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Much like the Esoteric Spirit Science Evaluation. This evaluation focuses on the effects of an area of land, a house/home, water, energies both positive and negative. If you have noticed disharmony in your environment, home, or an area then this evaluation could assist you.  I am actively participating in clearing the Earth of disharmony, geopathic stress, dark force effects, and bound souls. Knowing that the disharmony you experience is real, and if so, in what way.

Not only can I identify those disharmonies for you, and find out who, what and why they are there. But I can offer assistance to clear negative energies, dark forces, and recommend ways to negate negative effects in your life moving forward as part of this evaluation.

You are not required to ‘believe’ in terms, results, methods, or energies. Only to allow me to assist you in every way that I know how to so that I can assist you in removing toxic effects, negative energies, and disharmony.

Upon the order of this service, please include your full name and the address of the location, area, or home. If this is an area such as a mountain range, lake, or neighborhood. Please use maps to select the area and send me a photo via email. In an email or comments of this order, please describe the disharmony, the feelings and sensations you are experiencing here, and any intuitive nudges you may have received in proximity. These may include frustration, being frazzled or disoriented, weakened energy, spontaneous laughter or crying in the area, active bugs, rodents, or plant life, disturbed sleep, mood swings, hearing voices or sounds, or dimmed electrical appliance functions. In more natural areas you may notice the death of plants, deformed trees, or slimy water areas. In nature large ley lines, vortexes or portals may exhibit negative forces, devastating effects on nearby life, creatures, and functions.

These areas can all be helped! But we must first locate, acknowledge, and care for the life all around us.

Disclaimer: I am not a medium or a psychic. I am an energy practitioner, diviner, and spiritual science student that is devoting my study, gifts, and subtle senses to utilize dowsing and biofeedback methods, combined with Akashic, Divine, and Gnostic understanding of the divine laws and cosmic effects we experience every day and every moment. It may be that there is nothing wrong with the area, but in fact, there has been a cosmic event that occurred there. Or that there is a living presence in the area that has an effect upon it such as a person or technology. Some will find that they are subject to ELF or sensitive to energy. Others will find that there is nothing wrong in the area, but that they or someone they are close to, has a strong effect upon you. Whatever it is, I will use my knowledge and spiritual guidance to resolve these issues for the higher good of everyone involved. If I am unable to assist, I will recommend solutions to consider for resolution. If I am unable to complete the reading or evaluation for any reason, I will refund the order.


By ordering this service product, you are employing a spiritual Service Call for this area. In which many lightworkers and associates can work together to bring back harmony there. Thank you for your assistance by helping me to discover the areas that need clearing, and ultimately healing the earth for the new age of man.


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