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I have always had an interest and awareness of Astrology, Palmistry, and Chiromancy. My interest in the divination of the future is not my primary focus, however, the application of the wisdom of these most ancient ways of understanding and interpreting our lives and histories unfolding, is.

So to say, that I hope to help you overcome the challenges that your lines, and past are written in your palm state. And relate to who you really are, here and now. So that you can better extend your life, and lines, in a more productive, healthy, and natural way of being you.



This can be useful if you are trying to piece together your life timeline, especially in conjunction with Natal Astrology. It can help to identify ways to improve your health, life, and purpose.

It is most useful in getting to know yourself better and how you are interacting with the Universe. This can also help to identify the energetic imbalance and to find natural gifts, strengths, and disposition in the world.


After Your Order, Please Then Email Me Directly

Please take 5-10 photos of your hand in good lighting and sharp focus upon details.

  • Must be able to see both palms, able to see lines clearly on the palm
  • Another will be the hand seen for the shape of the hand, and fingers
  • In another photo please layer your fingers together and as close as you can, focus upon the fingerprints
  • In at least one, please provide a clear shot of your thumb and the mound of your palm, and any markings you have
  • For each hand, please take a view from the sides of each hand. The hand sound be ‘relaxed” but straight so that the levels, mounds, and dips of the hands can be seen, as well as the lines/marks on the sides of the hands

If you would like, you can also take others in different ways that might be the back of the hand, the distance between the fingers, fingers flexed back easily or, not flexible.

  1. Pay for your Order for the Palm Reading
  2. Take the photos of your hand as detailed above
  3. Email me at
  4. In the subject please put in the subject “Palm Reading Photos for (Full Name)”
  5. Upload the photos you took as an attachment
  6. Write to me if you have any particular questions or reasons for getting your palm read and if you are interested in one area of life more than the other.
  7. Within 24-72 hours I will email you a Palm Reading report, I welcome any feedback or questions in further email contact related to the palm reading


As I provide Palm Readings by being a Western Spiritual individual, my intention is to provide guidance and intuitive understanding of the signals and impressions you have within your life and how it is being expressed thus far. By using this traditional information that has been passed down and documented throughout our human history with origins and pathways provided by Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese faiths.

I can give no indication of future predictions or the truth of circumstances that have occurred in your life. I am not a psychic or gypsy, at least not in this life. I am simply a holder of traditional wisdom held in the hands of the human life of a creator being.

This service complements Astrology Interpretations as a means to hone in on your natural purpose, skills, and cosmic identity. The best bundle for this is here!



It is no way a valid way of identifying health conditions or concerns. If you feel so inclined to include this intuitive reading as consideration for further exploration of your health and wellness, this is of your own free will to act upon. This should no way replace your primary health doctors.

Please read my disclaimers and agreements before ordering this service.

Reading Details

I will observe the following details about your hand and define the summary of what I observe. Feedback during this process is welcome. I will ask you, at times, to flip over or arrange your hands in ways that I can better observe the details of the surface of your hand.

  • Texture
  • Flexibility
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Lengths
  • Elements
  • Primary Lines
  • Line-Breaks
  • Longevity
  • Qualities of Extreme Strength or Weakness

Depending upon your line of questing and interests, there are more detailed areas we can look to find out more information during the reading such as fingerprints and loops, chains, patterns, mounds, and quadrants.

  • If your interests are more towards Energetic Health, we will focus more on this area of interest in the hands.
  • If your interest is more towards relationships, skills, natural strengths, and overcoming weaknesses than we can work to understand these details in your hand.
  • If your interests are in reference to health, wellness, conditions, and improving you’re well being than likewise, we will look to identify these details in your hands.
  • If your interests are for the cosmic blueprint of your soul in this journey then we will consider the elements and planetary imprints of your hands


Please make sure if we are doing this over the video, that you have a High-Quality camera and have the settings turned up before we begin.

Be prepared to move your hand relatively close to the camera to see the lines and grooves of your hand.

Being in a well-lit area, or outside on a nice day in natural light should work well.


Note that I have always been interested in and studied Palmistry for myself. However, I am new to reading other palms. I decided to take a course that provides further reference, process, and resources for me to use for clients.


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