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Galaxies and Stars aligned to the Inner Influences of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mercury

Galaxies and Stars aligned to the Inner Influences of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mercury

Earth, Sun, Mercury Conjunction Today in Aries

We have a PERFECT Mercury, Sun, Earth in Aries, with conjunct alignment in sidereal astrology to Almach, of the constellation Andromeda. This is a double star, that is one of Andromeda’s feet, in some myths this foot is in a pool of water, connecting her in two worlds, fixed here in the sky by this foot.

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Lightning Bolts to the Mind of All Who Will Listen |

Lightning Bolts to the Mind of All Who Will Listen |

Sidereal Astrology As Alchemy for 4/27/2020
Monday is ruled by the Moon

To start the week we have Hamal aligned with the Sun and Uranus in Aries. And let me just tell you straight up, this is a strong head game and things are going to feel like they are shifting beneath your feet.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, a lot of violent bashing and war can take place with Hamal conjunctions.

The fact that this is also the True Spring Equinox should bring in kind of shift in energy that either devistates, or recreates life.

With the Sun, making this alignment it really does mark the first days of Spring.

Uranus meets up with this as a conjunction to the Sun and this may cause things to suddenly change, as if over night. And maybe this is postitive, or negative in your life.

Next, we’ll look at where these High Chakras, such as the Crown and Brow Chakras from the Sun and Uranus are pointing the horns of a sheep named Hamal.

The Sun/Uranus is sextile with an opening to the Moon in conjuct with the North Node in Gemini, as well as Ceres in Aquarius. We’ll discuss these now, since it is Monday after all!

The Moon is conjuct the North Node in Gemini today. The north node is the assumed direction that we want to be going. Which is in Gemini for communicative, open, research, development, co-creation! The Emtional Mind which is the Moon, is focused on these concepts and ideas right now.

Ready to open up to new ideas, projects, interests. We’ve all been provided plenty of time to dig into ourselves for some bordom cures, right?! So it’s time to Spring into action, and Uranus the Time Lord is here to throw some lightning at us to spark some action!

The Moon trines over nicely to Ceres, and she is in Aquarius. Ready to harvest on ideas of unity, humanity, growth, technology! She’s ripe with passion for life and all it’s beauty! This trine might allow us the insight to seek out the SOLUTIONS. What does it take to find an answer?

It takes, first, asking a question.

Identify and form The Question.

Then, you may have the hopes of answering it!

Tomorrow we’ll check back on this thought and see what kind of activity Mars will offer!

Now is a time to think before you act. To question everything. To get informed and connect with others. It is NOT a time for acting out of turn, being rambunctious, or road raging to the nearest store.

Take your time. Do your own research. Don’t take the test if you haven’t studied for it. And form questions if you expect to ever receive answers to them. This will allow you to find solutions for All. Then, you can share with the world what you have found, that day is not yet to come. That’s okay. Take your time.

Energy Updates Today

Today’s Soul Themesong

Nahko, Medicine for the People – “Dragonfly”

You should put that cigarette out
You should have faith in my mouth
Like my mother, like your son
Like my temperamental lungs
Each piece fits into the next
I come out black, and I’m not white
Both reveal me and my sight

You’ve got twinkles in your eyes
You say vegetarians save lives
But there’s your wings, to spike my back
There’s your baby’s passing death
Will there be one more of me?
Close your eyes, and try to hide

From my former dragonfly

Little bear woke in the woods
Chipped and spit
In that bed, under the covers
I’ve been stealin’ from my lover
Woman talkin’, not replaced

To my former dragonfly
I resist and I survive

What a state I brought this to
Logic lies I decide
But what’s that say of my character?
I’ll retreat back into nature

Will there be one more of me?
To my former dragonfly

I resist and I survive, survive

survive [8]Lyrics to “Dragonfly” by Nahko Bear, Medicine for the People

Current Science & Related Interests

Suspicious Observers Space Weather News Video for today, 4/27/2020: “Sunspots Growing, Weather Alerts, Solar Forcing” 6 mins

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Soul Alignment for the Masses | Sidereal Astrology

It’s Monday and I’m BACK to provide the daily sidereal look into the planets through out the week, every week! Today we’re looking at the Moon, Ceres, and Juno the Life Givers and Provider Archetypes.

The Moon is making it’s way through Taurus into Gemini today/tomorrow where it’s going to be meeting with the North Node in Gemini. Tonight it’s about 35% illuminated in it’s Waxing Crescent cycle.

On 4/7, we’ll experience a SUPER FULL MOON in Virgo, in conjunct with Juno the Mature Feminine.

Juno has been here in Virgo for a while, analyzing all that is occuring and very aware of all the different aspects that are unfolding upon Earth. She is opposing the Sun/Self in Pisces, supporting the need for change but discerning what is best for the self is the challenge with this opposition.

The sun in Pisces is wide open freedom to the absolute, but this can be abstract as well. Virgo with Juno is wanting to manifest ONLY what is BEST for the future. And this is a struggle for the wide open access that Pisces has to the whole. Finding this balance of what is pure and what is worthy, is difficult as they are different qualities. We must remember this for ourselves right now, as we get to know both the higher and lower parts of our self.

The great healing of the shadows from the collective is transending through this difficult time. While we are being told to stay home, we are being forced to face ourselves and those closest to us.

Ceres is in Capricorn, waiting to reap the benefits of reward from transcending into the harmony and acceptance of life as it is now. So that the earth and it’s creatures can all live in harmony. It’s interesting that as it approaches the humanitarian way of Aquarius, that Ceres rides the tip of the mountain and waits patiently. She squares Venus in Taurus, and Trines the Moon in Taurus. Taurus the bull is a large constellation, so this energy is being used to balance both in challenge, and in harmony, for the greater good that is available to Ceres.

Please consider joining the MASS MEDITATION ON 4/4 AT 7:45 PM during the MASTER CONJUNCTION OF JUPITER + PLUTO

Fire Kite of the Leo Moon in Sidereal Astrology

Fire Kite of the Leo Moon in Sidereal Astrology

The Moon in Sidereal Astrology today is in Leo at 17 degrees, aligned with Zosma the Oracle. The back of Lion in the Leo Constellation. To be honest this energy has a tendency to target our Heart Felt Emotions.

If there was one star that could point us to feelings of melancholy it is Zosma. What comes from such deeply felt emotions?

If you look at today’s chart you see a Kite Shape. The bottom of this charted Kite today is the Moon.

The moon is making two angles over to Pallas and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The other end of the Moon trine is to Vesta in Aries. In this Jupiter makes a trine to Vesta as well, completing a Fire/Fire/Fire Grand Trine. We can expect that this will rise into our Spiritual Nature and Beliefs due to the nature of the Fire Element.

The top of the Diamond shape is made between Neptune in Aquarius (air), making sextiles to Vesta and Jupiter.

Sidereal Astrology Chart for 02/10/2020
Sidereal Astrology Chart for 02/10/2020

Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus energy within the Heart Center

This year Neptune is a huge player in the Higher Realms and Gaia’s Energetic Leaps and Bounds. If you are watching the Schuman Resonance at all, it has been very interesting as Earth’s Heart Beat is making some interesting jumps and leaps, as we have never seen before! We can expect and relate to this, as we will begin to feel these leaps in our own heart center very soon, if not already!

If you were to recognize and know when the spikes are, you would be able to note that these were the moments in your life that you felt differently. If you don’t believe me then follow this trail for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how synced you are to Earth’s Heart Beat in your day to day life. We are all more synchronized to this rhythm than we may be comfortable believing at first. When it spikes, we all feel it!

Neptune (Aquarius) is Opposite of the Moon (Leo) in this formation. There’s a bit of inner insight that Neptune may send through to the Moon, but it’s all going to depend on how ‘available’ our emotions are in the mists of our own self-made melancholy. Are we too prideful or judgemental of ourselves that we can’t accept love from others? If so… Why? When love is so readily available to you… You decide when You Are Worth Loving.

If we consider for a moment the nature of Leo, we can see in the Lion the Pride and Confidence, we think of the Animal Kingdom as well. Where Aquarius is the water bearer, ready to fly high and see that all is well in that Great Animal Kingdom. They must work together to ensure the safety of All that Lives Within.

The Moon (Our Emotional Intelligence, Water Element, and Body Fluids) are given the opportunity for Growth from the final Flush from the epic Collective Purge of 2019, and to Receive Insight from Jupiter and Pallas in Sagittarius. These two are really ‘bringing in the light and love of the universe’ right now as they are being blessed with the most Central Galactic Sun Bathing of us all!

The Moon’s trine to Vesta in Aries is, of course, to do with our faith and devotion to our cause. Are you aligned with what you are meant to do? Are you allowing yourself to be the best version of yourself? This driving call to motivate us with emotional longing is strong. Are you listening to your inner calling?

Vesta sextiles Neptune, who sextiles over to Jupiter. This starts a new Trine between Jupiter and Vesta that will align soon. When it does this integration we have been discussing today from the Full Moon in Leo will move into more direct Growth at an accelerated rate. What you think, feel, and do in these next few weeks will ripple through your life and create your world.

This is the last call to purge all that does not suit you and go for what it is you really want in life. To face yourself and find a way back to what it feels like to love yourself and the world around you. If you still can’t do that then it’s time to un-attach from all of your expectations and become someone new entirely.

Change is inevitable. It’s time to Transform by Sheading the Remaining Layers of the Ego such as Doubt, Contempt, and Self Sabotage. These habits are surfacing in a double-time tempo beneath us as she out all excess energy and breathe in all that is good for us.

Change Is Inevitable – Mise Well Make It Happen!

Today the Moon is in Aquarius and we can expect a lot of new ideas of how we can manifest the life that we actually want to have. Today we are experiencing a Tring to Vesta and a sextile to the North Node and these energies are bound to give us a good motivated kick into gear.

Ceres is in Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, ready to make the effort to do what needs to be done. We experience a strong but positive square to Uranus that will most likely be a catalyst to this change. The hold up will be from Jupiter and Pallas squaring the North Node. We will feel some fear because growth means change. Changing what we know and allowing the unknown to unfold before us. Whether we resist or allow this change is going to determine how you perceive it, which means how you will react to it. Not that you have control over whether changes happen or not, because in the case of today – They will happen either way.

Juno is in Virgo to help analyze and make these decisions in a mature way. How do you WANT to receive the changes in your life? Of course, want to see things change for the BETTER? How do we do that?

Juno is making room for an opportunity with a sextile to Mars, encouraging action within our Solar Plexus Chakras, to make the decisions and take action. And a Trine to Mercury of Mind, to really think about what we want our environment to feel like.

Self Healing Tips ❣️

When we talk about the environment we’re including everything that surrounds us outside of ourselves. Including the people, the location, the objects, and the overall feel of the country and land, the planets and animals. There are certain places that give you a boost in creative energy, but there are others that make you feel a lack. It is those areas, those people, those energies in which are repelling you away. If you are uncomfortable it is because you are in the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong time. Simply notice this and things that come to mind for now.

When you walk into your own bedroom, do you feel at home? Or do you feel more at home in the forest? Your best friend’s place?

Take note of what makes you feel good and make an effort to spend more time there. With those people that lift you up easily. And the kinds of objects, pets, and planets that feel pleasant in your environment with you.

If you have things in your personal space that you don’t like – it’s time you throw them out or give them away to someone who will love and care for it. This goes for relationships, pets, chores, and anything that lessens your vibe.

By doing so you are engaging in acts of self-love that will impact you from that moment on. Creating your environment is being a part of it. Once you do that, you can start to feel like you control your environment and give it energy. Instead of it controlling you and taking your energy.

Bringing it Back Down to Earth – The Nurturing Care of Moon, Ceres & Juno this Week

Bringing it Back Down to Earth – The Nurturing Care of Moon, Ceres & Juno this Week

The Moon makes many aspects and alignments as it quickly cycles around us, in this way our own emotional swings are also flowing quickly through our own fluids.

This Week’s Moon Forcast Table:

DateTropical + SiderealLight & PhaseRise Time & Age (days)Lunar Theme
Full Moon
Wolf Moon Eclipse
4:37 PM
White Cosmic Wind
Waning Gibbous
5:49 PM
Blue Magnetic Night
1/12/20Leo93.5%7:07 PM
17 d
Yellow Lunar Seed
Leo86.6%8:26 PM
18 d
Red Electric Serpent
1/14/20Virgo77.6%9:46 P
White Self Existing Worldbringer
1/15/20Libra67.2%11:03 P
20 d
Blue Overtone Hand
1/16/20Libra55.9%12:20 AM
21 d
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Waning Cresent
1:36 A
22 d
Red Resonant Moon
1/18/20Scorpio33.7%2:20 A
23 d
White Galactic Dog
Sagittarius23.8%4:03 A
24 d
Blue Solar Monkey

Aspects of the Moon in Leo Today:

  • Opposes Venus in Capricorn (fire to earth)
  • Squares Mars in Scorpio in a positive way (fire to water)
  • Healthy Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Challenging Square to Uranus in Aries (fire to fire)
  • Trine to Pallas in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Sextile opportunity with the North Node in Gemini (fire to air)

The Moon’s cycle this week is mostly affecting the Fire elements, as explained in yesterday’s post which covers the Sidereal Sagittarius alignment of many spheres including the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! It’s quite amazing!

Screenshot from Solar System Scope app for 1/10/2020 Planetary Alignment

The Life-Giving & Nurturing Care of the Moon, Ceres, and Juno This Week

Ceres is most definitely involved in the alignment in Sagittarius, as we can see in the above image. Ceres is concerned mostly with the aspect of ourselves that involves our Care for Nature, Harvest and Planting Resources, and our own Self Care Habits. In this energy, I think Ceres is concerned with Abundance and the Mentality (Mercury) of Beneficial powers of Order to the Chaos and the can-do, no-fear attitude that it takes to manage the Crops and Goods of Life. We must not forget to know the value and qualities that our efforts produce as an effect.

I like to think that Pluto is enforcing our inner power and intuition to Remember the Power we have to Influence our Environment. For those of us that know the power of positive thinking, it brings the vibrancy of those thoughts immediately. If you hold a cup of water under stress, the molecules of the water will become discouraged. If you were to hold a glass of water in gratitude, the molecules will align and form amazing formations that will benefit your body in healing. You can apply this to anything in your environment to affect it.

Juno is in her own home territory of Virgo energy of the Mother. The mature nature of Juno as Jupiter’s wife can remind us of our Mature Feminine in our own lives, and our own bodies. In this energy, we are maturing ourselves within. We are growing and learning and analyzing what we know, have, and take part in!

The Squares Juno makes this week are to the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in Sagittarius. Reminding them all to come back to Earth, to make it real. To speak the truth, organize and control the pressure and limitations to instead go forth and work hard for the right reasons.

Self Care Tips ❣️

The Winter has come and it is time to make sure we are prepared, comfortable, and ready for what is to come. To fall and cover this season of our cycle. The warmth that the Fire Elements offer at this time is a Blessing to the presence of a Cold Winter – it’s just that we need to remember our own inner Warmth, most easily felt with those we love and activities that bring us joy and happiness.

🌋 There is a lot of activity going on out there, I highly suggest catching up with the Space Weather


Embrace the Changes of Air

Embrace the Changes of Air

Sidereal Astrology for the Moon, Ceres and Juno, the Life Givers for Monday, 12/30/2019

We are in the season of Capricorn as we enter the new year of 2020, leaving behind us another Void of a dark moon phase, heading back into the light once again.

Today we may feel the challenge within to grow, plan, prepare and obsession. Later in the week we will be more prone to worry and stress so we’re better off to do a little bit every day, then leave it all to do at a later time. The time is now, to begin to think about the changes you want to make in this new year. This last year of 2019 was one of transformation and revelation. This year is going to be about those first steps as we are all lifted into a kind of energy that will shift the world like never before seen.

& Stars
Light &
Rise Time &
Sunday 12/29
12 °  Kaus Borealis
Waxing Cresent
10:30 AM
3 days
Monday 12/30Aquarius
8 °  Sadalmelik
11 AM
Blue Lunar Monkey
Tuesday 12/31Aquarius
24 ° Fum al Samakah
11:24 AM
Self Love &

Yellow Electric Human
Wednesday 1/1Pisces
11:45 AM
The Path
Red Skywalker
Thursday 1/2PiscesAries49%
First Quarter
12 PM
White Overtone Wizard
Friday 1/3PiscesAries58%
Waxing Gibbous
12:24 PM
Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Saturday 1/4Aries
9 ° Sheratan
12:44 PM
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Sunday 1/5A
26 ° Botein
Taurus76%1 PM
Red Galactic Earth

There’s usually a lot of commotion within at this time as we reflect on our year, and plan for our future. With a feeling of Air, we enter January, ruled by the themes of Juno and Aquarius. We will begin to feel both Saturn and Uranus energies more effectively later in the month.

Today the moon makes sextile aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, the Sun, and Mercury for a mental glimpse at what this year could really mean for you. A healthy trine over to the North Node in Gemini backs any idea of your own abundant fortune coming to life this year.

Where is your Fortune Point in your own Astrology Chart?

Ceres is in Sagittarius today with the concerns of the Mortal instincts to Hunt and Survive. Concerns about livelihood, finances, and avoiding dangers foreseen ahead. I encourage everyone to keep an optimistic form of preparation for the Winter season, the combination of Air and Water can be stormy and unpredictable. A clear head and prepared mindset is the best form of survival we can have. Worry, fret, and inaction are the worst.

Ceres the inner feminine warrior will aim to achieve this by an intuitive insight with a sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. Our devotion to Vesta in Aries in the form of a trine to Ceres is a reminder of our purpose and path ahead.

This can be difficult for the Life Givers to achieve, as we see Ceres square Juno in Virgo! Juno is analyzing, busily organized, and being overworked with Reason and obsession for achievement. We need to remember to stay calm and grounded. A trine to Venus is helpful to motivate us to follow our heart. It’s just that, a square to Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius today, means we’re likely to over-do, over-think, and be higher-critical to ourselves or others.

For this reason, I encourage you to get this Free PDF to help you begin to heal and Honor Yourself, your body and emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Clear the Third Eye & Sacral Chakra

❣️ Notice the feminine energies in even numbers this week

❣️ Be mindful of your intentions, dreams, insight, subconscious and magnetic potential. This can be a great time to manifest quickly, but this can also bring up the impacts of whatever you’re thinking about the most.

❣️ Meditate regularly to clear the mind so that what you think about is directed in the correct frequency to match that what you truly want, instead of what you are most fearful of.

❣️ Aromatherapy can do a lot for a household and it’s members to soothe, calm, and restore the energy of your Home Space

❣️ Considering this is a season of Air and Winter, of Water. It may be wise to Smudge the area and Cleanse your stones, and other rituals/spiritual supplies from old 2019 frequencies. (Especially if you’ve gone through a major regression like I have, among many others!)

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Get Clear With Your Wishes & Wonders this Week

Get Clear With Your Wishes & Wonders this Week

Luna is going through a hugely impactful influence right now through Aries (1), Taurus (2), and Gemini (3), all the way to Leo (5) ending on 12/15). We can see from the dates (12/10, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13) that this is a powerful time of synchronistic numerology! To highly this further on Tuesday we’re at 98% illumination, with a Full Moon effect on Wednesday and still remain at 99% through Thursday. Before we see how quickly the shadow comes later in the week, with later and later rising time in the evenings also.

The phrase, “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind with “When you wish upon a star”.

It’s probably a good time to consider these as the rest of the week’s astrology really backs up these cycles throughout all the planets and stars we’ll see and feel the effects.

Monday 12/9Tuesday 12/10Wednesday 12/11Thursday 12/12Friday 12/13Saturday 12/14Sunday 12/15
Aries (sidereal)TaurusTaurusGeminiGeminiCancerCancer
Taurus (tropical)Gemini GeminiCancer CancerLeo Leo
Waxing Gibbous
3:05 PM (rises)3:304:104:555:506:558:05

Neptune doesn’t move very fast in our line of sight, still stationed to Castra , a fixed star of Capricornus. But the relationship to other planets do! In sidereal Neptune is in Aquarius.

This week there is a square to the Sun and Pallas. This is interesting because Pallas indicates our relationship to the masculine, the father, the men in our lives and in many ways our Sun can be looked at as the masculine force, the father, or the son. So these two are both squaring and challenging the depths of Neptunes wisdom and our unconscious mind. Pallas is in Scorpio, in alignment to Zubeneschamali, the Souther Scale. In a judgemental mood, concerned with the price versus quality and subject to revenge. This actually may be beneficial to Mars as a backup, as the Inner Warrior is ready to get to the bottom of old issues and resentments. Sick of standing around but sick of fighting, it’s time to do this differently.

Neptune has a harmonious trine to Mars in Libra with the strong energy of the Bootis stars. When can see how a lot of opportunities are opening up in the subconscious as sextiles to The Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Vesta all occur today!

So this means a lot of fresh, vital, reveal within our Emotions, Heart, Security, Will Power, and Commitments or projects. We’re really being given permission to go within the depths of Neptune with the Drive and Strength of Mars! How lucky are we right now to really be able to deal with, release, and heal some of these issues right now? Straight from the source of your own subconscious life within. You are really empowered to be able to more fully understand yourself in a deep way, deeper than ever possible before…

The Moon is in Aries with a fresh start, about to get into Taurus matters. But she opposes this difficult position that Mars, our Will, is in to go too deep.

The Moon favors the current alignment of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto (who are all aligned in orb right now all in a row!) This is a good day to Focus and get Clarity.

Venus of Heart
Saturn of Security
Pluto of Power

This Group/Orb of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, is going to be an interesting aspect to consider this week as we relate our Heart (4D), Roots (1D), and aim to Transform these areas of our Life right now.

This is a huge focus with this feeling wanting to know:

Who am I really? What can I really do well? What am I meant to do? What can I do better than others, my strengths? How can I evolve from my weaknesses and learn my lessons? What do I deserve and what can I earn from my achievements?

These are rooted, deep questions of self individualization and knowing and desire. The core of Venus is Knowledge and Love. This is what we are always seeking in our day to day lives.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Take the Root Cause and make it into something Useful and Constructive.
❣️ Take the feelings you have in your Heart and Express it in an empathetic and helpful way.
❣️ Carry Obsidian or another Grounding stone to help clear the Root Chakra
❣️ Carry Rose Quartz or Peridot to help heal Heart wounds and the Chakra
❣️ If you are susceptible to Frustration, then try sniffing some Lemon Essential Oil for a moment to clear the fog enough that you can choose your mood and reaction, bringing you back to Center.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/9/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Monday is ruled by the Moon and Emotional Integrations and Energies. So I like to include the Moon (Optimistic Cycles), the Black Moon Point (Shadow Cycles), and the Asteroids on Mondays. This gives us a good overview of what to expect this week!
Pallas represents the inner warrior and relationship to Masculine/Yang/+/Give energies. Ceres is the inner harvester/shepherd or farmer/gatherer and our relationship with the Feminine/Yin/-/Receive energies. Neptune is mysteriously the depth of our subconscious, the Veil, and the all-knowing infinite possibility that is always present in our lives. A feminine, caring and wise presence that highly relates to the Third Eye Chakra of the Moon. Archangel Gabriel is present within relation to the Lymphatic System, Water and Fluid content, and the nature of our fluid, moving emotional life.

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Temperance of the Magnetic Feminine

Temperance of the Magnetic Feminine

The Moon is in Libra at 2% illuminance with a feeling of Peace and Inner Balance before going into a New Moon. Feeling the Void of this for 1-2 days of Scorpio influence, a time for giving over our troubles, and laying them down. Getting out of our own way, and changing course as needed.

By Thursday we’re at 5%, entering Sagittarius in a hopeful state of Realization. Over the weekend we’ll be into the Waxing 17-20% phase of Growth and Self Care, a time of open willingness after the dark voids and struggles of life. Keep that in mind as we read about this week and the more feminine aspects of our magnetic energy.

In Aquarius, Neptune is aligned to Castra of Capricornia. She is in Retrograde but in harmony with some serious influences this week: Vesta, North Node, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. – She needs it too, as Castra can be a Fortress of disaster or a Fortress of power and self-control.

Temperance and Balance is always the best strategy for our health. Being that it’s Neptune here, we’d be wise to be careful with our psychic senses and abilities. And keen to our subconscious temperament about how we feel with everything we are hearing and doing in the world around us.

Vesta is in Aries on her way towards the North Node now, as she was a major influence on us last week. We may have new ways of seeing our devotion and commitment this week as we make our way to the North Node. Right now Hades is sitting here too, making us realize all the nasty things that might be in the way of our dreams. It won’t be here for long, but this mix with Gemini of Air might make our minds a little overwhelmed with To-Dos and Have-TOS. My best advice is don’t get in your own way, help yourself and others and try your best to work together.

Vesta Trines over to both Pluto and Saturn for further understanding of what lays ahead. Bolstering our inspiration to adventure into the unknown, to be faithful.

Ceres is in Sagittarius aligned to Antares! This can be trouble for many as our Feminine energy is challenged by the need to survive and strive. She struggles with Squares to Chiron, as does Venus and Cupido in Sagittarius with Ceres. So we’re up against the phrase, “Love is a Battlefield” and much of it is against self-made ideas and outcomes that have been lost, unforgiven, or traumatic. Some of us are realizing what the outcome of things have been and accepting, forgiving, consoling. Others are fighting a war inside that rages this week as we confront ourselves and our relationships as reality changes shape, season, and reason. My advice is to not fight, to not resist, and listen to yourself and the world around you because – You need You. There’s no one that can save you, “This is Resistance”. I offer the help of the Dragonfly Animal Spirit, to help you see through selfishness, greed, and stubborn conflicts that are not your own.

You need not know everything. Only what you are meant to understand and love unconditionally.

Pallas is aligned with Alphecca in Sagittarius, in a harmonious trine to Juno in Virgo to Zosma and Coxa. Being that Juno is the Heavenly Queen and Pallas, the Earthly Princess of sorts, these can be a great team. Pallas is concerned with the goodwill of all and will be there to support the cause for the whole. Where Juno, Jupiter’s loyal wife, is becoming strict to the moral ideal and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. These qualities may find ways to agree, as to what is the Best Case Scenario and How to Get There. Juno will help analyze, and Pallas will help accomplish it.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12/25/19 15:42 Los Angeles

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Feminine Offerings to Heal from the Moon and Asteroids

Feminine Offerings to Heal from the Moon and Asteroids

The moon is making its way through Capricorn having moved past Vega and aligns with the Lyra constellation this evening. The Waning Gibbous Phase at 65% illumination is carrying themes of feeling Resistance. Thoughts and feelings about what we don’t know or understand – aspiring into a state of knowing and understanding feelings about our reality. Vega has helped water this idea with fluid embraced encouragement to dive in and feel your way through your feelings intuitively to understand your emotions.

What directs your emotions, triggers them, encourages or suppresses, how do you make emotional decisions that drive you forward instead of hold you back?

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Deeping Dive Subconscious Trio

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These are very deep concerns that are having some interesting choices to make in the feminine influences of the asteroids and Neptune. Neptune is happy to be in Aquarius in alignment with Armus, a star of integrity who is willing to bear the weight of the conscious endeavors for reason and structure.

We have a reason to negotiate with our Shadow as the Black Moon void is in alignment with The Crow Star, Algorab in Libra. As you can imagine that Black Crow and Ravens are mysterious, intelligent and associated with death but also secret or hidden information.

This is an interesting combination with Neptune as she is the Veil of illusion and our subconscious. She can reveal or she can cloud, and act as fog. The Crow is keen to be aware of this and the Shadow Self is very aware and controlling of the subconscious plan and serves to encourage the ego or discourages the self depending on the shadow’s purpose and game. It may be a time where we have some nightmares or sudden shifts in depressive moods. Why? Lilith is in Libra, where it attempts to come into Balance are tried and we struggle to know what to do and why to do it.

The Black Moon Sextile to Pallas in Sagittarius, and sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. This deeply driven trio gives us some insight into new pathways and opportunities.

To me, I like to describe Pallas as the Feminine Goddess Warrior, the sister of Mars. She has a strong will to go-do-attitude, of pride, and sometimes ego, such as a “Teenage Princess Warrior” would have at times prone to power struggles. Well right now she’s in the Sagittarius energy and it’s about adventure and exploration. We can assume that the Shadow, the Unconscious, and this Feminine Warrior is going to come alive with new ways to pursue goals and achievements – no matter what and at all costs!

The Self and the Someone-Else

This Trio is up against the efforts of Mars and Venus, as well as the Sun/Mercury duo in Scorpio. The highlight of this week is truly one of Deep searching for the light, for the happiness, joy, and excitement that we all want and desire. Scorpio is about desire, sexuality, identity, the search, the investigator, the study. Our mental mind may be inclined to wander to places it doesn’t normally explore here, or talk about things we normally don’t express.

This delve within is fluid, the water element, and more naturally included to motion and movement because of this similar theme from Neptune/Black Moon/Pallas duo so be aware of this. Intuitively we can make use of this fluid motion if we direct our manifestations with our true desire. The North Node is in Virgo, analyzing and organizing everything into perfect order for clarity of our reality. That right now is the goal for everyone collectively.

Take note of what you find yourself thinking about and release it, heal from it, and let it go. To back this energy up further Proserpino is aligned with Zubeneschamali to encourage more mysterious magnetism in the mental and spiritual realms near the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This may feel like a struggle against the self, but it is actually the dance of transformative development and personal integration that is occurring.

From Lower to Higher Experiences

The worst thing you can do right now is Re-Repress the Emotional Trauma Memories. It’s all coming up from the Root Chakra (Saturn) to be cleared and purged for good, so if emotional things come up then cry about it, process it, call up a friend and let it out. Tell someone, call your counselor, go to NA Meetings. Now is the time to heal these traumas once and for all, or the Shadow will attack and use these as weapons wielded by the divine feminine.

Every cell has memory and they are stored in our body until they are used, released, or expressed. When we hold in our negatively vibrating cells we create stress, disease, and self-made illnesses. If the shadow successfully makes you consciously aware of what the repressed emotions and memories are, then they can be released and the shadow unchained. This is a good thing, as this is the goal of expansion and manifestation, to make new of the old and create via death. Think of the Phoenix, this is the form of Lilith, a divine feminine force and energy of the lower chakras making way to feel in the Heart what is True to it’s Nature.

Vesta is near the South Node of past life, karma, been-there-done-that energy of life that pushes us to face the North. Vesta is here to chase us back to safety like a Shepherd does its sheep. She is the presence of the Priestess of Devotion and she’s in Pisces concerned with unconditional love and acceptance of the mystery. This can be either scary or interesting, the mystery of life.

Vesta is aligned to Fomalhaunt which assists in bringing the material matter into the spiritual matter. Further assisting with our ability to make the past known and become wise of our potential from these lessons learned, and thus transformed.

We are all from somewhere, we’ve all done something for someone

This is what we are reminded of, the Mystery, the Unknown and the Desire for Knowledge and Love. Venus, by the way, is in Scorpio with the Sun and Mercury who are much more inclined to these deeper, mysterious feelings of love and relationships and connections. Backed by the Neptune in Aquarius energy that is leading us into the Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age of humanity, intelligence, and times of transformation.

Ceres in Capricorn aligned to Nunki is challenging the Trio of depth by encouraging the lower chakras to come into the higher chakras. Nunki is encouraging the spiritual mission of philosophical thought, religion, the soul journey, alchemy, science.
Ceres is the Harvest Mother of Nature and she’s encouraged by the creatures, plants, medicine, life, and knowledge for family and production purposes. Challenging the self to explore the Higher Ground and this is very attuned with the Moon of Lyra.

To take what’s in the heart and move it into the mind and made manifest. And to take what spirit encourages from the subconscious and think about it until you feel what is right to you. Then, you act and you achieve your goals. This is the encouragement that these energies combined have to offer.

The best thing you can do today is to honor yourself and your mental awareness by listening to how you feel. Think about how you feel, and then release it. When you receive new thoughts, think of them and then feel them before you decide to take action. This is the conscious process of using the energies of your chakras correctly. This is the kind of inner integration that the Feminine has to offer this week.

What this might mean for our physical bodies has to do with our nervous system and cerebral cortex of our brains. Throughout the week we may physically feel more energy to our Thymus by Friday.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Clear and align your Chakras
❣️ Get some Amathyst for yourself
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❣️ Clear all past karma and trauma that arises from cellular memory
❣️ Try using Frankincense Essential Oil throughout the week


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