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Remote Sessions Available Anytime – Karuna Ki Reiki combines the efforts of other Reiki Master Teachings focused upon Compassion. Allowing a deeper modality for emotional, spiritual, and soul healing of karma, trauma, and blocks.


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Karuna Ki Reiki combines the efforts of other Reiki Master Teachings focused upon Compassion. Allowing a deeper modality for emotional, spiritual, and soul healing of karma, trauma, and blocks.

While traditional Usui Reiki techniques have brought to us a transformational system to effectively transfer healing energy of the universal life force. It enables a platform of learning for other types of energetic healing. Where Usui Reiki provides a way to heal energetically, emotionally, and physically.

Who This Service Is For

This is suitable for anyone who is struggling more emotionally than physically. Some of our most troubling disabilities are not yet faulty physical disease or illness. But mental, and emotional traumas that lock us into bad habits, disfunction of our mental and heart function, and loss of understanding from ourselves.

Reiki doesn’t promise to heal these issues, but can greatly assist in untangling, unwinding, and unraveling the deep-seated energy, stimulus, commands, and seeds that are ready to be relieved. In such a way that the Universal Intelligence will help to guide you to a more compassionate awareness throughout all of the bodies and layers of life that acts through you.


Giving and receiving Karuna Ki, and Usui Reiki treatments, are effectively the same routines, and very similar practices. However, they may use different intentions, universe intelligence energy, and channels. Guidance for the session is transformative within the deeper layers of being than traditional Usui Reiki. Additionally, the practitioner applies deeper and more compassionate practices within daily life and conscious awareness to enable these potentials for healing to occur.


  • 1 Hour Reiki Therapy Session (remote)
  • Full Body Session
  • Aura Scan and Cleanse included
  • Guidance or Insight (as relevant to the client, received during the session will be provided to you via written or verbal consultation after the session)
  • Free Consultation with me before (and/or after) the session to discuss your session, symptoms, recommendation, spiritual guidance or therapy results together, up to 1 hour (typically each consultation is 30 minutes, and this service includes an optional before and after 30 minute personal consultation)

Client Recommendations

I recommend to those who receive this kind of Reiki to state with intention before starting the session, what you intend to resolve during the session.

Reiki can be scheduled for any time of day or week, and is done remotely. You do not have to contact me before or after the session unless we have pre-arranged consultation schedules specifically to do so. Otherwise, at the time of your session you will simply lay back comfortably on your bed or couch to receive your Reiki session.

You may or may not feel physical or spiritual sensations during the session. These are almost always pleasant. It is recommended that to avoid unpleasant feelings you are fully hydrated, have eaten normally (not an empty stomach but not just after dinner either), and are well rested when possible. Try to retain a sober mind and body at least 2 hours before the session to have the most beneficial experience with Reiki.

It is best if you can be quiet, relaxed, and completely undesturbed for the durration of the Reiki session. Allowing your body and spirit to fully embrace the healing that is possible for you.

Reasons to Choose This Reiki Type

A few of the following on this list are acceptable reasons for receiving Karuna Ki Reiki over traditional Usui Reiki:

  • Cellular memory restoration
  • Subconscious past or alternative life issues/distortions
  • Karmic cycles or addictive habits and tendencies
  • Nightmares, daydreams, and fantastical distractions from the present life both conscious/subconscious
  • Ease heartache from loss, death, grieving, or loss of identity, or life crisis
  • Resolving lower chakra issues of grounding and blocks from this energy moving up through the heart and joining the higher chakras
  • False beliefs and confusion around spiritual identity, calling, purpose, or presence
  • Transformational changes within life circumstances, relationships, jobs, or lifestyle, allowing the best that you can be manifest into your reality with grace and comfort
  • Uplifting the Kundalini energy rising through the energy centers
  • Release from misaligned contracts, oaths, promises, and agreements that no longer suit your present life, light, and love


Online personal consultations are optional, simply schedule a Free Consultation before (or after) your Reiki Session.

How to Prepare for Remote Reiki Sessions

Schedule Reiki Session

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  • Once you have placed your order, return here to schedule your appointment time
  • View the times available for the service, and then confirm your order in your cart
After you have made your order, pay for the service order, and scheduled appointment time. I will contact you personally to confirm your session and provide you the resources you need to prepare for Reiki via email.

CLICK TO GO TO SCHEDULING PAGE FOR DETAILS Or to schedule multiple services from your order.

Please fill out this Reiki Therapy Session Form anytime before your scheduled appointment for Reiki Therapy.

Reiki & Energy Therapy Session Form

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THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM PROFESSIONALS. Results from healing services are most effective when the client is ready to completely allow the healing to occur and is ready for a transformation. However, miraculous or instant healing is possible at any moment it is never guaranteed. 

Clients are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions, especially the Practice Policy. Please review them before you order, as your next step is completing your Client Intake forms for services, which require your agreement to all of these.

As is the use of this website, regardless of your order you should ALWAYS review terms and policies.

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