The 3 Traits That Make Us Unique 3D Humans

In other posts after this one, you will hear me refer to this belief: The Law of Attraction. If you believe it will be. What will be will be. And what is, is only as it is as you perceive it to be. Just because you perceive it does not mean it exists as it is, it simply means it did for a moment long enough for you to create a possibility of it being. The moment that you believed to perceive it. And so it is. 

I know I’m getting ahead of myself but let’s get this “being human” part, out of the way so that we can progress…


When I say consciousness I mean only the things that you very clearly know you are doing because of proactive thought which immediately implies Self Awareness.

Everything else you do in life is happening subconsciously. If you are not actively thinking, listening, or interacting then it is your subconscious within that moment that is acting for you. I am suggesting that thoughts and emotions and physical reactions come into and out of consciousness.

I know I haven’t explained my Bubble Theory to you yet, but what is true within me is that other realities are existing as they were believed to be. Everything and every possibility play out in one way or another. Once a thought is created into consciousness, it exists and there is no taking it back. That possibility will play out, whether it sticks to your reality or not, is up to you.

Other than consciousness, there are a few other things that make our life serve more purpose than another living thing here.

Free Will. 

The power of choice, the will to choose. To live, if only to survive. Further the choice to live “good” or to live “bad”. Recently, I have adapted a new conscious effort to translate “good” to “want” and “bad” to “unwanted”. It goes along with rethinking what you “think you know but don’t actually know”.

Simply because

a) it is less stressful on my spirit to think in these terms

b) it less overwhelming for my emotional and mental well-being

c) people that think there is no such thing as free will are simply screaming at me that they feel trapped – and lack of self
& have simply forgotten who they are

Musical Influence: Right In Two by Tool 


Other living beings in this world may show emotional bonding, close relationships, and loyalty to one another. But this is not empathy, they do not feel for another like they feel. They cannot translate their mood, feelings, and actions to attempt to improve the situation through compassion, understanding, or reliability. And even those few species that do, they do not have the ability to express such devotion to each other in all the many ways we can choose to express our love and care for other beings. I will note that some of our closests furry friends have been bread for this empathetic attribute and has caused some dramatic emotional healing for those with PSTD especially. In this way, we can see evidence that emotional empathy is indeed an important catalyst for personal care and transformation from traumatic events. With a little time and a lot of love, anything can transform from death to rebirth.

Read more about Emotional Transmutation: Emotional Healing From Feelings Buried Alive

These are all very uniquely human traits and skills. Why do we not share more differences than these?
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Much of our other areas of life are similar, especially survival.
We all eat, procreate, and produce.
We all produce waste, eventually, die, and use resources.

What makes the difference is our conscious effort to use our will to show empathy to our race. Which means that we can create more, use less, and collaborate to achieve our survival needs, and beyond.

When you combine these traits you get crazy results in a life that impact the very essence of the reality it lands within. I will now say that I believe you must consciously decide to use your will or empathy, to have the possibility of it landing in your reality expanded.

More Bubble talk, but for an example: If you have a large group of people that you love and care for, the moment that you begin to manifest (wish) for something to come to you. The more likely it will be to come from someone you already know. Equally powerful is the choice to believe so strongly in success, that you might launch yourself into an entirely new direction or company, than which you intended the desire.

The trouble with these examples is that they are incomplete, and not a full story. (OR, they have no intention.) Perhaps if we knew more about what kind of success and what company. Isn’t it so possible too that he thought longingly for success in his own company, that he lost is the current job and then would feel scared because of the loss of work and income? When life pulled him out and away and closer to what was wanted, that we don’t realize it. And so defeated, we start back up the same hill we just tried to climb.

This is an example of an energetic attraction by thoughtful manifestation.

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