Reiki Therapy

Direct Reiki energy for full body therapy for a wide range of healing potential. Gentle touch is used to focus universal life force energy to the body of the client. With intention this complementary therapy can assist in relieving pain, stress, and illness for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Reiki can be accomplished throughout time and space, allowing healing sessions to be accomplished at a distance. During this pandemic, Reiki is one of the most transforming areas of alternative health assistance to consider.



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Reiki is an ancient traditional practice of channeling universal life force energy to effect changes within the body. We live in a universal reality, everything is energy. We can attune to this energy and directly use it to manifest healing in the body, mind, emotions, and soul.

A traditional session, as described by Japanese Master Usui and Madam Takata, I use initiated techniques to begin at the top of the body and work my way down. Directly channeling energy through the hands. It has been scientifically proven, that Reiki Masters do actually conduct more energy in their hands that can be measured as well as performing effective treatments using Usui Reiki.


Learn more about Reiki in detail from these pages: 

  • Introduction to Reiki
  • What does science have to say about Reiki?
  • What do religion and spiritual teachings say about Reiki and other healing arts?


Distance Reiki Sessions

Receive Reiki Anywhere! Anytime! Anyone!

A remote/distance Reiki session can be just as effective as an in-person session. As taught to all Reiki Masters, we can work directly with the Universal Life Force Reiki energy and higher soul of the client to effect the healing session with Reiki. Energy is everything everywhere, and Reiki is that source. The process is the same for the practitioner, regardless of how ‘far away’ the client is.

It is important to lay and enter a calm, meditated state before the session. As well as follow the instructions given in detail upon scheduling your Distance Healing Reiki Therapy session with me. In short, you will be asked to state your intention to receive Reiki before laying down for the session.

The effects, feelings, and outcomes of Reiki are the same as the in-person sessions. For those who do not like to be touched, travel, or are uncomfortable in medical environments or appointments. This is an amazing option for you.


Name Your Price

This product is currently a ‘Name Your Price’ product, meaning YOU get to choose what you pay for this product order. Please keep in mind, these are products that I have spent MANY hours collecting, practicing, or studying in many ways. Why is it open pricing? Because I believe in equality and abundance, Source needs everyone to be able to access this kind of product and service at a cost that anyone can afford. That means, flexibility because we are not currently living on the same scale across the world. I want to see this change, and so, I have to offer my services that apply to universal equality and abundance.

Additionally, I opened this business effective as of 4/4/2020 and thus, I am new this! I find it great that I can disclose my true colors of experience, and allow each client to decide what they deem a fair price for services. As I gain more experience with others, naturally I will only increase the value of my service to others. I thank you for this opportunity.

Below is the recommended chart that I feel is accurate for my pricing in my area. Please consider this when selecting your price to pay for this product/service.

Low income – min $3-5
Average income – $15
Abundant income – $30
Max price – $100

No Income – $20
Low Income – $44
Average income (actual appreciate service rate) – $66
Abundant income (actual professional service rate) – $88
Max price – $120

Any orders I receive over $100 and I will contact you to ensure you meant to pay at that rate, and thank you personally if it is not a mistake. Thank you, from my heart.

Products tagged ‘Name Your Price’ have this feature enabled.

Personal note: Don’t feel bad about ordering a price lower than what is listed here. If you need the service, then I am willing to work with you. If you resonate with this and feel this is what you have been looking for – its because it is. Every healer attracts the clients that they will be able to heal, just like clients are attracted to the healer that can help them. The part that some healers don’t disclose, is that every client they attract is a reflection of the healing they have already, or still need to heal themselves in some way. A healer is only called a healer, not because they affect the changes in a body, the body does the actual healing. A healer is called a healer because they themselves have been healed, and know that it’s possible to witness other bodies heal and learn the practices that best suit their natural ability to heal, and teach this to others. You can read my full Practice Policy here for more information, but this is a summary of my practice of healing, offered as a service. 

Schedule Reiki Session

  • Once you have placed your order, return here to schedule your appointment time
  • View the times available for the service, and then confirm your order in your cart
After you have made your order, pay for the service order, and scheduled appointment time. I will contact you personally to confirm your session and provide you the resources you need to prepare for Reiki via email.

CLICK TO GO TO SCHEDULING PAGE FOR DETAILS Or to schedule multiple services from your order.

Please fill out this Reiki Therapy Session Form anytime before your scheduled appointment for Reiki Therapy.

Reiki & Energy Therapy Session Form

Please go to to schedule your appointment. This DOES APPLY TO BOTH in-person and remote distance Reiki.
[For in-person sessions, where would you like the session to be? At your home? Outdoors?] Available for those in Snohomish County Washington State Only.
I understand that my dogs, pets, and home (for in-home sessions) will be removed from the healing area during the session. I understand that my children (if present) should be calm and quiet. (Lee loves dogs and pets! But will not be comfortable working within the presence of unknown animals as they may feel it necessary to protect their owner at any time, and is their right to do so. For this reason, I understand that my pets will need to be absent from the healing session. If friendly, you have them out before and after the session is complete.
Describe trouble areas of pain, medical conditions, and stress levels in your current life related to your reason for scheduling this session. In as much or little detail as you would like.
To accurately answer this required question I suggest that you refer to the material delivered to you upon your order, or by email. In summary, please state your intention for this Reiki session based up what you have summarized above to begin this Reiki healing in your life.
If you could provide a name or site address that referred you I can reward them.
Thank you for your honest feedback about my writing, website, services, and integrity.
REVIEW THESE PAGE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF ANY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE, THANK YOU. This client intake form also acts as our legal, ethical, and medical assurances. As well as agreement to all of the terms, conditions, and policies detailed on the website. Specifically, the pages listed above must be checked to enable services being provided to you. If you need to negotiate we should do that via email before checking these boxes. Once you have, all of the described policies and terms apply provided to you electronically, or energetically, by Loving Life With Light.
Is there any questions or conditions you need to discuss further? I will respond to what is submitted here directly by email contact.

How to Prepare for Remote Reiki Sessions


THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM PROFESSIONALS. Results from healing services are most effective when the client is ready to completely allow the healing to occur and is ready for a transformation. However, miraculous or instant healing is possible at any moment it is never guaranteed. 

Clients are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions, especially the Practice Policy. Please review them before you order, as your next step is completing your Client Intake forms for services, which require your agreement to all of these.

As is the use of this website, regardless of your order you should ALWAYS review terms and policies.



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