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Associations of Universal Astrology & Alchemy

In this post, I am going to describe the elements in a way that anyone can understand them universally. By applying both the classic elements, scientific elements, and how they apply to us physically, mentally and spiritually all at once. Much of this post is based upon my own understanding of Hermetics and mystical Alchemy with a bit of a modern and quantum level of understanding. Applied to each of our own mental health and emotional hearts, I hope to encourage you to consider your own body, mind, and soul in these ways. I will expand on this post over time and reference it frequently as a baseline, feel free to Bookmark and Share as a reference!

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Chakra Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve

Chakra Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve

To satisfy the Chakras and the Planetary Rulers assigned to them, we can look to the archetypes of the zodiac for guidance. Not to be taken too literally, Alchemy has some interesting points to governing our body’s rhythms, cycles, and organic pursuits to live a healthy life of vitality. When concerned with our physical wellbeing, we must consider the elements of emotion, thought through energy and consciousness.

May you engage in your subconscious understanding of the ancient archetypes, spirits, and angels, known to you through zodiac symbolism, association, and source while you read for full understanding.

This post is my own attempt to explain the energy of the human body for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. You can view the Correspondence Used in this post, in full, in the Self Healing and Spiritual Health Databases here.

NameElement / ForceKeywordsRulerHouse +/-
Mars1 Yang
Venus2 Yin
Mercury3 Yang
Moon4 Yin
Sun5 Yang
Mercury6 Yin
Venus7 Yang
Pluto8 Yin
Jupiter9 Yang
Saturn10 Yin
Uranus11 Yang
Neptune12 Yin

Cardinal is a leader, initiator and action taker but has poor follow-through. Fixed is stubborn yet stable. Mutable is flexible and distracted.

Image: Read about Biological Resonance from weare1.us
From left to right, bottom to top: Fig 1 is Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer (water). Fig 2 is Sagittarius, Leo, Aries (fire). Fig 3 Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus (earth). Fig 4 Aquarius, Libra, Gemini (air)

Saturn, Ruler of the Muladhara Chakra

Rulers of Saturn are Archangel Cassiel, Ruler of the Seventh Heaven ” Encircled by fire, is surrounded by the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ofanim”, & the Devoted Archangel Jophiel ~ Lessons of Binah

I’ve found that satisfying the Root Chakra of Saturn means balancing the Capricorn and Aquarius energies within your body. Indicated on the middle finger of Space as the Finger of Saturn. Finding ways to balance the Air and Earth in your life brings harmony to the needs of the Root Chakra of Survival. This makes literal sense as well, as we must breathe, eat, and drink. Much of the energy that we receive comes through our feet, directly from the connection to Mother Earth.

Your Body is a Temple, restored and rebuilt by what we eat, drink and breathe. Saturn limits what we do and what we think by means of preservation and survival. The strict need to be responsible to our needs is Governed by the need to Live.

May we limit the control that stress has on our own Temple, and aim to restore the spiritual roots of Self. By negotiation, you might instead clear your life of negative stresses that bog down your world and instead, focus on the things that make you feel the Capricorn’s Drive to Climb, and the Aquarius’s Will to Serve.

How do you negotiate regeneration in your own Body, or “Temple”?

  1. Sit up straight, relax your hands, feet, then face
  2. Close your eyes, or relax your muscles and speak the word “Temple” out loud
  3. Feel your bodies response, relax into the energy and listen to the rhythms
  4. Find the rhythm of your pulse, heartbeat
  5. Find the spark of energy and nervous system
  6. Then the still more subtle, synergy of cellular activity as you go deeper within the micro-world of your body
  7. Tell these cells to regenerate, detoxify and cleanse, to create more T cells.
  8. Use your heart to send out love to the body, and your body will produce a response of pleasure and production.
  9. You may notice the effects of this communication for minutes, hours, or days as your body begins to regenerate and heal on a cellular level.

These are the necessary components to survival, thus your Root Chakra: Eat, Sleep, Drink and Breathe Well, With the Will to Serve and Love Others Unconditionally. Your body follows your lead, you can do that consciously or unconsciously. It is simply your choice.

Jupiter, Ruler of the Svadisthana Chakra

Planetary Rulers of Jupiter: Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration Archangel Sachiel, Ruler of the ‘golden’ Sixth Heaven & Joyous Archangel Anael, Ruler of the Second Heaven “composed of Water & Fire” – Lessons of Chesed

The Sacral Chakra of Jupiter, needs the flow of Pisces and Sagittarius, of Water and Fire, to work together instead of fight each other off. Not always the easiest to Balance the forces of Creation. As we can see from the Finger of Jupiter, Air. As discussed in the Sacred Sacral Chakra post, this is very entangled with the need to Create New, truly an area of life that demands Change and Transformation.

This area of the body has a lot to do with Digestion and Waste Removal, which makes literal sense as well as we take in (from below) and process this (above) to Create or Remove anything in our lives. The goal is usually to neutralize, blend, and transform.

Mars, Ruler of the Manipura Chakra

Planetary Ruler of Mars: Warrior Archangel Camael, of the Seraphim Order ~ Lessons of Geburah

The Solar Chakra of Will, ruled by Mars demands a sense of Freedom and Honor. The energies of Aries (the first in line) can be seen as the split of our Right and Left Brain Hemispheres, the battle of the Ego self and the Other selves. If we are spiritually active, then this becomes an easy bridge to cross using Logic and Reason together to solve problems. Some people, don’t actively use their Crown Chakra though. This is further complicated by the Sexual Needs and Desires of Scorpio, ruling the sex organs and sex drive. This is an intricate and delicate dance between Interactions Spirituality and Sexuality, concerns with the social nature of life in action.

Usually, it is a soul struggle to calm the needs of our Solar Chakra and spend a good portion of our lives bound by the lower chakra energy because of this. Never getting to the New Ideas of Aries from the Higher Chakras. In other words, the needs from below are never understood by the needs from above. Making this one of the most difficult chakras to Balance, suffocating our energy of related meridians and systems.

Self Healing Tips

Consider Bonding your Solar Plexus of Mars (Will) to your Crown of the Sun (Spirit) by Balancing the Chakras together, and connecting your hands to them in meditation.

“Connecting Heaven and Earth” and “the Hookup” exercises by Dona Eden (her channel here) in the book Energy Medicine – These exercises connect the right energy systems to help with this.

Carrying Amethyst will also help with this conscious effort to connect within.

Venus, Ruler of the Anahata Chakra

Planetary Ruler of Venus: Archangel Anael, The Second Heaven of Prayers from both heaven and hell – Lessons of Netzach

Mars is always “chasing after” Venus, which makes sense to our Heart Chakra, ruled by Venus. Libra of Air and Taurus of Earth, instills that we must love unconditionally or we risk being judgemental and unaccepting of ourselves and others in our life. Our Heart Thinks for Itself, single thoughts, not divided by the brain such as the Solar Chakra. We can see that Libra energy resides in the higher Solar, lower Heart area. It is here that we can make Heart-Based Decisions, and pull ourselves up and into action to Serve Others and Ourselves in the Strength of the Bull, Taurus. Which rules our entire area of the Chest. Acting as the Field of Peaceful Love and Acceptance, or the Battle Field of Riding the Bull within.

Most don’t know the depth of the heart and the meaning behind Venus. With any study of the Qabalah, the Sephira Spheres offer us some insight into the Truth of the Heart. Venus is the symbol of Knowledge, a combination of Wisdom and Understanding, Daath. You can not love what you do not Know, you can’t understand what you do not know. And thus, the constant conundrum of the Heart lays in the pursuit of Knowledge. (THIS is what Mars is actually chasing! Thy Will to know thy Self.)

Mercury, Ruler of the Visuddha Chakra

Archangel Raphael, Ruler of the Second and Third Heavens, and the Archangels ThemselvesThe Third Heaven has many associations including The Abyss, the Tree of Life, The Trunk of the Tree, the Garden of Eden, among others ~ Lessons of Hod

The Throat Chakra of Mercury is as highly complex as Hermes, Enoch, and Thoth All suggest. The Left Brain crosses in the neck and operates the Right side of the body. The Right Brain crosses and operates the Left side of the body. This twist of energy can get confused, and thus the struggle to Express through our Words, or Logos is complicated by Gemini and Virgo. These are probably, the most misunderstood of all signs, go figure!

Gemini embodies the energy of the Twins, Castor and Pollux, running through each side of the body as it divides as an equal mirror. One Twin is mortal (logic), the other immortal (reason). Neither is right or wrong, good or bad. They each have their own skills, rewards, and fates met by their actions of both light and dark. Representing the duality, the Pillars, and structure. This Air sign is one of Communication, Effort, and Stability in any creative structure or building – in this case, the body as a separated whole! Virgo is one of analysis. organization and perfection. She is often described as the Virgo, Mother Mary, as the pure vessel of earthly perfection. The constellation is regarded with agriculture, development, and long term efforts to wield results and success earned with hard work and faith. Thankfully, this energy resides within the Solar Plexus Chakra of the body, feeding the higher need for balancing the duality of the physical bodies’ needs, desires, and demands. Balancing the world of Air and Earth requires patience, intelligence, and devoted efforts to the self, and the world made manifest, in the mental and spiritual fulfillment in every moment – no easy feat I know. But at least now you know too!

Moon, Ruler of the Anja Chakras

Ruler of the Moon is Archangel Gabriel, Ruler of the First Heaven, of Water and Air, and the Fifth Heaven of Watchers, a Prince of Cherubim ~ Lessons of Yesod

The Third Eye is probably the most complicated of all the Chakras. In my study, there are at least 7 Principles of our Mind that could be considered Chakras – All relating to the Third Eye Chakra of the Moon and the Crown Chakra of the Sun. These energies of the Higher Chakras work in an effort to combine Cancer (water) and Leo (fire).

The flow of our fluids, energy, and subtle bodies are working in flux with the mental and spiritual aspects of life, self, and environmental perceptions. This takes place in the Higher Heart, or Thymus Chakra area, above what we feel there is Wisdom. Below what we think, there is Understanding.

And this is the struggle of the Heart mentioned earlier.

Sun, Ruler of the Sahasrara Chakra

Ruler of the Sun is Archangel Michael, Ruler of Fourth Heaven, and the Order of Seraphim – Lessons of Kether

A lot of the time, even if we receive the signals of Water (Mother) and Fire (Father), we may not be able to fully use and understand them. This is simply why living some form of spiritual receptivity is important to the entire body, of the organs, heart, and mind as a Whole.

Governed by our spiritual knowledge of energy, mind, feelings, and activities as we perceive our experiences in life.

In combination with the worldly life of an earthly human individual, we also exist to a universal collective conscious complex of spiritual manifestation of source creation.

Why does it matter to me?

What we see is what we get.
But what we see is based on what we know.
What we don’t know, we can’t understand.

Mine experience of Daath

In relevance to the topic of energy, we can attune the Spiritual Masculine to Electric Energy, in action to Create – Yang. The Spiritual Feminine to the Magnetic Energy, to manifest and Attract – Yin. The synchronicity of life is given and taken, but always in Motion. Contrary to some modern new-age ideas, you are a Whole, a complete and perfect being of Self, as is.

May the influence of another’s field act as an amplification to your own vital energies.

What Qi are you keeping and what are Ki you giving away?

“The body is made up of many chakras that parallel the Meridian paths flowing through the body. The seven main Chakras are connected by three major Nadis located parallel one another. The degree of Chakra and Meridian activity in a person’s body is dependent on the person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of health.
If a Chakra is damaged or blocked, it hampers the flow of Qi/Ki that is channelized into the body through the Meridians. If the Meridians have blockage or low Qi/Ki flow, one cannot be in an optimum healthy state of being. When the Qi/Ki flow is not free flowing and healthy, there is a condition of imbalance in one of the four aspects in the state of being healthy. Balance is maintained when the flow of Qi/Ki is free and strong. When it is weak or blocked; illness and imbalances occur. This is when we find unhealthiness in mind, body or spirit because of a blockage into one of these two areas.”

Reiki Rays, How the Meridians and Chakras Work Together? (new window)

Navigating the Pathways of Life’s Currents

Simply the best way I have found to navigate the true healing and vitality of the Chakras has been the Qabalah.

If we place our own bodies to align with this image we find ourselves in a unique understanding of what it takes to Balance our Chakras and Energies, as well as our Life.

We must make the rounds through Yin and Yang, from Top to Bottom, and Left to Right.

The lessons of the Qabalah give us a spiritual base to work on our mental, emotional and physical lives. In benefit of course, to Love, Happiness, and Health as a result.

Remember, “Chakra” is the Sanskrit word for Wheel

The Chakras are each a vortex that takes in and gives out energy and information.

The chakras are major energy centers in the body. They are the body’s energy “organs”. They transmit and receive large amounts of energy and information to and from our environment. The chakras also send information within the body through the meridian system. They spin in a vortex or funnel shape, with the center of the funnel connecting at the spine.

– ReikiRays, Chakras

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

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Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, by Dona Eden (View On Amazon)

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

Take the Free MindVally class with Dona Eden here – loads of amazing content and introduction.

Truly the book and her Youtube Channel are a quick way to get in touch with the science and understanding of what this means for your health, life, and wellbeing.

Solar Plexus Chakra Alchemy of the Body

Solar Plexus Chakra Alchemy of the Body

Today I want to focus on the actual processes and relations between the body of the Solar Plexus Chakra area. I will review the body organs, and meridians that energetically affect this Manipura Chakra of Will, Identity, and Self Realization. 

The World Is Mental, but Man is Bound to the Physical

The World Is Mental, but Man is Bound to the Physical

“Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical.” – John Whitman Ray


This is a quote found in a book called Body Electronics by Douglas Morrison, who worked under John W. Ray. He taught and healed under the discoveries of his time and study, within the I AM Movement.

I find Energy Medicine extremely interesting in relation to both Hermetics and Gnostic teaching. (Please review the Sources at the bottom of this post for more information). As well as the Law of One channeled material from Ra. It wasn’t really until I started understanding my own inner world that I was able to know how it related to my interests in Psychology and the Body-Mind.

When I started to dream again I was excited because I have been so out of touch with myself. When I began to breach my unconscious intuition and visions. I really started to wonder who else I could look to. How can I tell the difference between the imaginary and the inner reality inside my own mental world? Not wanting to look crazy, I took up psychology again in light of energy and emotional science.

I found a book called Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth, which is based on the work of Carl Jung. I have always preferred his side of things, and the idea of Archetypes. Since I have studied and followed Astrology for 14 years, I have come to know and explore the archetypes and see them in others easily. I attune to people’s energy (as an empath) and to a detriment – within myself. I have been able to recognize how I embody nearly all of the archetypes.


Dark Night of the Soul: Am I Crazy?

Protection Bracelet from Energy Muse $23
Protection Bracelet from Energy Muse

In fact, several months before my awakening and DKOTS, I actually called Vicky and showed her a list of my Personality Types in 2018. I asked, “Am I crazy? Bipolar? What is this?” As she has worked in the medical field and in hospitals, she assured me as a new mother and passionate person, that this was natural. And the fact that I’m realizing these different qualities is actually quite healthy as I persued interests in Mindfulness and Organization. Remember how this all started with me purging my belongings, and folding some clothes?

About a month into my healing mission I was able to begin to face my Shadow and slay some of my own inner demons. I really had to face some hard truth, and escape and release some haunting memories and visions from my past. Turns out my practice in cutting cords, and going back in time to forgive memories, was my key out of the shadowy realms of the deep Abyss. (Note: not all “awakenings” are as troubling). And thankfully, some love and acceptance from some key players in my life. Yet again, I am alive.


About 11 days of darkness and this is what I learned of my “crazy” (aka Depression/Repression + Anxiety + Stress), science says:

  • I found that the scientific term for a Dark Knight of the Soul experience (DKOTS) was an Existential Crisis.
  • I learned that I wasn’t a liar or manipulator, but accepted and forgive my Confabulations (the actual term for what I was actually doing psychologically that had direct implications to my health, thus the healing from the experience was recovery from this). To instigate this was using Essential Oils to release the emotions of Lies, Control, and Fuck You – watch the Vlog story here
  • And finally, that the Dragon Spirit within was my Kundalini energy rising up and activating my higher chakras. This is a physical sensation as well as a mental shift into a more aligned state of Being. It is rather instant and spontaneous, (like LSD rising in the spine! More on this: All drugs that influence us must have a Natural Receptor to attach into. This means that our bodies must be capable of producing a natural drug for the use of the receptor that is available. This is how drugs that Block Receptors for Recovering Addicts Work. It implies that the Receptors are Full and cannot produce any more of that natural or unnatural drug tolerance. I have in my past years (many ago while traveling as a nomad) experienced a number of energetic influences and am mindful of the way my body feels, and reacts to the energy around me – and inside me.
  • Later I would also understand the Qabala and the separation of the Abyss. With an extreme, in-depth interest to understanding this – with meditation of sacred geometry, DNA activations with sound, and esoteric alchemy – I began to build the bridge of the Heart Chakra. Allowing the Lower Decidan cross into the Upper Decidan. Allowing better communication within the body, mind, soul and source. (To understand this better you can read the Chakra Posts listed at the bottom of this post.)


These realms are as real to me as this reality. The world is a conscious one.

Escaping my own inner version of darkness was the deepest layers of my Root Chakra being shed, the shackles that bound me being broken as I arose to the surface. My subconscious motives, understanding, stories, and memories revealed. This lead to energy rising and connecting with my Sacral and Solar Chakras. Up through my Heart and into the Upper Chakras to open them. As I worked within my mind and body daily, I have been able to awaken and energize all of my chakras and my mission now is to balance out these energies so that I’m not too far in the sky, or so grounded that I fall asleep.

I can’t explain to you how much of my own memories have returned. How my neuro-network has rebuilt in such a way brilliant way in the last few months. I am much more intelligent, focused, attentive, caring, and motivated. Straight up, my brain is working better.


“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
— The Kybalion.


I tell you this experience now because I think it’s relevant to understanding your own Solar Plexus in terms of identity, power, and presence. Each of us will go through our own experiences of life and the undeniable synchronicity of the patterns and programs in your life become seen. Not one of us shares the same path, the same presence, or the same inner world. Though we are all very entangled to each other in the micro-world and entangled with everything macro. Understanding someone else’s experience won’t give you any answers to your own truth or knowledge. But I hope that it encourages you in a way that you Know You Can Do It Yourself. That you already have all your own answers.

The problem is, most of us aren’t asking ourselves questions.


In other words, most of us are still bound to the physical world.




Recommended Reading

Body Electronics by Douglas Morrison, 1993 | BUY https://amzn.to/2olW1nB

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden | BUY https://amzn.to/2XmP990

Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth by by Robert A. Johnson | BUY https://amzn.to/2O3IGLh

Emerald Tablets of Thoth | READ https://www.sacred-texts.com/alc/emerald.htm

Kybalion | PDF http://www.kybalion.org/kybalion.php

Law of One | https://www.lawofone.info/

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon, so if you buy these books I would get a small commission for it. Thanks! 


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Expansive Jupiter Rules the Sacral Chakra

Expansive Jupiter Rules the Sacral Chakra

I’m going to relate the Sacral Chakra (energy medicine) to the Elemental framework (science) of our Universe (astrology) so that you can see just how far the influences of energy are within (micro) and outside (macro) of the body. These are environmental influences from your surroundings, culture, imagination, and mystic awareness, to the subconscious influences on us and in our bodies and minds. How you perceive your outside world is based upon your inner conceptions, design, and beliefs. Internally with your thoughts and emotions over the experiences of time. 



Expansive Jupiter Rules the Sacral Chakra

Jupiter is the planet of Growth, Learning, Expanding and Good Fortune for the future. Always encouraging reward for forwarding progress. This energy is uplifting and forgiving, flexible, easily cut through. Jupiter is for the betterment of what is to come next, from the growth and expression of embracing the new or changing the old. The planet itself is gassy, massive, and forever changing in form and structure. In and of itself this planet it is flexible and forever changing.

The Tarot cards for Jupiter are the Wheel of Fortune (card 10 in major arcana tarot), and/or the Hierophant (card 5 in major arcana tarot). Interestingly enough Jupiter is actually the 5th planet from the Sun.

In numerology, the number 5 is usually described as Creation! Creative drive challenges us and our struggles with self-conflict. The number Five is (usually) more chaotic and mystic than structured or organized. The star is the symbol of the number 5. In most occult religions, symbols, and texts that have to do with Creation, Death, or Destruction there can be found the symbol of the star. This is also the “design” that the moon makes if you take the points of its orbit over time, it has 5 points because of the earth’s wobble. The moon and its cycles heavily influence our emotions and hormones, which regulate our body in the form of feelings, and eventually thoughts. We’ll see how this relates further into Astrology, Alchemy, and Science.

The signs associated with the Sacral Chakra of Jupiter is Sagittarius (Related Archetypes: The Philosopher, Explorer, Wise Teacher). And Pisces (Related Archetypes: The Compassionate, Mystic, Dreamer). The personality of these signs are similar in some ways in that they are playful signs, adventurous, carefree and enjoy a good time. They are a beautiful combination of Fire and Water elements as well as the Masculine and Feminine energies. Forever friends, the Sagittarius and the Pisces.

The Tarot card for Sagittarius is Temperance, which signifies the balance and harmony of life and it’s duality. Temperance is the 14th card, which comes to another 5. Pisces is Tarot card is the Moon (card 18), this personality is the biggest dreamer of all the signs at the end of the zodiac and rules the 12th house (the death before the rebirth into 1st house)!

This leads us into the more spiritual aspect of our energetic natural bodies and our beliefs…


Sacral Healing with the Help of Jupiter

When I began this healing journey I had some darker aspects of my psychic awareness unfold before me in a very strange way. For a time I felt overwhelmed in a dark place, tapping into layers of my subconscious I had long forgotten. Aspects of my childhood seemed ‘unreal’ as I remembered my dreams, visions, and mental disassociation when I was in adolescence.

As I worked through my Root Chakra healing I recovered a huge array of feelings, thoughts, memories, visions, fantasies, dreams, and associations. It took me over a month of intense personal and relationship deliberation, discernment and mindful awareness. At times I would drift in and out of these fantasies as the characters of my inner subconscious layers revealed themselves again from my past.

I began to accept these new aspects of my inner world and realize the synchronicity between them. In both my current reality and outer world life and environment. Within my understanding of Esoteric teachings, Theology, Philosophy, Religions and various other ancient teachings of a large variety- I continued to really struggle with duality.

Raised Christian under the belief of God, installments of the belief in the angles and the demons. The God, the Devil, and all the world’s Creatures (and spirits) are presented in the form of duality here on Earth in a 3D reality. That of the feminine and masculine, good and bad, right and wrong, left and right, logic and imagined. Not to mention the mirrored structure of our bodies. It was a constant battle within my mind and body, which means that I was seeing the world too black and white. What’s a world without color? What is a mind without understanding?

Watch Vlog: My short, sweet, admittance to my own spirituality currently…

As I began to seek out positive solutions for my mental health, I struggled with the thoughts of Darkness. Within the exploration of one’s past, comes the hauntings and worries of your varied paths to fortune.

I realize that the process of emotional wellness in relation to physical and mental health is a spiritual influence on the condition of your soul within this life.
Read this however suits you, take it or leave it: I think there is a link to health and vitality within the balance of body, mind, and soul. That the thread between that is the spirit, life force, by due process of nature, energy, and connection. This is essentially ruled physically as our skin separating the “within us” from the “outside of us”. The skin is interesting ruled by Saturn, the planet of Authority, Responsibility and Time. (Saturn rules the Root Chakra of Survival, Singularity, and the Force of Life.)

I find the title to my post for the Root Charka: The Red Dirt Road is interesting when you consider the idea of “The Hero’s Journey”. One must go through unimaginable trouble to get to his destiny. Other stories related to this would be The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, and even the Sword In the Stone. Within one’s destiny (or fate?), there are a variety of ways to achieve what you want in life. To Go Home, to Join the Force, to Command Your Life, to Rejoin or find a Lover, or Save the World. If you truly desire this within your life then you indeed are on a path of purpose within yourself, your energy, your emotions. I have a sense that the Spirit, expressed through intuition and will, are the product of your need for survival (root, prana, or qi, life force). The desire to create (sacral, jing, creative force), is the grand combination that propels you forward in your life as you grow.

When considering the health of your Sacral Chakra, you will find yourself in the mists of chaotic battles within yourself. The battles of the angles and demons within your mind, arguing about what you should or shouldn’t do in your life.



Why do we argue with ourselves?

Most of the time it’s because we want something, we think or are told, that we can’t have it for some relatable, emotional reason. We struggle to achieve that which we want while abiding to other’s emotions and reasoning. Or we struggle to let go of that want, usually for the sacrifice of what someone else wants. The struggle to emerge from the battle is won within the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the 3rd chakra, which is the home of the ego, will, and choices-already-made, morals, and experiences. This chakra’s energy is moving up and away from the care of survival alone and into a place of self-trust and confidence of what you are Creating for Yourself with your Sacral chakra.

Before we go too far into the complexity of identity, ego, self, and sacrifice we must look down, back, and into our past to reconcile with our needs and wants. If we know what we need to survive then we can accurately prepare ourselves for health and wellness and avoid danger. Which means if we know what we want then we can accurately prepare ourselves with the tools, skills, and abilities we need to accurately create our masterpiece in life. Alternatively, if we do not have the will to accomplish these things then our bodies suffer the consequences of this until we return ourselves to health.

Returning yourself back to health and wellness is first admitting that you are ill, are in pain, or are weak. Then you identify with the most obvious symptoms in the hope of realizing the cause of these serious effects on your wellbeing. Then, we start to uncover the real cause and it’s often emotionally troublesome! So we worry and fear our own structure, nature, and mind. Which depletes the energy systems of our root and sacral chakras!

Our Qi and Jing are drained and we wonder why when we doubt our decisions and choices in life, that we have writer’s block, artists drop their pens or musicians fail to play their music. When we are deprived of our reasons to live we fail to have free will, free thought, or emotional freedom. Which derails your soul from its destiny, and blocks the spirit from driving you forward.



Jupiter’s primal element is Tin.

Tin Element Facts


Tin resists oxygen and water but dissolves in acids and bases. It can be cut through rather easily, as well as melted or molded. Interesting also, tin has 50 protons and 50 neutrons.  Our most common use of tin in our outside lives is found in your kitchen, Tinfoil Wrapping! Our uses of tin foil are effectively what tin is most commonly used for, covering other metals, materials or organic products to protect them from erosion and corruption! Tin very rarely occurs free in nature. The chief ore is cassiterite (SnO2).

I find the spiritual guidance of Archangel Zadkiel (or Archangel Sachiel) inspiring to these scientific identifications of tin. Related to the expansive, flexible, malleable qualities of Jupiter. These Angels are helpful guides through the following: family affairs, legal matters, remembering, healing of the mind, fact, clear memories, transmutation, governing social relations, prestige, recovery.

Throughout my various searchings for new knowledge about the body, mind, and love, connecting life with our physicality… I continue to find strong ties between Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Cassiterite is the primary source for tin. Angelic doctrines teach that Archangel Cassiel brought us “gifts” from the 7th Heaven. This Angel Cassiel is all about transitions, solitude, and at times tears and sorrow. At your weakest points, there is a hidden strength to continue on after a loss. Allowing a transition from being weak to being strong. Or sometimes, from being strong in the wrong ways, to being weak to the negativity that holds you back. This kind of energy is highly related to the cycles, transitions, and fluids, the pure cleansing of life. A continuous effort of holding on to what you love is letting go of what you don’t.

In this same way, I encourage you to clear your mind’s eye of your own inner confusion about what you are holding onto, for who, and why.

The Root Chakra (the skin, and the spleen) have spiritual connections to the 3rd Eye as a chakra. Many think the 3rd eye is the Pineal Gland in the center of our brains. The Pineal Gland is mostly still a mystery to us scientifically. What we do know is that the Pineal Gland regulates our circadian rhythms, by producing the hormone melatonin. And we assume it has a lot to do with dreams and REM sleep cycles. This can definitely link to the Moon’s influence, once again.

Our internal clock governs our daily cycles of energy through the meridians every day. Without the proper sleep schedule, you get out of sync with your bodies natural rhythms. Organs function at the wrong times, causing your body to misfire your needs for survival, and sending you into a need to restore. This depletes your desire to create. Remember that Jupiter is that of expansion and fortune, where Saturn is the Father of Time and responsibility. (Sound familiar to any sleepless moms and dads out there?)

To fully balance our thoughts (patterns, ideas, desire, Jupiter) and feelings (emotions, hormones, the Moon), within the Sacral Chakra we must be able to clearly see within ourselves. (Saturn) free of our own confusion and brain fog (3rd Eye, vision). Chaos created mostly by neglecting our wants or needs (each to their own battle with duality). In this way our internal vision, pure Cassiterite (from Archangel Cassiel) is ‘brought down from the 7th heaven (7th chakra is the crown). Once we have pure Cassiterite, through our Inner Vision, we have what we need to ‘create’ Tin! Then we can use Tin and Copper to create Bronze!

Now, we’re well on our way to creating Gold!
And that my dear readers, is True Alchemy!


Disclaimer: This post is a serious blend of Spirit and Science, the following areas discussed in this post (Astrology, Planetary Rulership, Theology, Angelic teachings, Alchemy, Tao, and Chinese medicine and Chemistry, Jung Psychology, Classic Tarot, Energy Medicine, Emotional Awareness, Mindful Awareness). These can be further researched individually, for the sake of the post you can refer to the list of resources below. I attest that my personal experiences are true, and my opinions and beliefs are my own. I do not wish any harm on anyone, and provide this article with love, in the effort to influence others to heal and live a more loving life towards others, but especially themselves.

(Pst, it’s okay if you need to re-read this post a few times until you get its full meaning. The links below should help clarify further interests in these topics.)


 style= Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden – Click here to get on Amazon in New Window! *
*Amazon Affiliate, I’d get a small commission for using my link, thanks!

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

This amazing book details all of the chakras, 12 meridians of the body, radiant circuits, and solutions for rebalancing your energy and vitality. As well as the basics of how you can energy test, and assist your loved ones in various ways. Reading and understanding this book has changed my life so much that is the primary source for this blog and its message.


Learn more about astrology from CafeAstrology.com 



Archangel Cassiel | http://www.archangels-and-angels.com/aa_pages/correspondences/angel_planet/archangel_cassiel.html
Archangel Sachiel | http://www.archangels-and-angels.com/aa_pages/correspondences/angel_planet/archangel_sachiel.html
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About 5 Numerology | https://www.numerology.com/numerology-numbers/5  
Classic Tarot Descriptions | https://www.tarot.com/tarot/cards

The Sacred Sacral Chakra of Your Creations

The Sacred Sacral Chakra of Your Creations

How the Vitality and Health of your Sacral Chakra affects your ability to create your life.


I am surrounded by Life and it’s creations everywhere and I notice very clearly the Beauty that is around me. (That Is… If I’m paying attention to my moments in time!) There is constantly New Life and the everlasting breath of all living beings. In this way, you can notice that you also are very much Alive. Breathing, heart pumping, skin touching. As much as we take in all that is Alive, we are also proactively giving back to life. Giving away our energy, thoughts, love, experience, information, to create new life experiences.

Today we’re going to touch into the transformational energy of the Sacral Chakra and its related systems, elements, lessons, and emotions. They all have to do with the merging of duality, transformation, death, and rebirth, for the sake of new creations. Ultimately this affects how our thoughts contribute to what materializes into our reality over time.

How does our mindfulness and emotions play a part in what we create in our own life, through body, mind, and soul? For what purpose?


Please keep in mind while reading this post, that what blocks this chakra is fear. In particular the fear of death, and you should completely understand why by the end of this post. I write with the intention of self-love, community life, and the Highest Good. (I am not a witch, occult, mystic or encouraging any ideas, belief, or changes in life. I only aim to provide you evidence that you need to Heal Your Own Body Mind and Emotions.



Describing the Expansive Creation Lab of the Sacral Chakra

Let’s start with an understanding from a few sources as to what the Sacral Chakra is, and is not. First of all, I don’t believe it is the ‘sex’ chakra at all. Instead, I prefer to think of the Sacral Chakra as the Creative Womb. It is associated with our intestines and ovaries but the rest is more to do with what we create, manifest, digest, and “stew and stress” about until we make decisions, express, or create from this Sacral energy center.

The sacred name of the Sacral Chakra is Svidhishthana which means “where your being is created”.

“It holds a world of joy, freedom, and laughter, removed from the traumas and pain of life. It is a protected domain, where the creative force can flourish. Within the second chakra, babies grow, imaginative projects germinate, and the boundless creativity of the universe pours into each of us.

The second chakra extends from the top of the pelvic bone up the navel. It encompasses the small and large intestines – organs that take from food the nourishment that can create new cells and eliminate what cannot be used. This chakra also encompasses the organs involved in creating a baby – the womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The womb is the second chakra’s emblem; sometimes oval, sometimes round., it actually looks like a womb, even in a man, and it is a safe womb, a world unto itself within which your core energies are free and unfettered.

The energy of the second chakra resembles the aura that surrounds the body… At its center is the protected place, the essential “me” that existed before the sounding – still pure, glorious, beautiful.”

– As described in Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden

If I can tell a short story about how I came to some most instinctual realizations when I started healing the Sacral chakra. I had been asking myself, openly pondering, and clearing out misconceptions I may have had about this. Suddenly one evening, I started seeing clear visions so I asked my husband to hold his thoughts and be quiet. I laid back and my mind’s eyes started diving through tunnel-like vision. I darted through and around squishy tunnels, left and right, I began to feel like I was on a roller coaster! I subconsciously held my hand to my stomach. I’m not easily woozy by nature, in fact, I kind of like the spins from alcohol. I started speaking this out loud and Bowden thought of fallopian tubes and testes. But I woke up and realized this was my intestines! Aha! Just before I came back and opened my eyes fully, I thought of the Labyrinth.

The story of the Labyrinth is rather dark and savors the mystery of going through life to the end.

A high number of Creation Stories all imply the separation of light and dark to create space for the unknown to exist. This existence of the unknown creates the mystery, the illusion, the question that sparks life into creation. In effect, the question is what provides the answer. Without separation, we would still live in a linear or point of existence where no movement, no creativity, no will, and no instinct would be enough. You must have ‘room’ within your life, your body, your mind, your emotions, to process and build your creation. Without the seed and the egg, we cannot create a new life. But without space or vessel or area for life to grow and develop, we would not be capable of the actual birth of the creation. What we’re talking about today, is the acceptance of the unknown space, journey, darkness, mystery, chaos so that we can allow our lives to create anything. Anything! Ever!

With further research into everything related to the Sacral Chakra, I have repeatedly found that this most mysterious chakra is beautiful, but is chaotic by nature. So we’ll try to take this apart and put it all back together again as best as we can.



The Sacral Chakra governs several organs in the human body, including the Stomach

The most obvious is the Large Intestines and Stomach because these organs are actually located in the Sacral area of the body. Additionally, these two meridians, as well as the Kidney Meridian and Triple Warmer Meridian also play a key role in the overall energetic functions of your Creative Drive, or Sacral Energy, as they pass through the sacral area of the body in their circuit. The Meridians and Radiant Circuits are how information transitions functionality throughout the entire body, and mind.

The function of our energy systems throughout our body in relation to emotions and thoughts, explains why when we are stressed about what our lives are like on the outside (environment), we tend to feel overwhelmed and have tummy aches (internal).

After a time, your stomach fails to fully do its job as an organ, the system fails to perform leave your other organs and systems to work harder. Your kidney, liver, intestines, and bowels begin to suffer from bad digestion because of the toxins in your stomach. You can probably assume in some cases this developing into eating habits, poor diet, lack of desire to eat, or self-confidence issues within the self.

The strange complex of duality resides within the Sacral Chakra and this can be looked at physically in the way our sexual/creation organs are located here (the ovaries or the tubes of the testes) in this area. Notice how far apart the ovaries are from each other, and how far the testes travel from the root chakra to the sacral chakra where they meet). The process of creation is always a chaotic combination of struggle, thought, idea, fact, vision, sense, will, and so much more. All of our life we are taking in new experiences, learning new things, and seeing new beauty. We crave to create what we want, and what we need, to survive and flourish. The drive to procreate, from the inside to the outside world, is instinctual and primal.



Identifying Your Own Forces of Creation

“The most concentrated or densely-vibrating energy is Jing. Of the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi, and Shen), Jing is the one associated most closely with our physical body. The home of Jing is the lower dantian, or the Kidney Organ System, and it includes the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova. Jing is considered to be the root of our creative Vitality, the physical substance out of which our life unfolds.”

The 3 Treasures


You may have noticed already that the Root Chakra, as well as this Sacral Chakra, are located lowly in the body, which is sometimes called the Lower Dantian. This is related to our creative power, survival, and the structure of the self and the body. Without life force (qi), a will to create (jing), or physical body, your life is in a spiral to transformation or death. This can be the death of your physical body… Or it could be a transformation of self with the death of your ego, your negative thoughts, poor habits, repetitive patterns. These are ultimately the causes of disease, deterioration, or failure to the organs, energy systems, related to the Root or Sacral Chakras.

The related teachings from the Tao, Buddhist, and Hindu, in regards to The 3 Treasures are primarily techniques of meditation and physical body movements that enhance and strengthen the body and mind. It makes sense to me that these physical movements and positions of hand and body align to strengthen these meridians mentioned: Stomach Meridian, Kidney Meridian, Large Intestines Meridian. (I don’t at this time recommend these spiritual practices, but I can attest to the use of yoga, mudras, mantras, and meditation in combination with energy healing.) I do find it interesting that Chinese Medicine (the original meridian and acupuncture medicine healers) seemed to have much more figured out than we have been able to link fully to psychology.


Other more ancient forms of Medicine included Alchemy and Astronomy is fundamentally the bases of ‘Big Pharma’.I would like to note before starting that Alchemy is the basis of Pharmacology. It’s the combination of our earth, cosmos, and chemistry. With our advancements in technology and medicine, what was once a practice of combining flowers and metals, now is much more complex. Our Global Society is heavily controlled by the Most Complex Modern Alchemists. (Do some people still practice spiritual alchemy? Yes, which often includes rituals, rites, and practice.) Thinking about this further leads to a startling realization that you are the Lab Rat of Modern Science and the Practice of Alchemy – every day. Not only that but Apothecaries are actually your General Drug Stores, which you visit every day. Take away the spirituality out of ‘alchemist and pagan practices’ and you are left with the reality of the science, your reality defined through time through the transformation of new creations, or drugs.

Maybe, just maybe, we can take back the control of our own lives, be our own scientists again with our access to information, resources and our own use of intelligence and intuition. To use our own understanding of our selves, our bodies, our beliefs, our environment with a little help from the ancients, basic alchemy, and maybe even the Universe via Astrology applied to Psychology and Emotional Awareness applied to Mindful Intentions.

Am I taking the power away from Pharmaceuticals or Drugs? NO! They are amazing! Saving lives, and are miraculous creations for our world! But they should not be taken without strongly considering YOUR state of mind, soul, body, and emotions from your experiences, memories, visions, and more.

It's your health. Take charge of it.

Let’s move with an open mind and heart so that you can attain some insight into how YOU can do this without all the symptoms of wrongly prescribed, temporary bandies for your life long future creations – your children, your career, your relationships, your service to your community, and the world at large within the Universes.


Understanding the Emotional Condition of Your Sacral Organs

According to multiple sources listed bellow the post, here are the emotions that are associated with, found, resonate with and are located in the Sacral Chakra Energy Center in the Lower Dantian of the Human Body.

Emotions Resonate to the Stomach: Anxiety, Despair, Disgust, Nervousness, Worry, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Failure, Lack of Control, Low Self Esteem

The Stomach is a muscular organ located on the left side of the upper abdomen. The stomach receives food from the esophagus. As food reaches the end of the esophagus, it enters the stomach through a muscular valve called the lower esophageal sphincter. The stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest food. (Stomach info from WebMD)


Emotions Resonate to the Kidneys and Bladder: Blame, Dread, Fear, Horror, Peeved, Conflict, Creative Insecurity, Terror, Unsupported, Wishy-Washy

The Kidney’s (Kidney info from WedMD) filter waste, blood, and other body fluids that aim serve to clear waste from the system. These bean-like organs are actually above the Sacral area, but consider that the Bladder is located just below the Sacral area. We can also see that the Kidney and Bladder Meridian passes through the Sacral Chakra. This encourages the flow and process of creation in a circular motion of thought, cleaning fluids, or in this case, emotions.

Eventually, the bladder and used fluids pass through us and exist our bodies! (Which again implies the importance of the Root Chakra and Grounding ourselves to Gaia.) Which with further reading, we will relate our own bodily waste removal from the cleansing of the Kidney to the death of that waste through our Bladder – for good cause, we must remove our bodily waste!

Our energy systems work in a much similar way.

Imagine that the Soup, within the creative pot of your “sacred space” – the Sacral energy womb, – must be stirred up to create the blend of light and dark. Or, the Sweet and Salty, Savor and Spice of different ingredients (experiences), contained within the chaos and mystery of the Melting Pot to create the soup! You don’t know what your recipe will taste like, even if you’ve made it before until you taste it with your Tonge! As we read on, keep in mind that your Creation is devalued if you are unable to Taste the Pleasures of your Effort.

In a similar sense that it is a blending of our thoughts and feelings that stirs us up inside and makes us react based on our wants and needs. Over time we hope to achieve a sense of purpose – enough of a sense (a taste) to think about what we are creating and what kind of reaction we will have. In meditation, we are encouraged to ‘combine our thoughts and feelings’ in the naval or sacral chakra within more Tantric and Buddhist Meditation techniques.



The Creative Solution to Your Stomach Aches and Intestinal Troubles

In short, you need to slow the woe to your own self-destruction of your inner world creations.

We all once were children who knew how to build block towers just for the Thrill of watching it Fall! Realize that sometimes this is the very thrill of our own creations. The transition into failure can be hard to deal with if destruction wasn’t your intention. If your brother was the one to knock down the tower you built, it doesn’t feel like Thrill, it feels like Shock. We have to realize too then, that the positive Thrill and the negative Shock are affectively similar experiences to the body as they both instigate different sides of the Creation that comes from Transformation!


One side of Creation is
building, growing and developing something into matter.
The other side of Creation is
the destruction of the old, making room for something better to begin to blossom instead.


The value of realizing (and feeling) the negative emotions associated with these particular organs and energies, indicate the causes of the symptoms you have physically.

You manifest your emotional thoughts into matter: as a result, your physical body and the environment around you are the effects of that matter coming into form.

To address any of the emotional or physical conditions you have, we can now claim understanding of them and their locations in your body, mind, and environment.

If we are dealing with an issue of self-worth or being unconfident, nervous or anxious then we can rightly assume it is centered in your Sacral Chakra Center and it’s related systems. Considering the nature of these related emotional reactions, we know that this is most likely affecting your Stomach sources at the bottom of this post).

Simply by accepting that reality you can help yourself by addressing and correcting your diet, your fluid intake, and balance your nutrients for the benefit of your stomach immediately. Where a little effort goes a long way, is realizing that calming this organ physically will help your body rebalance it’s Stomach Meridian and all related energy systems and sustain the organs being affected the most by your emotional thoughts about your life. Note that most ‘tummy issues’ are unresolved decisions, results of prolonged procrastination, ignoring your own needs for space, and feelings of guilt from unfinished creations, projects, or financial delays, debts, or unset appointments or assignments from school. These all are examples of halting the progress of creation in your life. Consider your tummy aches first as a sign to get some time to yourself, a long bath, or extra sleep. (If your a mom, put down the coffee and call the sitter in.)
The next step is to take time alone to think, meditate. or use your active imagination To intentionally combine these emotions and thoughts by allowing them to join with your own knowledge and understanding of yourself. Think and feel what you really want as a result of your effort. Address yourself with love and concern for your life by accepting the factors of your environment that are making you feel nervous and unworthy. Is it a relationship? A past event? A personality conflict or moral that you are avoiding? Does your job suppress you or demote your educational experience?

When you can identify the Real Reason you Feel the way you do, then your Thoughts can begin to come up with solutions to ease your anxiety over the feeling of being unworthy. If it’s a relationship, career change, or an event then you can take the steps you need to heal yourself. Once you know you can understand, and once you understand then you can act.

Once you have made the changes within yourself, your life, your environment – then you can truly feel the difference of what it means to have your Confidence and Wits about you. Leaving behind your nervous anxiety, your stomach aches, bowel blocks, and gut pains will cease. Whatever organs and systems were running on overdrive for your Stomach issues, will also return to a more harmonious state.


This all circles right back to the beginning of this post.. which talked about the Mystery of this Sacral Chakra is a blend of opposites, duality, creation but also destruction.



The Light of Death: Death is as much about Rebirth through Transformation as it is about an Ending of Something

For every ending, there is a new beginning. Energy can never truly be created nor destroyed, in this way we are incapable of anything more than a continuous cycle of transformation by death and birth. This is true of our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions. With a mindful effort to heal we can transform our lives into a happier life of love and vitality.

My Own Higher Sacral Voices Within Explain: Death is the greatest illusion to our minds and blocks this chakra by fear of Itself Changing. If death is feared and is yet an illusion, then when you step through the understanding of this concept then you realize you are only afraid of changing your mind about who you are, are going to become, or will create after you ‘die’. Fear of losing sight of oneself as it is for fear of forgetting what it wants to be. I have noticed from my own experiences with loss and grief, that after a time you realize you carry the memory of souls you love, their reputation, their stories, their essence within you because of your personal connection. In this way, love is always in your heart and this in itself, proves that death does not matter. Matter is the physical expression of thought brought into the outside world through combinations of expression and action. You have to bring life, form, and structure for matter to exist. Considering the concept of ‘death’ is an elusive ending, we must realize that it is impossible. — The complexity of this psychology, theology, and philosophical inquiry spawns from the Sacral area – just to further prove my point of the importance of the unknown mysteries of self, through the process of life, and the creations of the soul by spirit.

If only we are open to that which we want to create in the world without self-doubt, self-criticism and stuck energy. You and I could be living a life of hope, and dream, and all that is alive right now.

Recommended watching this video about how easy it is and what the process is, to identify and release trapped emotions from the body. Super easy!

Visit Me On Youtube, I Vlog Daily Here, Please Subscribe 🙂


Final thoughts for your mind this week:

If death is an illusion, then what am I afraid of if not myself?

I beg to offer that it is connected to how you have presented yourself to others in the form of your reputation as a lasting memory. I encourage you to go about the next week of your life as if Your Life Depended On It (to overcome death).

! This is why we have all those emotions listed in the middle of this post! Go look!

The best advice I have for anyone who read this post and is very afraid of Death:

Live your next week as if you could live forever knowing you will forever have love, laughter, and community under the condition that you remain Grateful to Each Living Creature You Come In Contact With.

The value of either of these personal exercises will be the same.


A Secret to Sacred Healing of the Sacral Womb is Understanding Transmutation
Releasing the fear of failure is as valuable as releasing the need to succeed.
For you to be able to create what you want you will need to sacrifice some of what you have.
Once you have achieved everything that you want you must question everything that has not transformed into a need.
When you have only what you need left, then you should consider what you have that you don’t want and transform it…
The beauty is when you have what you truly want at no sacrifice to what you need – this is but one purpose of your soul’s creation.


We can further extend our discussion on Matter through Science, the Elements and Alchemy, as well as more Spiritual Guidance, Stories, and our own bodies in the next post: COMING LATER THIS WEEK

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Sacred Sacral Chakra of Your Creations


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Natural remedies that work.


Article Sources






The Red Dirt Road of the Root Chakra Energy Healing

The Red Dirt Road of the Root Chakra Energy Healing

When I first started my self-healing journey, I noted that my primal Root Chaka was closed, and upon finding out that this was the sexual energy powerhouse. Well, let’s just say I agreed that this energy base was weak if not inactive. To say I have made progress in this chakra now is an understatement. I not only have an active Root Chakra, but I have much more healthy energy throughout my entire body.

Today id like to share with you my own experience, reveal some of my own practice, thoughts, and resources on the Root Chakra and the Red Dirt Road of Self Healing.

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Rather I prefer a “Student of Life”. In this way, some of what I say may contradict your instincts, and that’s for good reason. Please trust your own intuition and apply it to your own life. Let no one take your power of thought, not even me. With that said I’ve been reading about emotions, energy, and psychology, and astrology since I was a young girl.)

I will spare the details of my most troubling inner-worldly fantasies as a child here. This is what I’m comfortable telling today, as an opening to this post. I hope for those who may be struggling with their own mental health, that this is enlightening and revealing to the Truth.

After more than a year of being “stuck inside my world” between the age of 12-14, I was able to come out of these “mental” delusions, by choosing to live in reality. I came clean with my inner world and told my friends and family what I knew of myself, and my world. Instinctually, I used the color Red in my mind to push down this world. Out of ‘sight’ out of ‘mind’. In my own “mental defense”, every time I would think of these inner-worldly “thoughts”, or of its characters, I would think of the color Red and crush my hand into my forehead.

Over time, of my own mental power and free will, I was able to live more freely and started establishing Real relationships with others around me, just in time for High School. I lived a mostly normal teenage life. I don’t deter too much from this vibrant color of red, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite! I never got diagnosed or admitted for mental evaluation or anything, I simply choose to move on and live here in this life instead of the one in my mind. I’ll note also that I strayed far away from my Christian Roots and faith at this time completely, and kind of “detached” from reality on Reserve. (I’m an Aquarius, the Water Bearer, remember?)

Now that I’m older, and this world revealed itself again, I was not afraid but curious. And it has unfolded back into my path through my Root Chakra. I will now explain, as best as I can currently…




Introducing the Root Chakra


In Energy Medicine, the Root Chakra is described in this way:

“The root chakra sits at the base of the spine, and its energies move to the front of the body, spinning over the pelvis and the vagina in a woman, the penis and testes in a man. It exerts its influence both up the body, carrying the life force, and down the legs, providing support. This chakra is a channel for the primordial energies of the Earth…” 


I have been listening to a lot more music lately because it makes me feel great. But it can also be very triggering to me in helping to process my thoughts and emotions! The song “Love Letters to God” has been on replay in my life weekly lately, and one line stuck out in particular to me:

“Flipping through my chapter seven
I live with the snakes in the great deception
No court in this country for men
Who steal from their mother on paper with pen
And we’re tripping
Down a red dirt road
And we’re asking
Is this the way we should go?
Kissing, soft top feet of my goddess
We walk the earth, baby yeah we got this
Focus, and it’s redirected
Grateful, and I’m resurrected
Stubborn, But I know the way
You’re the skin of my drum
To your rhythm I will sway
Take my hand”

– Lyrics from the Song, “Love Letters to God” by Nahko and the Medicine for the People


I really started to wonder about that, and after some recent recovery of my old memories, including this inner world. Well, I remembered that Red was the color I used to “push down” my memories during those Traumatic days when I was young. After a little bit of research, I came across more of the native’s outlook on the wellness of being such as the White Bison!

Throughout the day I thought about this more and then suddenly – AA came to mind, along with deep thoughts about my father in law, who has been absolutely amazing with his recovery and addiction the last few years! I’ll take a moment to note that I am so, so proud of my state of Washington!

The struggle is real mammals!

The Heroin epidemic here has been extreme for many, many years. I’m so happy to say as a Witness to this disease, that there is INDEED HOPE FOR ALL.

There are people out there Serving and Providing the resources and networks for True Recovery. And it comes with forgiveness, devotion, and self-worth. Every addict I’ve witness return to health is such a profoundly capable and productive person, such large hearts they have! Those friends you see lost in the addiction of any kind, they have hearts of gold, such as a Lion!



Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program

I have attended both AA and NA meetings (Narcotics Anonymous) a huge number of times, supporting various friends or family by escorting them to their meetings (by request of course). I have full faith, hope, and admiration for these individuals who take upon themselves their recovery and their own healing. Their loyalty, honesty, and empathy to each other are always moving to my heart and soul. I take great care to have respect for the struggling addict and will be there in their lowest time of need for help – a way out.

The 12 Step Program, as well as the sacred native healing lessons, reads a lot like my post that I intuitively wrote about before discovering this song and its meaning.

Self Diagnosis in 12 Steps for Personal Health & Well Being

My own experience from here leads me directly into some of my darkest Revelations during my own Healing Journey. Now that I have followed that Red Dirt Road, I am realizing how much I have learned about myself, my past, my experiences. My health in both emotional and mental areas has dramatically improved.

Another quote from Donna’s Energy Medicine book in her Chakra Chapter, to ponder for yourself (Note: This bubbly character can see and sense the energies of others.)

“Each chakra spirals down several layers into the body. The top layer, which sometimes feels more like debris than coherent energy, seems related to recent events that have not yet been integrated. As you go deeper, the energies get clearer and more consistent, and the chakra’s distinct influence becomes more obvious. The fourth level begins to pick up incidents from earlier in the person’s life. If I move into the filed deeply enough and reach the fourth, fifth, and sixth levels, I get images and stories. When I tell the stories, the person usually responds with a surprising confirmation… “

If you apply this to thinking dimensionally since our energies are all connected with our body-mind and emotional systems as well. Then what kind of story are you living that you are currently unaware of? Asking some of the deepest questions have been the most difficult but freeing thing for my mind and soul. My energy is much cleaner and I am becoming less worried and definitely much less fearful. As I know there is more to life on the inside, that I am recreating in my life in a healthier way now.



I can attribute much of this healing to the following list, that directly increased my Root Charka Energy


* Learning and practicing ‘Grounding’ – giving and receiving energy from the Earth/Gaia via physical contact. Mostly through naked feet or hands on the Earth’s ground, deep breathes of fresh air, or touching living plants (spiritually, giving and receiving life force from Source)

* Using Binaural Beats to Balance my Bodies Charkas, throughout – by taking 15 mins a few times a week, I brought energy into each chakra and then balanced them out, allowing energy to flow all the way through me, to the bottom to the top of the chakras, bringing life into my abundant primal energy from below in the Root Chakra

* Being more conscious of my Primal Instincts, needs for survival, and passionate responses and stimulus. And then further, How I was treating my more primal, natural, and instinctual behaviors (was I giving in or suppressing these needs and why). Simply noticing where I was over-regulating myself from my needs or wants, and how more or less constrictive I needed to be on myself. As well as noticing what ‘warmed’ me in these lower energetic areas throughout the day, was insightful into what I was feeling most passionate about, and what was making me excited about life. Taking note of what makes me feel Most Alive, or mental-spiritual speaking Most High.

* Prayer, meditation, and gratitude daily and often throughout the day, and forgiveness of self and others in a nonjudgement and way of unconditional love – giving and receiving openly. I hold no ties to Islam in this life but I can appreciate their dedication, as they pray to Allah up to 5 times a day and their morals are sound in their faith. If you ask me most men on this Earth have lost their way to the understanding spirit and the females have done nothing to remind themselves of their love for Life and Source. Think about Peace, and ask for it – we shall come to love all in time because of our gratitude.

* Learning to identify negative emotional energy and memories. Taking time to process them, accept them, learn, and then let go in completion and love of the lesson and elements and people involved. Only by understanding our feelings and thoughts can we use them to move into a more way of thinking.


These are probably not what you expect when you researched the Root Chakra to find this post. I’ll leave those posts describing crystals, and herbs, and mantras, and all the more common information for you to discover on your own. There is a lot to be learned about this energy powerhouse!



Here is what I have uncovered within my OWN experiences with working with my Root Chakra Center.

I have a number of “past life” remembrances that have occurred as vivid, dreamy visions while in conscience meditation. Some are of wars, animals, planes or locations, or open universal space. Some would say these are spiritual dimensions and I would agree, in an All One, Highest of Creations, King of Kings, Pure, knows and all plans all, the Source of all Universes.

Sidenote: There’s a lot out there regarding our expanding human consciousness, too much to source here so I’d recommend someone like Aaron Doughty to help better explain some basics – he’s all about “Expand Your Consciousness” and does new Youtube videos daily.

These visions greatly helped me to understand those memories I had tried so hard to forget with the color red (a reference to the intro to this post). Through a bit of a DKOTS experience recently, I was able to make out some incredibly difficult, but important lessons about unconditional love from loss, and the story of Lilith’s horror to many includes myself.

How do I know what they were, you ask?

Trust me when I say I’ve never been more positive about this. I am but a vessel of the divine at all times, and it is in due time that we all collect our deeds into a remembrance of what your teachers have said, and there are many.

As well as the fact that things have been repeatedly noticed by close friends, as well as mapped in my Astrology since birth, at least. Take it a step further and this matches for me in Palmistry as well. Add all the odd pieces to come to the same conclusion? It’s no longer coincidence anymore. Just one of these mystical explanations wouldn’t cause for personal proof, but after some extreme evaluation of the road I’ve traveled so far, and I’m now more aware of where I’m going. (I’ve always been pretty terrible at navigation, maybe this will soon change for the better!) The Truth isn’t in just one location, it’s simply revealed to you in due time.

Would you question your dreams if you had them consciously, while you are Awake? While you are Alive? Would you question your death if you knew what life you’d step into (or dare i say start over?).

No, I don’t think you’d question your own soul if you saw what brilliance you are at the core of your crystalline being. In this way, I pray that you remember yourself as a child, at One Before All Other “Things”, or Matters.


What did you think before you were taught to think?


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There is something to be said too, about all of the world’s knowledge and teachings being collectively utilized in their appropriate regard to spiritual guidance in your personal relationship with the source.

In other words, you were given your own spiritual puzzle pieces throughout your entire life. Did you pick up those pieces or did you throw them out? I think I’ve done myself some good in holding on to the right pieces of my puzzle, as I slowly build my very own Big Picture. There’s something to say about discernment because I bet there is a lot of pieces that DONT fit too. When it comes to healing, this lesson is important in the long run. What do you want to keep and why? Your Big Picture Puzzle is Perfect.



Personal Alignment through Perfect Practices

Kundalini Yoga and the yogi’s lessons are something I have just recently dipped my toes into. I have enough practice with using hand mudras and a few basic yoga positions because of my interest in our Bodies Energy Fields. There are some extremely powerful energy shifts inside when Yoga is practiced in Balance and towards Perfection for Source in Service. Personally been a little caught up with the Primal Kundalini energy, that is much more related to my “Dragon” side, or dare I say, Dragon Roots! Pun intended!

Read More on Yogi Fundamentals

Since my experience that day folding laundry Perfectly, I have put forth more effort into things like yoga, studying, reading, writing, and even being more precise about my expression out loud. Aiming for perfect balance in every moment that I am fully Awake. Impossible? Only mostly.


Here is an example of my own mindful meditation, use only at your own regard in peaceful, loving energy and awareness.

In my own practice I have found that this combination works wonders for my root chakra, please only experiment with your own discernment and intuitive will. Do not invoke any Spirit Animals that DO NOT resonate with you! If your inclined to Unicorns or Lions or something, that’s cool too, use them instead!

Sitting comfortably on the floor. With the best back posture possible while remaining comfortable. Take quiet calm breaths with your hands carefully cradled together in a cupped position (Using Dhyana Mudra, click for this and 6 others), arms down and hands in the root chakra area or resting on your legs. When ready to clear energy of the root chakra, Breathe both in through your Nose and Mouth slowly, as balanced as possible. Breathe out the mouth more quickly, emptying your lungs completely – every last little bit of breath in your gut exhaled, and this will take a minute. Personally, I do this 2-3 times and feel lighter and clear of mind.

I often greet my inner Dragon (or Snake) with care and respect, as I finish these deep breaths and welcome the warm fire, the purplish flames. I welcome Metatron for healing guidance in my energy body and emotional integrations at this time. And I imagine my own body’s geometric Merkaba spinning slowly, and all my chakras more rapidly spinning – as I imagine that energy cycling from my base meridians, chakras and accu-points in wide circles and arcs around and through me. Eventually, I can feel my energies all very strong and am able to mentally shift out and away from my physical body. Then, I am much more aware of my auric field and consciousness and connectedness energetically.

Sound silly? Good, cuz it kind of is, but the jokes on you because it works for me. And I’m a lot healthier because of it. Sometimes ‘being silly’ means staying sane!

To some respect to my own intuition, I attune to the Dragon Energy for Purity and Abundance, read more about the positivity of “dragon training” in a sense as a Spirit Guide. If you relate to dragons in stories such as Eregon, How to Train Your Dragon, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and countless others then you are probably on a similar energy frequency. This is where I admit that I think Spirit Animals carry heavy emotional lessons, that guide us through these things. In more posts, I may refer to other animals, known to help us navigate through our emotional wellness. Some will read this and be fearful because of the fantasy dragons of lies, deception, and denial. Sound familiar? Lilith’s story is also twisted as she refused to be looked down upon and desired equality of perception. In this regard, our universe in many ways is also out of balance energetically. When we are influenced by the environment’s energy and that of Gaia herself in regards to emotions by the quality of water. I think the Sea Animals such as the Fish, Turtles, Octopus, Water Reptiles, and Sea Dragons are desperate for their home. I’d like to nod to those who are doing work to heal and bring awareness to our quality of water globally. What can drinking Purified Water do for your body energetically?

More about this in more scientific terms tomorrow!


Final Lessons from walking the Red Dirt Road Through My Root Chakra


The lessons from walking down my own Red Road are vastly helpful in Remembrance and “Redemption” — in my own experience anyways…

My own inner world has many voices but recently, I’ve become rather friendly to my spirit guides within. If nothing else, my inner ghosts have become friends and in this way – I am a much more mentally healthy person as of late.

Note, psychologically we all fit into multiple, if not all Archetypes in some way. I believe that those personal Archetypes are also influenced very much by the Stars and Planets. Using Astrology you might see yourself in god’s eye and understand yourself in this way. Think of how we must use our telescope to even dare to see this darkness of night and our mind wonders at the world both the good and the bad. What do you create within your life?


To relate this to your own life, I hope you take the following into consideration if you have reason to believe that your Root Chakra is in need of awakening:

This primal source of energy is extremely important to your survival in this physical place. Without this lower vibration, it is difficult to create, love, express, and expand your mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is why I advise anyone who might read this to look within themselves and Awaken this Energy Center of Brass at the Base of your Spine.


You can most easily feel this energy rather instantly by thinking about one of the following: Your Favorite Wild Animal, The Lover That Got Away, The Passion Behind Your Last Heated Argument, A Heightened Sexual Experience, Giving Birth, An Admired Teacher/Elder. Family History, Love for your Hero, Father, or Mother, Your Children, and Loving Partner

As always, please do not take any of this advice without thoroughly considering your own well-being and have good intentions, clear thought, and lots of self-love. I recommend you kneel for prayer and forgive yourself for these emotional memories if this was a triggering post for you at all. If “prayer” isn’t your thing, then a simple loving meditation with Yourself, forgiving yourself is the key to beginning the process.

If forgiveness isn’t possible, then I imagine a good Tree Hug will help you release negative energy. Namaste!


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