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1 Month Reiki Program, schedule 1 session per week for 1 hour each


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  • 4 Unique Reiki Therapy Sessions, 1 per week
    • Types of Reiki I am attuned to and can provide: Usui Ryoho (traditional), Karuna Ki, Crystalline, Celestine, Violet Flame
  • 2 Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions, one at the beginning, and one at the end of Therapy

Reiki Scheduled Session Intentions

Session 1: Initial Reiki Consultation Call, and our first Spiritual Coaching session, to discuss your Intentions for Reiki Therapy and ongoing healing in your life. To answer questions you have about remote Reiki Therapy, and Spiritual-Energetic Wellness in general

Session 2: Reiki Therapy – Intention to Heal the Physical Body with a Full Body Usui Reiki Therapy Session, 1 Hour

Session 3: Reiki Chakra Therapy – Intention to Activate, Clear, and Balance the Chakras throughout the Physical and Energy Bodies

Session 4: Karuna Ki Reiki Therapy – Intention to Heal the Mental, Emotional and Physical Barriers and Subconscious Blocks with Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Therapy, 40-60 minutes

Session 5: Karuna Ki Reiki Therapy – Intention to Heal Spiritual and Soul Trauma, Beliefs, Suffering, and Unlock Natural Gifts, Dharma, Transformation, and Spiritual Connection

Session 6: Spiritual Coaching/Consultation Call to discuss your Reiki Therapy experiences and further healing techniques to begin using Reiki or other spiritual practices to enhance their overall wellness and self-care techniques themselves.

Session 7: I will follow up with you via message/email in 1-3 days after the session to make sure you are well grounded, and have assistance with anything emotional releases or spiritual clearing that may have occurred during our session. Typically the effects of Reiki are very pleasant and you feel very confident and well afterwards. During karuna ki especially, deeply seeded emotions or karmic residue may surface in the following days after Reiki treatments to be further healed or addressed. After such a thorough monthly program, it’s my responsibility that my clients leave the program feeling better than when they came to me and with a healthier energetic/spiritual wellness and overall positive experience. Once you have ensured your health and satisfaction this call also allows me to release you as a client and close our order as complete.


Before each session, we will check in via email and text to deliver a handout and information about the session such as how to begin, how long you should remain, and how to ground yourself after the session. It also gives a few guided messages and ways to enhance your experience by noticing different experiences in the session and taking note of them right afterwards.

This is a distance healing session, however you will feel pleasant sessions as if your energy body and inner nerves are being massaged from head to toe. This is the kind of relaxed and peaceful state you should be in to receive these sessions of Reiki Therapy.

I highly encourage clients to check in with me and ask questions via email or text when they are done if they have any need. Moving through the therapy will progressively unfold new perspectives about how your body has been able to heal with the additional life force energy provided by Reiki and your willingness to allow it to progress with this 1 month program.

This program can be repeated as often as you would like but my goal is that you will feel so transformed and motivated that you learn Reiki I for yourself and receive a quick attunement and turn around to your own self healing.

Many people need to experience a kind of transformation or pleasant miracle to convince them that they are capable of wellness and this is what that will hopefully do for you. 


Scheduling Appointments

Please schedule your appointments using this guideline: You can schedule your consultation appointment by selecting the 30-minute consultation appointment option in scheduling ASAP. You may schedule your first Reiki session later that week. Schedule each Reiki session after, one week apart from each other. You can schedule your last consultation anytime after your Reiki Therapy sessions are complete. 



Please fill out the Reiki Therapy Client Intake form here after your order is complete.

I will contact you via email to confirm your order, therapy, and introduce myself personally to answer any questions you have and produce you further client resources.

Please see the service products individually for details about each session. 


Schedule Reiki Session

  • Once you have placed your order, return here to schedule your appointment time
  • View the times available for the service, and then confirm your order in your cart
After you have made your order, pay for the service order, and scheduled appointment time.   I will contact you personally to confirm your session and provide you the resources you need to prepare for Reiki via email.

CLICK TO GO TO SCHEDULING PAGE FOR DETAILS Or to schedule multiple services from your order.

Please fill out this Reiki Therapy Session Form anytime before your scheduled appointment for Reiki Therapy.  

Reiki & Energy Therapy Session Form

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How to Prepare for Remote Reiki Sessions


THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM PROFESSIONALS. Results from healing services are most effective when the client is ready to completely allow the healing to occur and is ready for a transformation. However, miraculous or instant healing is possible at any moment it is never guaranteed. 

Clients are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions, especially the Practice Policy. Please review them before you order, as your next step is completing your Client Intake forms for services, which require your agreement to all of these.

As is the use of this website, regardless of your order you should ALWAYS review terms and policies.


Reiki Master Certification


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