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Local Reiki Session, I come to you. I then direct Reiki energy for a full body therapy for a wide range of healing potential. Gentle touch is used to focus universal life force energy to the body of the client from the head to toe. With intention this complementary therapy can assist in relieving pain, stress, and illness for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.



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In-home Reiki Therapy Sessions are available within SNOHOMISH COUNTY WASHINGTON STATE, specifically within Snohomish, Lake Stevens, or Everett city limits.

I will travel to you, or meet you somewhere where we can set up the table (in or outdoors is fine, weather permitting). You may choose the setting options that best suit you: to light a candle, burn oil, place crystals, or play music during the session to enhance your sensory experience.

Local Area: Snohomish, Lake Stevens, or Everett in Snohomish County Washington (state) only
Zipcodes may include: 98258, 98251

Session Length: 60 minutes (1 hour)

Client Requirements: Basic Medical Background and Client Intake Forms (updated annually), and must be seen by your primary care doctor regularly (within at least 1 year).
Covid Restrictions: You must have no covid symptoms the day of the in person session. Additionally, you must have passed with a negative test result at least 30 days prior to our visit, if you have contacted covid recently (since 2022).

About Reiki +

Using Traditional Usui Reiki techniques, I channel Reiki for a full-body Reiki Therapy session that lasts 45-60 minutes. After stating our intentions for Reiki, I will ask that you to lay down and be comfortable, enter a relaxed state of calm, or meditation, with open awareness to your body, the space outside of your body, and your breath.

Starting from the head and working my way towards your feet, I will channel Reiki to you by placing my hands on, or above your body. I may stay at each position for 2-5 minutes each.

Healing may occur wherever Reiki is needed most at the time of the session. This is a full-bodied session for the entire soul, whole self, and all bodies including the physical, mention, emotional, and spiritual layers.

Full Reiki Sessions are always recommended at least once a month if not weekly, or daily as Preventative Medicine once the body is in total health. Everyone should know how to do Reiki, and I will be happy to show you the basic hand positions so that you can practice Reiki I.

It is non-invasive and harmless. There is no harm that can be done with Reiki. I am not a healer, but a practitioner of guiding the body, soul, and mind to be able to heal by entering a receptive healing state. Through intention, compassion, and empowerment great things can happen in a moment that is dedicated to the body that is healing. To effectively heal itself with the boost of Reiki as an amplifier of potential, life force energy, and vital intelligent cellular communication with the DNA, soul, etheric and astral, and subconscious layers. This is further experienced and understood in Energy Healing Sessions.

In Reiki, the practitioner is simply a channel for life force energy through a process of initiation and attunement. In other words, I am not using my own life force energy, mental command, or psychic ability to manifest or direct the energy as a source. I am simply a clear conduit to focus the energy through the hands, and gently position them strategically on the body. The body then receives whatever intelligent life force energy it needs and directs it to the nearest areas. The body and energy is a complex communication system that is felt more than perceived as information. Thus, it is a painless, and graceful process.

Reiki is NOT a form of massage or hypnosis. IT IS a harmless Japanese practice that can be used and applied to anyone. There is no need for a certain belief, dogma, racial or cultural boundary. It is simply applying a human function to affect the healing of the body using source energy.

You could translate Reiki in many words. To name a few, Reiki is the Universal Life Force, Source Energy, or Holy Spirit.

“Relative to our physical existence, Prana or vital energy is a modification of the air element, deriving primarily from the oxygen we breathe. On a subtle level, the air element corresponds to the sense of touch; through touch, we feel alive and are able to transmit our life-force to others.” – Yoga International

So, it is effective to focus on your breathing during a Reiki session. As the Universal life force energy is channeled to your body and it’s energy centers directly, your own prana will increase as an immediate effect. This can be directed through the breath and is probably one of the greatest benefits of Reiki regularly, and immediately.

Reiki Masters have been scientifically proven to produce more energy in their hands after the attunement and regular practice.

The key to using Reiki is the intention to do so with compassion, for yourself and others. It is important to know what area of your body, mind, or life needs Reiki and to open to receiving healing for that specifically during a session. The Client Intake form will help you with this further. Even if you don’t know what area of your body is ‘hurting’ or have a disease, even if it’s something as simple as to lessen the burdens of stress. This is an amazing way to allow your body to heal itself in whatever ways it needs to.

My Intention for Reiki is for the highest good of all, and for your complete wellness of body, mind, heart, soul, and spiritual path. For abundance, vitality, health, joy, empowerment, and happiness with unconditional love, light, and compassion.

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