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If you are aware that there are higher forces at work in your life and wish to understand the details of these interactions. Then I can assist by providing the details hindering and helping you at this time. This is similar to the Energy Session, however it is done remotely and the findings are then revealed to you in the form of a report. Results or recommended services are then ordered separately as needed or desired by the client.

These readings are meant to assist people presently, in the current time that the effects are being experienced.

It requires only that you submit your name and a description of the effects you are feeling today, that are affecting you.

I will test whether this is Physical, Energetic, Mental, Emotion, Soul, or Spiritual. From here, I will select detailed questions and answers that relate to the Divine Plan and your Spiritual Path for the Higher Good. I need only your permission by ordering this product, to evaluate the Spiritual aspects of your condition presently. Depending upon these first results will determine the focus of questions/answers I will divine for you that day.


Practice Protocol

I do this by divining with the use of a pendulum, and extremely advanced Esoteric Spiritual Science gnosis, charts, and pre-defined lists. This may or may not include effects from the planets, cosmos, past lives, soul substance, spiritual blocks, aura attachments, dark force psychic attacks, and many more details that are not discussed or taught by religious or educational schools at this time.

The study and practice of such protocols are not done lightly and takes extreme devotion, clarity, and conviction on my part to access and transcend the Akashic and Higher Powers provided that I follow the divine laws and expectations destined for me and this work as a Spiritual Scientist. If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them via email. The example of this work can be explored by my Earth Report posts, as these are accomplished in the same way.


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