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Diamond Heart Path, continued from 11 to 1

Diamond Heart Path, continued from 11 to 1

This is the last day of the super powerful lunar portal within Gemini, meeting up with the North Node Path and the numbers to follow. 12/14/12 or 3 +5 + 3 = 11 and this β™Š is simply the symbol of Gemini, the Twins.

I find it so interesting too to look at || as forming a parallel Pathway. I think this, and Gemini, also indicates that there are always dualistic choices, and there must be, to retain Free Will to Choice. Even those that believe there is none, and lean towards a belief in Fate. We still see that you can follow within the lines of Fate, or you can walk along the edges of one line or the other. You can choose to go forward or backward. And in every path, there is always a crossroads.

I find that Mercury on Wednesday was such a powerful presentation of perfection and the importance of || becoming X.

I’m going to have to ask you to open your mind and heart, to use both your creative intuition and your analytical logic to problem solve your way through love, wisdom, power, and magic.

11 to X

If our bodies were meant to be homolateral in design, they would be and we wouldn’t have two arms, legs, eyes and all the like of what we are in physical form.

Energetically our systems such as the chakra wheels, meridian pathways, nervous system, neurological pathways, and our blood circuits. These are all just a part of a whole, of Mental consciousness. And “they” (nature of duality) all have the same pattern of returning to the whole.

11 becomes an 8 or an X and both are then 1.

Lee Bowden, @luvlifewlee

To explain this further we have to understand the importance of the Logical Left crossing into the Right Pathways and the Reasoning Right crossing into the Left of the Pathways.

We can also say that the Yang and Yin energies must work together to make any change or transformation occur. This is in a polarizing, back and forth, push and pull, attract or to act.

How do we do this?

We walk, run, move, think, feel, and live through the motions of time, space and energy.

Energy Medicine by Dona Eden has a whole section on how to (and why) balance your body’s energies and ensure that the energy pathways are all Crossing Over. You can simply walk in place, crossing your hands over to your knees, Marching Style. Touch hands to needs, crossing. Tie your hands up to the chest. All of these are ways we subconsciously do all the time. You can choose to consciously do this within an energy routine or yoga ritual. Dona Eden has videos on youtube to easily follow for doing the “Cross Crawl”.

More Tips: I find it useful to Ease my Busy Mind by putting two fingers on the opposite temple, and the other hand on the opposite temple point. Holding for a few minutes really helps my Left and Right Hemispheres to Exchange Energetic Information through my fingers, to their original “connection” or frequencies. Because, remember the right operates the left, right?

So when you get a headache and you hold your temples right hand to the right Temple Alarm Point. You’re encouraging the Hemispheres to Cross Over Energy from the Right to the Left and Right to Left. Is that helpful in pain? No probably not, but what if you were trying to think? It would probably help to Transfer Over and maybe even go back and forth. Using the Reasoning and Logic parts of the brain to Problem Solve.

Wait, isn’t this why Nootropics are so popular? Super Brain Powers? What if you just knew how to better manage your energy systems consciously? Oh, and use math and symbols such as 11, 8, and X. Can you feel the use of both your creative and logic mind to figure this out on a deeper level now?

This brings us to the Heart, the One. Ruled by Venus!

Venus is in Sagittarius in alignment with both Saturn and Pluto with an advantage, or benefit, in this transition in time.

We’ve been talking about this all week and it’s really coming home – to the Heart. Our place of love, relationships, unity, community, commitment, compassion, service.

Pluto really does have an in on the Shadow of the Black Moon, and she and Lilith have some Transformational Diamond Development.

I’ve found that once I cleaned out my closet, opened pandora’s box, and faced my fears. I found Freedom, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, and a bunch of Treasure. It was quite the adventure, but well worth the reward.

Sometimes the trauma and pain are the biggest, most transformational lessons. When you survive and thrive in the world, you have strength and wisdom gained from that experience. They may have left, disappeared, befriended the enemy, became independent and thus different. All to say, that it’s okay for things to change, let go and let it change.

In a lot of ways, this releases the bondage and thus the memory. It’s a power that Pluto gives, and right now it’s the Heart’s Reward.

An additional opportunistic sextile to Ceres is ready to harvest that reward in a passionate pursuit.

Vesta is in Aries, opposing Mars. This is kind of funny that our sense of devotion and commitment is unsure about this balance that is happening. Are we sure we want to be more of ourselves? Are we sure we want to be creative… AND logical? lol. I think Vesta is more concerned with these new habits being long-lasting or just temporary because she’s about continuing by faithful and loyal to the cause. She’s opposing the changes this week only to make sure that we are Self Aware, Honest, and Loyal.

Oy, I forgot to mention that Venus is also aligned with Etamin, the Right Eye of the Dragon, the constellation of Draco. Not to be repetitive or anything but in 1130 AD this star was aligned to a temple in City of the Dragon, Thebes. It is 12/13 today.

Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the period of the New Kingdom (c.1570-c.1069 BCE) and became an important center of worship of the god Amun (also known as Amon or Amen, a combination of the earlier gods Atum and Ra). Its sacred name was P-Amen or Pa-Amen meaning “the Abode of Amen”

Thebes Egypt Article: https://www.ancient.eu/Thebes_(Egypt)/

Sidenote: Yesterday we talked about Lumeria, who was of Ra consciousness and the son, Adama. Said to have resided in Telos. Thebes is currently called Thiva, the center of Greece. Still a site of the stories of Cadmus, Oedipus, Dionysus, Heracles, and others

Thebes walked about following a “cow”, or Taurus, and made new cities and formed a new culture for the people.

The veneration of Amun gave rise to the trinity known as the Theban Triad of Amun, Mut, and Khons (also known as Khonsu) who would be worshiped in the city for centuries. Amun represented the sun and the creative force; Mut was his wife symbolized as the sun’s rays and the all-seeing eye; Khons was the moon, son of Amun and Mut, known as Khons the Merciful, destroyer of evil spirits, and god of healing.

Thebes Egypt Article
Flower of Life

Amun is the Sun or Ra of Heart, Mut the Moon, and Khons is Mercury. Simply to explain how they were following the position of the planets/stars of Taurus which is ruled by Venus. The Temple of Karnak of Egypt is the largest Temple on Earth, period. And is ultimately the Temple of Creation, as in Birth and Rebirth, Death and Resurrection, the 3 Phases of the Creative Process for Life. It is possible this was a shift into 4D Reality, an end of an age?

The city declined during the Third Intermediate Period but still was impressive. The continued worship of the popular Amun and the legendary beauty of the city  guaranteed Thebes a special place in the hearts of the Egyptians. 

Thebes Egypt Article

In 666 BCE the Assyrian King destroyed Thebes in battle, bringing an end to the city and its temples.

I’m bringing this up because we are aligned to the Star, the Dragon of the Physical Body, your own Temple. This time and this day, the Heart of Venus will become Alive with this Trinity Again. The Diamond Heart of Creation.

Our Bodies are our Temple, the Beasts are only of our own Creation. Be like Beauty, and find a way to Love without conditions, expectations, resentment, and hostility.

“For the Love of God”, how have we misinterpreted our own life story? Our own Revelation?

It is, of course, a very similar, repeating cycle of life, a story that this Earth as 4.6 Billion old and has gone through 2.09 Million cycles of 2,200 Ages. What that tells me, is that there has been a lot of age, a lot of time, and a lot of end times of revelation and change. It’s simply time for change once again.

We are at the end of an Age. Entering into a Golden Age of Aquarius and like always this ‘time of the great year’ – it’s time for a new level of Awakening. We are now being Born into the 4th Dimension. How do you feel?

It’s also interesting to note that this (Thursday) 12/12/2019 comes down to 333 and 666 came up too, what’s next? 9! 3×3=9 and 6×3=18, 1+8=9. and that my friends is simply Divine Math. To understand this further check out the Vortex, thankfully Tessla was obsessed with the number 3.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:13 PM Seattle WA 12/13/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

Self Healing Tips

PS: In Alchemy, the symbol for Venus is the code for Knowledge. In the Kabala, Knowledge is Daath.

πŸ’Ž Think about it
πŸ’Ž Read all the other posts from this week, starting with Monday
πŸ’Ž Read: Vortex Based Mathematics: Numerically Conceptualizing Reality

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Friday is ruled by Venus. Archangel Anael rules Venus, Libra, and Taurus. Venus rules the Heart Chakra, Thymus, Heart, and Kidney Meridian system. Netzach.

Diamond of Pure Heart & Divine Reason

Diamond of Pure Heart & Divine Reason

Today is a powerful day as it is 12/12/12 (2+0+1+9=12) and we are feeling huge integrations to our chakras through the body, mind, emotions, and soul. The Moon is still at 99% illumination as the Full Moon Effect continues! So I think it’s time we shed some light on the past so that we can see our future better. This is possible because the Veil of Neptune is thin, and the opening of our subconscious at this time (as discussed on Monday here). I hope you come into the day to read this post with an open heart and mind.

Jupiter, the father of growth and expansion, is in Sagittarius – an explorer, hunter, adventurer. A truly neutral sphere, currently still under the influence of Antares.

Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion, of Scorpius. Said to be the ‘Rival of Mars’. This can be seen and felt in a number of ways but today I want to tell you a story without a link, as it only comes from Source.

Some tell of life on Venus and Mars Ages Ago… Venus beings had no thumbs, where Mars beings did – giving them the ability to make tools and use objects. Martians developed an aggressive nature and effectively destroyed themselves and their consciousness was disturbed and troubled. Where Venusian life was more harmonious and their consciousness expanded into forms of empathy and compassion, the cycle of life of animals and plants that feed and grow and expand.

The Law of One channeled material of Ra reveals some insight into life on Venus. This complex consciousness still lives on in our Hearts – more specifically I believe, our Thymus!

Jupiter is likely the parent of these ideas of evolution and expansion. Being that Antares is of the Martian nature, this is interesting considering it’s the “rival to mars”. Indicating maybe the downfall of mars was the use of tools and manipulation or having thumbs to be able to transform the world, and thus the mind and consciousness.

Within this same theme are Atlantis and Mu in the same respect to age and cycle, about 30-50,000 years into a civil cycle of evolution the same challenges occurred. Atlantis wanted to continue expanding consciousness by forcing the beings to accelerate their growth of others to “catch up”. Mu felt that everyone should grow and expand at their own pace. Although this was a highly evolved spiritual society, it didn’t go without Nuclear War. Lemuria was the first to fall into the depths of Gaia, the legend has it that only 1/8 of the population of Mu escaped underground. Where Atlantis fell a short time later as well into the Depths of Consciousness alike.

If you feel at all emotional about these stories, don’t be so surprised at your own Recall of your subconscious memories, the ancient stories revealed only by the Remembrance of the true Self through the Veil. You do not have to believe these stories any more than you believe in your favorite Fairy Tales – the Parabols, Rymes, and Paradoxes of life is what helped to form us into who we are today. This is true on an Evolutional, Generational and Personal level. (Especially after that talk on Wednesday about Mercury and the Tree of Life! This only serves that theme even further! Read it)

And for those of us who are fans of Tool, consider this.

I hope to encourage this thinking applied to your own life and use of your body and mind. Are you manipulating and creating the life you want?

You have the conscious choice to do good with your hands, to create amazing art and give love and compassion. To work hard, build homes, manipulate matter and transform the elements. Yes, you have that much power.

These themes are extremely prevalent in our personal and social culture right now. With how much we are Using from the Earth, and Taking from Each Other. We all need to think about what we are going to allow to take place on our planet, collective conscious, and global relations. With food, technology, weapons, property. And what our mental consciousness feels about money, security, sex, and our relationship with our creatures and planets.

Huge Oppositions to Overcome

The North Node opposes Ceres. The Moon opposes Jupiter. Mars opposes Vesta. Some of these were Squares earlier in the week and are now completely opposing sides, coming into Balance or Battle.

πŸ’Ž Achievements find Purpose.
πŸ’Ž The Vision finds Growth.
πŸ’Ž Will finds Devotion.

< The Diamond Effect >

One side of the diamond consists of the Node (Path to Purpose) squaring Juno (Mature Feminine), which is squaring Saturn (Responsibility to Life).

The other side of the diamond consists of (very close to Saturn) Jupiter squared to Chiron (the Key), squaring the Moon (Emotions and Third Eye Vision, which is very close to the Node).

To translate this we will need to find a purpose for our magnetism in a responsible way. Meaning, we must know the Reason we are Receiving our Reality.

Understanding how our Thoughts in our Mental Mind, affect how we Feel and Creates our Perception. What we perceive is a reflection of how we are feeling, and thus how we Logically Think. So we’re really influenced know and understand this in our own lives on all levels.

The other side of this is finding the Key to Personal Growth by following your own Dream. Seeing what it is you want and doing whatever extra work you have to eventually achieve that goal, that life that you want for yourself.

Putting these two together can be really hard, and that’s the truth behind today’s Diamond Square at the end of this Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/12 today. This is what the elemental air force of nature is trying to bring into harmony.

Mar’s efforts in Libra to Balance our Lives is by Aligning our Chakras, from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top!

From the Root (Saturn) Chakra (1) to the Heart (Venus) Chakra (4) to Transformation (Pluto) Soul Chakra (8).

As well as the polarization effect of the Air Trinity: North Node (Head) to the Solar Plexus (Mars) Chakra (3) to the Subconscious Veil (Neptune) or South. We need to know that we are Grounded in our Physical Reality and Connected to our Spirit/Source Above and Outside of ourselves.

For those of you who are following through this portal this week, good for you because it means complete chakra alignment. Opening both your Yang (Masculine) to Go, Give, Do, Take Action with full Vitality! And your Yin (Feminine) to Recieve, Hold, Care, and Nurture with full Compassion!

Considering Juno is in Virgo, (wife of Jupiter) and the true mature feminine is making a sextile to Pallas the immature feminine. We can really use our Emotions, Movement, Magnetism, Attractive Beauty, and Empathy to truly Heal all of our Yin. This is truly the key to using all Electric Energy of the Masculine.

If Yang is unmotived to act, it is a detriment to the Yin’s ability to attract, create, and manifest. Working this out within is really the challenge of pulling these energies together, back to Center. You can do this on your own or with the help and guidance of a true Masculine/Feminine partner with unconditional love and forgiveness.

This is a truly exciting transition for anyone that is dancing in tune with the natural rhythm of the Universe on Gaia.

I’ll close in Thanks to my own Masculines that surround me in my life, for forgiving and loving me through the dark and the light of all life. And, for teaching me my own understanding of Daath through Love of Knowledge. πŸŒ“ I have always been a daddy’s girl too, so a to be as blessed as I am to be a mother with a father for my daughter. Let the circle of Life continue. Thanks for reading & I love you All ❣️

Self Healing Tips

πŸ’Ž Think about how you Feel
πŸ’Ž Feel your Thoughts
πŸ’Ž Balance all of your Chakra Vortex – Give Out and Receive In
πŸ’Ž Meditation of Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Memory

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/12/19Β with help fromΒ AstrologyKing.comΒ for Astrology of the Stars

In this 12/13/19 Science coverage, we can see some new intel about Mars – it used to be like Earth, and how we’re still affected by it now even – watch for the Hexagon. Gotta love science!!

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the Father of Infinite Expansion, Growth, and Development. I like to also include Juno, Jupiters Wife, as the mature feminine. I like to focus on this energy with respect to Personal Development, Family, Fortune, Nature, and Collective Conscious Expansion. Jupiter rules the transformational and sacred Sacral Chakra. Chesed

Truth of the Heart and the Souls Evolution

Truth of the Heart and the Souls Evolution

Venus is always being pursued by the efforts of Mars. He is at 11 and she is at 20 degrees Virgo. Venus is in alignment with Denebolo which is near both Arcturus and Spica. This influence is in the judgement of the elements, the tail of the Lion allowing him to keep balance in the hunt and eat, or loose concentration by distraction and go hungry. With Jupiter in the heart of Leo right now we should be careful to listen to our true Heart.

As we know now, the Heart is a thinking and feeling center all it’s own with its own electrical system. This system includes the higher heart, Thymus as well as our lungs taking in air. Right now we are being grounded by the Earth’s magnetic influence and electric radiation every moment. Soon this will charge through us with new understanding as our Higher Chakras are energized and cleared. This is a good time to consider making an effort to ditch addictions once and for all and do a good detox!

This is a difficult process for us emotionally because we’re not used to opening up to other people and admitting that we need help to progress through life. We want to be independent and do it all by ourselves.

When faced with the Truth it’s often hard to swallow our own pride, and see things for what they are and always have been. Especially when they have been so buried and unclear for so long now.

The importance of Letting Go of What We Think We Know is important so that we can allow our consciousness to grow so that we can come to Know and Understand our own Truth in our own life. Truth is of a wide variety, so let’s be careful not to push and pull other people’s ideas and thoughts. It’s hard enough to come to our own understanding without feeling the pressure of having to take on responsibility for everyone’s understanding. What you can do is be unconditional, meaning that you don’t force or influence change that is not for the greater good of everyone including yourself. Let people make mistakes and avoid making them yourself, setting an example says more than your spoken (or written) words.

Hades is in Cancer with alignment to Tejat, which is actually part of the Gemini constellation. This is the last bit of coming into balanced awareness of both the logic and the creative, the left and the right. All of the opposites being in harmony with each other instead of opposition. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It is all a mix of mediums that makes up a whole. It is only what you perceive to be that is and we are reminded of this by Hades who insists on useful information, visualization, and following the Heart.

Physical Alchemy Effects

Tejat rules the center of the chest and Thymus. Completing this week we should have new Higher Heart activations of this new Chakra Center with the help of the lower and higher chakras being able to flow through the body.

The moon is aligned with Uranus in Pisces at 22% illumination during this Waning Cresent phase. We may feel the emotional Surrender into a full Release of old control programs we’ve placed on our Heart and Mind.

  • Activations in the Root Chakra are rising potential through cellular memory releases
  • Sacral Jupiter is in primal nature to create and inspired to make new from the old
  • Solar Plexus activations from Mars in Virgo is analyzing the deep wisdom from the Higher Chakras
  • Heart Center Chakras are growing and increases as the Thymus is being energized from the nervous center and spiritual endeavors
  • Third Eye is being cleared and cleansed by pure intention and the willingness to align with the Truth
  • Taking care of the physical body at this time will help clear the Temple for what becomes present from the Crown and Earth Chakras
The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

Jupiter is expanding within the firey spirit of Leo. Supporting the efforts discussed Tuesday, he’s reaching over to Mars and Pluto offering expansion and explosive power to overcome and manifest new ideas and solutions to these problems of authority and power. Leo is ruled by the Sun who is searching in Scorpio secrets.

Pluto is aligned with Sabik and prone to the magnetic powers of attraction to excess and therefore deprivation. The tendency to overdo will be majestic when concerning ourselves with Leo, the true King of the cosmic intelligence. Prone to the pride of our ego, we should be careful with Jupiter here to not go over-board to a degree of obsession or carelessness of others and their journeys. No one has everyone else figured out, it’s about working together for the benefits that survival, life, beauty, and friendship has to offer us in this world today.

This is actually an excellent day for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. These forces can be overwhelming blessings when we have done the healing and cleaning in our own Temple.

Jupiter‘s other half, his wife Juno is having a ‘girl day’ with Venus in Virgo today. True happiness is on the mind of many and it’s for pure honesty and integrity this time around. Whether you are in search of a partner, in the midst of many partners, or in a partnership – it’s being challenged to prove itself with honest care and commitment. Such a demand for us to be ourselves in orientation with the world at large.

I know in my own life, I’m struggling to have a social life and care for others in my life as much as I do my husband and child. It’s not easy to balance with what I have, so the only answers are to let the Heart forever Expand with Unconditional Love for All as it is.

Anael’s Star Arcturus – A Helping Hand from On High

When we touch on this perspective I think of Arcturus which is actually ruled by Archangel Anael of Venus, the Higher Heart or Thylumus. They are very concerned with global consciousness expansion and unconditional love and acceptance. With the support that intelligent technology and communication can offer and I must agree! We are more educated by being able to communicate and learn from each other, our thoughts and integration are moving so much quicker when we can work together. This has a lot to do with the movements of the Moon at she approaches Acturus she will cross Juno in the pursuit of this deep understanding hidden within.

We should wake up feeling either uplifted with this Higher Understanding as we feel the Moons illumination at 30% Waning Cresent Approaches. We feel Protected in this phase before we Resist the inevitable feelings of Surrender to the Unknown Adventure of Experience we call Life Unfolds.

This has some resistance and opposition from Vesta who occupies the past in the South Node. As well as the healing offer by Chiron that may be prone to dive too deeply and forget to come up for air.

Resisting the Oncoming Storm

Juno is also opposing change from Uranus in Pisces that is encouraging this transformation in the water elements. We sure are seeing a lot of wet, cold, climate changes across the entire globe and it’s no wonder while Uranus is here!

One fish is verticle, the other horizontal and this has the Cross written all over it as Jesus portrayed the Age of Pisces of influence for Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. We would be right to take these lessons into consideration – he was after all a wander, a healer, a Dirty Street Kid.

Today is a time to digest and create from what you have learned. Hone this into your projects and creations. Make something of your suffering and inspire others to express themselves as equals. These acts of kindness will help the shadow self’s chains to loosen and the control of the ego to lessen. Allowing the healing to take place as intended.

Opening the Heart Chakra for Clarity and Better Relationships

Opening the Heart Chakra for Clarity and Better Relationships

Our friend Venus is sitting in Scorpio still wanting to feel deeply connected to the fluid feelings that create motion. The world is always in motion, and so is the forces that move you into each new moment.


Atraction Bracelet by Energy Muse
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Venus is aligned (or conjunct) with Jupiter so we have this great aspect of growth to the Heart Chakra that is really expanding our ability to attract and give love. It gets interesting when you look at Venus squaring Neptune in Aquarius because this energy is about connecting with other people and a sense of equality. Neptune is in harmony to several planets today! Mercury and the Sun in Libra, as well as Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius,Β  aligned to the Galactic Center. So it’s really possible that a good majority of us are able to see, think, and understand more about ourselves and other people in our life.

Able to connect, understand and relate to each other in new ways. It’s a great time to emotionally explain our situations. As well as to embrace each other with unconditional love. Without judgment, past resentments, and old beliefs.

With the Moon passing over the North Node in Gemini we can bet that we are going to feel like we are coming to understand both sides of every situation. We know that we have multidimensional self-image and identity, so we can open up to understanding the complexity of other people too. It’s not about comparing, it’s about assisting and collaborating to create the reality, the environment, the product of each moment and what it means to us within the moment.

If I was to offer a healing recommendation it would be to celebrate the beauty of Relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic, friendship, family bonds, or fellow peers. Whoever is influencing you to have a better day is someone to be grateful for. Be that someone – that someone else – is grateful for today. Intentionally love unconditionally in every opportunity. It’s amazing what love can do when you do it without judgment.

As of November, I am using Sidereal Astrology from Astrotheme.com for these daily Univeral Astrology Horoscopes for everyone. The chart is of 11/15/19 at 12 PM Pacific based in Monroe, Washington USA. Based on your time/location you may be a day ahead or behind in daily Astrology as Alchemy posts.Β 


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Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart

Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart

Every heavy heart has a fear of being abandoned or left behind. These are related to issues of abuse of any kind, including neglect. Every day we see relationships come together and fall apart, and this creates a lot of guard, resentment, and suppressed emotions. I am suggesting that Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Lavender Essential Oil may be able to help you heal from neglect, abuse, or other trauma.