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Understand What Mystery You Aim To Solve In Life

Understand What Mystery You Aim To Solve In Life

Dear Hugin & Munin


Today I realized a very important lesson about my love for mystery. Additionally, I think each of us has our own passionate mystery to solve. After all in business, we are told to, “Become the expert in your field”. Yet, this expertise will take time and experience. You will not wake up and one day be the expert. You must study, invest, learn and devote yourself to becoming the expert. You must start now, and immerse yourself in your passion and practice it.

It is okay to say, “I’m new at it”, or “I’m still learning,” or even, “I am a student of” – while you do and act out your apprenticeship openly, with others. Preferably, your Teacher.

As a passionate blogger and lead of the Blog Buddy Program, we can understand my passion for blogging comes from an appreciation for personal expression, creativity, and self-devotion. And as we talked about in a recent podcast, “It’s important that you push publish so that the world can see it”. Need not it be perfect. It is more important to share the information with the world than it is for you to worry and fret about its importance.

You will never know if you do not try, and if you do not try, you surely will never know.

Each of us has a particular something they want to solve. Trouble, trauma, or terror that they must overcome at some point. Wait not for you to overcome it. Start today, and delve into finding those answers within and without. What I mean is to go study and become the student of this topic with an open mind. Understanding your trauma logically will help you to equip yourself with the right knowledge. So that you will overcome this and defeat it!

So much so that you can teach what you learned from your study, your experience, and your understanding of it in its entirety! This is your life’s purpose!

Maybe for some, this analogy would be well suited:

Would you rather be taught by the substitute teacher or the actual Teacher?

Sure, those days were the teach was absent, you got some extra free time. But is this substitute even capable of teaching this topic? Although they may try, they are not experienced in this topic. Even if this substitute did know this topic, surely the Students would not respect him even so. Not as they would the Rightful Teacher.


I urge you to seek out the truth and to solve your mystery. For if you succeed, others will study your outcome and be able to confront their own.


Today I am grateful to have so many topics to study, and so many resources to study from. As a true student of life and all it offers, I am happy to live in a world of mysteries to solve. I love My Mystery…


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With the inspiration of the birds by day, and their messages during nigh’. I have a strong desire to connect with both thought and memory, with the help of Odin’s Ravens. These posts are letters, turned into everyday lessons and messages of gratitude. This is just one of the many posts I write to enlighten those who seek to love life and it’s many, memories, and lessons. 

The 4 Stages of Blogging

The 4 Stages of Blogging

A simple guide for understanding the stages of blogging. With some great infographics, you can easily see what stage of blogging you are in and what to do next. 



Stage 1 of Blogging is Beginning to Blog! Focus on writing content and making good blogging habits. Consistency is key, and that’s where most beginners to astray for a while. Prepare your blog for the long haul as much as you can by creating a create website, design, and brand that will stand up to your reputation as a blogger and writer. Focus on finding your audience by being active on social media as yourself! #beginnerblogging #bloggingbasics #blogging #contentcreation #creativeprocess #luvlifewlee


Stage 1 of Blogging is Beginning to Blog (for real)

Focus on writing content and making good blogging habits. Consistency is key, and that’s where most beginners to astray for a while. Prepare your blog for the long haul as much as you can by creating a create website, design, and brand that will stand up to your reputation as a blogger and writer.

Focus on finding your audience by being active on social media as yourself, with a personal profile. Get to know the ins and outs and do your research on each platform a little at a time. Try the methods you learn about first in your personal profile and see what kind of engagement you get from your friends in real life. When you’re ready and know the basics, switch to a business profile or Create a business profile for your blogs social media presence. Begin to gain a following on 1-3 accounts to start. Learn everything you can about blogging, piece by piece and you can do that on Pinterest. I put myself to school as a completely self-taught online entrepreneur just like thousands of others. This is my blogging and business backup story for those who are interested, but there is a lot more important stuff to sort out here.


Stage 1 Blogging Goals:

  • You create steady and consistent blog content being published
  • 1-3 social media accounts for your blog,
  • You have established good blogging habits and begin to establish a schedule and routine to your workflow
  • Focused on learning everything you can about blogging and collecting resources


What not to do as a blogging beginner:

Expect income and results from inconsistent efforts and procrastination lead content. Ever been to that one gas station in town that never seems to be open during the correct business hours. Or one of the best teriyaki places in town, but they are always “out will return” sign. So, you’d go there more often but most of the time you convince yourself out of the trip to save yourself the inconvenience.

Don’t do that to your readers and your first viewers. If they want to stick around, let them and welcome their return via email newsletter, subscription, and social media.

In Stage 2 of Blogging is Getting Serious - You’ve honed some Blog writing skills and found your voice. You have begun to grow a following, and hopefully an email list too. You’re ready to take the next steps to become a strategic blog marketer. #blogging #networking #makemoney #bloggoals #entreprenuer


Stage 2 of Blogging Is Getting Serious (seriously)

At this point, you’re beginning to realize your potential to gain income and begin to think out of the box from what you originally thought you might be doing with your blog. You’ve honed some writing skills and found your voice. You have begun to grow a following, and hopefully an email list too. You’re ready to take the next steps to become a strategic marketer and hopefully you write an editorial calendar ahead of time. Or at least have settled on a workflow for your content creation process. You have grown a deep list of post ideas, and are beginning to shift into better SEO, Domain Authority and Organic Search using some more advanced tools and themes.

Usually an overhaul of your website, brand or graphics can take place here. At this point, your goals should be to begin to plan ahead, for growth and make room for success. Learning and deciding who you’re going to be, represent, and sell.

You have a story. It’s now time to share it with the world. You’re getting somewhere now, and ready to lift the veil for anyone who may not have seen, heard, or supported your blog efforts in the earliest stage.


Stage 2 Blogging Goals:

  • Well branded and balanced blog and social media
  • You have found your writing voice.
  • You’re feeling comfortable and practiced in sharing your story and have found your audience, and hang out with them there.
  • You have some idea of who the influencers are in your niche, and what they are doing right to gain traffic, engagement, and support.
  • Beginning to get an idea of what you might want to create for a profit yourself.
  • Maybe you have made some goals to begin networking for sponsored posts or guest posting.
  • Maybe you have begun or started some affiliate marketing and are narrowing down your options and interests to begin monetization.
  • You regularly set goals for your blog, viewers, followers, and growth tracking


What to do to get to the next stage of blogging: 

You’ve learned a lot about blogging now and have to put in some practice to make a profit. It’s now time to really focus on the quality you are providing to your audience and begin to monetize your continued blogging efforts.

In Stage 3 of Blogging is Realizing That You Know How To Blog - You have established an email list and social media following and are actively engaged and know your audience and what they want. #blogging #howtoblog #business #luvlifewlee


Stage 3 of Blogging Is Realizing You Know How To Blog

At this stage, you know a little about everything and are well practiced at things you have tried and succeed at more than once. You have established an email list and social media following and are actively engaged and know your audience and what they want. You know their PAINS AND GAINS, in other words, you know their problems and how to solve them. Which means, you know triggers for buyers and are actively pursuing a profit from your blog.

You probably have a workflow for creating and publishing posts, accomplishing goals, managing tasks, and tracking your campaigns. You know what has worked in the past and actively pursue your audience where they are. You are well branded and have an influence on bloggers in the Beginning Stages.

You have already done some networking and made connections with other blogs in your niche. Which means you are probably thinking and planning your own products and services to sell for the next stage. You are actively producing some income from your blog and investing in ways to delegate tasks you don’t wish to do manually anymore. And you’re trying to free up time to set yourself up for the big full-time switch to professional blogging.


Stage 3 Blogging Goals:

  • Have established good blogging connections in your niche
  • You have a significant following on social media
  • You have a credible and valuable email list of subscribers.
  • You actively engage with your audience to find problems and solutions for them.
  • Income has progressed in a way that you can delegate and invest back into your business to help free up time to automate your content, email, and work on products and services of your own.
  • You probably have multiple small streams of income and have some decisions to make about honing in on what you love, what works, what sells, and what captivates. Removing the distractions and things that didn’t fly in the first stages.
  • Keywords & SEO for Organic Search is beginning to make a serious impact in your traffic


Bridging the gap from blogger to professional Blogger: 

Most that get to this stage of blogging are realizing how much it takes, but understand how they are going to get there. Making the decision to dedicate to blogging full time and considering this a career choice to support your life. You will need to invest in the best. And find ways to delegate things and create a team, so that you can focus on making money in your business and creating content that will last. Bringing you into your future of diversity and becoming an influencer in your field of reach. 

In Stage 4 of Blogging is Becoming a Business Professional - Your making a full-time income now and are able to really focus on creating evergreen content, a massive email list, engaged social fans, and credible products and services that are actively being marketed and making your net profit. #blogging #business #stagesofblogging #professionalblog #problogger #luvlifewlee


Stage 4 of Blogging is Being A Business Professional (…& blogger)

Congrats! Your making a full-time income now and are able to really focus on creating evergreen content, a massive email list, engaged social fans, and credible products and services that are actively being marketed and making your net profit.

At this point, if you haven’t made enough in Stages 2-3 to purchase a business license and starting to think a lot more seriously about the legalities and management of your blog’s business. This is where you get serious and start to focus on the strategies and systems that will make your business run smoothly.

This is where you can really start to take a back seat in your business and delegate all the tasks you don’t want to have to do alone. You spend money that recycles your content, creations, and consistently brings that money back to you tenfold.

You definitely have multiple streams of income and you know what those are to the T. You analyze, track, and get to nerd out and do things like case studies and analyze the data. To figure out what you can do and learn to maximize your profits, ROI, and SEO effectively.

You probably have multiple networking connections both inside and outside of blogging and your niche. You have opportunities that you turn down, and activities that you pursue. You have some serious ideas about future growth and investment for a better turn around.

And ultimately you live a life of freedom. You work from home, make your own schedule, do your very own payroll. And vacation any time you want.


What every full time blogger will tell you is the most important part of professional blogging?

They will tell you it took time, planning, and a lot of effort to retain quality service to produce a substantial income. That that this dream job will require you to consistently keep ahead of the curve by continuing to LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT BLOGGING AND BUSINESS, in order to continue to succeed in this field. 



How do I learn more about blogging?

Sounds pretty great right? The only trouble is, what to learn about blogging and business? And when? From where?

You could go to college and get a basic Business Degree, take some Graphic Design and Website Development Classes along the way and pay a fortune for an education in any field. (But that’s one of the major beauties of blogging…)

You can get your blogging education by yourself through self-study courses and products online! You don’t have to spend the money, there are SO MANY free resources out there, here’s a few. Okay so some of it is really repetitive, and there are these inconvenient holes of information about blogging sometimes. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent the last decade of my life learning everything I can find about blogging, business, and modern marketing.



4 Stages of Blogging || A simple guide for understanding the stages of blogging. With some great infographics, you can easily see what stage of blogging you are in and what to do next. #infographic #blogging #stagesofblogging

No Matter What Stage of Blogging You’re In Right Now…

No matter where you are in these 4 Stages of Blogging professionally, if you are a blogger then you know that this is a career that will take ongoing effort and education to pursue and succeed in. Only 4% of bloggers make more than $100,000 and all of them have been doing it for more than 4 years, full time. So I’ll be as transparent as possible when I say that this is not for everyone. But for those of you who reread that Stage 4 graphic above, like four times and it made you feel funny inside because THIS IS YOUR DREAM JOB!



Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever (To Me)

Put simply, I am a stay at home mom blogger and work from home wife. The thing is though, it’s really not so simple at all. That still doesn’t mean it’s not the best job to me though.

There are two important roles I play in my everyday life that I consider my highest responsibilities right now. And that’s being the best stay at home mom, and the bestwork from home wife I can be. For myself, for my daughter and for my husband.

PERSPECTIVE || Like I wrote about in My Business & Blogging Background Story, I have ALWAYS have worked from home. I spent only a few years working for a local cable company at their call center. But even that was in front of a PC, talking to people all day (and at home part-time). So I really was MEANT to be the work-from-home, be-my-own-boss type. It makes sense that I would be the “stay at home” mom, too. Especially since she is a newborn, our first and probably the only child I will have. And trust me, I DO understand that it is not for everybody.



JOB #1 || BEING A Stay At Home Mom


For the first time, I’m going to write about how I feel about being a stay at home mom. I’ll start by saying that it is indeed a job. There is a lot of change and adjustment that happens when you have a newborn enter your life. And they constantly change, especially this first year of life. Every day they learn how to something new and it shifts your whole world out of place again.

What takes the most effort is keeping the routine, some kind of schedule for the kid so she can function well throughout the day and maintain a level of comfort and happiness. It was REALLY hard to create the right routine because I had to find what my most natural routine was for myself and then add a baby to the mix with her leading the way. I knew I’d feed her about every two hours, but as a stay at home mom, guess what? You get to feed on demand, and that’s what’s best for baby. So there many times throughout the day where I stop what I’m doing and to feed her. I also thought I’d have time to get a break from mom duties when she’s down for a nap. But nap times can be a total chore of its own for being the easiest and most “relaxing” part of the day. Sure. I never know how SHE will react every day, but I do know how I will react. And that’s to try stick to the routine, but be flexible and patience!

The biggest emotional toll that being a stay at home mom takes from me, is the constant mental engagement that children take. You can’t just leave children (especially babies) to fend for themselves. They have to be fed, put to sleep, played with, loved on, cuddled, taught, on and on. That is if you want to have a happy find who finds joy in routine and thus, will learn to respect my role not just as her mother, but her father’s wife and a work from home business owner. It’s a constant give and takes though. She’s a baby so me setting the tone now, I believe will help her develop good time management skills also.

For example, mornings before her first nap, are for quiet time. We get up together and I go outside to let dogs out, pour myself a coffee, and make her a bottle. I lay her down to feed herself and then get to work nearby on the PC. I keep on eye on her of course, but she sits and plays where her toys quietly. I try to keep the noisy ones up and away, and just leave out different toys she can interact with quietly. Most days, I can get a good amount done in the mornings so at least, if the rest of the day I get nothing else done but love the kid, I got some work done.

There are days that nothing goes as planned, I might have to spend an entire week only working at night when the baby is (finally) asleep because of growth spurts, teething, feeling grumpy and out of sorts, sick, whatever the reason is that baby needs my attention ALL DAY. Those are the days that I’m thankful I’m not alone in my life, and that I have a loving husband and family nearby to help give me and baby some extra help.


JOB #2 || Being A Work From Home Wife


We aren’t lucky enough to live in a world where the money comes easily, and my husband works really hard to keep us floating along financially. As much as I love being a stay at home mom, the baby doesn’t pay well. In fact, she’s quite the expense monthly. So I could work to make barely enough to cover childcare. Or I work really hard for myself, at home.

Being my own boss is no joke.

There isn’t a single part of blogging that isn’t managed by me. I act as the content creator, website designer, sales manager, marketing strategist, you name it I do it. It’s all me.

Although my blog doesn’t bring in much in the way of money, it will eventually as I build this business. Enough so that by the time she should be going to school, my husband can take part in his dream of homeschooling. Something he has always wanted for his children.

This is my end goal honest: For my photography and blog businesses bring in enough of an income that I work full time from home, while my husband is home during the week to homes school. Of course, he could take up side jobs during the weekend too, sure. But in the end, we have about four years of dedication to the businesses growth. The sacrifice of this goal together though, is that it will take time to build the businesses. While he brings in the solid paychecks, for now, our financial life is still in need of a lot of growth and that takes a lot of time.

Apart from being a mom and my own blog boss, I have to also take care of the homestead. Making sure the house is kept, the chores are done, and the bills paid. To say the least, it really is a job all in itself. Especially since our move while is honestly only temporary until we can find a place of our very own. Thankfully I’m not on a serious time crunch living with my mom.


Blogging Is The Best Job Ever


To say the least I have a complicated job. These roles of being a mother, wife, and housekeeper are hard to balance.

But I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. I’m ultimately living my dream here, right now!


I have the man of my dreams.
The most amazing daughter.
Great loving and protective dogs.
A wonderful and supportive family.
Silly but fabulously loyal friends.
The Blogging Community is fantastic.
I live in this beautiful Evergreen State.


Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever



I really do have every reason in the world to be living a loving life. And to have made my job to share it with the world and help others like me, parents and bloggers. It’s my passion and my purpose. To share love, connect others, and be of help to the human race.

So yes, although it is difficult to balance and especially to manage. And at times I miss my own deadlines or have to skip an entire week of blogging or go months without a photo shoot. But I’m just doing better and better at it all because I’m doing it. Practice. I’m no noob or amateur here. Although I’m not a pro at anything (yet) either. I’ll get there though.

I’m going to live this out like I’m already there.

Because I am. This is why I have the best job in the world. A mother, wife, and blogger.

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Why I Think Blogging Is The Best Job Ever

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Why to Blog Like It’s A Business

We need to talk about blogging as a business because that is truly not the mindset that many new bloggers have. And this, my new friends, is what is going to bring you out on top. Plan your blog like you’d plan a business and you will go somewhere on the internet, and you will achieve an income doing so. A profit, steady growth, and hard earned cash can be accomplished in your blogging efforts. If you are going to create the content anyways, why not branch out and grow? Into a business.

After reading this post, be sure to check out the Blog Buddy Program website, the first post there has a Free Download, Blog Business Plan! 

Continue reading “Why to Blog Like It’s A Business”

My Business & Blogging Background Story

I’m going to explain a little bit of my blogging background and how it relates to my small business, marketing, and social media background story. I want to begin to share how my life has led me to create my online blogging business your reading from today. 


I'm going to explain a little bit of my background in small business, marketing, and social media. Then I want to begin to share how this leads me to create my online blogging business your reading from.
This is post is part of a month-long blog series. Find out the details & announcements about this Blogtober Series by clicking the image.


My Business Background Story

The Early Years of My Business & Marketing Experience

In my early high school years, my only experience working was in my grandparents home office for their carpet cleaning business. They had just one truck and one technician. They still had a paper trail of my grandmother’s work notes, scheduling notebooks, and invoice printouts.

My father took more of a role when my Papa passed away, to try to help her. Together Dad and I tried to take on some new changes in the business, to grow and improve the company. Together my dad and I went to marketing classes together and began to research modern marketing.

I got the business on track with a website and accurate online brand, and reputable presence. Offering better support and a move away from the paper trail and onto invoicing with Quickbooks. Finally, I got a business plan together and started tracking our growth progress.


I Could Have Been A Business Owner Before Turning 21

All this took years though and it came time for Grandma to move on and sell out. Finally retire at 80+!  I practically ran the business at this point. Everything from answering phones, scheduling jobs, marketing, and managing. I was offered the business! But, I ended up declining their offer.

I didn’t want to be a carpet cleaning business owner.

I wanted to be a Business Owner. I wanted to work from home!

But not for carpet cleaning, and I’m not sorry.


I Started My Photography Business in 2016

It took me a few years but I opened a really small local photography business, L. Y. Photos, with my best friend. We began to build our photo portfolio (view our Instagram @LYphotospub). This is more of a hobby business than an income for me though. (We need an equipment upgrade before we can take the next steps in our businesses future.) This year (2018) I’ve started to work with another best friend, Ryver and I’m really excited about what she can offer LYP!


My Blogging Journey Now

I Started This Blog In April 2018

So here I am promoting and building my reputation as a helpful blogger that loves other people. Just like that. In September I was nominated twice for the Blogger Recognition Award. So that sparked this Blogtober Series (1 week) you’re reading today.

To be fair, I admit that I do fully intend to collect a substantial income from my entrepreneurial efforts as an online blogger and become an optimistic influencer. But we’ll cover that more soon as I prepare to unveil what bloggers really do, or CAN do.

As I begin to build my blog business plans and strategies, I realize how many other new bloggers are out there. And completely lost, they struggle to fit all the pieces together. I sit on a Pinterest and can swim past most of the “beginners posts” because I know something about running a business from home already.

I  also have an edge as I grew up in this technology age, with the passion for learning on the internet at a young age. I know something about HTML, web design, branding, photo editing and photography, file management, accounting… I know about marketing and running social media too. I’ve spent countless days as a teenager stuck online, let’s be honest, it all started with Livejournal and Myspace (among other things like YIM… did you know BBP has a Discord Chatroom you can join right now? Here’s the info on our live chatroom of bloggers). ANYWAYS… That grew into the family based business, which started in early high school years when I moved back to live with my Dad in Washington. Until, I walked, and I decided to go solo when I was 21 with my boyfriend (now husband) and traveled the country for a while. Taking a break from the world wide web for about two whole years. (10 Unusual Things About Me tag)

NOWADAYS || Occasionally, I check an Incredible Income Report to find them discussing the ease of earning money online. And that’s the thing it is and it isn’t, easy to make money blogging.  And I still haven’t managed to dedicate to a business plan. Not like this blog. This, this is something new and exciting guys. I’m employing MYSELF to work for YOU. And I believe it’s going to make a dent your life, and so many other new blogging buddies (Join our Blogging Buddies Group on Facebook here.)


blogging and business background story

What Am I Doing Online?

Personally, I’m trying to build relationships, make connections, and share love and support to other parents, partners, and bloggers.

There simply is not enough transparency offered by most bloggers though. So as much as this is a blog about loving life and other people. It is also my life with blogging and business! Which I have yet to share with you on the blog.

My success and my failures will be openly displayed here for all to see! So thanks for reading, sharing, and connecting with me. I’ve met some amazing people so far.


Ways I’m Helping Others Through Social Media

|| I’m supporting other parents by being an active member in a number of Facebook Groups

|| I’m offering bloggers the change to connect with another blogger for free here: Blog Buddy Program

|| I’m offering connections on Twitter constantly and providing a solid feed of information, related retweets, and to feature tweets by joining the chat this month below. Catch me #luvdaily

|| I’m committed to following and commenting on blogs through Bloglovin’ and blogs that use Disqus. As well as my Twitter #luvdaily comment threads


The theme here is engagement. I’m really trying hard to reach out and get to know other people and their blogs.

Here are a few ideas I have to further engagement with you:

|| I finally have a newsletter fellow humans! AHA! Super stoked to start the journey with you, fellow parents and bloggers!

|| I’ll write a review of your blog privately if you buy me a coffee! Go here: Ko-fi.com/Luvlifewlee 

|| Every Friday between 8-10AM I am Reviewing Blogs Live, like the page (new window).


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Post Summary

I hope that I can be of help to you now. And other new bloggers out there, to find their way to their own success stories. In their parenthood, blog life and romantic partnerships.

It starts by taking your blog seriously and treating it like a business. So that’s what I’m doing. Right here, right now. Check. Click. Publish. Promote. Connect, with you. And it worked, you’re here.


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