Faith Forensics Energy Healing Session [In Person]


Extensive energy testing through your own biofeedback guides us to answers for understanding your issue, pain, or stress. Then, selecting a healing method to heal the disharmony based on known harmless remedies ranging from physical to spiritual methods. Remote or local sessions are available. A single session results in a single method being used to address a specific issue.


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Extensive energy testing through your own biofeedback, guides us to answers for understanding your issue, pain, or stress. Then, selecting a healing method to heal the issue completely. Remote or local sessions are available.


We will meet at the scheduled session time and discuss the general issue. I will then teach you some methods for Energy Testing (local versus distance methods) and choose the best biofeedback method for us to use together for the rest of the session. Before we begin testing, I will answer any questions you might have about the methods, the session, and the practice.

In-person, you would lie down and be tested for energy signals. At a distance, or an online video conference (via Facebook or Zoom) you will be sitting upright and in good lighting, so we can clearly see each other for the best results.

We will “open up the case” and begin testing for the cause of the issue. To trace the origin of it with the help of your body-mind, subconscious, conscious mind, energetic systems. This in itself is very healing. What I can help  you do is to know what questions to ask, helping you to translate the answers that only you and your body knows.

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In practice, we will ask the body to select the number associated with the chart/list being used at the time to answer a specific question.

For example, “We will test for an Emotion from 1-15. Is the emotion number 1-5, 5-10,10-15” and the body will shift in energy during testing, and we will then select a number, “1, 2, 3, …” And then look up the result of the number 3 on the list (for example) and I will reveal it to you. We then relate that to the issue and continue energy testing for more information.

We will identify (by biofeedback energy testing), your negative life pattern that emerges from the cause of the issue you are dealing with. As well as the Emotion that is attached to the memory, and what Age the issue occurred or began.

It’s okay that you do not know the answer to these before the session, that is why this Energy Healing Protocol is so great! Using biofeedback, we can directly ask the Source, using our body-mind as an instrument of communication, directly for the answers.

We then decide, with the help of biofeedback in the same way, which Healing Protocol will best address and heal the issue completely. 

There is a list of healing protocols that I have available that are detailed here. You can view my certifications and education history details here.

After we complete the healing, we will confirm that it was well-received with biofeedback, and make sure there is no additional healing needed at this time. Everyone is different, so it is important that I be available to you after the session and be able to follow up with your progress. Many times realizations and blocks can come to the surface for further resolution and final acceptance. It’s important to me that my clients know that they can come to me for further assistance as life progresses and often the shifting changes can be seen using Present Moment Astrology Check-In for further discovery.

Remote sessions are also possible. This requires a trust in quantum methods and verbal permissions to connect for the duration of the session in such that you and I both listen to body cues, connection with the higher realms, the Akashic records, divine permissions/protocols and clearings, and spiritual guidance, to discover the correct answers instead of in-person-touch-biofeedback as described above. I have had success with both types of sessions. 

Healing Pathways & Potential Methods of Healing

Healing Pathways

There may be one 30 minute healing protocol to resolve the issue or use a few 5-10 minute exercises. Or maybe, it is learning a self-practice, creating affirmations, or learning EFT Tapping to reprogram a habit. It depends on what your needs, interests, and beliefs are and what the issue requires to release and transmute effectively and permanently on all levels.

We then properly close the case, and spiritual assistance, and get firmly grounded after the session is complete. Then I will bless you, clean the room and surrounding area, and seal the healing session.

Primary Methods of Practice 

This is a healing protocol that was inspired by learning Forensic Healing System. I have taken the Essentials & Energy FHS certifications. Biofeedback methods as described and used most commonly by Quantum Touch, Energy Medicine, and Emotion Code. Please read the Practice Policy and read more about the services and therapies that may come up in these sessions before your order. Note that much of the protocols are not used in each session, because we test for exactly which one method/protocol will be used to treat the issue came to the Energy Healing session to heal. 

I am not the healer, your body is doing the healing. I am a guide to assist you in recovering the information you need to consciously consider by listening and communicating with you on many levels of being. I simply translate and transmute the energy for communication and follow simple healing protocols that anyone can learn to do themselves. They are all gentle, non-invasive, and harmless.

Often the protocols may involve Reiki, laying of hands-on (light touch or distant healing), scanning your body for subtle energy changes, pain, or above the client’s body for healing, gently tracing or tapping points on the meridian for EFT or unblocking energy, creating emotionally intelligent affirmation statements, using prayer or visualization, meditation, or light trance/relaxation, to stimulate positive realizations and transmutation.

Spiritual laws and morals, as well as self-interests, faith and beliefs, are always considered and permission always granted by energy testing and prayer. In other words, we never have to do anything you don’t want to do or you feel is not right for you. And we will not do anything that is not for your highest good. It’s really unlikely anything you dont want to do will come up considering it’s your energy field that is providing you the answers and guidance, I simply know how to read that field and layer of connection and attune to it naturally with intention and permission from the higher self through service to the Source/God of Life, Love, and Light.

The entire session is by energy testing for permissions to progress forward to the next step. The intention is held that any healing or transformation be done for the betterment of all and for your highest good. If these requirements and agreements are not met I reserve the right to refuse treatment before or during a session.

The experience in itself is often very healing in that you discovery what you did not know, the root cause of the issue. Even if no protocol results in a Reiki Session, or Tapping protocol or healing therapy. I often use Energy Medicine and Prayer to address it by proactive change in habits, and find that these results are satisfactory in making noticeable changes in my life regarding the issues targeted in each session.


Forensic Healing System

Disclaimers & Requirements

Disclaimer: This session does not include, promise, or commit to the complete healing of an issue, but rather finding the cause of the issue and reveal the path to complete healing in life. By understanding your patterns, emotions, and beliefs you are able to completely transcend, change, and alter the way that you are living your life by knowing that the solution to it, is in your hands, your body, and your mind. By knowing how to direct your thoughts, release emotions, and extend awareness to higher concepts, laws, and karma. You can begin to unfold upon a path that liberates you from pain, discomfort, and suffering. This session does not include astrology reports, or readings unless they are the tested result within the session that can aid in healing a specific issue. You will receive a Summary of Results after the session via email. I am not a doctor or psychologist. I Am a spiritual minister, life coach, alternative energy practitioner, astrologer and diviner.

Please read the required Info Pages before ordering this service (found in the sidebar). Once you have ordered, schedule an appointment time, and then fill out intake forms. I will contact you before the session to answer your questions and get to know you.

Required information for the session: Contact Permission, Legal Agreement of Terms, Conditions, and Policies found on this site, Medical History, and truthful explanation of what you seek to heal. Be that be pain in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Pricing options available:

Default cost: $88 per session
Minimum cost: $24
Max: $124.00


THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM PROFESSIONALS. Results from healing services are most effective when the client is ready to completely allow the healing to occur and is ready for a transformation. However, miraculous or instant healing is possible at any moment it is never guaranteed. 

Clients are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions, especially the Practice Policy. Please review them before you order, as your next step is completing your Client Intake forms for services, which require your agreement to all of these.

As is the use of this website, regardless of your order you should ALWAYS review terms and policies.



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