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Making A Comeback

Greetings everyone, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? I’ve spent close time with family and studying. Let’s be real though, it’s time to get back to work yall!

Even as a stay at home moms, we all need to do a part in raising us up out of the global mess we are in. It’s probably not surprising that I have made some changes. The websites LLWL and UAL have been updated, and new partners to encourage a small commission for my writing and contributions here.

I hope to connect with you all in the Newsletter, which will bring together the content of each site. I hope to get out a post or so a week and be more active on some social media to stay up on Astrology/Astronomy news as well as continue writing wellness posts. I’ve spent time editing and removing older content. I have audited more than a dozen courses on Coursera, and have made my way through hundreds of hours of research. I have a lot more information to be pulling together as content for you.

I’m excited to have the face of Donna Eden in my sidebar! Offering her awesome Mind Valley Masterclass! And some Gaia TV offers. I’m stoked about this because they are my favorite source of entertainment these days! Last year, I was getting ready to cut it out of the budget, but they offered 3 months free and I was able to keep the content. <3 I thought that was really cool. Let alone, Gaia TV is like the ONLY place you’ll find the kind of truth that we all need to hear about our future, technology, life, and even spirituality and health. It’s the perfect partner/affiliate I could have for the site’s so I’m really grateful if you follow the ones you’re interested in.

Alternatively, I have updated the store. Not all of the services I am certified for, I can currently do in my one-bedroom near the lake.

I have updated the Trusted Products to lead to my partnered shops for essential oils, crystals, recommended books for healing, and self-care supplies.

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Understand What Mystery You Aim To Solve In Life

Understand What Mystery You Aim To Solve In Life

Dear Hugin & Munin

Today I realized a very important lesson about my love for mystery. Additionally, I think each of us has our own passionate mystery to solve. After all in business, we are told to, “Become the expert in your field”. Yet, this expertise will take time and experience. You will not wake up and one day be the expert. You must study, invest, learn and devote yourself to becoming the expert. You must start now, and immerse yourself in your passion and practice it.

It is okay to say, “I’m new at it”, or “I’m still learning,” or even, “I am a student of” – while you do and act out your apprenticeship openly, with others. Preferably, your Teacher.

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