Universal Astrology Chart Interpretation (Recorded Live)


Get the (2D) written report, as well as a 1 Hour Video Interpretation of your preferred natal chart in 3D as a 1 hour live recording of my auditory interpretation of your specified chart! This can be a birth chart, or even an event, or location.


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I will personally interpret and audio record your natal birth chart information for you. Fully explaining the basics of astrology, the planets, and the signs that are relevant to You. Starting with the first house, and working our way around to the twelve house.

The hero’s journey for each of us is unique and cosmically designed for you to lead the life that you aligned for Yourself in the higher realms before life began. You are not an accident, and neither is the time, location, or date you were born. This personal interpretation is meant to explore your journey and potential in the course of this life.


  • 2D Astrology Natal Report (Written) (as described in this service)
  • 40-60 minute Audio/Video Interpretation Video Recording of your personal natal chart (geocentric, sidereal unless otherwise specified upon order) full HD video and audio recording sent to you via email – see the charts and other software live on the screen!
  • (Optional): 30 minute 1:1 Consultation to discuss the interpretation and your written report, to answer any questions you might have about astrology, your chart, or to provide clarity upon a certain area of your current life presently

Processing Orders 

  1. Each order takes between 3-5 days to complete both the written report (2D) and the recorded interpretation (3D) after studying your chart to interpret it accurately for you.
  2. I will send you (via email) your Completed 2D and 3D Astrology Order
  3. Once received and reviewed, you are invited to schedule a free Consultation to discuss your chart or answer questions you have about astrology (this is a free, optional service

Submit Astrology Data

This form will collect your personal birth data, which will only be used to provide you the Astrology Service you complete an order. No personal data, charts, or information will be saved, recorded, or submitted to anyone but you. Recordings, charts, and audio will be emailed to you directly and saved for you for 30 days.

Submitting your Birth Data is required for the Astrology Service done.

Submitted forms that are for those who have NOT completed their ORDER for this service – will result in an Email Invoice for the Service. If the Invoice is unpaid, the submitted form information will be deleted after 10 days for your personal privacy purposes and to keep the website database clean. 


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