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Nakshatras are the Stars of Vedic Astrology

Nakshatras are the Stars of Vedic Astrology

I have found the most helpful book on Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology, to be “27 Stars 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India” by Vic Dicara (Vraja Kishor).

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Astrological Events of January 2021

Astrological Events of January 2021

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Astrological Associations

This a reference page that lists several tables of astrological associations that can be used for personal or universal alchemy or studies. Known sources will be provided however, the study of astrology is ancient and thus much of what we know has no author to cite and is considered known within the study of astrology. Mostly due to constant synchronicity of recorded events and occurrences over the length of all time by the study of space, stars, and planetary movements that occurred in the same moment. Other pages listed below may help to further explain and utilize the information provided on this page. All citations can be found at the bottom of this page, if known.

More will be added in time. Please check out my complete Universal Astrology Database here.

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The 4 Trinities of Houses in Astrology

  1. Planetary Chakra Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve
  2. Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology
  3. Energy, Earth, and Us | Universal Astrology Episode
  4. The 4 Trinities of Houses in Astrology

The four elements, fire, earth, air, and water are applied to the signs, as well as the houses. Today I want to share what each of the Trinities means for the Areas of Life in the Wheel.

We can think of the Wheel of Fortune and imagine that the Houses are the spokes of that wheel, sectioning each part of the wheel into 12 sections.

The Trinity of Life

The Fire Houses are 1, 5, 9

The first house is about the true inner self, the fifth house is of creativity and the arts, and the ninth house is of spirituality and the creative forces of the universe.

This Grand Trine of Fire deals with expressing yourself from the inside to the outside in the most completely authentic way possible.

If we notice the numerology of these can synchronize this further. The number 1 is about Singularity. The number 5 is about the magic, the challenge, the alchemy, and the universe. The number 9 is reserved for the divine, pure, innocence.

The Trinity of Abundance

The Earth Houses are 2, 6, 10

This Grand Trine of Earth deals with our second house of material matters, the sixth house deals with our day to day activity and balance, and the tenth house is about status and destiny. Truly the Hero’s Journey is one of self-sacrifice for one’s true purpose and reward. Sometime’s called the Trinity of Wealth, dealing more with money, work, and profession.

The number 2 is of course duality, polarity, yin/yang and the interaction between them creating Contrast. The number 6 is always about Balance and Harmony. The number 10 indicates the end of the cycle and continuing on. Technically numbers are 1-9 and the number 0 is the absence of a number. So 10 is the singularity becoming that absence once again so it can be a singularity again, and the cycle is allowed to continue on in this way.

The Trinity of Community & Relationships

The Air Houses of the Relationship Trinity are 3, 7, 11

The Grand Trine of Air deals with our communication, environment, community, and social culture. The third house is how we interact and influence the environment that we live in. The seventh house is the Descendant, where we may look to partners, marriage, or dependants. The eleventh house is about being with the collective, friendships, groups, and what we are devoted to for enjoyment.

The number 3 is itself the Trinity, finding the commonality between all things that were once divided. It is the epic of communication, intelligence, and cooperation. The number 7 is reserved for Perfection. The number 11 is two singularities being independent of each other, being represented as a group, a “We”. Where what was one, was than another. Together you can build, and form, and construct acting as the Pillars for all that is Above.

The Psychic Trinity

The Water Houses are 4, 8, 12

Dealing with our emotions, movements, and deep yearning calls to action. The fourth house is about our roots and family, the eighth house is about transformation and passions, and the twelfth is reserved for the mysteries and the unknown in life that makes excitement and reward worth the effort in the end.

Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

On 4/15/2020 there was a subtle CME as seen here. This wasn’t expected to hit us as it wasn’t directed at Earth from the Sun. However, on 4/20/2020 it sure did! This was enough for me to start a post about understanding why I care to share this scientific data so openly on the website, astrology posts, and my social media.

Coronal Mass Ejection, seen on left of the sun

First, we will get some sources and terms out of the way and then we’ll explore what and how we are effected by our Sun.

Wiki Definition of a CME:

coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption. The plasma is released into the solar wind and can be observed in coronagraph imagery.

Wiki Definition of a Solar Flare:

solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group. Powerful flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection

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Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Today I want to introduce the Cosmic View from Space for the date 4/4/2020 using Sidereal Astrology to show you the conjunct alignments visually. Why is this Master Conjunction of 2020 so important? This is what I want to answer, by SHOWING YOU the screenshots, as well as explaining the importance and what they mean, in the next post.

Local Space Astrology | Energies that Create the Constellations

This page will indtroucie you to Local Space Astrology . The different energies that are within the constellations and perhaps create the influences that we feel through astrology. We’ll explore the science as well as the spiritual basis of the universe itself. And everything that is within it.

This page is under construction and will continue to grow as I confirm new associations. The images, software, and content used to create this page are listed at the bottom. Links found through out the page are likely to open a new window to a wiki-type page for further reading.

This page is not limited to just scientific, or astrologic considerations that are mentioned under each sign.

The order of information for each sign is generally: messier objects/galaxies, nearby constellations, specific stars or stellar objects by name, other energies

Big picture.

Local Space Astrology

Milky Way Galaxy on the Right.

1. Aries, the Sheep

Andromeda Galaxy –

Archangel Camael

2. Taurus, the Bull

Albatran – associated with Archangel Uriel of the North/West

Pleadies Cluster

Hyades Constellation

Archangel Uriel, Pleiadians

3. Gemini, the Twins

Orion the Hunter (Constellation)

Castor & Pullox (Stars)

Orion Council

4. Cancer, the Crab

Sirius, the Dog Star (Fixed Star)

The Sirius Star Cluster

Archangel Gabriel

5. Leo, the Lion

Regulus, the Heart of the Lion (star) – Associated with Archangel Michael of South/East

Zosma & Coxa, the Oracles (Stars)

Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael

6. Virgo, the Pure



MTSG: Archangel Chamuel

7. Libra, the Scales



Bootes Constellation

Archangel Anael, Arcturian High Council,

8. Scorpio, the Phoenix


Archangel Raphael, Archangel Camael

9. Sagittarius, the Archer

The Galactic Sun

Archangel Sachiel

10. Capricorn, the Goat

Vega of Lyra

Archangel Haniel

11. Aquarius the Giver

Lyran Galaxy

Archangel Gabriel

12. Pisces, the Fish

Fomalhaut – associated with Archangel Gabriel of the West/South

Archangel Sachiel

Resources to Explore

Cosmic Forces & Structure




Recent Scientific Galactic Space News & Terrestrial Weather

Basic Astrology &  Resources

Basic Astrology & Resources

When I was thirteen I got my first Astrology book, and to say I was hesitant was an understatement, although the excitement and curiosity grew as I learned. I spent 2 years checking my horoscope at the END of the day and this practice, allowed me the proof and growth I needed in my life to know the universe and myself were very connected.

Since then, it has been more than 14 years now in which I have studied Astrology in light of Psychology, Biology, and Geology in relation to science and personal meaning.

A few years ago I began to want to know more, go deeper and understand more thoroughly the geometry, the charts, the details of the zodiac. I began the research into our history, where did the zodiac come from? Although I love animals and even Chinese horoscopes, but why these animals? These questions led me on a quest I know many others have tried as well. The truth is, humans were probably gifted or learned of the zodiac long before any of the oldest artifacts and buildings of old.

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Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Sidereal Astrology for the Guards: Mars, Pallas, and Vesta This Week

Using Sidereal Astrology, Mars is in Scorpio and will be in alignment to Antares, Heart of the Scorpion by Thursday. Mars rules our Solar Plexus Chakra and is concerned with our Free Will, Choice, and Action. Making no aspects to any other spheres today, we may feel free to open ourselves up to the possibilities and simply observe them for a time, before making any actual decisions to act just yet. Mars is on standby in the depths of our inner wisdom and hopefully, we’re uncovering our own perceptions of what it would Feel like to be Free!

Pallas is part of the Sagittarius alignment, which in Tropical systems is a Capricorn Stellium! Loads of posts and interpretations have surfaced about this so I’m going to apply the Pallas perspective and aspects in Sidereal today.

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Major Planetary Alignment in Sagittarius – Sunday’s Sidereal Astrology for the Sun, Earth, and You!

Greetings Fellow Beings,

I apologize for my astrology absence since the Holidays, I feel as though I have been on standby as I personally engage with the energies of life during the transition into the Winter Season.

Since the 10th we have been within a 3+ day Lunar Cycle that has been Emotionally Intense.

Have you noticed your own control, world, or life being challenged? Old resentments and feelings coming to the surface so that you can express yourself?

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