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Universal Astrology Today 01/19/2021

Today we have some interesting activity from the last few days on earth including comet diving into the sun, coronal holes, and volcanic unrest and eruptions. Astrologically we look a lot like yesterday with some subtle Moon changes summarized below.

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Universal Astrology Today 1/18/2021

We are in the midst’s of a square that will last for quite a while. As Mars moves in to conjunction with Uranus in Aries, this is his home sign. Leaving behind the Saturn/Jupiter in a challenge. This square off doesn’t really end for another few weeks at least.

What is helpful today is the Moon/Chiron conjunction in Pisces which trines the mix of planets at the Sagittarius-Capricorn Gateway.

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Universal Astrology Today 1/12/2021

Universal Astrology Today 1/12/2021

These Universal Astrology reports are meant to reveal current events and astrological movements

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Astrological Events of January 2021

Astrological Events of January 2021

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Universal Astrology for 1/11/2021

Universal Astrology for 1/11/2021

Today’s Universal Astrology of 1/11/2021 12 PM PST such as a 6.8 Earthquake in Turt, Mongolia and conjunctions such as Mars/Uranus and Venus/Moon in Sagittarius.

These Universal Astrology reports are meant to reveal current events and astrological movements of 1/11/2021

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Astrometeorology & Astrocartography | Universal Astrology

This post is meant to introduce you to two areas of interest to Universal Astrology. Astrocartography charts the path that each planet takes around the globe of Earth based upon it’s rise and set times, and relativity to it’s position to Earth. Charting a planets movements as the Earth passes nearby planets, that also rotate around the sun obviously.

Included through out this post are a few direct quotes from “Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes”. This is a sidereal Vedic astrology book detailing the movement of the planets and how they indicate natural events and terrestrial weather. Much of what is detailed in this particular book such as an 11 year solar cycle, has indeed been scientifically proven in more recent days. As well as “Local Space Astrology” which details Relocation Astrology. A relatively new but popular branch of modern astrology. It explains why a person may be moving locations, and why one might do so on purpose. As well as what areas of the globe may be troublesome. This is very related to my interests in astrometeorology as we will see through out this page.
These books and other sources can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Today’s Grand Square and Grand Water Trine | Daily Universal Astrology

Today’s Grand Square and Grand Water Trine | Daily Universal Astrology

Good afternoon its the day after a light Geomagnetic storm last night from a CME that took of on 12/7. There are definitely active regions on the sun, there have been at least 5 B Class Flares in the last 24 hours. There is an area coming into view in the next few areas that looks promising for more activity like this.

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Incoming Storm from CME Directed At Earth This Week | Universal Astrology Report

Incoming Storm from CME Directed At Earth This Week | Universal Astrology Report

I’m back online and so is the Live Stream. I expect a bit of a slow growth but I absolutely know the interest is there and I intend to reach out to those people!

Today we’re looking at the CME Charts and This Week’s Universal Astrology Impacts

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Welcome to Universal Astrology

Welcome to Universal Astrology

Spirituality Meets Science

Universal Astrology concepts stem from a strong background interest in Astrology, Archaeology, Theosophy, and Esoteric Science. Taking everything the ancients, sacred texts, and philosophy has to say. While also including modern quantum sciences. 

Space Weather affects our lives every day and until recently we never even knew it. Advances in Solar Observation, Astronomy, and Cosmology has paved a new way for us to understand the effects of the sun and space – and guys! It’s SO intense!

Energy & You 
Visible Light part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Which is, Light is Energy that travels in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

The Sun, the Earth, Humans and, in fact, every Living Thing! Has an Energy Field of electric and magnetic forces.

Sidereal Astrology is what I use primarily because it is true to the actual position of the spheres to the stars. When you want to look at where we actually are in the stars of space, I use Sidereal or Galactic astrology charts. 

About Universal Astrology

Astrology is extremely popular because of it’s constant present and influence in our lives, and our very being. 

By interpreting the charts every day, we get to know the universe as well as ourselves.

As above, so below.

Daily Astrology posts on the blog, which I share to my Facebook Page. 

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I started learning about Astrology 15 years ago. In 2018 I started this blog and by 2019 I was certified in Reiki Therapy. I have continued my education with college courses. 

My Goal is to attend Kepler College in 2021. (Resume)

On this page you will find the basics of everything Universal Astrology is. In the form of introductions, resources, and images. 

If there is no live stream, check out the channel here!

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Return from Hiatus! What to expect from LLWL and Universal Astrology

I must acknowledge first, the most recent few years of LLWL development briefly.

When I started LLWL I had a newborn and aspired to have a blog to share the journey of parenting and relationships, with heavy psychology interests. But as time grew and Blogging Buddies started, I was not sure of my own brand or how I would grow the lifestyle blog. I grew bored as BBP took most of my time and effort. 

It wasn’t until I started reaching out to others about their blog and encouraging them to follow their passions (through Live blog reviews), that I started to really recall and pursue my own topics of interests. Which is obviously Astrology, Space, Science, and Spirituality – and psychology. I felt that before I could really consider discussing these topics and sharing about them, that I had a lot of education and study to devote to. Which I believe, I have now done, a significant amount of. (Just ask the hubby lol.) 

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