The World Is Mental, but Man is Bound to the Physical

“Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical.” – John Whitman Ray

This is a quote found in a book called Body Electronics by Douglas Morrison, who worked under John W. Ray. He taught and healed under the discoveries of his time and study, within the I AM Movement.

I find Energy Medicine extremely interesting in relation to both Hermetics and Gnostic teaching. (Please review the Sources at the bottom of this post for more information). As well as the Law of One channeled material from Ra. It wasn’t really until I started understanding my own inner world that I was able to know how it related to my interests in Psychology and the Body-Mind.

When I started to dream again I was excited because I have been so out of touch with myself. When I began to breach my unconscious intuition and visions. I really started to wonder who else I could look to. How can I tell the difference between the imaginary and the inner reality inside my own mental world? Not wanting to look crazy, I took up psychology again in light of energy and emotional science.

I found a book called Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth, which is based on the work of Carl Jung. I have always preferred his side of things, and the idea of Archetypes. Since I have studied and followed Astrology for 14 years, I have come to know and explore the archetypes and see them in others easily. I attune to people’s energy (as an empath) and to a detriment – within myself. I have been able to recognize how I embody nearly all of the archetypes.

Dark Night of the Soul: Am I Crazy?

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Protection Bracelet from Energy Muse

In fact, several months before my awakening and DKOTS, I actually called Vicky and showed her a list of my Personality Types in 2018. I asked, “Am I crazy? Bipolar? What is this?” As she has worked in the medical field and in hospitals, she assured me as a new mother and passionate person, that this was natural. And the fact that I’m realizing these different qualities is actually quite healthy as I persued interests in Mindfulness and Organization. Remember how this all started with me purging my belongings, and folding some clothes?

About a month into my healing mission I was able to begin to face my Shadow and slay some of my own inner demons. I really had to face some hard truth, and escape and release some haunting memories and visions from my past. Turns out my practice in cutting cords, and going back in time to forgive memories, was my key out of the shadowy realms of the deep Abyss. (Note: not all “awakenings” are as troubling). And thankfully, some love and acceptance from some key players in my life. Yet again, I am alive.

About 11 days of darkness and this is what I learned of my “crazy” (aka Depression/Repression + Anxiety + Stress), science says:

  • I found that the scientific term for a Dark Knight of the Soul experience (DKOTS) was an Existential Crisis.
  • I learned that I wasn’t a liar or manipulator, but accepted and forgive my Confabulations (the actual term for what I was actually doing psychologically that had direct implications to my health, thus the healing from the experience was recovery from this). To instigate this was using Essential Oils to release the emotions of Lies, Control, and Fuck You – watch the Vlog story here
  • And finally, that the Dragon Spirit within was my Kundalini energy rising up and activating my higher chakras. This is a physical sensation as well as a mental shift into a more aligned state of Being. It is rather instant and spontaneous, (like LSD rising in the spine! More on this: All drugs that influence us must have a Natural Receptor to attach into. This means that our bodies must be capable of producing a natural drug for the use of the receptor that is available. This is how drugs that Block Receptors for Recovering Addicts Work. It implies that the Receptors are Full and cannot produce any more of that natural or unnatural drug tolerance. I have in my past years (many ago while traveling as a nomad) experienced a number of energetic influences and am mindful of the way my body feels, and reacts to the energy around me – and inside me.
  • Later I would also understand the Qabala and the separation of the Abyss. With an extreme, in-depth interest to understanding this – with meditation of sacred geometry, DNA activations with sound, and esoteric alchemy – I began to build the bridge of the Heart Chakra. Allowing the Lower Decidan cross into the Upper Decidan. Allowing better communication within the body, mind, soul and source. (To understand this better you can read the Chakra Posts listed at the bottom of this post.)

These realms are as real to me as this reality. The world is a conscious one.

Escaping my own inner version of darkness was the deepest layers of my Root Chakra being shed, the shackles that bound me being broken as I arose to the surface. My subconscious motives, understanding, stories, and memories revealed. This lead to energy rising and connecting with my Sacral and Solar Chakras. Up through my Heart and into the Upper Chakras to open them. As I worked within my mind and body daily, I have been able to awaken and energize all of my chakras and my mission now is to balance out these energies so that I’m not too far in the sky, or so grounded that I fall asleep.

I can’t explain to you how much of my own memories have returned. How my neuro-network has rebuilt in such a way brilliant way in the last few months. I am much more intelligent, focused, attentive, caring, and motivated. Straight up, my brain is working better.

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
— The Kybalion.

I tell you this experience now because I think it’s relevant to understanding your own Solar Plexus in terms of identity, power, and presence. Each of us will go through our own experiences of life and the undeniable synchronicity of the patterns and programs in your life become seen. Not one of us shares the same path, the same presence, or the same inner world. Though we are all very entangled to each other in the micro-world and entangled with everything macro. Understanding someone else’s experience won’t give you any answers to your own truth or knowledge. But I hope that it encourages you in a way that you Know You Can Do It Yourself. That you already have all your own answers.

The problem is, most of us aren’t asking ourselves questions.

In other words, most of us are still bound to the physical world.


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