Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

By thinking about what you want, it enters our subconscious, which may or may not surface into conscious thought. If you allow your thoughts to remain conscious and think about that intensely. Then you will attract those things to which you are thinking.

If you are to change your life you must attract what you want. The secret to your own success lies within understanding your strengths first as a human, then as a unique human.

To think about your thoughts is to be conscious. 

To make decisions for your life is to have a will.

To influence your life, you must use empathy.

And to practice empathy, you must love yourself. 

Do you see how you must always work from within?

Everything else about your own human experience is because you brought it into your life.

That’s the action part… Don’t get mad at me yet, just keep reading. 

For lack of the official definition, when I say intention I mean that which is willed into action by empathy or greed.

These are the only options Will has. I mentioned that I’m practicing turning “good to wanted” and “bad to unwanted” within my conscious thoughts. And it’s because I want to change how I intend on living a more loving, purposeful life. If my intention is to bring that which I “Want” then my will easily decide to take action upon which will intentionally bring me what it is I want. That’s easy to get.

The tough one to crack is the word “bad” because it’s “bad”. And not all things that are bad, are ACTUALLY bad. They are just things that you don’t want. And when it comes to things that are bad there are also associations with fears, resentments, emotional grudges, and more negative attractions. With these bad thoughts come feelings that are powerful, and can derail your will. Second-guessing your actions because of fear, anger, or false truths can and will attract only more of which you do not want in your life.

For these reasons, when I think of something I “don’t want” I can easily dismiss it. It’s much more enjoyable to think about that which I want. Where what is “bad” I as a human, tend to overthink which ruins any of my true intention for that which I want.

I’m going to talk about this more often on the blog, but I want you to try to “not think about the useless bad stuff”. Start to learn how to transmute your emotions and listen to them before dismissing them.

I mean it. Try not to. Filter your thoughts for a while. And I don’t want you to dwell on them, I want you to accept how they make you feel and then dismiss them. Or even better, transmute them into something you do want.

If you can’t do this then take note of this and take some time to think, feel, and understand these emotional memories.

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I have so many bills today pay today.

Instead, think about all the things you have in your life that you love and thank yourself for the opportunity to care for your financial assets.

Take breaks when you pay these bills after each one and think about the hard work you’ve put in as appreciation of the bill you paid. If you do not find joy in this bill, then you must ask yourself if it is worth having at all.

If it’s the electricity then gosh by golly, we must not lose gratitude for this amazing technology!

If it is the internet, thank the world for this amazing opportunity you have to read and write a blog or interact with loved ones far away from you.

If it’s an entertainment bill then be thankful you have these memories to look back on and plan your next outing with care.

If it’s a bill for your car/transportation than of course, be thankful you have this luxury! And be proud that you have this asset in your life!

Bills and expenses for assets that do not bring you joy, should not be paid. Be mindful about where you are spending. (I should take my own advice!)

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What about your life do you think is “good or bad”? Is it REALLY?

What about something “big or small” that may just be of the wrong perception right now?