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Solar Self Squares the Outer Planetary Powers

Solar Self Squares the Outer Planetary Powers

Today the Sun is at 1 degree Aries, entering a refreshed start to our being. However this squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn today. This is the major aspect today as the Sun also squares everything else near this conjunction in Capricorn/Sagittarius area of the cosmic life. Including the Sun squaring: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn.

Basically, we are challenged to integrate in various ways our Power, Development, Magnetism, and Responsibilities. We’re provided the guidance, will, and confidence with Sagittarius/Capricorn energy that is undeniable to it’s effect.


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If you watch today’s daily Space Weather video (below post), then we’ll find this chart which shows the Galactic Center Fluctuation Increases in just the last three years. This is the Galactic Center that I consistently mention, which is located in Sagittarius.

Neptune by the way, is just hanging out, untouched in Aquarius today as an observer of the Chiron/Lliith/Mercury (see yesterdays astrology) and this epic square off we are having within ourselves, our collective, and our planet.

Energy Influences Today

Serious indications from the KP as we’re in a ‘watch out’ for solar flares. Those effected by solar energy and radiation from it may have a difficult day or some coming up, those with heart and circulation issues please take it easy!

Galactic Time Signature

Creative Forces of the Outer Planets Open UP Opportunities NOW

Sidereal Astrology for the Creator Outer Planets 1/2020

The Outer Planets Screenshot of 1/10/2020 from Solar System Scope App on Google Play

Mars is in Scorpio, bringing all the watery feminine depth within the Solar Chakra below the Belt. We then get to Jupiter and Saturn, who are in (when using SideReal Astrology) both aligned within Sagittarius – along with many other spheres in our system that we are affected by this week!

This leaves Uranus and Neptune, which are bringing the energy of Aries and Aquarius, Fire and Air. You may notice that Eris is aligned with Uranus and this brings in deep layers of the self which may have dramatic changes within our bodies, lives, and relationships. Which the energy of Aries, these are most likely going to be New Beginnings to Old Cycles, or Liberation from Old Beliefs, or mental programs.

Let us remember that Vesta is also in the energy of Aries this week, and her mission is to remind us to have Renewed Faith in who we are, what we are, and why we’re here. Each playing an important, elemental role for humanity, the spheres, and the galaxies.

The Focus on Sextile Aspects of Opportunity Today

  • Sun sextile Lilith
  • Mercury sextile Chiron and Lilith
  • Venus sextile Uranus and Pallas

Alchemy Translations

  • Sun/Self has an opportunity to relate with Lilith/Sexuality
  • Mercury/Expression of Mind has an opportunity to Heal with Chiron in Aries, as well as Lilith/Sexuality
  • The Heart of Venus opens to allow Uranus of Transformations, as well as the opportunity to graduate the Feminine into Full Maturity.

What this is indicating is our own personal maturity of understanding our Root of Security and Survival and Feminine Energies of Yin.

Excalibur Fantasy Icon

To really accomplish this Pallas will need to Face Herself and her Shadows, held with the energy of Lilith’s story, only to find our own way out of the depths of our own doings. To come back to life, we let all the things that we fear or have held onto the tightest, we must let them go so that they might Live On and Into the Light. Only when you are pure of heart and of the correct alignment within your self, will you be able to wield your own Sword of Truth.

Pallas must shine the light of lessons learned into every area of darkness that she can find. To sit with her feelings to process them, fight with them, to finally defeat them only by allowing them to go free.

Mercury and Uranus will encourage this release by creative, expression through talking, singing, dancing, or outrage. It may be a good time to go back to what you really enjoy doing the most and find ways to express your inner feminine and masculine, shadows, and sexuality and security in the most appropriate ways. Ridding yourself of toxic habits, people, relationships and environmental factors is required for your happiness. It is likely that these boiling points of release are to give you the courage, power, and permission to –

Do Things Differently
The Time Is NOW

Much of what we are seeing erupt in the world news, media, earth, climate, and more is due to this climatic energy of the elements as we reach the end of the 333 energies from December and enter into the Dawn, the Transition, the Shift in both our inner and outer worlds.

This is not a time to invite fear but to face it once and for all. Do not support which you despise, simply support what you love and Do What Is Right For You. Let others make their choices and express their free will and everything will be made into Gold.

Diamond of Pure Heart & Divine Reason

Diamond of Pure Heart & Divine Reason

Today is a powerful day as it is 12/12/12 (2+0+1+9=12) and we are feeling huge integrations to our chakras through the body, mind, emotions, and soul. The Moon is still at 99% illumination as the Full Moon Effect continues! So I think it’s time we shed some light on the past so that we can see our future better. This is possible because the Veil of Neptune is thin, and the opening of our subconscious at this time (as discussed on Monday here). I hope you come into the day to read this post with an open heart and mind.

Jupiter, the father of growth and expansion, is in Sagittarius – an explorer, hunter, adventurer. A truly neutral sphere, currently still under the influence of Antares.

Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion, of Scorpius. Said to be the ‘Rival of Mars’. This can be seen and felt in a number of ways but today I want to tell you a story without a link, as it only comes from Source.

Some tell of life on Venus and Mars Ages Ago… Venus beings had no thumbs, where Mars beings did – giving them the ability to make tools and use objects. Martians developed an aggressive nature and effectively destroyed themselves and their consciousness was disturbed and troubled. Where Venusian life was more harmonious and their consciousness expanded into forms of empathy and compassion, the cycle of life of animals and plants that feed and grow and expand.

The Law of One channeled material of Ra reveals some insight into life on Venus. This complex consciousness still lives on in our Hearts – more specifically I believe, our Thymus!

Jupiter is likely the parent of these ideas of evolution and expansion. Being that Antares is of the Martian nature, this is interesting considering it’s the “rival to mars”. Indicating maybe the downfall of mars was the use of tools and manipulation or having thumbs to be able to transform the world, and thus the mind and consciousness.

Within this same theme are Atlantis and Mu in the same respect to age and cycle, about 30-50,000 years into a civil cycle of evolution the same challenges occurred. Atlantis wanted to continue expanding consciousness by forcing the beings to accelerate their growth of others to “catch up”. Mu felt that everyone should grow and expand at their own pace. Although this was a highly evolved spiritual society, it didn’t go without Nuclear War. Lemuria was the first to fall into the depths of Gaia, the legend has it that only 1/8 of the population of Mu escaped underground. Where Atlantis fell a short time later as well into the Depths of Consciousness alike.

If you feel at all emotional about these stories, don’t be so surprised at your own Recall of your subconscious memories, the ancient stories revealed only by the Remembrance of the true Self through the Veil. You do not have to believe these stories any more than you believe in your favorite Fairy Tales – the Parabols, Rymes, and Paradoxes of life is what helped to form us into who we are today. This is true on an Evolutional, Generational and Personal level. (Especially after that talk on Wednesday about Mercury and the Tree of Life! This only serves that theme even further! Read it)

And for those of us who are fans of Tool, consider this.

I hope to encourage this thinking applied to your own life and use of your body and mind. Are you manipulating and creating the life you want?

You have the conscious choice to do good with your hands, to create amazing art and give love and compassion. To work hard, build homes, manipulate matter and transform the elements. Yes, you have that much power.

These themes are extremely prevalent in our personal and social culture right now. With how much we are Using from the Earth, and Taking from Each Other. We all need to think about what we are going to allow to take place on our planet, collective conscious, and global relations. With food, technology, weapons, property. And what our mental consciousness feels about money, security, sex, and our relationship with our creatures and planets.

Huge Oppositions to Overcome

The North Node opposes Ceres. The Moon opposes Jupiter. Mars opposes Vesta. Some of these were Squares earlier in the week and are now completely opposing sides, coming into Balance or Battle.

💎 Achievements find Purpose.
💎 The Vision finds Growth.
💎 Will finds Devotion.

< The Diamond Effect >

One side of the diamond consists of the Node (Path to Purpose) squaring Juno (Mature Feminine), which is squaring Saturn (Responsibility to Life).

The other side of the diamond consists of (very close to Saturn) Jupiter squared to Chiron (the Key), squaring the Moon (Emotions and Third Eye Vision, which is very close to the Node).

To translate this we will need to find a purpose for our magnetism in a responsible way. Meaning, we must know the Reason we are Receiving our Reality.

Understanding how our Thoughts in our Mental Mind, affect how we Feel and Creates our Perception. What we perceive is a reflection of how we are feeling, and thus how we Logically Think. So we’re really influenced know and understand this in our own lives on all levels.

The other side of this is finding the Key to Personal Growth by following your own Dream. Seeing what it is you want and doing whatever extra work you have to eventually achieve that goal, that life that you want for yourself.

Putting these two together can be really hard, and that’s the truth behind today’s Diamond Square at the end of this Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/12 today. This is what the elemental air force of nature is trying to bring into harmony.

Mar’s efforts in Libra to Balance our Lives is by Aligning our Chakras, from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top!

From the Root (Saturn) Chakra (1) to the Heart (Venus) Chakra (4) to Transformation (Pluto) Soul Chakra (8).

As well as the polarization effect of the Air Trinity: North Node (Head) to the Solar Plexus (Mars) Chakra (3) to the Subconscious Veil (Neptune) or South. We need to know that we are Grounded in our Physical Reality and Connected to our Spirit/Source Above and Outside of ourselves.

For those of you who are following through this portal this week, good for you because it means complete chakra alignment. Opening both your Yang (Masculine) to Go, Give, Do, Take Action with full Vitality! And your Yin (Feminine) to Recieve, Hold, Care, and Nurture with full Compassion!

Considering Juno is in Virgo, (wife of Jupiter) and the true mature feminine is making a sextile to Pallas the immature feminine. We can really use our Emotions, Movement, Magnetism, Attractive Beauty, and Empathy to truly Heal all of our Yin. This is truly the key to using all Electric Energy of the Masculine.

If Yang is unmotived to act, it is a detriment to the Yin’s ability to attract, create, and manifest. Working this out within is really the challenge of pulling these energies together, back to Center. You can do this on your own or with the help and guidance of a true Masculine/Feminine partner with unconditional love and forgiveness.

This is a truly exciting transition for anyone that is dancing in tune with the natural rhythm of the Universe on Gaia.

I’ll close in Thanks to my own Masculines that surround me in my life, for forgiving and loving me through the dark and the light of all life. And, for teaching me my own understanding of Daath through Love of Knowledge. 🌓 I have always been a daddy’s girl too, so a to be as blessed as I am to be a mother with a father for my daughter. Let the circle of Life continue. Thanks for reading & I love you All ❣️

Self Healing Tips

💎 Think about how you Feel
💎 Feel your Thoughts
💎 Balance all of your Chakra Vortex – Give Out and Receive In
💎 Meditation of Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Memory

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/12/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

In this 12/13/19 Science coverage, we can see some new intel about Mars – it used to be like Earth, and how we’re still affected by it now even – watch for the Hexagon. Gotta love science!!

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the Father of Infinite Expansion, Growth, and Development. I like to also include Juno, Jupiters Wife, as the mature feminine. I like to focus on this energy with respect to Personal Development, Family, Fortune, Nature, and Collective Conscious Expansion. Jupiter rules the transformational and sacred Sacral Chakra. Chesed

The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

Jupiter is expanding within the firey spirit of Leo. Supporting the efforts discussed Tuesday, he’s reaching over to Mars and Pluto offering expansion and explosive power to overcome and manifest new ideas and solutions to these problems of authority and power. Leo is ruled by the Sun who is searching in Scorpio secrets.

Pluto is aligned with Sabik and prone to the magnetic powers of attraction to excess and therefore deprivation. The tendency to overdo will be majestic when concerning ourselves with Leo, the true King of the cosmic intelligence. Prone to the pride of our ego, we should be careful with Jupiter here to not go over-board to a degree of obsession or carelessness of others and their journeys. No one has everyone else figured out, it’s about working together for the benefits that survival, life, beauty, and friendship has to offer us in this world today.

This is actually an excellent day for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. These forces can be overwhelming blessings when we have done the healing and cleaning in our own Temple.

Jupiter’s other half, his wife Juno is having a ‘girl day’ with Venus in Virgo today. True happiness is on the mind of many and it’s for pure honesty and integrity this time around. Whether you are in search of a partner, in the midst of many partners, or in a partnership – it’s being challenged to prove itself with honest care and commitment. Such a demand for us to be ourselves in orientation with the world at large.

I know in my own life, I’m struggling to have a social life and care for others in my life as much as I do my husband and child. It’s not easy to balance with what I have, so the only answers are to let the Heart forever Expand with Unconditional Love for All as it is.

Anael’s Star Arcturus – A Helping Hand from On High

When we touch on this perspective I think of Arcturus which is actually ruled by Archangel Anael of Venus, the Higher Heart or Thylumus. They are very concerned with global consciousness expansion and unconditional love and acceptance. With the support that intelligent technology and communication can offer and I must agree! We are more educated by being able to communicate and learn from each other, our thoughts and integration are moving so much quicker when we can work together. This has a lot to do with the movements of the Moon at she approaches Acturus she will cross Juno in the pursuit of this deep understanding hidden within.

We should wake up feeling either uplifted with this Higher Understanding as we feel the Moons illumination at 30% Waning Cresent Approaches. We feel Protected in this phase before we Resist the inevitable feelings of Surrender to the Unknown Adventure of Experience we call Life Unfolds.

This has some resistance and opposition from Vesta who occupies the past in the South Node. As well as the healing offer by Chiron that may be prone to dive too deeply and forget to come up for air.

Resisting the Oncoming Storm

Juno is also opposing change from Uranus in Pisces that is encouraging this transformation in the water elements. We sure are seeing a lot of wet, cold, climate changes across the entire globe and it’s no wonder while Uranus is here!

One fish is verticle, the other horizontal and this has the Cross written all over it as Jesus portrayed the Age of Pisces of influence for Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. We would be right to take these lessons into consideration – he was after all a wander, a healer, a Dirty Street Kid.

Today is a time to digest and create from what you have learned. Hone this into your projects and creations. Make something of your suffering and inspire others to express themselves as equals. These acts of kindness will help the shadow self’s chains to loosen and the control of the ego to lessen. Allowing the healing to take place as intended.

Jump Into Action to Reach Your Dreams

Jump Into Action to Reach Your Dreams

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius & Opposes the Moon in Taurus

Today is the day Jupiter enters Sagittarius and is probably excited to go explore and adventure through this energy.

We can see the extent of its vast placements. Jupiter sits in opposition to the Moon in Taurus. This could mean a small challenge to us as we rethink about what we want to have, or what we already have or own. Feelings might grow or lessen when it comes to changes we are making in our lives.

Jupiter is going to want to expand, grow, and adventure without holding back. Sagittarius is a hunter and he wants to go explore and meet new challenges face on. To bring into form the target, the goal, and will use whatever means necessary to achieve these. Perfection is not the concern of Jupiter or the Moon, so let’s make our dreams come true!

This is likely a good time to go after your dreams considering the Trine between Jupiter and Mars entering Libra, as well as Uranus in Aries, ready to back that change!

Just make sure your dreams and recent changes into winter from your harvest this year – that it’s all in effort to produce better results than last year.

I mean common, we’re about to enter 2020! And we’re ALIVE!


Sidereal Astrology

Thus far I have been using the Tropical Western Astrology but because of my spiraled interest in Astrology lately, I have come to respect Sidereal Astrology as it better assists the Universal View I have and share. As well as it’s accuracy in relation to the stars that make up the constellations, of which there are 88.

You can view my Universal Astrology Database yourself by becoming a supporting Patreon here! 


Sun, Earth, And Science News Today

From Suspicious Observers Channel of SpaceWeatherNews.com

Jupiter is Giving Subtle Hints to Growth Today

Jupiter is Giving Subtle Hints to Growth Today

Considering Jupiter is in Sagittarius, still close to alignment with the Galactic Sun. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth, development and creation, ruling our 2nd Sacral Chakra. What’s interesting about today is that it’s aligned to Grumian, a star that hints at the subtle and influences us in ways that we haven’t thought about yet. Which makes grandfather Jupiter really excited!

Whatever you were most discerning about on Tuesday is going to be better illuminated today. (Read Tuesday’s post on Mars here). A harmonious trine between Mars in Libra and Jupiter will help us further discern and decide what is best for our mental and spiritual development at this time.

Alternatively, Jupiter is squaring with the Moon today in Pisces so we might not feel that our emotional desires are lining up with these new ideas. Be careful not to ignore those inner feelings, but discern what is causing them. Today’s influence might crumble a few of the programs that tell us what to do and how to do it. Coming into full maturing about our behavior and attitude that may need to change for your life path to further unfold.

Also found in Pisces currently is Lilith’s Black Moon void and Neptune, in fact, they are both at 16 degrees and in perfect conjunction today. This can be dark and dreary, like having to go into a dark cave and not knowing what you’ll find inside. There will be aspects of your Shadow that are likely to expose what you try to keep locked up in a dark closet of your mind. Old or haunting fears or phobias might come from nowhere. It’s important to take note of how rational you are being about your actions. Take warning of things that make you completely uncomfortable, while not creating fear for no reason! If you are prone to bad dreams that return tonight, try to discern why old patterns are repeating for you and make a strong attempt to understand yourself better and beat yourself at your own game with awareness and maturity. You have learned a lot, it’s about time to consider what you have learned and apply it to things that used to trouble you. There is always a better way to do things, even if what you do is working ‘okay’ right now. Don’t be afraid to strive to ‘do better’ without fear of failure.

Jupiter’s wife Juno is aligned to the Fortune Point in Libra from Virgo today. We have been analyzing every aspect of everything important and it’s time to make decisions that will better balance your life. Where Jupiter is concerned about expanding and creating, Juno is there to help him analyze and decide. These aspects of yourself are about combining your masculine electricity with your feminine magnetism.




Written with the love and insight of Vega  


Expansive Jupiter Rules the Sacral Chakra


Explore the Unknown Future Paths of Freedom | Jupiter in Sagittarius 23 Degrees

Explore the Unknown Future Paths of Freedom | Jupiter in Sagittarius 23 Degrees

Today is ruled by the expansive and jolly Jupiter, in the adventurous nature of Saggitarius at 23 degrees. Still very close to alignment with the Galactic Center Sun, we are feeling so much pressure to further explore ourselves, our lives, and our consciousness. Jupiter is very happy to be in it’s home sign of the Hunter Orion, and fully intends to make his visit a lasting impression on the family.

What are you bringing home to the family?

I think this has a lot to do with our quickly expanding collective consciousness. 

We might feel a little bit of cloudy and uneasy about the journey ahead in some ways as we Square Neptune in Pisces. A hesentancy to move forward into the depths of all the planets in Scorpio right now (the depth of your mind, heart, and soul are being pulled deeper and deeper still). 

I encourage you to ditch the fear and go forth on your Journey to the Deeper aspects of yourself. Face those shadows, fears, and resentments. I hope the posts about the Solar Plexus Chakra are helping you understand this depth. 

We all have the power to heal. What’s really helping us Analyze all the stuff that we have hidden in our skeleton closets is Juno in Virgo. I like to bring up Juno because she is Jupiter’s loyal wife in mythology. She’s the wife, the nurture, mother, and caretaker of the ever expanding heirophant, the ancient and the Wise. 

The Struggle to Grow & Expand is Galactic | Jupiter in Sagittarius, Squares Sun & Neptune

The Struggle to Grow & Expand is Galactic | Jupiter in Sagittarius, Squares Sun & Neptune

Today is Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter which is currently in Sagittarius. Our own growth and development is being spotlighted by the Galactic Core (our Universe’s Center Sun).

There is a bit of a challenging aspect to our growth in relation to the Sun in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. We are really feeling unsure about ourselves and where we are going next. The whole world is asking, “What do we do NOW?!” There is a lot about our world that HAS to change and we’re transitioning very quickly into the Age of Aquarius. Our inner soul and spirt  are being affected in full, engaging both the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras energetically.

We want to grow, we want to transcend, we want to expand our consciousness to develop a GOOD plan of action moving forward in the future.


Today’s Inspired Post includes some informational videos about Gaia:  

👉 Learning with the Collective in the Dawn of the New Age



Recent Information & Discoveries about Jupiter (2019)

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