Universal Membership

Unlock special roles and features within our communities. Benefit from private networking areas with other members, and get exclusive private sessions with me on a regular basis in our server.



Access to one live group remote Reiki session per month

Access to the Networking channels with the Discord Community – only close partners can access certain channels and privileges’ to post updates and content for free members.

By default, members can only share media, GIFs, stickers, and links within certain chats. Where they can only ‘react’ or reply to what is posted by paid members or those who have donated to the server in some way. Upgraded members can share/reply, react to, and upload media to nearly any channel.

Once the community has more than 20 members, we will be able to ‘boost the server with nitro’ to unlock more support for the discord server itself, as needed, as a group effort which is great since its a grow-at-your-own-pace system within discord. *Instead of the admin paying for everything in a lump sum, everyone can pitch in a little to reach the ‘goals’


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