Solar Health Resources

This page is meant to inform you of what we collectively know about our sun by presenting resources that will completely surpass what you currently know about the sun’s effects on you. Specifically mentionable is it’s effect on our heart. This post will be updated with additional information soon.

Allow me to introduce you to Tamitha Skov, Space Weather Woman. An absolutely amazing and brilliant person, whom has taken it upon herself to begin training others about the sun.

She provides weekly solar activity forcasts.

As well as Mini Courses on Space Weather, by Patreon support. Each course is 2-4 hours and packed with college level or above understanding and explanation of the Sun, Solar Storms and details about Radio Bursts, Solar Flares, Radiation Storms, Geomagnetic storms, Coronal Mass Ejections, Sunspots, Telescopes, etc.

Solar Effects & Cosmic Storm Health Effects

This is an ongoing collection of science articles that are well worth recognizing as this field is expected to grow and expand with the Parker Solar Probe and other Space Research in the present day.

Earth’s Effects & Influences On Us