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Transmute the Suffering with Pallas and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Mars is in Capricorn in Sidereal Astrology today where Pallas is conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mars is our center of Will and Purpose in Action. So with the go-forth energy of Capricorn of the Mountain Goat, we’re really feeling like we want to GO and DO and BE.

This is a great energy that can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. But if we haven’t noticed, the whole world feels like it’s in a pause, a shift, on hold. So this is really frusterating for our inner will power, to be contained and requested to stay put. Especially on Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars.

Pallas and Jupiter, conjunct in Sagittarius (at 29 degrees, about to enter Capricorn) and these stars make up the knee and feet of the Centaur that is Sagittarius. The centaur is half human, half horse and so we’re feeling the movement from below before it rises to shoot it’s bow far into the galaxy.

Remember that Jupiter and Pluto are going to come conjunct on 4/4/202 0 this weekend. (Join the mass meditation with us at 7:45 PM at 4/4/2020!) Truly this alignement is going to be involving Earth, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto very strongly aligning us to the powers from both above and below in union.

To fully support all of this we have Vesta in Taurus, aligned to the Pleiades Cluster. Hades is known for sorrow, the Pleiades for suffering. Truly suffering is only necessary for healing, transformation, and transcending. We must realize with Vesta here, that we indeed meant to transcend all suffering.

You too, with the Earth, is in the in the process of transmuting the suffering. To heal, it will take time, attention, and care.

Join the mass meditation with us at 7:45 PM at 4/4/2020!

Mars & Pluto Integrations for the Solar Plexus

Today is a Tuesday, ruled by Mars and is a Yellow Overtone Sun day in the Galactic Lunar Calendar.

Mars is in Scorpio at 22 degrees, which is actually in the constellation of Ophiuchus in the sky. Ophiuchus is the serpent Holder and he is known for his overconfidence and can be associated with medicine as well. Chiron is his ruler. With this in mind, we can assume that Mars is finally in the part of Scorpio’s energy that he can handle, as he nears Sagittarius, the hunter’s energy.

Mars makes a few squares over to the spheres in Aquarius, including the Moon, Venus, and Neptune.

We can expect a lot of Solar Plexus Integration and Activations to come up. These are a where a good number of humanities diseases are held, as the ego begins to shed it’s one-too-many layers as the Solar Electric Heat and Earth’s Magnetic Fields shift, we can feel this happen with each and every one of us.

Pallas is coming through Sagittarius, aligning to the bow hand of the hunter and she’s ready to release at any moment (through Kaus Medius, Kaus Australis, and Kaus Borealis).

Pallas is opposite of the North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees (which I love, 11 as the Geminis, the node is just hanging out here lately)! Many of us are starting to feel what it could be like to live in a place of abundance and manifestation of a better world.

Anyone that realizes their own Unified Field and connection to the collective conscious selves as One are becoming much more aware of what is Your Thoughts, versus what is the Collective Thoughts. I have even begun to tell when I am sharing thoughts with my husband, as these thought-forms feel subtly different. And it’s easy to tell when you then speak and confirm that indeed, we already had thought up a plan, together!

Yet we’re still fighting within to know how to manifest this for ourselves, let alone for the masses…

What I can tell you is that whether you realize it or not, you Are Already And Always Have Been, part of the Collective Consciousness. Those who are more aware of their own subconscious thoughts are also more aware of the collective superconscious thoughts.

If you’re interested in understanding a bit more about this, I think Carl Jung really did have a good idea about the inner world, and that we are more intelligent than this now. If you can understand your own inner thoughts, then you will naturally come to understand how very connected you are. It is so to say, part of the natural process of conscious life.

Reading about this material Now makes much more sense than it did when he wrote it. In this way, we are all expanding our consciousness because of those before us! We are learning from the past, and yet we are always expanding in the future. In this way, we will always be in motion.

We see this struggle for the energy of our own feminine warrior through Pallas, as she squares both Chiron and Lilith in Pisces. This can be a difficult struggle to overcome as Chiron and Lilith still being together, is quite a strange sensation. For some of us, it blocks us from receiving what the universe has to offer. For others, that are more aware of their shadow aspects and voices, it can remind us of what not to do more easily, so as to direct us in the right direction – which is to come into Balance. I also find that my shadow has little to say when I am going in the right direction. In either case, whenever the ego is involved too much we can expect our shadow aspects to also be involved. These are both very much a part of the Solar Plexus energetic systems and it seems to be time to shed some layers as I said, the sun is heating our electric masculine energy, and bringing movement in our magnetic feminine energies. We are part of the shifts that we see on our Planet.

Vesta is in Aries at 20 degrees and is in a good position for the New Cycle after the New Moon. She is making a healthy trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Vesta is ALSO making aspects, a sextile, to Venus and Neptune in Aquarius.

Again, you can expect a lot of the energies of the cosmos to be directed at our Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras for healing. For some, this will include more Root and Crown clearing as needed. A kind of alternating energy is in the space air at this time so if you feel like your having crazy mood swings – don’t blame yourself or the universe – ask yourself to love yourself enough to let it go. Whatever comes up, listen to yourself, and love yourself through it. This is how we heal, and the thing about the Pendulum is that it will always swing back the other way soon enough.

Self Care Tips ❣️

❣️ Clear your Solar Plexus

❣️ Trace your Spleen Meridian and Stomach Meridians several times throughout the day to bring balance to these areas.

❣️ Your stomach and intestines may be really subject to inflation and weaknesses. Drink lots of fluids and eat healthy foods this week!

❣️ Avoid sugars at all costs – everyone –

❣️ Right now we may addictions come to an all-time high as we see people emerge out of their cages. Keep a close eye on your loved ones and see help from the programs that are available.

❣️ Learn to Meditate! Learning to quiet the mind and the many voices will help you to discern them, to hear them more clearly with practice.

I can now ask before beginning as I slow my breathing, “I ask my mind and multidimensional selves to be silenced at this time. I call all past and future thoughts and extensions to return back to me now.”

As I focus on my breath and my mind quiets, sometimes there are still voices and thoughts that come up and I politely address them, “I realize it is tempting to think about the future in this peaceful state but I ask that my ego remain calm and quiet now.”

Or maybe I worry about something pressing I must do, in this case, “I understand that my future is calling me but I ask that my shadow not chase me from this moment and return to the present NOW, in which we are completely safe.”

It is amazing how much those voices of my own design, are responsive to my clear and loving intention.

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Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Sidereal Astrology for the Guards: Mars, Pallas, and Vesta This Week

Using Sidereal Astrology, Mars is in Scorpio and will be in alignment to Antares, Heart of the Scorpion by Thursday. Mars rules our Solar Plexus Chakra and is concerned with our Free Will, Choice, and Action. Making no aspects to any other spheres today, we may feel free to open ourselves up to the possibilities and simply observe them for a time, before making any actual decisions to act just yet. Mars is on standby in the depths of our inner wisdom and hopefully, we’re uncovering our own perceptions of what it would Feel like to be Free!

Pallas is part of the Sagittarius alignment, which in Tropical systems is a Capricorn Stellium! Loads of posts and interpretations have surfaced about this so I’m going to apply the Pallas perspective and aspects in Sidereal today.

Pallas the Guard, the Feminine Warrior of Passion, is aligned to Scorpio-Sagittarius is Aculeus, a Butterfly Cluster of stars seen hovering above the stringer of the Scorpion. As any planet passes through the end of Scorpio into Sagittarius they are greeted with Blindness. I think it is mostly because the Galactic Center in Sidereal is within the first seven degrees of Sagittarius! The Largest Center of Light in Our Galaxy – with that said this is the moments of temporary Blindness and can be known to cause certain physical effects to the blood, tendons, and veins.

Pallas is found in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and so we can assume this Blindness could be manifested as a temporary block of Sacral (Jupiter) and Solar (Mars) energies within. It may be hard to understand how your final project will look but I would like to remind you that the Passionate Warrior, can still Feel her way through!

An opportunity presented by the Sextile to Venus in Aquarius will make this possible!

Another positive aspect Pallas makes today is a Trine to Uranus (in motion now) in Aries.

Uranus, the Change-Maker, is ready to throw quick, instant change of mind and heart to influence us in the right ways. Using the Fire found in Sagittarius energy, can move very quickly and produce heat! Heat in most processes is necessary for change to occur, even for Ice to form a certain amount of heat is required at a molecular level.

Tomorrow I’ll take a moment to further explain the square’s we’ll see with Pallas, Lilith, and Neptune among others!

Vesta is close to Uranus (stationary) in Aries energy of the Ram. Uranus is aligned to Mesarthim and has been hovering here for some time. At the time that the Greeks ‘invented’ their version of Astrology, that in many ways we still adapt today, this star Mesarthim marked the Beginning of the Zodiac!

Mesarthim is a very special Star to me personally, I feel inclined to tell you how very important this energy is for me as a being of Uranus! Change is coming! And it’s a blessing my friends!

Change is what we need! It may be challenging times for our personal lives, but it is for the benefit of what is to come when we progress through our challenge and learn our lessons.

Self Healing Tips

When we confront our own inner feelings and concerns. When we take care of our mental and emotional needs, our physical bodies are regenerated by natural design. Do not be afraid to release, heal, and confront yourselves in these ways. When you do, you free yourself from the perpetual cycles of disaster, hurt, and ignorance to what is true for you.

Vesta is that of Devotion, Commitment, and Sovereignty. She is concerned with our Spiritual Lives and Service to Others. Let it be known that Vesta and Uranus are calling us into action very soon and it would be wise to adjust your habits, routines, and self-care to be in better alignment with your True Nature.

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Today’s Solar, Earth & Science News

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Temporary Blindness, Sidereal Astrology for 1/14/2020
Photo by Jeremy Lishner on Unsplash
The Inner Warrior is Ready to Do What Is Right … Patience is Required

The Inner Warrior is Ready to Do What Is Right … Patience is Required

Sidereal Astrology As Alchemy interpretation for 12/31/19 of The Guards: Mars, Pallas, and Vesta

The Guards and Warriors are Mars (masculine) and Pallas (feminine), and they are both in Scorpio this week. Interestingly enough, in a HelioCentric chart (where the Sun is centered instead of the Earth), Mars is in Libra. Mars is closely aligned to Zuben Elakrab currently, a star in the middle of the Northern Scale, part of the Scorpius Constellation. Pallas is aligned part to the tail of the scorpion, nearing the stinger. She’s nearing a point of ready for action… but not quite in any kind of position to strike yet.

Mars (& Pallas) get along well in Scorpio’s Energy and together, they both are associated with the Solar Plexus of Will and Movement. Scorpio of Water and Mars of Fire, and together we have a lot of Power! With the Sun in Sagittarius, and our selves of Earth are in Taurus. We might be wise to calm our own inner Water and Fire elements of Emotion and Passion. Just stay in the moment and live with how your feelings rise and fall, allow yourself to be gently motivated by your intuition and passion. Resist the ego’s ideas to force you into action – as this will be the tendency this week with Mars and Pallas in Scorpio’s energy. Still yourself before moving into action, just to be sure you’re doing the Right Thing for You.

Speaking of Fire, Vesta of Devotion is in Aries, the first sign and the way of fresh stars. Again indicating a good time to take action within to follow the path you have defined for yourself. Whatever that really is for you.

Yesterday we looked at Ceres in Sagittarius in alignment with Saturn and Pluto. Who is squaring Juno in Virgo at the moment!

What’s interesting about the Guard Female Warrior Pallas, is she is squaring them both! As if to say, “You are confused and I am unwilling to take action on your behalf until you have a plan.”

Vesta is attempting to trine over to Ceres, to help her analyze with careful consideration about the next steps. What benefits will each crop bring forth? Being sure to disengage from the wrong-actions and push forward any unavoidable-reactions.

The point of making a To-Do list is to get things done, and Vesta reminds us to Cross Things Off the List. Get things done, do things right. And… for the right reasons! The true Trine is over to the Sun in Sagittarius, giving us that inner motivation to do the right thing for ourselves and the ones we love in our life.

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I have been reading the Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription by Lauren Walker and I am amazed at how well she has put together Eastern Medicine and the Art of Yoga in a way that anyone can understand and follow. I myself plan to incorporate these practices and hope to be able to offer more specific care instructions from the hints of astrology we can attune to.

The Sound for Fire is breathing out, “haaaaa…

Self Healing Tips

💧 Drink plenty of water!

💧 Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra and Meridians

💧 If you’re quick to anger trip Tapping Techniques, there’s a load of free apps and sites that can guide you. Knowing a few of these Tapping Points can be super helpful in clearing the mind if your not one to mediate but get overwhelmed this time of year

💧 Mudras are a super simple, calming way to balance your inner elements! For example, here’s the Varun Mudra, the Gesture of Water.

This week’s Moon Healing Crystal is Rainbow Fluorite.

Rainbow Fluorite Wand from ThrowinStones.com
Rainbow Fluorite Wand from ThrowinStones.com

Today is the Yellow Electric Human and thus, the inner Warrior is backed by our Solar and Lunar cycles as well. The energy at this time can be strong, powerful, motivating. Rainbow Fluorite allows the ability to transmute, use, store, refresh, clear all kinds of subtle energy and thus amplifies your ability to heal, manifest, create, and take action. Often referred to as the “Genius Stone” in its ability to clear and digest energy back into place so well, that it actually seems to enhance your Natural Abilities.

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Blood and Bones of a Living Life

Blood and Bones of a Living Life

Mars is in Libra and has just left the effects of Seginus indicating themes of self-care, shamelessness, and self-protection. These can indicate our willingness to identify with ourselves and our life, following yesterday’s feminine themes into today’s more masculine challenges.

Today the Moon squares Mercury. The North Node squares Ceres. Vesta squares Mars. To translate that for you:

  • Our Emotions have difficulty being Expressed.
  • Our Achievements may not benefit your sense of Purpose.
  • Your sense of Devotion or Commitment may be difficult for your Will to Action Upon.

Mars in Libra is trying to bring Balance to the Whole of the Self, Body, Mind, and Soul through Emotions and Thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. It does this by understanding what energies, forces, organs, emotions, and memories will trigger the right triggers and programs to run – to bring about that sense of Balance to the Center of All.

Mars in Libra (Air) is in a harmonious trine to the North Node in Gemini (Air) as well as Neptune in Aquarius (Air) making an Air Elemental Force. This can be seen through the effects that air uses in our day to day life, such as Communication, Weather, Breathing, Messages, Writing, and Flight.

The opportunities presented by sextiles to Mars include the Venus/Saturn/Pluto Group mentioned yesterday. This alignment is related to our Heart (4D) & Roots (1D), and Transformation. Mars supports this healing endeavor with the Power of Air.

Pluto is the feminine force where Mars is the masculine force, so this placement is important to us today. Pluto is in Sagittarius, surrounded within Ophiuchus energy, connected to Sabik, Sinistra, and Rasalhauge.
This is strongly associated with Blood, the Heart, and our Vessels. Blood cells are made within the Bone Marrow, and thus the most important structures of our physical body are being affected at this time. Susceptible to poison, but also renewal and detox. These are the kinds of things we don’t have to consciously control and yet, your Blood and Bones are the very fabric of your structure and living health systems.

We say your “Bloodline” Family, or we talk about our “Family Tree”. Blood, genetics, and memories are the consciousness ties between the outer and inner bodies of life as you know it.

I find it interesting that the only angle that Pluto plays today is a sextile to the Black Moon point of the Moon.( The point calculated to be the “farthest” point that the moon orbits in its elliptical path around us.)

This is the only window we have with Pluto to heal the inner realm of our Blood and Bones, the Shadow and all those Skeletons we keep in the Closet.

What if that closet was your actual Bones, where your Blood cells and marrow are made? Would this be a good time to clear out ALL those hidden and repressed traumas from the closet and release them? I think so! Since 11/11 there has been increased memory release, have you noticed? Some skeletons might need a proper burial, others may simply need to be tossed out for good. Either way, this is the goal that the Shadow of the Black Moon has this week – so don’t be surprised if old ghosts come back from the past. Offer forgiveness, let go of the past and move on with understanding and unconditional love. Those skeletons, they were once holding the life of blood, organs, tissues, limbs, consciousness, and a soul. Oh, and most of this closet, are hidden important parts of you.

What about Gaia?

So far I’ve been talking about you, the body, the physical. But let’s remember that Earth, Gaia, is very Alive, an organic consciousness of nature.

In the same way as our selves, we can see how our social collective is challenging what we know about science, technology, and abundance. We are wanting to know the real truth behind our Origins, Evolution, Ancient Ancestors, and Cosmic Universe.

Hoping to live on Mars, join a space force, and more. We are very much challenging all these things in the shadow, in the effort of our own research, Youtube TV, and bloggers across the world are becoming the New News, the Journalists, the Investigators. Thanks mostly to the generation born to Pluto in Capricorn, including me, Generation Y & X are in it to win it – we will get those answers we’ve been looking for.

What will we discover about ourselves when we start to really align our cleansed Root Chakra of Security, Family, Source. To our pure Heart Chakra of Unconditional Love, Unjudgement, and Balance of the Yin and Yang? If I was to guess, that would feel like Pleasure, Safe, Loved, and Peace. I’m good with that, even if it means I have to clean out my own closet… or Blood and Bones.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Healing may include communication with others, family, friends, and partners
❣️ Expression through writing, creative poetry, romantic letters, or explanatory emails may be beneficial
❣️ Breathing exercises or Yoga practices might do a world of wonders to your health at this time

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/10/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. I like to focus on the interactions that is taking place within our soul journey and desires. Archangel Camael rules Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Mars rules the Solar Plexus Chakras, Iron, and Gallbladder Meridian. Pluto is the feminine force of power of the divine and so, I like to include her within this perspective on Tuesdays respectfully. Geburah

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Opening Opportunities for Mars in the New Year 2020

Opening Opportunities for Mars in the New Year 2020

This is a powerful day for sextiles within 3 groups interacting with coherence to allow new opportunities to come into the light. If we look at how Libra (Air) and Aquarius (Air) are uniting with the power planets in Sagittarius (Fire), we can see how Explosive some areas of our life might become!

Mars and Mercury are making their way through Libra. They are sextile to the second group in Sagittarius including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres. These are sextile to the third group/combo of Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius.

Mars & Mercury are in Libra this week

Most interesting is to see this in a chart for 12:31 PM on 12/03, as the prime time of influence today. Things really start to open up to form new possibilities, opportunities, projects, ideas, and resolutions.

Since Mars is with the Crow Star, Algorab, we can have a tendency to shift to the negative aspects of perception. This serves only to learn from, and then transcend from our use of intelligence and intellect of discovery and discernment.

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius Today

The moon is in a First Quarter setting in Aquarius as we enter a phase of Assessment. A 50/50 split perspective, of neutral equality, allowance, and acceptance of All That Is. There is not a choice of “good or bad” or “right and wrong”, only a choice to go towards the light or the dark. Either will be the correct choice of discovery and healing. Depending on what you choose, it will alter your perception and thus your reality.

For those who are ready to get into action and go after your dreams this year… I encourage you to take note from your Heart and allow yourself to Dream yourself into the Abundance you are worthy of this new year. Prepare yourself to give unconditionally and stay warm this Winter Season.

The Winter Season is ruled by Water, the rhythm of the season will be more inclined to the Bladder and Kidney Meridians. This can feel like a Fearful season if we are not building ourselves up with self-confidence and feelings of Gratitude and Fulfillment. If you are struggling to feel like you have honored yourself this year, then make amends with yourself and renew your strength for the efforts in the following year.

Many Blessings will come from this new time of Universal Transformation in 2020. Today we may get an inner “peek-a-boo” from visions, messages, or downloads about what we will make of the year if we stay in the direction we are currently headed or aligned to.

The North Node is Trine (harmony) with Mars and the Moon, stationed in Gemini – only a few degrees away from Rigel of Orion! Libra (Mars), Aquarius (Moon), and Gemini (Node) –

The Air Elements are in a union, as an effort to bring harmony to the Central/Governing Meridians, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Third Eye Chakras.

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Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/03/19 with the help of AstrologyKing.com for Star Astrology.

Daily Guidance

Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. I like to focus on the interactions that are taking place within our soul journey and desires. Archangel Camael rules Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Mars rules the Solar Plexus Chakras, Iron, and Gallbladder Merdian. Geburah

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Desires for Truths Untold Surface with Mars & Pluto

Desires for Truths Untold Surface with Mars & Pluto

Last month I wrote about the Solar Plexus of Mars and Will. Right now Mars is taking an Earthy approach to analyzing actions and passions to know how to provide, and survive.

Mars is taking up a partnership to Ceres as she cares to go the distance in Capricorn with Nunki. The thoughts of mars and our spirits will are driven by this quest for knowledge through both philosophy and science. It here we may spend some additional time, gathering and analyzing the Harvest with Ceres.

This is in alignment with the direction the North Node, the entire human conscious collective is analyzing and researching, looking for the Truth and Solutions to old problems. The parts of history unknown and known, we don’t want to repeat anything – we’re in it for the survival of our race as a whole and we’re realizing all the many ways we can change to help the cause for this change too.

Lessen our use of plastic, carpooling to work, recycling, buying organic, and demanding clean sources of water and electricity is essential for all of us to get involved in. We know that. It’s time to do it, all of us together. We shouldn’t just be thinking about our kids or grandkids, but 7-14 generations ahead. What do we need to do to ensure our survival on this rock that long? Or do we?

Praise for Pluto’s Progress

Pluto’s approach to the Galactic Center is slow-moving but deliberate in its approach. Right now she is in alignment with Sabik, Knee of the Holder of the Snake. A very anxious and Uranus child, Sabik can cause great difficulty and seem to “cut us off” in a number of blocks and boulders that hit us right at the knee.

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SodaliteSelenite and Palo Santo can help you shift your mindset and improve your mood. These tools can be used together or individually to ease anxious thoughts, amplify your energy, improve your focus and clear any negative vibrations you or your crystals have picked up.

The tendency to topple over, lose our balance, and come “undone” is strong as we adventure into new territory, a new age approaches and we’re in a good challenge to that power today.

Mars travels through the overwhelming mountain of information (discovery mission of Capricorn Earth Elements currently) and scientific data of long-winded questions. We can feel rather tired and overwhelmed. Prone to over-exertion and adrenal exhaustion.

To combat this effort, make sure to renew your strength and will power by taking time to relax, sleep often, and meditate. Make sure to clear out these negative emotional blocks from the Feminine Fluids (as discussed yesterday) to lessen the burden of Transformation that is eminent as we enter the new year of 2020!

Blessings to Pluto are coming from Jupiter in Leo, as well as a sextile for Chiron to offer healing. We’re feeling empowered by our Ego’s sense of Purpose and Possesions but we need to be aware of what we’re holding on to for selfish, unnecessary purposes to serve only the ego. We should be feeling gratitude for what we have experienced in this beautiful place and time in history. Holding onto only what is good for us, and serves to help those we love and the work we do! When we work together we accomplish great things in science and in spirit, so we would be well to take this key of Chiron and heal our way to Understanding.

This is truly what Mars is desiring right now, to know the Truth.
Our own personal truths.

Our Shadow is going to follow Neptune’s lead.
Vesta is pushing us forward.
Jupiter and Ceres are Cheering in the Crowd.
Mars will soon take action upon what comes to the surface.
Meaning, You will soon make manifest your desires.

I hope you are ready to spread your wings and sore, as your mental world opens and the sky becomes your playground. Or are you deep diving into your subconscious for answers you have yet to realize? Either way is the right way, and you will do what you must encounter yet another new day.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Try some Aromatherapy Spray
❣️ Take up some Yoga this Winter
❣️ Choose the Astrology Essential Oils that empower you the most right now
❣️ Focus on clearing the Root Chakra and Third Chakras with Chakra Essential Oils
❣️ You can clear these chakras further by wearing Chakra Bracelets or carrying an appropriate stone – check out my Self Healing database here

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Sidereal Astrology Data interpreted by Lee Bowden from charts by Astrotheme.com for 11/19/19 12 PM PST Washington

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Mars in Libra is on a Spiritual Quest

Mars in Libra is on a Spiritual Quest

Stree-Free Bracelet $49 from Energy Muse
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Mars is in Libra concerned with taking action primarily in the Mental and Spiritual Quest as it aligns with stars Arcturus, Spica, and Foramen this week. It makes a harmonious trine over to the Moon as it moves from Aquarius into Pisces in its Discerning Phase tonight. We may be able to better balance our inner visions and dreams (Moon) of our 6th Third Eye Chakra, with our Will and Drive of the 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra with strength from the star of Foramen who is willing to “go forth” and encourage us onward.

Both Acturus and Spica are Bohenian Fixed Stars and are extremely influential to the collective conscious in the mental and spiritual quest.

With a square over to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we might feel like our heart is on fire and our responsibilities are being threatened. It’s important to draw on your inner intuition about what is actually important to you and your loved ones.


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Keep Moving Forward with a Plan | Mars in Libra Squares Saturn and Pluto

Keep Moving Forward with a Plan | Mars in Libra Squares Saturn and Pluto

Tuesday is ruled by Mars which is in Libra today. Libra is always trying to find balance between things, to make sense of what is ‘on the table’. The Warrior that Mars is, wants to take action to bring about that balance, the justice. To find fairness and bring equality. 

What we might need to do to achieve that balance within might be at a stand off to your current responsibilities, jobs, or projects. As well as a power struggle with the ideas of what it will take to have that equality. Both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn square Mars today in it’s efforts to find the time, resources, and the will to change ourselves – to become balanced. 

Lord of War (Mars) standing up against the Hand of God (Pluto) and the Lord of Time (Saturn), would be quite an overwhelming discussion to imagine. That’s what your inner selves, and spirit have to do today. Have that conversation with yourself, come up with the PLAN! 

We might find the harmony with Neptune in Pisces our final reminder of the Path, the Journey, the Experience of What is to Come Next. Reminding us that we don’t have to carry any one else’s baggage or fight anyone else’s war. But we do have to push on and keep moving if we’re going to get where we’re going.