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Return from Hiatus! What to expect from LLWL and Universal Astrology

I must acknowledge first, the most recent few years of LLWL development briefly.

When I started LLWL I had a newborn and aspired to have a blog to share the journey of parenting and relationships, with heavy psychology interests. But as time grew and Blogging Buddies started, I was not sure of my own brand or how I would grow the lifestyle blog. I grew bored as BBP took most of my time and effort. 

It wasn’t until I started reaching out to others about their blog and encouraging them to follow their passions (through Live blog reviews), that I started to really recall and pursue my own topics of interests. Which is obviously Astrology, Space, Science, and Spirituality – and psychology. I felt that before I could really consider discussing these topics and sharing about them, that I had a lot of education and study to devote to. Which I believe, I have now done, a significant amount of. (Just ask the hubby lol.) 

I took several online classes, got certified as a Reiki Therapists, and Forensic Energy Practitioner, Palmistry and Accupressure. I also considered Spiritual aspects and learned enough information from these and other practices to be able to draft my own Energy Session and Spiritual Counsel while being ordained with the Universal Life Church. 

However, my interests greatly extended into the Environment of Earth, as my study of Astrology using Theology expanded well beyond my previous understanding. I have taken great interest in Heliophysics, Geology, and Cosmology in an effort to understand life, energy, and ourselves. I have watched every mini course video that Space Weather Woman has released. I have been catching Ben Davidson every morning for nearly 3 years now. Not to mention the countless books and documentaries, films, and college lectures.

Additionally, I have tried many marketing “things” and struggled to understand or feel great about selling or offering services to others. So I quickly was drawn to getting on camera and doing a Daily Astrology channel which I feel is greatly needed. However my personal life got extremely complicated, among most in 2020. 

As I re-adjust my life, bills, and schedule with a 2.5 year old and husband working full time again. I will be doing my best to integrate my business back into my life but on a lesser scale than previously.

I don’t know exactly when I will be able to continue the daily episodes but I will continue to make videos when possible and upload them. My goal is to be able to do daily episodes starting January 1, continuously.

I will do my best here (online), to continue to share Universal Astrology on a daily basis – bloth on the blog which will be shared to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Thankfully, I have received many messages asking when I will continue posting because they rely on me for Astrology updates. And it warms my heart to be missed in this way, and I am ready to get back to doing that for everyone. 

What to Expect from Daily Universal Astrology Posts

I have previously been tweeting and then sharing those to posts to link together the blog posts in written explanation, without having to host multiple pictures on my website every day to do so. I will continue this way of providing information through posts. As well as including videos and articles, sources and material, to further expand on what I am posting about. 

There are several important issues, events, and alignements that are taking place and I hope to spread more understanding and awareness to the health effects, social and cultural influences, and how science brings us into a future that some of us can only begin to comprehend in the field of possibilities. 

Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy what new information science and global  observation has discovered. To enrich both your day to day life, but also your consciousness and spiritual freedom.

Energy, Earth, and Us

This video covers the Sidereal Charts of Today 7/16 (basics) and the Solar Activity (basics). However, it also is an introduction to Energy Awareness and points of interest discussed on this channel. And how they (can) relate to Astrology. I also reveal goals for this channel and the resources that are readily available on my website.

0:50 Sidereal Charts Today/Evening…
2:50 Goals for the Channel
3:15 … Mars/Chiron in Pisces
6:00 Using Charts – Branching Out
7:00 Solar Watch (wind, speed, etc) From about min
9:20 to 9:50 the PC glitches and I pause to fix it
10:00 Notes about Schumman Resonance
11:15 Chinese Medicine and Energy Medicine Introduction!
13:40 How it relates to the body with Medical Astrology
14:60 …importance of applying different modes of interests together…
16:00 Introduction to Esoteric Study & Application on this Channel
17:10 Where You can go to learn more
18:15 How the Energy Medicine, Chakras, and Aura integrates with Astrology and Biology
19:10 Meridians & Rhythms/Cycles
21:00 Listening to the Body – Uses of Acupressure of the Hands and Feet
22:55 Esoteric Studies & Earth Chakras, Points, and Interests
24:15 5D Universal Perspectives
27:30 Using this to interpret the Activity of the Earth & Elements (Exploring Google Earth and the KML Project – available for Patreons soon)
33:33 Providing Access to the Information and Study
34:00 Preview of the 2 Databases that I have created 🙂
38:40 How to Access Info from my Website & Services Available

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Planetary Introductions for Universal Astrology Today

Today I am introducing some of the Universal Astrology basics such as where to find information, get updates, find programs and apps I use. As well as an introduction to the Planets before spending time with today’s charts and interpretation.

During the recording, there was new quakes and solar news streams. I will be gathering the timing of these events and presenting them in a new video so that we can see clearly what the storms, planets, and the collective is going through right now.


There has been a number of other important videos that cover more of the science and weather of this solar storm. I would highly suggest becoming more informed and aware of such information as we enter the new Solar Cycle.

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First Episode of Universal Astrology

The first episode of Universal Astrology is now uploaded! Every afternoon Monday-Friday I will be uploading a Universal Astrology episode covering the Astrology Charts as well as activity from the Elements, Weather, Alignments, and Solar Activity.

Please visit the Channel’s Thank You page here for more information, support, and resources!

0:12 Todays Outline
2:00 Today’s Sidereal Astrology Charts
5:40 Today’s Solar Activity
7:00 ‘Solar Cycle 25 – ‘what it means to us and why it matters’
13:00 ‘how it affects us’ – What’s going on in the Schumman Resonance…
19:00 Elemental Balance Today – What I’ll Show On This Channel & When –
20:20 Sun’s Helio Chart Today
22:22 Solar System Scope – 3d Sidereal and Fixed Star Alignments
28:00 Pluto Alignment with Messier 75, a globular cluster near our Galaxy Center
29:30 Outro and what to expect – Thank you!

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Sun-Mercury & Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions

The Sun and Mercury are meeting in Gemini to Alhena. Fixed star Alhena is known as “The Shining One” and can portend wounds, afflictions, and is the wound to the achilles tendon. But can really benefit and excel in the mind, arts, and science.

No surprise that the Pluto and Jupiter conjunction is in the last degrees of Sagittarius, closest to alignment with Terebellum. Which we’ve definitely mentioned before in this blog, and rules the shin point on the knee of “Curer of 1000 Diseases” in energy medicine.

To sum this up for you the Sun (Self) and Mercury (Mind) of each of us is in the energy of Gemini, with many benefits to using our mind as Mercury is at home here in Gemini as it’s Ruler. We’re more powerful than ever to be logical, smart, and reason.

Jupiter (Personal Growth-Sacral Chakra-Emotional Intelligence) and Pluto (Personal Power and Dharma/Karma) in Sagittarius where Jupiter is at home, as the Ruler of Sagittarius. It makes total sense to me that we are in a good place to make changes, heal, recover, learn, reason, think, discern.

Over the next few days I have a lot to disclose and begin to discuss with you. And it’s not about politics, finances, or war.

It’s of weather, spirit, Earth and the Sun, us and our children. It’s about being aware of your surroundings and learning how to take care of your own while the world restructures itself for a new earth.

Aldebaran, Venus, Sun, Earth Conjunction In Motion!

Aldebaran, Venus, Sun, Earth Conjunction In Motion!

Even now, we can see how nearly perfect this conjunction of the Earth, Venus, and Sun is. Even more interesting is that it is in alignment with Aldebaran, the start of Archangel Michael. That it is with Venus, the Morning Star, in relation to Christ is also worth upfront mention and consideration. Coming into perfect alignment on 6/3, of course, the power of 9 the Divine. Of course!

Mars and Ceres conjunct with Skat, the Wish

Mars and Ceres conjunct with Skat, the Wish

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, which is in Aquarius conjunct with Ceres to Skat, the Wish. Today we will also look at the higher octave of Mars, which is Pluto which is at the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn with Jupiter.

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