2D Universal Astrology Natal Report (Written)


A personally written Astrology report which includes your natal charts (geocentric, heliocentric, and Vedic) and more!


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This is a written astrology report that reveals several Astrological Charts, Resources for Interpretation, and important events. (This product is included in the 3D package here.)

What Is Included in the Written Report

  • Natal Geocentric Charts, (both Tropical and Sidereal)
  • Natal Heliocentric Charts (Sidereal)
  • Vedic Horoscope Chart (Sidereal)
  • Natal Cartography Graph
  • Planetary Rulers, Powers, and Aspects
  • Researched data may include (as relevant) Solar Events (CMEs, solar flares, geomagnetic storms or disturbances)
  • Researched data may include (as relevant) Earth Events (Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, important moments in History from your day of birth)
  • List of Fixed Stars that are aligned with your Sidereal Geocentric Chart
  • List of Asteroids, Angles, Points, and NTOs (Sidereal) for further exploration and meaning
  • List of Astrology Resources for Self Study Interpretation and basic Astrology understanding

This is Report does not include interpretations of the information by audio/video (full service here). However, there are links and sources to such information for free included in the report for you to read and learn more as a report that you can study in further depth on your own. For more advanced reports or interpretation, please view the other Astrology Services in the Shop, or bundle them together for significant savings.

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It includes this report, live interpretation, and so much more!


Who This Services Is Designed For

Anyone who has interest in Astrology and prefers to learn on their own. Those who already know the basics of Astrology and are ready to include more information in their own natal chart analysis. Providing the variety of chart access, you will have a large amount of resources provided to you as well as the researched data such as Solar and Earth events that occurred to provide you more significant insight into your moment of birth and life at large. Additionally it can be difficult to discern as a beginner, where to get some of this data online. I spent many years trying to gather resources, and I can help navigate your own way through learning Astrology.

If you are looking for an interactive learning experience, then I highly suggest going for the 3D Astrology service so that we can interact and I can show you your data, 1:1. This report is included in the cost of that service.

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Submitting your Birth Data is required for the Astrology Service done.

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