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This “Spiritual Transformation Bundle” includes Reiki Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching for 1 Month Therapy Program!

Includes: 8 Reiki Therapy Sessions, 4 Spiritual Coaching Sessions

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1 × Akashic Records Reading
$33.00 $19.80

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This “Spiritual Transformation Bundle” includes Reiki Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching!


  • 4 Reiki Therapy Sessions, once per week, for one month
  • 4 Spiritual Coaching Sessions, once per week, for one month
  • 1 Universal Astrology Consultation, where we can take 1 hour to interpret your natal chart, current transits, aspects, or planetary influences that are influencing your souls path, health, or purpose/direction in life
  • 1 Akashic Reading (optional) to another Coaching session – Where we can open and ask your records for help with anything you might be dealing with with opportunities for fixing and addressing them directly through the records and higher permissions to clear karma, contracts, oaths, and linages

Scheduling Appointments

Please schedule your appointments using this guideline: Alternate Reiki, Coaching and Reiki once a week for a month.

Reiki Therapy is used as the primary means of allowing the body to heal itself with the focused life force energy of Reiki. Where Coaching/Consultations engage us in 1:1 dialog about ways to improve your life, love, and light in any way that needs healing, self care, and wellness. In which we can pray, create affirmations, do activities, and discover solutions to issues you may be dealing with by producing new habits and positive behaviors by spiritual progression and grace (acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude). Commonly referencing resources mentioned in the Practice Policy, Cited Sources, and Forensic Healing Sessions including but not limited to Divination, Prayer, and Reiki Therapy.



Please fill out the Official Client Intake forms here after your order is complete. For each session, you should fill out a Reiki Therapy Session Report.

I will contact you via email to confirm your order, therapy, and introduce myself personally to answer any questions you have and produce you further client resources. I will confirm each appointment with you.

Please see the service products individually for details about each session. 



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