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If you are aware that there are higher forces at work in your life and wish to understand the details of these interactions. Then I can assist by providing the details hindering and helping you at this time.

This is similar to the Energy Session, however it is done remotely and the findings are then revealed to you in the form of a report. Results or recommended services are then ordered separately as needed or desired by the client.

It requires only that you submit your name and a description of the effects you are feeling that are affecting you in your life (or pain in body).

Basic Process

1) I will test whether this is Physical, Energetic, Mental, Emotion, Soul, or Spiritual.

2) From here, I will select more detailed questions that relate to the Divine Plan and your Spiritual Path for the Higher Good. I need only your permission by ordering this product, to evaluate the Spiritual aspects of your condition presently.

3) Depending upon these first results will determine the line of questions (pre-scripted) that I will ask relating to your first and second answers.

4) I complete notes to form a report copy and deliver it to you via email or personal message.

5) I list the available clearings and recommendations with you. Included in your evaluation is up to 3 free entity clearings or blocks.

6) You can order the Complete Clearing services to complete your spiritual work that may be revealed in this Evaluation.

Practice Protocol

I do this by divining with the use of a pendulum. And, an extremely advanced Esoteric Spiritual Science, Akashic Energetic Readings, advanced charts, gnosis, akasha reading, astrology and pre-defined lists. This system may or may not include possible effects from the planets, cosmos, past lives, soul substance, spiritual blocks, aura attachments, dark force psychic attacks, and many more details that are not discussed or taught by religious or educational schools at this time and thus, are not a substitute for professional help. Full medical history and disclosing any/all health conditions are required for every client for energetic services and ethical standards of practice. 

The study and practice of such alternative and energetic, or spiritual, protocols are not done lightly and takes extreme devotion, clarity, and conviction on my part to access and work within the Akashic and Higher Dimensions and Powers. So provided that I follow the Divine Laws and expectations destined for me and this work as a Spiritual Scientist. If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them via email. Contact me personally for more information, it is very likely that we have a consultation before the forensic protocols are performed.


Do you receive personal or detailed information about me?

Not in great detail. I get information that may be valuable for you to relate to, personally. Such as a persons description, involvement in a certain date or time in your life, an object of interest or of personal importance. If there is an emotional block, I will test for which emotion for example. If there is a positive test for entity attachment, I will discover how many attachments and where they are located in the body. If I have the appropriate permissions to immediately release the entity for your highest good (this works a lot of the time) without need for a complete clearing, I will do so.

How many entities are typically attached?

I have tested at times for only 1-3. When I first started this work I removed over 30 at a time. On average, most people will have 1-10 and those who have more than 10 usually have a few primary entities that are hosting several others. Once those primary forces are released, there is much spiritual healing that takes place. This is typically harmless, and has immediate results without having to have one on one sessions.

Will I notice a difference after the evaluation?

The real differences comes from conscious evaluation of the evaluation results. Narrowing down the problem you are experiencing can dramatically help you focus your attention on finding a solution. Many times that solution is learning to let go of something you have been holding on to or creating in your own life. We just don’t know what that is, or how it’s actually affecting our life. Is it my partner? Is it my job? Why am I hurting so much? These are questions we all have and struggle with, and sometimes the truth is much more spiritual than we might expect.

Why is the Complete Clearing an additional cost after the Evaluation?

This evaluation acts as a report, and it may take several hours of dedicated focus to complete. It comes with 3 entity or block clearings. However, if you have several (10-20+) entities to remove, each taking about 5-10 minutes a piece. You can see how this process takes up several hours of time and attention. This is the reason for the cost, to pay me for my time and complete dedication to this practice. It includes anything that is detailed in the recommendations of this evaluation. You can purchase the Bundle that includes an Outdoor/Home Clearing for a discount (when available)

Will I notice a difference after a Complete Clearing?

Absolutely! This spiritual clearing is likely to catch all entities that may be attached to you, neutralize negative thought and energy clouds, and remove blocks between your spirit-soul-body system. This can manifest in many ways but some noticeable effects are: Clearer thought, Soul Identity Recognition (easier appreciation of self), Improved Confidence, Physical Pain Relief throughout body, Improved Brain and Memory function.

What are some of the signs that I might benefit from this kind of Spiritual Clearing?

Do you suffer from ‘too many voices in your head’? When your actually a very logical and rational person. Thoughts that you feel aren’t your own, or micro-obsessions. Do you see black fluttering’s in your eyes, especially if you are around someone that triggers this? Is there a dark cloud above you or noticeably in your field? Do you have painful points on your scalp if you press on them? Do you have strange pain sensations that aren’t enough to go to the doctor for, but are irritating enough you wonder why it hurts (but only sometimes?). Do you suffer from sporadic dreaming (like they aren’t yours), more-than-usual daydreaming, or a lack of dreaming. Or, are you overwhelmingly sensitive to other peoples? Are you an extreme empath that picks up everything from others around you (and cant turn it off even though you want to).

These are some of the effects that I have removed from my life by using this method particularly. In combination with serious self work, inner reflection, and a true desire to transform into the person I was meant to be. This is part of what is required for us to work out in a consultation before the service is performed. If your serious about this, and what is required of you, then I’m happy to work with you on this level.


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