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Trusted Product Affiliate  Partners of Loving Life With Light

Trusted Product Affiliate Partners of Loving Life With Light


When you click an affiliate link, you will be taken to the third-party site to purchase a product. I gain a small commission at no cost to you.

  • I will not recommend or suggest products I would not wholeheartedly use myself!
  • I only market to products and that I love and have a positive impact on my life.
  • I choose affiliate marketing as a passive income because I would be writing to suggest the product regardless of the commission.
  • Thus, not all products within this blog am I an affiliate for by any means. There are plenty of suggested resources here that I do not gain commission from.

Trusted Affiliates Only!

Policy Reminder: I am not responsible for any other websites other than my own. Payments are securely processed by PayPal on my store for the services of Loving Life With Light. This website has a completely updated and current SSL Certificate (https://) as well as current PHP and WordPress Recommended Requirements of Operation. However; Payments made on other sites for products and services are not processed by this website. Cookies are enabled to make affiliate marketing possible so that when you use a link and make a purchase, I am credited for the referral.

List of Approved Partners

The MAJORITY of affiliates listed on this page are partnered through Awin, via ShareASale. Where Merchants allow affiliate applicants. Once approved, you have permission to earn 10-20% commission within 30 days on sales using your affiliate link. For this reason, I have a partnership with the following small businesses that I LOVE! And this is WAY BETTER use of my webspace, to share awesome stores and earn a small income instead of running annoying clickbait ads and banners. In this way, I thank you for considering their products and services, that I myself enjoy and benefit from!
An obvious choice for most of us sadly. Links that direct you from my site to Amazon may help me to earn a small income as a partner in the Amazon Associates Program. The option to pay via PayPal and Amazon is enabled in the Shop as well. I most commonly use amazon links for recommended books or products you can easily purchase anywhere. Note: I will never recommend unique or organic products from this vendor.
I have been an Affiliate of Ultimate Bundles for YEARS because I have gotten their bundles and LOVED them. Basically, a bunch of Content Creators submits to a Themed Bundle, and they gather the best submissions and make them available during Flash Sales. It’s super fun, always new, and totally unique. The topics are always current, modern, exactly what we needed. The Team is fantastic and I recommend joining them if You’re a Blogger! Examples: Genius Bloggers Toolkit, Essential Oils & Remedies, Homemakers, etc.

Active Affiliate Partners & Shops

Entertainment & Educational Options

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Essential Oils

I love supporting the most organic materials and sacred places that are producing such as Allpa Botanicals and Throwin Stones. Both of which is their hands in the earth and hearts at work.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-April-fb-bannerEOs-1024x576.jpgI commonly recommend Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc products, some of which are featured in my store under Essential Oils.

Founded in 1989, Amrita is a family-owned, family-friendly manufacturer that specializes in organic essential oils of the highest purity. Amrita is known for its high purity standards and holistic healing approach not found in other suppliers. In addition to organic farming and wildcrafted growing standards, the evaluation of the holistic vibrational quality and scent are a core element in sourcing essential oils and other ingredients.  All 140 essential oils have been tested for purity using gas chromatography and other tests.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-1024x536.jpgAnother merchant of essential oils is Aurelia.

On the market for over 20 years, our essential oils are of a very high grade, very pure, and gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) shows that most of them rate far above the classical profile. Their unadulterated purity allows them to perfectly interact with mucous membranes/skin. Oils of lesser quality often give off an unpleasant odor that can cause headaches and, if used in skincare, may even leave a sticky, unsightly film on the skin.
We synergize our blends (by heart and hand – via the heart chakras in the hands) in an independent laboratory, according to very strict recipes with the best raw materials in the world.”

Natural Stones & Healing Jewelry

Throwin Stones (Seen Below) offers a HUGE variety of crystals, stones, gems, and jewels. They are my GO-TO for organic minerals.

Mam Wunderbar
Energy Muse
Zen Jewelz
“East Meets West started as a small metaphysical shop in the early 1990s. We made it our mission to help people on their spiritual path and connect with other free spirits. We traveled the world to give everyone easy access to gems and crystals, energy healing supplies, and bohemian-style gifts not found anywhere else.
East Meets West believes in unifying the cultures of the world, melding the East and the West to create a synergy of one people, one place. Together, we bring the best products to help restore energy, discover mindfulness, build community, and nourish the spirit. When you’re in the right place in the universe, everything comes together.

Yoga & Meditation

Organic Products, Supplements & Wellness Supplies



Want to Work With Me?

If you would like to discuss a relationship or partnership please email lovinglifewithlee@gmail.com with your referral program details for consideration after reviewing our terms detailed at the bottom of the site.

They will be reviewed with my sole discretion of relevance, quality, and interest.
In other words, products, programs, and services that are not relevant will be ignored and viewed as solicitation, subject to the terms of use and policies of this website.

Self Care Healing Tips for Calming Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Self Care Healing Tips for Calming Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Emotional Stress is the downfall to most of our bad habits and it results in us being very out of balance! I have some crystals and oils that can help dramatically for stress relief. As well as some energetic tips and tricks for managing your energy systems throughout your body. 

Strengthen your Aura and Environment with These Crystals and Herbs

Strengthen your Aura and Environment with These Crystals and Herbs

Having a weak, fractured, choppy, or thin aura field means you are more more likely to be affected by the energies of others, both negative and positive. In this daily message, I have some tips about how you can clear your aura and environment with crystals and herbs. 

Science has now measured the aura and our other energetic fields [1], which means we can see how our energy affected by our thoughts and feelings. When we have a strong aura we are within our own energy field and have plenty of space for our energy to expand, contract, move, and change. If our aura is not large enough, our energy is chaotic, overactive, and claustrophobic. Causing our energy to feel uncomfortable, messy, and uncontrolled. This leads to feelings of being anxious, nervous, jittery, or overwhelmed easily.

Our aura is our first protection against toxic energy, bacteria, and chemicals. If we are not carrying our aura then we are not protected from the world, our first defenses are down. Our immune center will always work overtime because of our neglect to protect our energy from vampires, magnets, and manipulation of others (or psychic attack).

The key to having a healthy aura is carrying a frequency of being whole, complete, secure, and well rounded. By having spiritual and social support we can feel better balanced about the world and ourselves in it. If our environment is not stressful, then our aura is naturally more brilliant. If we live in a state of disarray then you can imagine the state of your own energy bubble, flakey and sporadic.

Continue reading “Strengthen your Aura and Environment with These Crystals and Herbs”
Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart

Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart

Every heavy heart has a fear of being abandoned or left behind. These are related to issues of abuse of any kind, including neglect. Every day we see relationships come together and fall apart, and this creates a lot of guard, resentment, and suppressed emotions. I am suggesting that Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Lavender Essential Oil may be able to help you heal from neglect, abuse, or other trauma.

Use Apatite for Positive Manifestations

Use Apatite for Positive Manifestations

The mineral Apatite & Patchouli Essential Oil can help you with positive manifestations, creativity, feelings of being ‘stuck’, writers-block, and more! Apatite is one of the minerals that every dreamer should have in their back pocket. This is a mineral known to help with positive manifestation and creativity.