My Soul Searching Mission | Self & the Solar Chakra Series Introduction

Throughout my awakening recently (2019) I have delved back into my own Soul Searching mission. I have found some extremely interesting, enlightening, and solid info about the soul that seven years ago (my last soul searching mission) I couldn’t find evidence for.

My own interests in the soul started with a realization of Depression and what it looked like within my friends and family. I was aware from a young age that the state of negative thinking drove people into this state. I wanted to know why people were not simply more optimistic. From this immature status at the time I wondered why people studied for jobs they didn’t want. Or why they stayed in relationships that continued to hurt them. This was all very boggling to me and started my interest in general psychology.

Since I have always been in a state of optimistic denial for most of my life, I was at service to others around me and ignored my own likeness in life. In other words, I was under the psychological confinement of my own ego. Yet, my Will overtook the ego in service to others. I went about searching for answers in science, observing others, and although I learned a lot about life… I got nowhere in truly understanding my own life and experience.

What really shook me up was the month I had my DNOTS experience and what I learned about unconditional love. I can’t shake the realism and overwhelming stack of my reality – my own pieces of memory, energy, realizations, aligning in such synchronicity! At such high voltage energy, and the intensity of my inner visions was so vivid. – I have taken drugs in my own experimental phases that include hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD in my past, as well as Ecstasy and Mali. I will now admit that I have never tripped for more than 48 hours. – Try 11 days of spiritual sobriety (aka awakening) and being overcome with the sensations of all of these combined at once, in short waves and bursts of profound self-realization and unity consciousness expansion. I’m glad to be through my own veil. To remember.

Coming Out of Pandora’s Box

I really didn’t know what I was doing when I opened the skeleton closet, my own Pandoras Box within my Heart Center. I didn’t know I’d find my friends, family, trauma, and chaos. That I’d go as far as visiting my own record, retrieving forgotten memories, and wisdom beyond this lifetime. What brought me through the most rapid succession of several months of ‘spirit trials’ and initiations within. I can’t tell you how much emotional effort it took to get to the understanding I have. I have a few friends and family members to thank especially my husband for supporting me this year as I delved into these existential questions of destiny, worth, and self-healing. My promise was to emerge with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to share the truth of self-healing and happiness with others.

Since then, I have found my center and I have greatly appreciated the Soul Searching mission thus far. This week, I want to share with you what I have learned from these experiences, as well as the science and spiritual knowledge that I have research and admired in my quest to do with the Solar Plexus Charka, the Ego, Will, and Shadow Self.


Other Posts About Chakras

I have waited to continue writing the chakra posts because I wanted to be absolutely sure and positive about the sources, and understand my own lessons before I wrote about them here. In this way, I hope you take what is written here only as it resonates with your current understanding of yourself. Take no advice that does not seem fully right to do so with good intention, faith, and unconditional love.

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