Spiritual Coaching Session On Healing & Spiritual Self Care+ Spiritual Guidance Database Access,


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This is a collection of spiritual guidance, associations, spirit guide, concepts and descriptions from many religions, teachings, practices and divine blessings. A more detailed description will be provided soon.

You can retain access to this for at least 30 days, if you follow my and airtable policies and terms, and I retain the database for use.

What you are paying for is not the data within the database, nor do you own it in any way.

What you are paying for is a Spiritual Life Coaching session to discussing Spiritual Healing, Safety and Protection for the rights to access the database for 30 days (at least) as a study tool.

Any and all credit should be given in the SOURCES tab. I do not own this information, this is an open source project. You are responsible for gaining access to the sources by buying, reading, or accessing your own material copies and understanding to apply the correct use of this information.

This information is intended ofr the use of others who are spiritually: Responsible, Awake, Aware, Mindful, Compassionate, and on a path of love and light.

Limits & Rights to Use: If I do not feel it is right for me to share the contents of this database, I will provide you a refund and revoke access and invitation to you.


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