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Humans have always had a variety of ways to interpret life and the divine for personal or business purposes. From sheep intestines to oracle bones, it was much later that the story of the Tarot and the use of a Pendulum came into use in the last 100 or so years.

Astrology is probably the oldest form of divination in which one assigns qualities and values to the position of the planets and their movements through the heavens. Now we know that these positions play a huge role in the change of seasons, natural events, and solar activity. Which all play a huge part in our atmosphere, weather, and health in a variety of ways. The most obvious ways are climate, disease, and electrical grids. There are new branches of medicine and biology that are realizing the effects of space weather and natural events, have on our own bodies.

Divination is usually an attempt to forecast what is going to occur. Or, to interpret what is occurring now. Finally, it can be to learn from what has happened in order to understand it or move on from it.

This is usually done by recognizing patterns, cycles, and motions in one’s life and evaluating them with the use of verbal communication with a learned reader/interpreter. Reading (and listening to) signs and symbols, numbers and charts (data to evaluate), and art to invoke a more emotional and immediate response to your initial impressions. Readers study to understand omens and symbolism from various backgrounds including, the modern occult and tarot. Some readers have more depth in these areas than others. Recognizing guardians, spirits, ancestry, and entities that may be involved. Having practiced reading people’s reactions, body language, and emotional cues. Some, such as myself, also use the body, positions, health, skin, and lines or marks on the body, to assist in a kind of spiritual diagnosis of related patterns revealing themselves in a variety of ways. In the best circumstances, divination can offer a way to see the synchronicity and parallels between one’s inner and outer life, and physical body to the spiritual condition of one’s self. This is at least, my goal, with clients as a diviner.

This 1:1 session could be based on evaluation of: 

  • Related Astrology, recognition of present cycles and patterns
  • Palmistry, or reading of the body, face, tongue, or skin
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Prayer, or Spiritual Intervention
  • Forensic Energy Evaluation (using pendulum and permission)
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Evaluation of Signs or Omens in your personal life


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