Celestite, tumbled


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Celestite Description by East Meets West
Keywords: Angelic communication, access to higher dimensions, serenity
Element: Wind
Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Transpersonal and Etheric (8th through 14th, above the head)

Celestite is associated with the third eye chakra, Anja: wisdom, understanding, mindfulness and higher consciousness. The third eye chakra is primarily linked to the pituitary gland, which regulates serotonin. Balanced Anja benefits include intuition, perception, imagination, good memory, good dream recall, improved visualization, encouraging an open-mind and an ability to see the big picture. Combining the divine properties of Celestite with meditation practices allows for better recognition of what you have control over. Most importantly, the properties of Celestine should encourage us to learn to become at peace with what we don’t have control over

Each order will receive only one stone. These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. Note: Sizes may vary. This information is intended for entertainment purposes only


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