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1 Hour Introduction Video for Universal Astrology client. It is included in many of the personal/natal Astrology Services.

The slideshow introduces me, as an Astrologer. I walk you through the basic ideas and concepts of the following:

  • Zodiac Signs, their statements, concepts, etc.
  • Galaxies, Fixed Stars, Constellations, Solar Systems
  • The Houses and how to apply a personal reference to your timeline and your life for natal astrology
  • Differences between Sidereal and Tropical Astrology, and why to use them both
  • Introduction to where Astrology came from, the Ages, Procession of the Equinox and our current shift in the Ages and Cycles
  • Planets and their Archetypes, associations, and personality
  • Elemental makeup and association to the cosmic influence

After an hour, you should be in a much deeper understanding of the relevance you have in your own life, and to the cosmic life of the living mind and spirit of us all.

If you are considering whether or not to get the Astrology Bundle, feel free to Subscribe Here and use that discount on this product! That way you can check it out right away, and see if I am the right Astrologer for you and your quest in this area of interest.

You may also be able to better follow and understand the posts that I write in Daily Astrology.


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