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Get a full report of your Natal Astrology of both Classic and Sidereal Astrology, including alignments to important fixed stars, galaxies, and planetary rules and their power. As well as a basic Chinese Horoscope for an outline of your elemental makeup and natural rhythm. Find out your natal Lunar phase, day, and hour rulers, Mayan cross, tolzkin date, and more.

I will include all the links and resources you need to learn more and fully embrace your astrological, cosmic substance that makes up, You!

This is Report does not include interpretations of the information (full service here), however, there are links and sources to such information for free included in the report for you to read.

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This product is currently a ‘Name Your Price’ product, meaning YOU get to choose what you pay for this product order. Please keep in mind, these are products that I have spent MANY hours collecting, practicing, or studying in many ways. Why is it open pricing? Because I believe in equality and abundance, Source needs everyone to be able to access this kind of product and service at a cost that anyone can afford. That means, flexibility because we are not currently living on the same scale across the world. I want to see this change, and so, I have to offer my services that apply to universal equality and abundance.

Additionally, I opened this business effective as of 4/4/2020 and thus, I am new this! I find it great that I can disclose my true colors of experience, and allow each client to decide what they deem a fair price for services. As I gain more experience with others, naturally I will only increase the value of my service to others. I thank you for this opportunity.

Below is the recommended chart that I feel is accurate for my pricing in my area. Please consider this when selecting your price to pay for this product/service.

Low income – min $3-5
Average income – $15
Abundant income – $30
Max price – $100

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Abundant income (actual professional service rate) – $88
Max price – $120

Any orders I receive over $100 and I will contact you to ensure you meant to pay at that rate, and thank you personally if it is not a mistake. Thank you, from my heart.

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Personal note: Don’t feel bad about ordering a price lower than what is listed here. If you need the service, then I am willing to work with you. If you resonate with this and feel this is what you have been looking for – its because it is. Every healer attracts the clients that they will be able to heal, just like clients are attracted to the healer that can help them. The part that some healers don’t disclose, is that every client they attract is a reflection of the healing they have already, or still need to heal themselves in some way. A healer is only called a healer, not because they affect the changes in a body, the body does the actual healing. A healer is called a healer because they themselves have been healed, and know that it’s possible to witness other bodies heal and learn the practices that best suit their natural ability to heal, and teach this to others. You can read my full Practice Policy here for more information, but this is a summary of my practice of healing, offered as a service. 


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