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Your Opinion of Yourself Is the Only One That Matters

Your Opinion of Yourself Is the Only One That Matters

One hard part about finding out the truth within, is coming to realize that no one has the answers for you. You are the only one that can really discern what is right and true to your experience, and your lessons. You’re opinion of yourself is the only one that actually matters.

What To Do When Your Friends Are Making Bad Life Choices

What To Do When Your Friends Are Making Bad Life Choices

We all make mistakes, sure. But sometimes there are people in our lives that are making bad life choices. So what can we do as their friend to influence them?

I wrote a previous post about how to “tolerate people”. I recommend checking that out first to ensure we’re all on the same page here because it’s important to understand how we got to this serious question I’m about to tackle. It’s called How I Tolerate People and Their “Issues” (opens in new window for you).

Okay, so you tolerate your friends and you expect them to have some issues. But there is a limit, there’s always a limit guys. It’s one thing to agree to disagree and walk away. It’s another to watch someone else make serious mistakes. Especially someone you care about and are close to.

Where is the limit? Personal boundaries can vary widely from person to person. Sometimes you find those with short fuses and some with long ones. I have a seriously long fuse guys, it takes a lot to get me upset and I tolerate a lot before I get to a point of being upset. So my limits on those around me, are pretty far stretched because of… Well, you’ve read the previous post.


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How to Tolerate People and Their Issues

How to Tolerate People and Their Issues

One thing I get asked a lot is how I can tolerate people so much from the people in my life? I plan to answer that as simply as I can today.

First of all, when I gain a new friend, someone I plan to get to know and spend time with: I expect them to be a long-term friend. Granted, there’s a difference between an acquaintance and a friend. So when I say friend, I always mean someone that I plan to be involved with long term.

With that said I also expect them to have faults and for us to have differences. It makes people more enjoyable when you have a variety of people in your life. I find pleasure in finding out what those differences are and getting to know people’s thoughts about things in general. ? Sure, occasionally we completely disagree, and that’s okay. Again, that’s okay.

Finally, I understand that life has its ups and downs and that I’m not the only one who experiences them. I know going into any relationship that there will be trials. So if we accept those upcoming trials, then going through those times together is going to be a challenge to our friendship.



But first, I have a question for you:

How do people in your life tolerate you?  ?


[wp-svg-icons icon=”spell-check” wrap=”i”] TOLERATE = allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference



Still, the question remains,
“How Do I Tolerate People? … “

This question indicates that there are issues. Straight up, everyone has issues. Issues with self, with family, with other people. And sometimes those issues are specific to experiences such as work, drama, or anxiety.

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