The Motto That Changed My Ways

I have this motto that brought me through this entire year. I’ve really struggled with being a clean and tidy person. This year I’m going to open up a bit about my past, my travels on the street. And in an effort to challenge myself, I’m going to admit some faults.

  • I suck at putting things away because I don’t make homes for things
  • I suck at replying to emails and notifications, and I never ever check my voice mail
  • I don’t much care for cleanliness, I’m the opposite of a perfectionist

These are just a few, as you can imagine the kind of person I am (the kind that drives you crazy I’m sure haha!)

And let’s be honest, as I entered pregnancy in 2017 I knew that I had to change before I asked my husband to make a baby with me. I knew that life wasn’t going to get any easier and that my life would be forever changed.

When he looked at me in that moment when I said, “Baby can we make a baby?” on one that late night, with baby fever running through me like wildfire. And he said, “Yes Baby, let’s make a baby.”

That was the moment my life changed.

About a month later and I could feel this amazing little nugget of life, of joy, blossoming inside me. And I knew that it wasn’t going to be hard. Not now, when I had so much of a reason to change my ways.


To get me through this crazy year, flowing into 2018 with her birth in February of 2018, I made a motto. A mantra. A personal saying to keep me on top of things without the overwhelm.

“A little bit every day, is MORE in every way.” – Lee Bowden


What this means to me is this:

All the little things I do in a day, add up to a final product of success. That even if I just do the laundry, or just the dishes, or clean up for just 10 minutes. That these small steps progressed, it didn’t matter how much progress. It just meant moving forward a little every day.

I don’t challenge myself to be super mom or super blogger or super housewife. I just want to be a mom blogger and housewife. And so, that’s what I am. And that’s what I have dedicated to!

I don’t have to do it all at once, I’d tell myself. With just a little bit at a time, I can get a lot more done.


Here’s what I was able to accomplish this year, little bits at a time:

  • I moved out of the gross house and into a clean and safe place to begin to raise our baby CJ (my mom’s house, but it’s a step, and eventually we’ll progress into our own place together)
  • Rekindling relationships with my mother and sisters who moved back around the time CJ was born (something I never thought would happen) ‘
  • I launched my own blog, here. Finally, after too many years away from web design and writing.
  • I launched the Blog Buddy Program with my new Creative Team of fellow bloggers
  • I’m used to and actually rather enjoy (shocking) my daily house/wife chores – although we’re still working on it – the kid’s space is safe and that’s the priority
  • We’ve gotten rid of several truckloads of stuff. Like, massively downsized our belongings. And on our way to a more green lifestyle
  • I’ve stuck to cloth diapering the baby and breastfed for ten months!
  • I got through natural child labor with an extremely healthy baby girl

I’ll look back on these years with a warm heart. As we’re near the first year of my baby’s life (next month). And as I rekindle my passions, and put a fire to my new projects and relationships.

I must say, I’m extremely proud of myself and excited to take myself and my businesses, and bloggers to the next level.

I also know. That I can do even better this year!

Wishing you little bits of love at a time!

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The motto that changed my ways



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