gush! But, contractions had slowed quite a bit. Bowden stopped for some maternity stones and we headed back to the hospital about 12 pm to check if my water broke…

Nope. Not my water. But while there being monitored, contractions crept up to 3 minutes apart and getting ever more intense as I grasp the two new maternity stones Bowden gave me… (Holy crap did they, help? Idk if help is the right word. But I feel like they dramatically increased the intensity of my contractions x5!)

But. They check and my cervix remains at 3, “Go home…”


At this point, I don’t even know when to come back because I was living the 511 rule now. I’ve never done this. Guys, my mom was so upset, omg. Bowden looked lost as I moaned through each heavy contraction.

We walked out of there, stopping every 4 mins. I stubbornly thought I could make it to the car but I get to the parking lot and said, “OKAY Bowden GO GET  the car PLEASE”, feeling defeated and in pain.

Am I just going to deliver this baby at home?!


But as I gasp my mom for support… My water breaks… 😱 Right there in the parking lot!

I’m in a skirt, and it’s running down my legs. (Bowden later realized and jokes, “Shes a lot kid from the start!” Oh jeez…) I call him, “Just fn kidding babe, my water just broke. See you inside.”

I make it back in within 5 minutes of my exiting the hospital with the attitude of,

“Wanna swab my leg right here? Or are you more concerned about mopping up your lobby because I’m still gushing here… Oh, good, I get a room! Thanks…”



My Progress Through Labor

We get the room and the same nurse says, “I had a feeling I’d be seeing you again!” I had to roll my eyes, totally irritated with her. (Honestly, she really was a great nurse once we had a room though.)

My contractions roll over me so intensely, my back labor quickly overtakes me. Fully excited to try the tub for relief, I get through all the blood and IV and baby monitors, to my tub.

It helped! But the heat and the pain sends me into violent puking, I admit to Bowden my desire for an epidural.

With no sleep in 48 hours, I lose my inner strength to continue the agony. A part of me wants so badly to experience this well. The violence of the sickness on an empty stomach and being unable to be in the tub (the heat and the pain set off bad nausea).


IF I had only gotten some sleep the last two days

IF I had only eaten some food the last two days

IF I had only practiced my inner breathing techniques more


Maybe just one of those things being done would have made the difference?


Photos tagged L.Y. Photos are by my photography business with my best friend, Yedda. She was there for the birth and part of my support team. My photographer and cheerleader! You can click on any tagged image to be taken to my photography website.


I decided with my husbands support to accept an epidural.

The epidural was placed and adjusted with ease. I’m not a fearful person and have no problems with needles, medical procedures, and I trust hospital staff to know their job. I had Bowden there to support me as I delt with two contractions during the placement. She thanked me for my patience and being so still, promising to be back to check on me.

And I’m glad I did this. A little sleep and relief did me very well for this journey. I call in Yedda for photos, my team of support and I, were all ready. It also calmed my team: I can’t imagine my own mother’s agony that day, watching and supporting me through the pain. And I know Bowden was mentally prepared, but it eased him too to see me at ease after watching me agonize for two days already was wearing on him.


Drop the Drip & Starting to Push

When I start to feel slight urges and pressure, hours in, I deny any further epidural drip. Against my awesome new nurse’s suggestions.

I wanted to feel and follow these natural urges. And I do quickly gain back some feeling with an hour as I begin back labor. I am now unable to sleep through them anymore but I’m ready. Ready to overcome this final pushing stage and determined to meet her… Finally!

Sara, my awesome labor coach and nurse, along with my loving family support system (my mom, my best friend and my husband) we spend two hours pushing. It gets brutally intense. But with the help of my team, and the love for my baby… I knew that this was the pain that I looked forward to in some strange, deep-rooted way.

The doctor is called (finally? Oh hi random lady OBGYN…). She was willing to let Bowden catch her and spent time earlier reading our Birthing Plan. We prepare for CJ’s arrival. Everyone discussing, “Will she be here February 9th or 10th?”…

As I think to myself, “Not yesterday, not tomorrow, now. I’m so close to holding her…”


The final pushes were grand. I don’t know what else to say, other than that. There are no words for her entrance that came sliding to Daddy Bowden in that moment of release.

Only a few short, sweet cries and my newborn CJ babe was placed upon me immediately! No one took her from me for an hour. Delivery of the placenta was easy only a few minutes later. She latched to me for the first time within 10 minutes! Our breastfeeding journey and all it’s complications has begun!


Soon my sister Jessie joined us too. Brandon held her skin to skin also, I adored his closeness and love of our new family like never before…’

And after an hour our family, waiting patiently right outside. (I had the room closest to the waiting area, I guess they also heard her short cry, and I don’t want to know what else, sorry Dad ha!) Anyways, they came in and she was passed so lovingly around them all. I loved witnessing this.

The joy in this moment was more intense than anything. Even the contractions. It was all worth it when you get to meet your tiny human, face to face, for the very first time.


I Know the Meaning of Perfect!

Needless to say, she’s as amazing as you can expect from the Bowdens and what true love can make… She is perfect.

My life is forever changed. I am made a new person, right along with my perfect new daughter. Our family is now complete and as we embark on a new life together, surrounded by more love and support than I could possibly have imagined…

We were released home on Sunday morning with flying colors and no complications.

Did I mention no stitches, no episiotomy, just a few micro tears… I raced past the other women in the halls the following morning when I went to the Breastfeeding Class. My recovery went great and I’m not bedridden. Well, other than breastfeeding every 2 hours. Not to brag, but Brandon and I kind of rocked this whole experience, like, even I am impressed by our strength.

I’ve read so many birthing stories that have gone so badly. I am so extremely thankful that my birthing story is warm, loving, and healthy. She’s healthy, I’m healthy. We’re overachievers her and I! And I am so, so very blessed.


After Birth Checkups

The health continues as she had no colic, no jaundice, no latch issues, no feeding issues, no allergies, no bad reactions to vaccines. I told you guys, she’s perfect.

Read more posts about CJ!


CJ’s 4-5 Month Journey [Milestones Update]

CJ’s 4-5 Month Journey [Milestones Update]

The 4-5 months old journey has been more challenging as she’s not quite a newborn anymore. She’s growing fast and becoming her own little, opinioned being. Full of wiggles and giggles, this optimistic child is one amazing kid. I’ll list her milestone achievements, talk about sleeping, feeding and personality developments.

This is more for our remembrance of these times than it is an educational post. I hope some mamas can find it useful as a way to embrace what is to come. Not to toot my own horn, but CJ is ahead of the curve in most development categories. She is doing some of what isn’t expected until 6, 7 and 8 months old. So, don’t be discouraged if your little isn’t hitting all of these… 

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How I Can Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom

How I Can Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom

There are four major ways that I save enough money every month to be a stay at home mom: breastfeeding, parental child care, using cloth diapers, and swapping baby clothes with other moms. I’ll explain why being a stay at home mom makes more sense than me working full time. We’ll even discuss what my routine looks like because of staying at home (reality check). There are more than ten things listed in this post that can save you enough money to be a stay home with your little one too.


PERSPECTIVE || I live in the Seattle Washington area, taxes and child care is at an all-time high right now. My baby is currently three months old now. And I would much rather work from home than have a 9-5 job. Because ULTIMATELY, I want to be the one to raise my child. I also am just that type of person, I like independence and I’ve always preferred to run my own show. I never was one to enjoy working in a career for a big company. And I never went to college to learn a specific trade either.


👨‍👩‍👧 #CJ || she is currently 16 weeks old.

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5 Reasons I’m Thankful I Had Dogs Before Kids

5 Reasons I’m Thankful I Had Dogs Before Kids

I’m thankful I had dogs before kids. When we got married, we knew we wanted kids in the future. Having the dogs before having a child gave us a chance to practice different roles, ways of discipline and how to care for something other than each other. If you are fighting the desire to care for something like a dog or a baby, then this post is for you


We got our dogs shortly after we got married. They taught us a lot about what kind of parents we were going to be.

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What I’ve Learned In My Baby’s First Three Months of Life

There are a few lessons that I’ve learned during my baby’s first three months of life by being a new mom. I’d like to share a few with you today. I hope to spark a little bit of encouragement to the pregnant new mama’s out there, as well as a little bit of remembrance to those who have been a Mama for a while now.

“How in the world…”


Before I had my baby I remembered thinking, “How am I going to have enough love and enough time, energy and motivation to keep a new little person happy?“ I’m not one to worry, but I remember feeling so anxious about this. Being a seriously social person, I knew I’d still want to maintain my friendships! How was I going to do it?


I was worried that everyone would forget me. That they would not find me as interesting when I have a cute bundle in my arms and occupying my time. Either they would be too interested in the Baby to pay me any attention at all. Or they would have no interest, thus no care, to get to know my baby or show interest in us at all anymore.

What I learned during my baby's first three months of life

The Moment of Instant Growth


 What I immediately felt after having my baby girl enter the world, is this feeling of overwhelming love. And not just for my baby! But everyone in my life, everyone I’ve ever known. And everyone I will ever meet.


Somewhere inside me all the love that I had already in my heart, exponentially multiplied. And I know now, that I will always have enough love for my new child, as well as my family and friends. New and old.


As for those who may see me differently. Well, they should! They will indeed be seeing me differently. After all, I’m a mother now!


Those who are truly my friends, those I want in my child’s life: Will continue to desire my time and attention. All I have to do is reciprocate, and find the time for them too. Even if I’m occupied with feeding, burping, or diaper changing. Those who aren’t used to it, will get used to it. But I found that most people have been around parents and babies. They expect you to care for your child and are pleased when you are doing a good job at attending your baby’s needs. As long as I’m attempting to give them the attention they want from me, even if it’s ruined by a cranky crying baby, they still greatly appreciate the effort that I put in to spend time with them in the first place.


Okay, so maybe that was two lessons. But we’ll call it one. Moving on.

Having the Patience to be a Parent


 Secondly… I thought that I was a patient person before having a child, but during my baby’s first three months with me, I’m realizing that I was just an averagely patient person. I’m challenging myself to be a professionally Patient Parent. To not get upset when she is. To not react out of irritation, frustration or anger. Instead, I am trying to be caring, attentive and detailed.


I’m not a detailed, organized person by nature. So I have to really try to put the effort in to be clean, tidy and focused. But every day that goes by, I’m succeeding a little more in these ways. As long as I’m putting in the effort for her, she’s thankful. I can tell because she is improving right along with me.


The lesson here is to not be overly sensitive about changing your ways. You will need to adapt to your child. And ultimately you can and you will.
And that, it’s not that hard.


I thought it would be. But as soon as she smiles at me, I know that every effort I put into her and keeping her happy is beyond worth every effort.

Becoming Baby’s Super Hero


 This next lesson goes out to the partner, in my case to my husband and my baby’s daddy. I tip my hat to those who are not as fortunate to have a partner I  parenting because I do not know what I would do without mine.


The men don’t go through a physical change like the woman does in having a baby. They develop some emotional changes and adapt to their changing wife. But it isn’t until they see that belly begin to grow that they really begin to be motivated and excited about the idea of being a dad/mom.


When CJ was (finally) born I noticed that he had a true interest and fascination with her. He’s such a natural baby charmer! Yet he prefers to follow my lead.


Having a 3-month-old is easier than having a 1-month-old because we have had enough time to become parents. My baby’s first three month’s of life have been a time I will forever look back on fondly. As hard as it was to adjust, it has been a magical experience.


I believe that the mother carrying the child begins to be a mother the moment she decides to keep the baby. Something happens, and you just accept the responsibility in that instant. Your body, mind, and spirit begin to shift into motherhood. Then the father becomes a father when he decides to stay with the mother and child. When he decides that his life is now dedicated to the baby and its safety health and happiness.


 And finally, the mom definitely has the upper hand when breastfeeding. Men don’t have boobs, can’t have boobs and can’t imitate having boobs. So being the mother has its true pros and cons. You get to be the Super Hero when Baby’s really upset or is hungry. But the downside is, it has to be you…


I may not want to be the only one, on those days that I truly could use a break, or a nap, or ever just lunch. But sometimes there’s no escaping your baby’s need for your boobs. And ultimately, the biggest and only comfort a newborn baby has is you.


You mean I have TWO super heroes?!”

 I think you become parents when the baby is born and you begin to work as a team. It takes so much time, attention, and ultimate effort, to raise a happy child! When I can’t figure her out, he can. When he can’t calm her down, I can. During our baby’s first three months together, we finally figured a few things out.


Where may partner saves me every day is helping me when I’m strapped down by the baby. Whether it’s a glass of water, handing me a baby item, or preparing baby’s bed. He’s adapted to asking what baby needs other than the obvious boob.


At first, he was really feeling helpless because I wanted to help but he felt like he couldn’t because all she needed was the boob! We realize now that after breastfeeding, there’s going to be something else she needs next. So finally, after having a baby for three months now, we’ve figured out ways for him to be a Baby Super Hero too! It just took a little time and effort to know what to ask for and when.


The lesson in this is that you can be equally amazing parents by working together. Mom is not the only one that can help keep the baby happy! Much of the time as long as he keeps me happy, I keep the baby happy. And yet, when the baby’s happy she’s usually happiest with me, or with him. (And now that I think about it, having a live-in recovering Grandpa has it’s perks too. As long as baby is happy he’s happy and healthy!) I’ve definitely learned to accept help with CJ when it’s offered.


I hope that you have as much fun as I have had to get to know your newborn. It’s such a pleasure to see her growing up so healthy and so happy. It brings me more love and more joy than anything else in the world! And I thought I loved my husband before… Psh.
my family after delivery
Lee, Brandon & CJ shortly after delivery. A new family is born. Click the image to read our birthing story!
Nearly a decade together, yet, our journey has just begun!
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What I learned during my baby's first three months of life

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