To schedule a session or live consultation you should register so that safe email/message communication can be made. This is easy to do when you are making your order, just check your email and validate your account. You can then login and update your account information, you can also send me a message.

You can also join Discord (learn more here) to chat with me live any time (24/7, I’m online much of the time there).

If you prefer email contact, or a social network please see my LinkTree here.

Availability for Live Consultations:

At least 3-7 days from the time of your order.

Sunday-Friday (Saturdays, Sundays are okay usually)
Evening times for live consultations are preferred as I have a four year old, who is in the background with me. When her father get’s home, I would be more free from this responsibility. However, depending on the type of consultation, if you are patient with us/mother/daughter during the week then we are free to arrange times for mornings or afternoons.

Remote Reiki/Celestial Healings:

You may receive your healing 3 days after your order. Simply send me a message with your preferred time of healing and I will devote the remote session to you at that time. You will follow whatever instructions are given to you at the time of your order (check to see if there is a Readme/Instruction download for you in your account from the order or refer to the service order page for details).

Receiving Your Ordered Service (such as an Astrology Report):

To order this type of service, you would have had to (required) provided your email address to do so. I will email the final report/product/service to you at that email. This may take some time, so please refer to the service page for details about what to expect for each. I will save such detailed reports/time spent projects for up to a year before deleting the private video/files to clear digital business space and privacy data. So, please immediately download the files when you receive them from me. Thanks!