Universal Astrology Consultation (Live)


A personal astrological consultation to answer questions and submit custom inquiries.


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This is an open astrology consultation that allows you to ask questions. To seek guidance, and gain new perspectives. 


There are many ways for an astrologer to divine answers from the stars and the universe. By using your natal chart, current planetary positions, and the cycles of nature. We can review several areas of your life. Interpreting the many paths and influences that the universe has in store for you.

I hope to help my clients assess their life circumstances and life history. To consult with the stars to guide your actions, plans, and goals. Seeking health, success and happiness.

Consultation Includes

  • Schedule a 1 hour, 1:1 Live Astrology Consultation with Lee (Scheduling Type: Coaching Consultation)
  • You can interact with me personally as we discuss your astrological inquiry or concern in detail
  • You can view my screen live! View the programs and software to see astrology in 3D.
  • Exploration of several different aspects of astrology

Who This Service Is For

Anyone who has already investigated their natal chart and is looking for an answer to a specific issue or interest of astrology. Or a request for a custom report or interpretation of a type of astrology I don’t currently offer, such as Relationships or Relocation Astrology.

Submit Astrology Data

This form will collect your personal birth data, which will only be used to provide you the Astrology Service you complete an order. No personal data, charts, or information will be saved, recorded, or submitted to anyone but you. Recordings, charts, and audio will be emailed to you directly and saved for you for 30 days.

Submitting your Birth Data is required for the Astrology Service done.

Submitted forms that are for those who have NOT completed their ORDER for this service – will result in an Email Invoice for the Service. If the Invoice is unpaid, the submitted form information will be deleted after 10 days for your personal privacy purposes and to keep the website database clean. 

Schedule Coaching 1 Hour

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  • Once you have placed your order, return here to schedule your appointment time
  • This is a 1 Hour Live Consultation that will be held via Zoom or Facebook Video, further details will be emailed to you
  • Only schedule this 1 Hour Consultation if it included in the service you are ordering, otherwise you should ORDER here first.
  • View the times available for the service, and then confirm your order in your cart

After you have made your order, pay for the service order, and scheduled appointment time: I will contact you personally to confirm your session and provide you the resources you need to prepare for our live Conference Coaching Call via email. You can get a head start by filling out your Client Intake Forms for the related service order.

Or to schedule multiple services from your order.


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