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1 Hour, One on one coaching, exploring, guiding and healing together as we find your way back to spiritual health and happiness in your own life. Through a realistic examination of your wheel of life, karmic lessons desired outcomes, mystic knowledge, soul wisdom, forgiveness, natural gifts, and so much more!


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About Sessions

Sessions are live conferences in which we meet online via Zoom or Facebook, whichever you prefer. However, Zoom allows us the ability to Screen Share material such as Slideshow and images that may enhance our experience exponentially. For that reason, be prepared to receive instructions via email about how to join at the scheduled time of our session. I encourage you to sign up (free) for Zoom before our session begins. You do not ‘have to’ video call if you don’t want to, however, this is preferred and I am happy to have this personal experience via video call.


Example Sessions

  • We fill out exercises such as the Wheel of Life together and talk ways to include a higher perspective for greater effects in our day to day life
  • We discuss your spiritual experiences, dreams, or illusions that are distracting you from your outer, physical life, and learn how to effectively ground ourselves. I answer questions as best as I can and provide resources for further learning and development.
  • After hearing about your spiritual perspective and inner soul struggles, we decide to open the Akashic Records for a reading and further clarity of the soul’s healing and memory access
  • After realizing and identifying a spiritual entity, attachment, chord, or oath that clearly no longer serves your highest good, and it is your will and determination to remove the negative attachments. I may provide techniques and guide you through healings to exploit, defeat, remove, heal, amend, forgive, release, and fully transmute this in whatever way you decide is best and most comfortable to you.
  • Maybe you don’t know much about religion or spirituality but have always felt connected to a higher power, and you’ve had some increased awareness of your inner self and want to develop a better understanding, connection, or relationship with the creator, higher power, and universal life force. Without joining or being a part of any religion or dogma practice.
  • You have interests in several spiritual teachings and masters already, but want someone to talk to about the conflicting concepts in a search for the truth and personal healing.
  • You suspect you may have a false sense of connection, belief, or matrix, or energetic environment that is not healthy but you kind of sound crazy to everyone else. We explore the details and look through scientific biorhythms, test the location, send Reiki, or learn spiritual protection techniques to manifest positive changes for spiritual health and awareness of the needs of the soul and spiritual self.
  • You are extremely bothered by a religious idea, a person in your life, or social conflict in your reality and have alternative ideas, theories, or beliefs and don’t know how to shift into a healthy living environment in your current conditions and surroundings. We discuss what is bothering you and how to shift the perspective in a way that you can influence, or allow, the reality to unfold to understand the purpose and higher perspective behind it in your personal spiritual life.


Example Topics 

  • Creation/Genesis
  • Revelation/Apocalypse
  • Birth/Life/Death/Afterlife/Reincarnation
  • Past Lives, Dreams, Alternate Realities, and Parallel Timelines
  • Soul Path and Purpose/Mission
  • Origins, Starseed Origins/Activations
  • Energetic Balances and Imbalances
  • Emotional and Mental Awareness of Consciousness
  • Shadow Self/Higher Self
  • Sabotage, Entities, Attachments, Contracts, Psychic Protection for Psychic Attack
  • Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Collective Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Superconsciousness
  • Activating the full potential of your bodies (energetic, physical, mental, emotional, astral, etheric, spiritual, and more)
  • Meditation, yoga, mudras, mantras, affirmations of many areas
  • Personalized healings, activations, rites, initiations, readings, practices, research, and assignments may be used for progression through spiritual discoveries
  • Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Deities,
  • Names of God, Divine Laws, Cosmic Blueprint, Evolution
  • Universal Concepts, Expanding Consciousness
  • Alignment of the soul, spirit, and consciousness
  • Care of the Body, Mind, and Soul
  • And many, many more!

Disclaimer of Tolerance

Nondiscriminatory Acceptance of Beliefs

I have studied many, many paths, religions, dogmas, and teachings of all kinds. I have no fear of discovering new routes to navigate through life’s amazing experiences. With this universal care for all paths, I have a wide variety of knowledge, techniques, teachings, and guidance for many interests of faith. I believe in the end that our understanding of both science and spirituality has come to a universal awareness of our present clarity of purpose.

I promise not to impose, change, or disregard your past or present ideas, beliefs, philosophy, or faith.

However, I do wish to explore further the growth upon that path of faith, devotion, interest or pursuit. Be that for regaining your power, intelligence, wisdom, or sovereignty. By further exploring the truth within the teachings, to fully embrace your own experience in this life.

Simply stated, I am tolerant of nearly any belief, philosophy, or tradition.

I reserve the right to spiritually protect myself before, during, or after sessions and always.

If our beliefs or vision is not compatible with a full refund.

However, I do not expect this whatsoever as the goal and vision is that of love and peace for all.

Schedule Coaching

  • Once you have placed your order, return here to schedule your appointment time
  • View the times available for the service, and then confirm your order in your cart

After you have made your order, pay for the service order, and scheduled appointment time.

I will contact you personally to confirm your session and provide you the resources you need to prepare for our live Conference Coaching Call via email.

Or to schedule multiple services from your order.

Please click here to submit your Spirituality Coaching Client Intake Form, once you have ordered and scheduled your appointment with me.

Note from Coach

I have always felt called to be able to use my wisdom and compassion to help guide others through difficult times to get to the other side of karmic lessons, emotional triggers, and mental or energetic blocks. Until I went through my own spiritual awakening and healing process I didn’t know how to effectively answer these existential life questions for myself, let alone others.

I self studied science in many forms for years and created this niche of wellness knowledge through energetic balance, emotional intelligence, and mental harmony. However, it was the soul’s journey to reconnect with my spirit and the universal force that truly allowed my transformation to unfold.

Expanding my consciousness and learning about the truth behind the mystery of life itself seems an impossible journey. Indeed it is! However, I have managed to find my way to becoming a healer so that I can fulfill my purpose using my natural skills, personal experiences, and wisdom to provide service to the world who so desperately needs unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance of what is.

I am not a psychologist or a trauma counselor. I am a Spirituality Coach. Such as one would have group practices, fitness coaches, and nutritionists for their sports profession. I encourage you to consider having a few sessions so that we can discuss how you are progressing upon your spiritual and soul path towards your personal ascension.

I have a wealth of experience and interest in both Western and Eastern medicine, teachings, and history. I am open to many religions, dogmas, practices, and beliefs. I am very open to new, modern, and alternative ideas and concepts. I am well aware of indulgences and behavior effects such as drugs, rituals, and entertainment sources.

Put simply, I’m not here to change your beliefs or push you into certain teaching. I am not a part of any group, cult, or religion that pushes me to do this. I am simply here to help guide others back to their own path, by being available to talk about spiritual ideas, concepts. Topics that are somewhat sensitive at these times, and are deeply personal and unique to each of us.

I am here with open arms to listen, provide, and give love and light where others are too afraid or unaware to go there with you. I will go there with you, and we will learn of deep compassion, healing, spirit, source, connection, and guidance. We each have a purpose, a unique energy signature, a creative force, and a spiritual connection. This can be practiced, developed, and renewed in many ways. I am here to help you remember your way of being.


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