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I offer personal crystal therapy sessions, in which we spend 1 hour together. I have a small number of standard sessions that can be used to align chakras and centers. As well as a number of miscellaneous ones to use for healing, relaxation, and personal revelation. There are three healing stones that I work with the most, and therefore have a set of specific healing kits for each: clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst quartz crystals. Additionally I have attuned to Etheric Crystal Reiki which provides different frequencies of more than 40 crystals.


  • Local, In Person: I come to you, with a table and a collection of several crystals and stones as well as the ability to cleanse and clear any that you may have to utilize in the session as personal gems. In person only. Locations: near Snohomish County Washington, USA. Contact.
  • Remote Etheric Crystal Reiki (learn about Remote Reiki service here) in Crystal Reiki works through your energy field to receives Reiki healing from within an etheric service center in higher dimensions, with strong intent to deliver crystal grids and healing directly to your higher energetic systems and most subtle energy bodies. They are then translated to your lower bodies such as the physical and emotional/mental layers over 24 hours or more, regulated via your higher self which receives the healing first and most effectively.

Crystals I Own, Dedicated to Crystal Healing sessions include: 

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