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Define 3-5 questions that you would to have cards pulled for. Or choose a spread from the link below. Choose what you would like to pay for the reading.

Then, email/message me. Or fill out the form in the tab (on the left) for Options. 

I’ll get back to you with your reading ASAP, or within 24 hours.

Those who are familiar with me know my style is not a form of reading of your fate (will I?) but a form of examination of the present moment and the current life circumstances. That I am wholly optimistic and intuitive in my delivery when interpreting cards. And that I am very interested in the patterns, the progression, and the passion.

Each reading is unique and will be delivered upon the requests revealed within the form below.

Decks I Own

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Here is my current wish list of cards/decks and other things. 

Card Spread Inspiration Board ❣️

View My Pinterest Board for Inspiration, feel free to request a spread by sending me the link or use these for yourself : https://pin.it/6r8uUYv

Spiritual Bibliology from the following sacred texts:

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  • To pay for a reading you can use: this webpage via pay pal (you can use a card as a guest without an account with pay pal to do this)
  • This is a “name your price” service, so you can choose what you would like to pay. My asking rate is between $3-20 dollars and range between 5-60 minutes.

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