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Get the 2D written report, as well as video and audio interpretation of your natal chart!


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I will personally interpret and audio record your natal birth chart information for you. Fully explaining the basics of astrology, the planets, and the signs that are relevant to You. Starting with the first house, and working our way around to the twelve house, you will be able to more clearly see your path. The hero’s journey for each of us is unique and cosmically designed for you to lead the life that you aligned for Yourself in the higher realms before life began. You are not an accident, and neither is the time, location, or date you were born.

  • Includes a 30-60 minute audio recording sent to you via email (or Facebook messenger) within 7 days of your order
  • Please fill out this form after purchasing your Interpretation here
  • This service does not require scheduling an appointment

More advanced interpretation recordings are available after this initial Interpretation. Advanced Interpretations are not available unless you have ordered this Natal Astrology Interpretation Service in the past.

A great addition to this service is the Universal Astrology Report. Since I will be doing the interpretation recording, it is not a trouble for me to do a report at the same time and it would be of benefit to you to have the report, while you listen to your audio Interpretation.

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This form and personal data will only be used to provide the Astrology Service you order. No personal data, charts, or information will be saved, recorded, or submitted to anyone but you. Recordings, charts, and audio will be emailed to you directly and saved for you for 30 days. After which, it will be deleted from my records and database completely. Please submit this form and watch for my email to deliver this service to you! Further instructions will be provided upon service completion.

Submitting your Birth Data is required for the Astrology Service done.

Please provide your birth date. (Example: April 1, 1981)
To be accurate and provide the HOUSE data of the chart this is required. If the time is unknown it will be set to 12:00 PM for your chart. Check your Birth Certificate for this information, or call your Mom, or Primary Care Doctor.
Where were you born? Please include the City, State, and Country (Example: Seattle, Washington, USA). Note: this is not your current living address but the location in which you were BORN.

Submitted forms that are for those who have NOT completed their ORDER for this service – will result in an Email Invoice for the Service.
If the Invoice is unpaid, the submitted form information will be deleted after 10 days for your personal privacy purposes and to keep the website database clean. 

Thank you for your Order of this Astrology Service! Check your email for Service Delivery from Contact@lovinglifewithlight.com and Shop@lovinglifewithlight.com


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