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Abundant Unconditional Love, Positive Relationships or Love, Emotional Healing


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Love (strengthens), unconditional love, joy, emotional healing, faith, hope, overcoming despair, instills calm and peacefulness


Abundant Unconditional Love, Positive Relationships or Love, Emotional Healing

Symptoms that may be aided by using Rose Quartz: 

Calm emotions, “Trouble relaxing, calm down, destress”

Energy Systems: 

  • Aids the Root Chakra
  • Aids the Heart Chakra

Emotions that Rose Quartz can help with: 

  • From abuse to Nurtured
  • From abandonment and fear, to “I am at One”, or to “I Am”
  • From despair, to Dignity

Mined Locations: United States of America, Brazil, India, South Africa, Madagascar

Crystallized Rose Quartz is a rare phenomenon in the Quartz world!

Brazil is the most prolific producer of Rose Quartz crystals.

Brazilian Rose Quartz can be quite gemmy, sceptered, almost always with a melted appearance to it, and can form in fantastic Van Allen Belts around Smokey Quartz.

Rose Quartz deposits have also been found in Maine, Afghanistan, and a few other obscure localities.

Spiritual Guides associated with Rose Quartz: 

Archangel Haniel, or Archangel Anael

Tarot: The Lovers

Astrological Associations with Rose Quartz: 

Vega, of the Lyran Galaxy

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